One to twenty thousand venture capital also allows you to do the boss

many entrepreneurs due to lack of funds in the choice of investment projects are subject to a lot of restrictions. For small and medium-sized entrepreneurs, the selection of the key projects. There are a lot of small investment projects in the market, the following Xiaobian to introduce you to a few good projects for your venture capital.

gift box

then you have to consider how to design the gift box which can meet the needs of customers, and get a reasonable profit. Here, the gift box is the most critical rationality. For the same kind of gift box to have different pricing scheme, need to plan carefully.

investment two: do the magic balloon business

is estimated to do magic balloon investment of about 3000 yuan, including: learning, production costs 400 yuan; 1000 Thailand production of magic balloon treaty 160 yuan (if made in USA in 600 to 1000 yuan), each balloon costs about 0.2 yuan, after making a distorted. An enticing toy, can be sold for 1 yuan to 1.5 yuan.

In addition to this


The easiest way to succeed in this small business recommended

now people through small business ultimately get to the case in life which have occurred, at the same time, for some small cost entrepreneurs, small business, and the stress is very important.

1, in the store rented a venue venture

B to a business trip, found that local pine nuts are of good quality and the price is very cheap after investigation, he found his city pine only a few sales, and the price is expensive, therefore, she rushed to the city before the Spring Festival to order a batch of pine nuts, and then the local people in the largest food wholesale and retail market rent a piece of ground. During the Spring Festival, his pine nuts were sold out to make an unexpected 300 thousand.

2, Taobao

in the commodity market

A itself is a fashion designer, from the clothing company after the resignation of their own business, in a clothing market with other people under the belt with shops, wholesale and retail business operations. With their own design capabilities and industry experience, miss A own design, and then look for clothing processing, and then get back in the clothing store sales. Her style is novel and unique, and sales are steadily rising.

3, studio venture

D and miss E is a couple of design background, a few years after working in advertising companies want to start their own business.

and together they opened a design studio, design with some small brand products, gradually accumulated a certain industry recommended

Beverage chain store location sharing

for the novice, the opening of the beverage shop in fact, we do not want to be so simple, there are a lot of beverage chain store management skills, we need to pay attention to. Today for the beverage chain store location questions, small series to share some simple and practical tips, the following is for reference only.

In fact,


Agents and the concept of joining those

agents and join the concept of entrepreneurs believe that we have to understand, but dealers, agents, wholesalers, retailers, distributors and other roles of these people can be clearly identified? The following is to share with the agents and those things! Let’s have a look!

1, the dealer: have the actual ownership, through its operating profit distribution refers to take the money, they buy goods from the enterprise purchase, not their own use, but sold out, for they are only by hand, then sales only, spreads their concern, rather than the actual price. The business is not on sale, but received the money. The merchant is a businessman, or a business unit. So " dealer " is generally an enterprise.

2, an agent: no ownership of the goods, but the transaction, earn a commission agent refers to a product in the sales process by the manufacturer authorized in a region are eligible to sell the products businesses. Agents and dealers are different concepts. Acting on behalf of enterprises to take care of the business, not to buy out the company’s products, but the amount given to the manufacturer of a business behavior, the ownership of the goods belong to the manufacturers, rather than businesses. They are not their own products, but on behalf of the enterprise to sell.

The establishment of

3. wholesalers: the concept of wholesalers is a former businessman called. Just as its name implies, wholesale is a batch of goods, and then a recommendation

Paris Bei sweet cake brand

dessert snacks is the favorite of children and women consumers, of course, the world will be used with different gender, age division has its own truth. To meet the appetite of consumers, it is necessary to look at the main constraints of the party in what place, Xiao Bian think dessert is a good food brand can capture people. The cake on the market many brands, what brand of cake is more popular? How about the Paris Bei sweet cake? Advanced technology, innovative production, other phenomena, delicious infinite, let countless chowhound crazy, become a popular brand eagerly sought after cake. Paris Pui sweet cake to join, in 2017, the hot investment, fast login Paris sweet sweet official website message consulting grasp business opportunities.

Paris Bei sweet cake, for the sake of the masses of consumers, dedicated to the research and development of production, the product is rich and varied, so that everyone is fascinated. The company relies on advanced technology, Paris Pui sweet cake always adhere to the continuous innovation, creating a perfect combination of taste and texture. After more than and 10 years of unremitting efforts of all staff, the franchise has made rapid development, has now become one of the food industry in Longwan bakery industry.

how much do you charge for Paris?

Paris Bei sweet cake, the strength of the brand, production research and development strength can not be underestimated, easy to seize market share, get the attention of the public. The company has a modern production plant, to 2007, there are more than and 150 outstanding employees and more than a dozen franchised stores. Paris Bei sweet brand after the market test of the direct shop, now for the country to start the work of the investment, the number of Paris Bay sweet join fee? Paris Bay sweet according to the different areas of the cost of the corresponding difference.

Paris Bay sweet cake join advantage

management advantage: cake shop, with delicious dessert food, capture the hearts of consumers. Investors want to operate a good store, but also a lot of management knowledge. Select Paris Pui sweet cake, the use of group management mode of operation, the whole computer tracking, the company uses the international advanced EPR new management software, fast track scanning, automatic cup collection system.

strategic alliance advantage: Paris Bei sweet cake brand, the strength of the brand, vision, committed to build into a high quality brand, and establish a good cooperative relationship with the strength of the enterprise, a broad prospect. In the industry, and the joint development of different enterprises.

characteristics of packaging: according to the different consumer demand, Paris Bei sweet cake brand, to create a different packaging services, so that consumers are very satisfied. It according to different seasons, different holiday custom packaging.

nanny – hosting cooperation: you want to get good results in the field of West Point, you need to choose an excellent

Lanzhou golden bowl of beef noodles to join what skills – the whole

is very popular with the young beef noodles in the favor of the market, this is also one of the reasons for its rapid development, for entrepreneurs, Lanzhou opened a golden bowl of beef noodles stores can not only meet the needs of consumers, but also bring entrepreneurial wealth to themselves, but Lanzhou Kim a bowl of beef noodles to join the shop need to master the skills what? Xiao Bian for us to do a detailed introduction.


said Lanzhou golden bowl of beef noodle consumption without seasonal points, but the peak of the sale is still relatively concentrated, Lanzhou gold bowl beef noodles join what skills? For operators, it is necessary to seize these sales peak, improve store sales.

Lanzhou big bowl of beef noodles join what skills? Want to Lanzhou big bowl of beef noodle shop business is good, it is necessary to launch the product for the needs of consumers, Lanzhou big bowl of beef noodles join what skills? As for the children’s products can be in taste and shape of the product and other aspects; for white-collar workers to provide Jin Dawan Lanzhou beef noodles best rich in nutritious; for fear of fat girl, can prepare some light sweet drinks. In addition, also need to pay attention to market trends.

Lanzhou big bowl of beef noodles join what skills? Nowadays, all kinds of beef on the market a lot of stores, want to let our Lanzhou beef noodles franchise in the fierce competition in the competition to occupy the leading position, we must start from the above points, we hope to help.

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How to invest 24 hours a convenience store around the

How about a

24 hour convenience store? In our life, has always been a very strong choice of joining the project. For business with a small capital entrepreneurs, we choose to join the venture project, is a stepping stone for us to success. 24 hours of convenience stores to join the project, is a city with the brand to join the project!

district not far opened a new 24 hour convenience store, the store is not too large, mainly engaged in daily necessities such as tobacco and non-staple food, the main road convenience store in our district, 500 meters can be reached from the area, because in the opening before hanging the sign open 24 hours, so in the opening of concern, after all, 24 hours for the entire district is not only the definition of Business Hours, more representative of this convenience store where the real convenience.

This is similar to the

community convenience store is not small, but these are closed during the day night business of small shops, the district residents night when it came back to a place far away from the district to buy things, and our newly-built residential high-grade residential type, most living in the region is young therefore, the night and etc. then normal, but because of the small distance downtown for a short distance, and is the New District, the residents are not many, therefore, in this case, a 24 – hour convenience stores can be described as most people.

However, after

the convenience store business operating conditions are not very ideal, the night to buy customers less and less, after the opening of a period of 24 hours of business also will become a lip-service, not long, convenience stores will put up the shutters. The reason, many people feel confused, but this case is a very common thing, but it is not accidental.

first, the convenience store in the purchase of goods and does not take into account the characteristics of the community, the majority of young people, the pursuit of quality of life will inevitably lead to its unique properties in the necessities of life choice, and the most convenience store convenience store only compliance favorable properties, especially the emergence of the a big problem in tobacco products such as selection, resulting in interested in come to buy customers disappointed.

second, hired by the waiter of the convenience store has not been trained in the service attitude of the other most people are not satisfied, and because small business just hired a waiter, and the convenience store owner turns the day night shifts, just opened the night Business Hours, on the evening of the people often to a person in the convenience store doze. But because it is near the community convenience store, convenience store owner and waiter hired are ineloquent, most of the time to work in this area is with let people have a very bad impression.


Join BQ durian ice cream – a of outstanding mans

to open an ice cream store, we all know, as we improve the demand for health, the four seasons are profitable shop! Moreover, the good to join the project, is also a very choice of market opportunities is not it? BQ how about durian ice cream? High quality delicious, successful business, is so simple!

BQ durian ice cream skim milk, rich in calcium ions needed by the human body, and can be combined with fatty acids, cholesterol in food, effectively reduce the intestinal liposuction ability to achieve weight loss. Italy handmade soft ice cream, passing the meaning of exquisite hand craft, a variety of styles, a variety of colors of ice cream, but also based on customer preferences DIY innovation. Precision instruments out of the ball, can more accurately grasp the concentration and quantity of milk, the operator only need to put the material into it, you can automatically stir, poured into the container without spilling.

BQ durian ice cream as awn green food advocates, strict control of project development, the selection of raw materials, logistics and production process of each link, is committed to creating a green food with a responsible attitude, for everyone to create a healthy and green dining environment, with more dreams, help entrepreneurs succeed.

BQ durian ice cream headquarters for the country and the location of the store to conduct a comprehensive market survey, and timely adjustment of product structure in accordance with the results of the survey, the timely introduction of new products should be quarter, expanding market share. Headquarters to provide a range of business support, from the initial level of consumption location, store visits, guidance, business activities to assess decoration equipment, personnel training, business marketing programs are providing meticulous care, and standardized processes, simple operation, let you easily on the ice to embrace fiscal.

join BQ durian ice cream? Is a very strong entrepreneurial projects. If you join the BQ durian ice cream project, is also very exciting. So, what is still hesitant? Come and leave a message! Come and join us!

Hong Jue electric investment green travel companion for the whole

electric car to join the project selection, has been very hot. The best choice for healthy green is the reasonable choice for electric vehicles. Rainbow electric car how? High quality entrepreneurial projects, successful venture worthy of trust. Join the Duke of electric cars, open fire!

Hong Jue pioneered the field of electric vehicles electric vehicles China "golden age" through the GPS , the realization of vehicle displacement alarm, alarm and the battery was stolen, strong positioning, accurate lock stolen vehicles, even in the basement, the stolen vehicle also to hide GPS precise positioning, lost I lose you! Hong electric GPS global positioning, remote. Monitoring, real-time tracking, the electric car is not lost. Loss of car manufacturers to pay, after the sale of a quick response, lost car claims.

rainbow electric cars to join the money?

Hong Jue three parts electric car electric car three lifetime warranty parts lifetime warranty (body frame, controller, motor) ran for the electric charging, battery life can also beef up Hong Jue electric rich series thousand kinds of single product to meet all the needs of consumers, sales soaring day high, Hong Jue electric monopoly management, batch purchase, 360 degree protection, step by step for profit.

has the advantage of the brand to join the project, is a very wise and powerful choice. Join the red flag electric car? A good project, a good choice, the best choice for success. If you are also very excited, hurry up!