From a primary station to grassroots webmaster Wangzhuan Readme

network is a good platform to make money, a lot of people in it made a fortune, I is currently full-time on the network to make money, but not what fortune is little money! First time posting on A5, literary talent is not good, please forgive me the webmaster.

is the first self introduction, occupation: Art Studio later (full-time live network) part-time to do a little grassroots webmaster while looking for some money, too much pressure, to explore.

contact the Wangzhuan, dates back to 2005, the first known project is the news times, there may be a lot to do, because I am not good at pulling off the assembly line, so halfway and fees, most later contacts are on the class project, earn less money, also know some do Wangzhuan friends to exchange ideas, the first to earn money in the network above items should be AD44 vote, should be made about 500 above, should be the first cash Wangzhuan AD44 later, because the business volume is not large, but also did not do this, know do foreign friends hang class but not too. For me, there are some network marketing projects, of course for me this entry-level rookie, certainly had cheated, that is still at the beginning of 08 the above had been cheated, the sweat ah.

said that by the end of 2006, for the better not find Wangzhuan project, stop, a friend and a AD44 vote inside the feud about the lottery lottery to study it, it had the effort, a little success, then, start out collect membership model, I not quite agree with this method, so did not engage in large, small, but my luck seems to be especially good for 07 years in the first half of the year, even in the 5W, so in the second half when I quit my job, a year later, the total earned about 7, 8W looks like only in December 2007, when playing badly, continuous lost 2W, his wife will not let any more, I also feel about, play will lose out, just leave. Because of no work, went to work in 2008, during the work to play the dragon and tiger, was just luck ran out in 2007, so a year in 2008 have saved some money, because I do art studio late, so time to go home at the end of 08 with several businesses, do now (this is my occupation. At the same time) network to open up the Taobao store, have no credibility, no business, had to rise to the credibility of early drill is really not less money (not brush that is cheap to sell QB), between exposure to a thing called QCC, the project seems very good, hard to spend 1000 a fast agent, now this is a big difference, hey.


finally to drill, but business is not the way you want it to be good (virtual items), no money, no good sources, and do not make money, and give up halfway between a person, know, and I had the same, are now 2 crown, really envy ah! >

Shop – how to build new reading online store

a, how to build a shop?

you don’t need to understand any computer network knowledge, also do not need to do what ", you just sit at home, the little mouse, online set interface style, your love and then add in the background you want to sell the goods, the system of automatic generation of web page. You don’t need to do anything, just add the product and your online store is built. For many are actually some address: Taobao eBay, paipai, taobao

1 registration, search engine
    presumably this method is all use of search engine users must master the skills of search engine registration target is to carry on the website promotion more effectively. To Sina, Sohu, Google, Yahoo, and some of the big search engine site to register, just fill out some forms, although it is a small move, but it will bring you unexpected results oh. Free web site login search engine entry Daquan (there may be some failure):
free entrance Chenxi

Korea fan entrance free login saton free login entrance legal net free entrance entrance free login login the Milky Way cool billion free login entrance star free login entrance Wenzhou information port free login entrance China holiday free login entrance Y4 free login entrance free entry port construction on digital world free entrance entrance free login login login free entrance search in Victoria free login entrance free entrance free love Emily Eureka login login entrance Shanxi Internet free login entrance Lanshan free login entrance entrance in 168 sun free login search engine free landing entrance free entrance 1608 search network CCID login login login free entrance Chinese 168 free entrance China car network login free entrance free login entrance 6128 green community search engine free landing entrance >

Chen Xiaowei returns from professional managers to entrepreneurship


Chen Xiaowei in 5 to win


Sina Technology Tracy

Chen Xiaowei has been out of sight for so long that a lot of people ask, "who is she?"".

rapid development of the Internet industry, almost 2-3 years to replace a hot spot. Now electricity providers, video, mobile Internet are infested industry giant, but in 2008 they are still in the start-up phase, when the star of the industry is the search and online games, and Chen Xiaowei is the agent has the right to Warcraft NINETOWNS president.

has been the occupation managers and beauty executives are Chen Xiaowei label after the Warcraft easy to master after the storm, Chen Xiaowei leave the online games industry in the past few years has served as orange sky entertainment and Macao China CEO. The two companies are not the darling of the spotlight, Chen Xiaowei also increasingly low-key, almost away from the media perspective.

when we met Chen Xiaowei again in the new CCTV building, her identity has been transformed into entrepreneurs. POLO pink shirt and white shorts, almost invisible traces of the years in her body, but more in good out of a bandbox.

with the world cup focus CCTV powerful bonuses and broadcast platforms, Chen Xiaowei entrepreneurial team involved in the system of multi screen interactive sports game live show 5 to win is prime time broadcast, broadcast 4 games by a total of 2 million people participate in live APP answer, pocketed the eye and flow.

compared to other entrepreneurs, just a few months, Chen Xiaowei had a high starting point, she summed it up as "lucky". Like Lei often say that "the typhoon pigs can fly", "but Chen Xiaowei thinks he is a lucky pig".

entrepreneurship is a brutal marathon, winning the beginning does not mean winning the whole. Chen Xiaowei also understand that entrepreneurship is not easy, she does not think that have much success, but this venture itself made her excited, 100% whole-heartedly she enjoyed the process as well as the passions.

three Jinhua

on the Internet uniform male executives territory, had a unique landscape: Liu Wei, the giant Shanda CEO CEO Li Yu and NINETOWNS President Chen Xiaowei, who is called the game "three golden flowers", awash in money and blame the industry, they still maintained a smart, elegant and beautiful.

The intellectual is Li Yu

, although because online moral problem was tangled, but is still responsible for the big game in 5 years, leading the "situation" and "18 fund" plan, promote the grand game a strategic partnership with Disney, and in 2009 will be a grand game with the nasdaq.

because feel tired, Li Yu chose to leave the business after the grand game listing. In 2010 she and her husband set up the "excellent talk network" community, which is currently positioned as a focus on women and mothers and children

Basic explanation and basic steps of bidding

price increase auction. This is the most common type of auction. During the auction, the auctioneer announced that the scheduled low, then buyers have actually bid for. The auction house may specify the limit of the amount of each increase. To a certain price, prompted three times by the auctioneer and no increase, is the most expensive, the auctioneer hammer that deal. According to the provisions of the articles of association in the auction, the auction price is falling like before, people can withdraw the bid; if the prior owner and the auction on the lowest price, and actually buy the price is below the price, the auctioneer may terminate the auction.

auction. Also known as the Holland auction, from the world’s largest Holland flower auction market, people get out of the auction the highest price, and then gradually reduce the price, until someone accepted the deal. There is no repeated bidding process between the buyer and the buyer, and once the buyer has accepted it, it cannot be cancelled. Due to the rapid auction sale, especially suitable for large quantities, batches of fresh goods.

sealed bid auction. Bid auction. The buyer shall, within the prescribed time limit, submit the sealed quotation (also referred to as the tender) to the auctioneer, and the auctioneer selects the buyer. This auction, compared with the above two methods, has the following two characteristics:

first, in addition to price conditions, there may be other trading conditions need to be considered:

two is to take public opening, can be taken without public opening mode. The auction number of large facilities or large inventory or government confiscated goods may be used in this way.


1, the auction is relatively fast money, mainly cash transactions, the same day there is income, do the easiest way is to replicate the success of others.

2, then others how to tell you what he did are now, then you need to take the initiative to contact them, each people have their own standards, to real development, it is necessary to put down the shelf, discard the shy, to become bigger and stronger.

3, do the bidding, start-up funds actually 100 yuan enough.

4, start-up capital is one of the most important aspects of the entrepreneurial process, so don’t take money that their difficulties.

5, a person can develop in a circle, knowledge and efforts are not the most important, the most important is the ability to operate.

6, the biggest characteristics of bidding, that is the reality in the network product sales, in fact, the network is only an advertising media, so the core or see your comprehensive business vision, your EQ, packing your ability, your ability to grasp the market, relatively speaking, the network knowledge requirements is the least, but the business ability is the highest.

any product, as long as you can find the way through the network sales, is profiteering.

1, select products.

< >

Entrepreneurial tracking the project came out from the innovative workshop 2

Red Sea competition in various areas of the Internet so many companies began to seek a new path of development, or expand the user base or seek new ways of cooperation. Three star project of innovation works under the known, the pea pod mobile phone wizard, application exchange will not stay, they also faced to break the bottleneck and find a new model of development challenges, and their experiences and problems, it is worth all the startups proud of jian.

know almost: Q & a decline in quality leads to loss of user


know almost on the line in January 26, 2011, in March 28, 2011, to get the investment in innovative workshops. From a launch, know almost attracted a lot of attention from the Internet industry, from the Internet comments keso and Li Kaifu’s reply can be seen at that time know how red more fire.

can be two leaders in the recent knowledge of the dynamics, the same can be said to know the situation is now facing. Keso has more than 5 months without question and answer, no dynamic innovation works, Li Kaifu has nearly 2 months, know almost seems to have been from the initial ring out, more seriously, is the loss of some elite users.

it is reported that almost all know the main aspects of the Internet to answer questions in a very short period of time gathered a large number of Chinese Internet opinion leaders and practitioners in the IT sector. But now, the initial advantage has become one of the obstacles hindering its development – the whole community atmosphere is too geek, user visual fatigue. Then know almost on the content of the expansion, sports, law and other areas of diversification quiz, but also allows users to recover some fresh and pleasant feeling.

February 2012, known to almost launched or reading, users do not need to know the account login, the user can according to the topic, different classification form, get featured in different areas of the quiz content, its intentions in gathering further know almost the high quality questions and answers.

but know some of the optimization and revision, not only did not enhance user stickiness, but makes some elite user churn. Analysis of the main reason is because of its background data analysis and mining capacity is weak, only through the operation and maintenance personnel to intervene to maintain the order of the site. The lack of experience in the operation and maintenance personnel, professionalism is not uniform, can not properly guide the user, but provoke conflict.

It is reported that

, previously known almost by invitation registration mechanism, but from the first half of 2012, the emergence of known student users, leading to community atmosphere has a large impact on the overall quality, decrease the website quiz, no technical content that conflicts homogenization phenomenon proposed by. This also led to some elite user loss, decreased activity, and these old users despise the new user mode "use of knowledge is not correct, the problem is water" and other words is not conducive to maintain knowledge on the number of active users.

in addition, like Wikipedia, the problem is that you can modify the. Due to the decline in the quality of the user, or can not eliminate the malicious user and.

Google push two AdSense profit tools

Beijing time on October 20th news, Google recently in a variety of other Internet services to join AdSense advertising, in order to enhance advertising revenue. A source said, Google will also launch two kinds of AdSense profit tools. The following is the main content of today’s U.S. technology blog.

TechCrunch: Britney launched a personal blog site

famous American actress Britney Spears Britney recently launched his own personal blog and Twitter account, and plans to regularly update the blog and Twitter. Her move was praised by the blogosphere, and is considered to be one of the most exciting initiatives in the area since the launch of the Tom site in May by. Analysts pointed out that Britney can be embedded in his blog from Imeem and iLike music, and add links to iTunes or Amazon music download service links. For Twitter, Britney is undoubtedly a gold mine.

TechCrunch:Google will push two AdSense profit tool

in order to withstand the economic downturn, Google has taken various measures to strengthen the advertising business, such as the introduction of AdSense advertising in the game and map services. A source said, Google will also be launched at least two kinds of AdSense profit tools: AdSense Search Toolbar, as well as through Google Syndication services to create a AdSense ad aggregation page.

Silicon Alley Insider: Apple will not be overwhelmed by the recession

Apple’s stock price this year has been cut, but the recession is likely to make consumers unable to bear the high price of apple products. Apple last week failed to release market speculation in the $800 notebook, which exacerbated the industry’s concerns. However, some analysts believe that the price of $1000 is not much higher than the $800 price, especially for a product that will continue to sell for several years. On the other hand, apple iPhone has been able to achieve the function of cheap notebook, so cheap notebook buyers are likely to choose iPhone as a substitute. The next 18 months, apple is expected growth rate may be lower than expected, gross margin will decline, but Apple will not be overwhelmed by the recession.

Silicon Alley Insider: Yahoo will on Wednesday announced massive layoffs of

days ago there were rumors that YAHOO announced massive layoffs in this week’s earnings conference call, YAHOO will also be held on Wednesday for all employees of the General Assembly announced the news. The industry generally believe that YAHOO needs to lay off 3000 people in order to achieve the purpose of cost reduction.

Development trend of classified information station

2006 can be said to be a classified information, basically can do, have started to do the classification of information, the traditional portal sohu.163, Sina began to dig the market, this year to a blowout situation, 58263, have enough network city portal, the fair, also includes various local Kijiji. Small classified information station, all want to in this market a piece of cake. Each classification information, each have different, below to analyze the development of several major classification of the station.

Entrepreneurial Godfather Ji Qi every time the consumer upgrade is entrepreneurial opportunity

in 10 years, I created the market value of more than 3 of the NASDAQ listed companies, many media call me "entrepreneurial Godfather"". I cannot bear this name, he is often ridicule with profound respect and humility, "good luck". However, my adventure really is not a simple accident and pure luck, today’s China, it coincides with the great opportunity of entrepreneurship. I did 3 listed companies in the past 10 years, but also a lot of opportunities for China’s entrepreneurial evidence.

we just walked into a land of gold mining, gold is around you whenever and wherever possible, as long as the pick, is full of wealth over. This is an entrepreneurial era, the opportunity to have the ability of people, should not hesitate to join the wave of entrepreneurship. Otherwise, when you are old when children ask you, because you will regret and regret.

80, 90 rise: they love to spend more

a few days ago to see a data: the use of mobile phone users, 80, 90 accounted for 78%. At first, I do not believe it, come back to look at the data in China, a surprise: the hotel’s guests live in China after 80, 90% of the proportion of customers, has been close to 70%.

I have just entered the hotel chain, in fact, my own aesthetic and values to consider product design. Customer: is a typical prototype thirty years old, male, college degree, flat head, Samsonite suitcase, business casual, Tumi mountaineering bags, notebook computer with IBM, business travel. Hotel decoration style, pricing, free Internet, free lobby computer, free printing and photocopying services, are based on the prototype design.

10 years later, it had a small flat IT male has entered middle age, as a typical customer Econo Hotel would be inappropriate. In the courtyard in the lobby to sit down for a while, you will find that the majority of young people in their twenties. But many people do not look like travel, may be out of tourism, may also be a girlfriend and romantic tryst, or playing a game night, the morning to the hotel to take a shower and rest… These… In 80, 90 of the main body of the consumer, the diversity of travel increased, impulsive consumption increases, aesthetic interest and value orientation change.

80, 60, 70 after 90 people with very different: they are more willing to consumption; although most of the income is not high, but higher requirements for life, they will not be too hard to force life; they are more self, freedom loving; positive mindset more open, more personalized…… They’re a bunch of different people.

we do not need to "fear", the new generation is people, not from the "stars" of the guests. They are also eager to be loved and accepted; the same is also cheap things love the natural instincts of man. Whether it is our era of 60, after the 70, or now as the main consumer of the 80, 90, or even the future of 2000, human nature is interlinked. Be surrounded by

I teach you to do Wangzhuan @sohoShoemoney

although we have a clear mind, he is very difficult to copy the success of celebrities, but still on the books and articles of celebrity autobiography in droves, trying to get the true meaning of success in a word or two from now on, at least Bilin Shoemoney a total of twelve stage free Wangzhuan tutorial is full of expectations.

In an interview with

"JohnChow and Shoemoney" on the Wangzhuan master Shoemoney is not the most famous blogger Jeremy, but it really loud Google AdSense check, September 05 Jeremy claimed by SEO made a $132994.97 income Wangzhuan in the month of August, this $132 thousand check Wangzhuan later many people borrow into recruit students or offline bait.

ShoeMoney’s title is "ShoeMoney" s 12 Week Course To Internet Success ", I have to take a vulgar name" Shoemoney "free Wangzhuan tutorial. Of course I know the difference between Internet Marketing and make money online, in fact, such as network marketing or Internet market and the words are easy to scare have interested friends, the so-called do network marketing, is to make money online, it is a grassroots life, to the whole and the portal like CEO

?The first phase of beginner guide translation into Chinese

this afternoon, and organize into a PDF document on my blog, you can directly through the following address online,, the value of the first phase of the content to be honest on a certain Wangzhuan experience of a friend is not, but if you are a novice. Still, please read carefully, and follow the Shoemoney Action Plan to start your Wangzhuan plans.

and most Wangzhuan tutorial different, Shoemoney has always emphasized the need to pay higher efforts and hardships, in fact only one person will deliberately conceal the Wangzhuan is not easy to pull off the assembly line.

although the first phase of the content is shallow, but from below the complete catalog view, tutorial is still worth looking forward to, I will be the first time of Chinese, please continue to pay attention to my blog Wangzhuan @soho.

Beginner needs to pay attention to how to identify scam sites

Wangzhuan, fraud is not avoid the topic.

if you are a novice, liar website you may be a disaster! Not only N long hard white work, but also a great blow to the confidence of the novice. So, how to avoid being cheated? Today, walle will simply talk about how to identify scam sites, this is the "beginner first note series", you want to help friends.

The operation of

Wangzhuan novice has better, better intuitive understanding of walle, take actual examples surgery, step by step on the identification of the fraud site.

OK, take a Bowen speak.

has such a blog post on Tianya website: the latest click Wangzhuan, absolutely true, is about a "message," Wangzhuan "domain name is".

The first step for

to identify cheaters: where is this article published?

"click Wangzhuan absolutely true", which was published in a blog. Blog content, is all about Wangzhuan — but only a few less than 20 articles, and most of the articles that are published at the same time, it is easy to see that this is a typical "junk blog" – or "fishing blog", blog to establish the purpose is to attract the beginner. To do his "to profit! Walle’m sure: this so-called blog, is the author through the mass software, set up a" fishing blog ", so this article published in the blog article, credibility is not high," /p>!

well, now know walle first step in identifying fraud on the website is how to operate: look at the source, if the source is reliable, so the article itself says also has very high credibility, if sources are not reliable, then we must be vigilant, of course, only through such a simple step, and can’t say for sure, "click Wangzhuan absolutely true" this blog is a fake, it promote the website "" website is fraud.

identification liar website second step: carefully identify the content of the article

The following

, with the latest click Wangzhuan, absolutely true to the contents of this blog, to explain how to identify scam sites".

Article 1:

"registered to send you $8, recommend a member to send $88!"

novice remember: Registration send so much money, a promotion is how much money, then this site won’t survive if it has 100 thousand members, only registered to promote this one you have to throw millions of dollars, this is clearly unrealistic



"after reading this email you will get 100>