Women drink health porridge Laba Festival best private custom ‘s health network

the Laba Festival to drink Congee with Nuts and Dried Fruits. Congee with Nuts and Dried Fruits has long been popular in the folk customs, not only it can eat, can also be sent to relatives and neighbors, and wish good luck and health implications.

Congee with Nuts and Dried Fruits mostly by rice, beans and nuts are boiled, but because of different regions will change. Rich Congee with Nuts and Dried Fruits materials than single material boiled porridge can meet the nutritional needs of the body, so the choice should pay attention to Congee with Nuts and Dried Fruits, best can choose according to personal physique, especially women, a bowl of "private custom" Congee with Nuts and Dried Fruits, not only can even help health care, beauty, slimming oh!

beauty woman more black food

women want to adjust the improvement through diet and body, then, may wish to add some black food Congee with Nuts and Dried Fruits. In addition, Congee with Nuts and Dried Fruits don’t add too much sugar and salt, high sugar and high salt is not conducive to beauty and slimming.

black food, black rice contains a variety of vitamins and trace elements of zinc, iron, selenium, can nourish kidney, eyesight and blood effect, can accelerate the The new supersedes the old. let women have good color; black bean with high protein content, good quality, but also rich in unsaturated fatty acids, in addition, calcium, carotene and B vitamins are also very rich in content, and has an important effect on female fitness beauty; and black sesame seeds are rich in vitamin E, can promote the body’s use of vitamin A, and vitamin C may play a synergistic effect, promote the blood circulation of the skin, thereby protecting the skin soft and shiny.

in addition, rich in vitamin E are walnut and pine nuts, also to be of great advantage of female beauty.

special period to Congee with Nuts and Dried Fruits some "material"

postpartum women and menstrual women drink Congee with Nuts and Dried Fruits, should pay attention to nourishing qi and blood, and the postpartum women after excessive loss of blood, the blood is very critical, red dates, red bean and red boiled peanuts "three red soup" is the blood tonic, Congee with Nuts and Dried Fruits also may choose the three red food to cook, in addition, a good choice sesame and black rice is invigorating qi and nourishing blood.

pregnant women can choose Laba, fragrant glutinous soft rotten Congee with Nuts and Dried Fruits, suitable for poor appetite and nutrition needs a lot of mothers. Demand for pregnant women on calcium and iron greatly, boil Congee with Nuts and Dried Fruits can be considered with calcium in addition, brown rice, peanuts, soybeans, black beans, green beans, jujube contains rich calcium, soy and nuts also contain high iron.

menopausal women can add more soybeans, soybean is rich in bioactive substances of soybean isoflavone and soybean saponin, can inhibit lipid peroxidation in vivo, can prevent osteoporosis; the phytoestrogens also help to improve the symptoms of menopause. In addition, elderly women should not eat more whole grains, so each kind of coarse grains are the best plus, a variety of supply demand.


drink Congee with Nuts and Dried Fruits beauty, have a secret you must know! That is, do not abandon porridge oil. Porridge oil is actually boiling porridge and repeated boiling and floating on the surface of the porridge thick liquid

Breast pain in the end is how women have anti ‘s health network

many women want a tall and straight chest, the most beautiful side of the show in front of others, so it is dedicated to the chest, all kinds of nursing care, papaya milk battle together. But the weather is unpredictable, suddenly one day become the breast pain, then panic, will not feel doubt: his breast pain is going on, how should be treated? Don’t worry. Each age female breast pain is not the same, take a look at the following several cases because of you.

1 puberty leads to

if this is your age in 10 to 15 years old, and began to have some breast pain, this time is often the beginning of breast development, breast development is first up to become the nipple, maturity, breast pain feeling will go away on its own, do not worry too much.

2 period breast pain

this is the most common reason for breast pain, most in the physiology of the female friends will feel pain in the breast to the time periods, this is because estrogen levels increased, hyperplasia of mammary glands. Wait until after menstruation will also disappear.

3 other reasons

in addition to the two common reasons above, there are other reasons to cause breast pain, for example, will have breast pain during pregnancy or postpartum symptoms, and artificial abortion can also cause breast pain, because the sudden interruption of pregnancy, stop breast growth, it will cause breast pain.

everyone breast pain is not the same, some can be very good to distinguish according to age, such as puberty. But some are more difficult to identify, for example, just gave birth to a child in the physiology of the female do not know what their breast pain caused by, so much attention should be paid in the treatment of breast pain, the treatment can not be blind, best to go to a regular hospital to see to understand the specific reasons.

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Female breast cancer prevention to health network from the age of 20

breast cancer prevention from when it was early to have a doctor suggested that is 40 years old, some say that the age of 30 – in fact, should be 20 years old.

from the age of 20, women should pay attention to and care of their breasts, self-examination of the breast once a month, every 3 years to the hospital to do a breast examination. 40 ~ 50 years old every two years to check once, women over the age of 50, should be carried out once a year breast health examination, there are benign breast disease, it should be half a year inspection.

oncology experts believe that the body of the cells from a normal to a cancer cell is not possible, there is a gradual process from quantitative to qualitative change between them, this process may be 5 to 10 years. If you can find it in the bud of cancer cells, it may be necessary to do a small operation; you can still continue to live in the past, because the early breast cancer cure rate of more than 90%. In the patients with advanced breast cancer, most of them not only lost their beautiful breasts, but also lost their precious lives.

before the medical experts and the media are very stressed that women should be self-examination of the breast, but the United States in 2005 to the early diagnosis of cancer guidelines, no longer recommend regular breast self-examination as a method for early diagnosis of breast cancer. This is not to deny the importance of breast self-examination, the key problem is that most patients do not grasp the self inspection techniques, resulting in a lot of tumors simply can not touch.

in addition, breast self-examination can only be found to a certain extent to the tumor, but for small, especially in the bud lesions are helpless. Therefore, self testing can only be used as an auxiliary means to detect tumors, more importantly, to the hospital for regular inspection.

B ultrasound, X-ray are the most common screening diagnosis of breast cancer, B ultrasound examination is more suitable for young women under 40 years of age. Because young women’s breast glands are generally more dense. When X – ray imaging, dense glands may be part of the organization is blocked, which also includes tumor tissue, easy to leak small lesions.

is more suitable for women over 40 years of age, especially in the screening of high-risk groups, such as the elderly primipara, the breast had a benign lesion, a long time to take estrogen crowd.

special note


is not recommended for women under the age of 40 by X-ray examination, because ray could promote cancerous normal cells, especially the more than and 20 year old female breast is still in development, rays can cause cell division, it may lay hidden, so the female breast examination under the age of 40 with B ultrasound and ultrasound on damage the body is almost negligible. Above 40 years old, the mammary gland development stops, the static mammary gland X-ray generally has little influence to it.

Eight prevention and control of female breast hyperplasia! ‘s health network

in recent years, with the change of living environment, the incidence of breast hyperplasia increased rapidly, this disease has become a major killer of urban women. Once suffering from breast hyperplasia, apart from pain, mass, patients will have emotional irritability, irritability, fear and so on, have physiological function decline, such as lack of sexual desire, menstrual disorders, physical decline, such as frequent micturition, pathologically with gynecological disease, endometriosis.

failed to systemic symptoms, Jigzhi failed there is danger to breast cancer.

how to prevent breast hyperplasia, and how to prevent cancer patients cured? Deputy director of Shenzhen Liuhua hospital breast specialist physician Feng Zhenming reminder:

young people should also be wary of breast cancer

The treatment of

1, the psychological damage is very important, breast hyperplasia on the human body is psychological, because of the lack of a correct understanding of the disease, the adverse psychological factors caused by excessive tension stimulation anxious sad, neurasthenia, will aggravate the endocrine disorders, to aggravate hyperplasia, therefore should relieve each kind of bad psychological stimulation. The poor psychological bearing should pay more attention to people, less angry, maintain emotional stability, lively and cheerful mood that is conducive to early recovery of proliferation.

2, a change in diet, eat less fried food to prevent obesity, animal fats, sweets and excessive tonic food, should eat more vegetables and fruits, eat more roughage. Black beans best, eat walnuts, black sesame, black fungus, mushrooms.

3, a law of life, work and rest, to maintain a harmonious sexual life. Can regulate endocrine disorders, maintain defecate unobstructed will reduce breast pain. > > > most women are too nervous about breast cancer

4, more exercise, to prevent obesity and improve immunity.

5, prohibit the abuse of contraceptives and estrogen containing beauty products, do not eat chicken with estrogen, beef.

6, to avoid the crowd, maternal feeding, to nip in the bud.

7, self inspection and periodic review.

8, a clear diagnosis, according to the condition to develop a reasonable treatment plan. At present, the traditional Chinese medicine comprehensive treatment, with a breakthrough, the effect is more significant. Such as breast cyst regardless of the size of the length of time, after treatment were disappeared in about 2 weeks. The breast hyperplasia timely correct endocrine, lumps, pain, facial nerve can be removed after treatment for acute mastitis can relieve the pain.

(internship editor: Deng Yongqi)

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Just pregnant leucorrhoea have what symptom is the original ‘s health network

can be pregnant with their baby is their most coveted thing for every married women, but pregnant women after the body will change a lot, we want to know the leucorrhea can be observed through some of the symptoms, so just pregnant leucorrhea has what symptom? Let’s look a detailed introduction.

1, egg white or clear nose

women flow out when pregnant just leucorrhea egg shaped or flow out the clear nose like cold weather, because the female cervix after pregnancy are thin, and will expand, and cervical secretions will be excreted, the cervical secretion and egg white or cold state when flow clear nose is the same.

2, secretions will increase

believe that many pregnant mothers are found in vaginal secretions, after pregnancy is increased, which is the number of leucorrhea increase, this is because the body after pregnancy estrogen levels were significantly higher, and higher estrogen levels will lead to increased numbers of leucorrhea.

3, leucorrhea change

women in the early stages of pregnancy, cervical secretions will be filled with cervical canal, so that the uterus will form a protective barrier to prevent the invasion of the uterus of the bacteria affect the development of the fetus. And in the near delivery of pregnant women usually feel vaginal secretion increased a lot, and the secretion of the state will be some different.

was pregnant leucorrhoea has what symptom? Common symptoms described above these is just the time of pregnancy in women leucorrhea, leucorrhea is mainly, and these will inevitably give women leucorrhea inconvenience, this time to consider the use of sanitary pads, in addition to attention to keep dry and clean the genitals.

Women how to clean the breast Do not fall into four errors female health network

3 to brush from the inside breast, along the breast below the line, draw arc as to the lateral breast scrub.

(women how to clean the breast? Do not fall into the four major errors (/>

error four, spray down with the nozzle wash

women love bath use breast cream, it can inhibit the in vivo secretion of estrogen, breast and other influence the development of secondary sexual characteristics. Because most products will contain different components of chemical substances, which are harmful to the human body.

some people say: take a shower when the water spray can increase the flexibility of the chest, breast enhancement effect, so many women like to wash the breast with a spray nozzle. But from the top down will only make the breasts become more loose sagging.

women’s breasts look sexier and more confident. That how to protect the health of the breast? It is necessary to learn to clean the breast, cleaning the breast to avoid entering the four errors.

error three, optional breast products

only with the shower head from the bottom of the chest, in order to play to enhance the effect of strong chest. If the breast ptosis or to prevent breast sagging, preferably with a shower head from the lower part of the breast to the punch, and annular friction around the nipple, so as to enhance tissue tension, make breast strong.

error two, forced to pull off

1 slowly into the shower, and raised to the required temperature, with cotton gloves, scrub the body, make the body heat.

4 taps, with the same steps as the 3 steps, wash the breast.

misunderstanding, the water temperature is too high

5 if breast ptosis or to prevent breast sagging, preferably with a shower head from the lower part of the breast to the punch, and annular friction around the nipple, so as to enhance tissue tension, make breast strong.

now do not need to use hot water, but for some people who used to wash the hot water, it may inadvertently wash with hot water. But remember not to use too hot water, otherwise it will stimulate the breast, but also burn the skin of the stratum corneum, resulting in breast skin more and more dry, soft tissue of the breast more and more relaxed. Bath temperature of 27 degrees Celsius is appropriate.

so, say so much, in the end what is the correct steps to clean the breast?

2 first hand massage the breast.

many women in the shower, wait for the blood to rub out the dust, cleaned it, but they are always forced to pull breast and nipple, rub, it will cause breast sagging, deformation, the correct method of cleaning breast should take a hand to light breast care to another finger abdomen clockwise massage.

6 bath after the cream, and gently massage by hand in the direction of 10 minutes, it can promote local blood circulation, so that the skin smooth and moist and elastic, to prevent the aging of the chest skin, pine >


How to exercise breast enhancement Here is the effective method of breast movement! ‘s he

Step2: hands out in front of the chest, while shaking arm, rhythmic breathing side, so as to realize the purpose of oxygen to all the body, to promote blood circulation will be more effective.

2, bovine face

practice: kneeling position, legs shoulder width apart, hands on hips. Inhale, spine straight. Exhale and bend backward. Maintain 2-4 breaths. Repeat exercise two.

practice: standing, feet together. Inhale, raise your right hand close to the ear. Exhale, body fall to the left. Keep 3 breaths. Inhale, body restore. Repeat the same action on the other side.

these third steps is actually through the promotion of chest and internal organs, to promote the body’s blood circulation, to achieve the role of breast.

practice: kneeling, left leg forward, the left leg on the right side of the leg, buttocks sitting on the ground between the two calves. Inhale, left hand up, right hand down, hands behind. Straighten your spine and keep 4 breaths. Inhale slowly. Repeat the same action on the other side.

legend of the effective breast movement is what?

step1: first of all, at a distance of approximately 30cm local wall knees sit, sit on the heels, hands on the thigh. The body up straight, upright, eyes closed, breathing deeply breathe, let the breath become profound lingering.

step1: first, feet shoulder width apart, arm lift, bend the elbow flat on the chest, eyes forward. Shake your arms up and down, shake your arms like a wave, hold on for 1 minutes. In the vibration arm when the amplitude is not too large, let the elbows fluctuations in the level line. It should be noted that, while doing this, it is important to have a uniform breath.

these second steps of the action is a bit like doing yoga action, this action can make the back muscles to stretch, to exercise the muscles of the chest.

1, simple wind tree

3, camel

4, imitation Yoga action

Step2: second hand refers to the ten arms in the back, bending waist will lean forward, shoulder will be affixed to the wall, hands over the head, arm on the ground support feet, back straight, the body is shaped like a triangle. For the ability of the sisters, you can lift your feet, stick to the wall, completely inverted. Handstand can promote blood circulation, so that the chest is fully exercise, but also for the benefit of the internal organs.

this summer, the most popular method of breast enhancement? Yes, it is about to introduce a small series of breast exercises, what is it, together with the small series of learning the most effective breast movement this summer?!

5, promote blood circulation action

Areola black betray your secret health network

woman areola black most.

areola diameter is about 3 ~ 4cm, various colors were red roses, adolescent pregnancy, lactation, dark brown pigmentation deepened. Always deepen after pregnancy, and never fade. But the areola color is not simply based on the female It differs from man to man., areola color judgment of the experience of how or whether giving birth.

is the annular region around the nipple areola pigmentation of the skin deep.

is the areola with puberty gradually obvious, because of pregnancy and lactation and increase their range and pigmentation, so it should be formed and in vivo female hormones, the depth of races is also affect the areola color appearance, deep color of the race, generally are easy to form the deep black areola. But not because of the sun has become black, this is very interesting.

woman will darken the areola

Why ?

for the different female individual, areola size and color are different.

areola skin glands and hair.

glands have sweat glands, sebaceous glands and mammary glands. The sebaceous glands are also known, some obvious areola small protrusions, large and shallow, used to protect the delicate, fat secretion of nipple and areola. With the secretion of skin protection, lubrication nipple and baby lip effect.

the areola and nipple, although only a small part of the breast tissue, but its physiological function is unique and irreplaceable, most of the exports are gathered in the tube of the breast nipple tissue, but there is still a few openings in the tube of the breast areola, his skin is the body relative to the deeper hyperpigmentation.

generally speaking, women’s nipple and breast development are different, there are many differences in the color of the nipple. Areola black is mainly due to cell aging, female hormone secretion, leading to the nipple epidermis pigmentation, as long as to sexual maturity, the nipple will naturally show black iris, and if the woman had sexual experience, nipple will have such a change, not only the color black nipples, will let the organ gradually become black iris.

areola black is going on? This problem has plagued women, let us uncover the areola black veil!

what is the areola

some people say that in order to breastfeeding, convenient to eyesight not fully developed neonatal sucking for identification, but also some people said, it is a kind of female sexual characteristics, in the process of male and female courtship, as provocative specific tools.

and our organization, its development is also the areola than ordinary people, but people are not necessarily breast hyperplasia with gigantomastia distress? Even before pregnancy, some women after puberty, they have been noted for their areola than the same age peers is relatively obvious. So easily indecent abrupt areola effect of psychological and social life of their own future.

Women have sexy maintenance female health network

multiplier effect!

in fact, the position and elasticity of the breast is fixed to the bottom of the chest to the entire skin tissue. But there will be chest weight, aging due to aging, in order to provide better support, many manufacturers have introduced a relaxation factor to add firm products against the chest. This also explains why this kind of product will rub tightly, like a layer of transparent coating film to help maintain shape compactness.

lifting type the first step is not perfect breast sagging, relaxation of

full breast size is the amount of fat to sphere, and the central sphere surrounded by fat breast, can provide nutrition and breast development indispensable hormones. In the past the main ingredients help plump chest weight can stimulate the breast, estrogen hops, Chinese yam, GE Gonggen, current R & D update for the increase in adipose tissue, so that the chest volume to change, and before the chest type to promote collaborative ingredients more full.

The importance of

2 he helped open the chest to create a chest if the shape is beautiful, size and small is not the only focus. But many women still want to create sexy cleavage, then please use breast underwear, props, get back to escape small meat, making V more concentrated, deep ditch.

1 self push wave massage against want more resilience, chest or small chest upgrade, Bella put forward two corresponding countermeasures, and abundance. Select the appropriate skin care products with self massage, make breast

Meixiong props has always been to new and interesting famous Japanese manufacturers introduced many sculpture chest type, perfect camouflage goods, let the small chest can also develop chest type concentrated round.

coup need immediate modification, try pulling the beauty of wear corset, or bright round brush powder manufacturing in the chest, immediately raise a cup experience chest scheming.

(internship editor: Deng Yongqi)

beautiful plump chest is every woman’s pursuit of perfection, and the topic of breast, breast enhancement has been a hot topic in the market, to beautify the chest contour products have always been selling products, even know that breast augmentation has many side effects, women still care.

channel to achieve a more concentrated effect of underwear, recommended 3/4 cup and W type steel most coated. But, of course, according to the different types of people to choose, in this presentation has focused, fullness of the effectiveness of ditch underwear.

visible breast for women with high. In fact, want to have a beautiful and healthy chest, you need to pay attention to health care in daily life.


Woman breast size and sex related female health network

, shows that the chest is the first concern for men, and the longest time for attention. Another study said, every few minutes staring at women’s breasts can improve the health of men, even 4 to 5 years of life.

British woman chest Max

in the female sexual excitement, breast full up, the superficial veins of the breast due to congestion and more clearly visible, nipple enlargement. Breast enlargement in women without breast feeding up to 25% of the original volume. Nursing experience of female breast enlargement is not obvious, but the formation of visible breast congestion flush. Sufficient erectile response can increase the length of the nipple than did not stimulate the increase in the general increase of 0.5-1 cm, the reaction can also increase the diameter of the nipple base 0.25 – 0.5 cm.

chest can attract men’s eyes

left breast is usually larger

A survey conducted by the Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand,

breast weighs about 1.1 pounds (about 0.5 kg). Each female chest accounted for an average of 4% – 5% body fat, body weight 1%.

. In Britain, more than half of the women wear D cup, Denmark second.

breast weight was 0.5 kg

breast significantly increased in sexual excitement

British women’s breasts are the largest in Europe, according to

is not exactly the same as the two breasts, and the left breast is usually larger than the right. But the difference is subtle enough to attract people’s attention. The direction of the nipple is usually not the same.