Good to do business with honesty

for breakfast, people are not strange, after all, many of us are a consumer of these stalls. In a variety of early, fried dough sticks as a traditional Chinese food, but also has a very high popularity. But different stalls, the use of oil is different, can attract consumers naturally have a big difference.

in the small town where I live on a busy street, many early in the early business competition. Deep fried dough sticks in the past, a pot of oil for many days. The pot of oil was dark and let people eat Deep-Fried Dough Sticks to haunt. And a deep fried dough sticks shop in addition to play a "abide by the conscience, every day with new oil" signs.

at the same time, where the shop to eat fried dough sticks customers, free of charge to provide a bag of milk and a pouch of mustard. The boss gave me a simple account: in the early varieties, fritters profits are relatively large, while the milk is meager profit. Instead of making that little profit, it’s better to let customers.

results, to the shop to eat more and more customers, fried dough sticks sales growth. Shop owner homeopathy, but also in the early varieties of tea eggs, millet porridge, so that customers have a greater choice of space. Over the past three years, the shop owner has been keeping his promise to allow customers to drink milk free of charge, the concept of good faith to let this shop has a large number of fried dough sticks customers.

revelation: how to operate, every boss will have their own views, will have their own actions. But in fact, commodity management, integrity first, especially in people’s health and life safety directly related to the food industry, adhere to the moral conscience itself is a huge commercial value. As the main market operators, in addition to take social responsibility and moral responsibility, to do more good, sincere hospitality, honesty. Only in this way, the business can be bigger and bigger, more and more customers.

From the Mi month biography analysis of the current urgent need of entrepreneurial thinking

recently, a TV series "fire" in the MI months pass, television and network, MI month the way to grow so that the majority of the audience hot. From a humble dowry of a concubine has become the empress dowager, MI month counter attack road reflects a general entrepreneurial thinking.

front warning, a big wave hit dry cargo!

for entrepreneurs, you should also have a greater vision, aimed at a broader market. For most of the early investors, the early investment risk probability is very high, 90% of the investment is no return. That being the case, why not invest in a big market project? It is often said that the pool is not a shark, only jumped into the sea to have the opportunity to grow into a shark is the truth.

"Alibaba for $1 billion 250 million investment hungry" for example, we all know that has been hungry, money is extremely severe takeaway platform, then burn only one spell. This time with the lofty vision of Ma was at $1 billion 250 million a pound to hungry.

so that entrepreneurs and investment institutions or VC, you need to put your market is large enough, the business also has a good effect for the rapid completion of the financing market will expand the scale of positioning.

The flow of

Kawangka tea brand shop Wenzhuan investment

in the modern society, Kawangka tea has been popular among young people, Kawangka tea good taste and high quality, has won many consumers and businesses, Kawangka tea brand awareness is high, investment Kawangka tea, can save promotional costs, better able to open up the market.


] Kawangka tea cost

Kawangka milk tea in the food and beverage market has many years of development history, how about the milk tea with Kawangka? Adhere to provide customers with high-quality beverages and warm people’s services, access to a good reputation. Kawangka milk tea how much money to join? Kawangka milk tea to join the cost is divided according to the region. You will also be able to Kawangka tea to get more details.


] Kawangka tea support

1, store location in the District Assessment support. Through on-the-spot investigation, investigation of buildings, District, to find customers shop, shop to assess its feasibility; including turnover prediction, investment estimation, operating profit and loss forecast etc..

2, store design and decoration support. In order to ensure the unified image of Kawangka tea shop, store design is made to provide a complete renovation drawings, designer tea headquarters designated Kawangka, branch decoration engineering by the franchisee to find suitable engineering contracting team construction, supervision and guidance of the nuclear headquarters sent, the franchisee is responsible for supervision.

3, operational guidance support. Before the shop, the development of the preparatory work of the preparatory work, and assist in the completion of the work of the shop, but also to assist in the planning of advertising, promotional activities. Kawangka tea franchise fee is low, and the shop, Kawangka tea headquarters related personnel will not regularly to the stores and nuclear guidance, assist franchisees to improve company management, improve performance, found the problem, if there is a branch of operational problems can also demand, request assistance of the headquarters.

4, purchasing logistics support. Kawangka tea stores purchasing directly by the headquarters of factory unified procurement, reduce intermediate goods circulation costs, ensure the quality of raw materials, and then by the headquarters of the distribution of logistics center, let you no worries.

Kawangka tea


] Kawangka tea security

security: a successful opening of two hundred stores experience accumulation, planning and guidance of senior team. Let you have a strong card’s business model.

security two: Kawangka strongly secured, Kawangka tea raw materials are provided through the QS quality certification, and in the premise of good quality provided by the price of raw materials franchisee must be lower than the same absolute market price; it is not difficult to imagine.

Kuwait oil changed the fate of high energy investment

do you want to start your own business? Want to get rid of the fate of the work? So, to choose to join high energy oil? Quality of the project, the choice of entrepreneurial projects with new ideas. How about joining high energy oil? The best choice for business with a small capital venture!

high energy oil is a new type of environmental protection research and development of the company according to market demand, fuel calorific value, economical and practical, safe and environmentally friendly, fuel performance is stable, not easy to start a small business. Safety and health, easy to use, as long as the use of this product, there will be praise plus, suitable for the mass market consumption, so that franchisees can rest assured agent. Compared with other fuels, it is more clean, green and environmental friendly.

Kuwait take high energy oil at normal temperature and pressure in production use and transportation and storage, non flammable, explosive, the leak can dilute with water, after the fire can fire extinguished, all kinds of natural gas stoves, gas stoves can be generalized, Kuwait oil energy greatly reduced the cost and technical difficulty of the new Energy Fund kitchen facelift. Choose a new energy project, select the fate of Witt high-energy oil change.

high energy oil to join, the choice of new energy, worry about entrepreneurship, shop in fact, more peace of mind. If you join the high energy oil project, is also very interested in, please come to the message! Come and join us!

Bedding to join some marketing points

The development potential of

bedding industry is considerable. Many investors are now starting to pay attention to these items such as bedding. So in the operation of bedding stores, how to go to business can be harvested more wealth?

reasonable rent levels and bedding stores address is the key, you can survive in the competition. Bedding products store recommended bedding and related products. Prominent flagship products, preferably not too early. Who wants to sell the product. If the buyer is using it, find the market vacancy and fix it.

the above content is analysis of bedding joining some management methods for operating bedding stores if you are interested, you need to have some correct operation method.

Open shoes stores how to do the decoration work

women’s shoes store must pay attention to the problem of decoration design, which is a part of every business can not avoid, the modern consumer of such attention to decoration, businesses can not be easily ignored. If you are not very clear about the decoration and so on, come up with a few suggestions Xiaobian finishing it, I hope to help you.

style positioning, you make the brand casual shoes or wear shoes, men’s shoes or shoes. Casual shoes should be given to the store at random, the shelves to be placed in a casual and overall feeling, dress is vice versa.

shoes store color to have feminine taste, light blue + white, red + white, purplish red + white, beige + white, white, black + white are a good choice, buy the field lines to streamline, multi mirror. The men’s shoes with coarse ore line, deep color, the use of materials such as walnut.

1, the store of color to be uniform, shoes and decoration color is very harmonious com, but I say here is not that unified shoes and decoration color consistent, that would make the store very dull, should let the local contrast and to the overall.

2, the purpose of lighting. Light plays a key role in the shoe store, a pair of shoes the same lighting and display no lights out completely different, especially some single display of high-grade shoes, must use searchlights for foil.

3, shelf set aside walking space, divided into the main channel and sub channel, the main channel width shall not be less than 120 cm, the channel width shall not be less than 80 cm. Image background board for main entrance or main channel.

open shoes stores to do the decoration work, will attract more attention of consumers. Consumers are attracted by the decoration design, the store environment is also in line with their minds, it is easy to promote the success of the transaction. The above suggestions are only a small reference to join the business, I hope you can do a lot of business with their own reality to do this work.

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Early education industry is about to usher in the outbreak of the opportunity you ready

for every entrepreneur, the first step in the success of entrepreneurship is to choose the industry. Early education industry is a promising industry, known as the eternal sunrise industry, and no matter what happiness thing, now the whole society is in rapid development, early education industry in the future all the more optimistic.

1, a free application, rely on advertising revenue


> after all, even if

Blue is responsible for the customer is responsible for their own career

The success of the

business, money is not a big problem, choose the project, dare to do is the first step to success. 12 years ago, Jilin Changchun bare-handed to borrow money to make the world, after 12 years have tens of millions of yuan assets, her name sounds reminiscent of the beautiful sky – blue. Initial opening.

1992, blue graduated from Qigihar normal college, when she came to Changchun internship, Changchun beauty salon business attracted her interest.

1994, the first batch of blue to recover the investment, and opened a large store; in 1997, she again expansion; by 2002, she founded the Jilin blue industrial limited company, since the chairman and general manager, Changchun company is located in the city of gold district, covers an area of more than 2 thousand square meters. Business scope. After market research and careful consideration, blue decided to do a new project. However, luck is not very good, the new project opened soon catch up with SARS, just a few months, lost about 2000000 yuan.

Analysis of female entrepreneurship

is different from the man who dares to fight stroke strength, many women are too weak, so start up under, as if fierce tigers industry background, will inevitably suffer, want to achieve career success is very difficult, in order to ensure that women can work out a small entrepreneurial world, following small series analysis by Li Jing success and we come to a female entrepreneurship!

in Li Jing, the most commendable is her entrepreneurial spirit. The choice of life seems to have a lot of kinds, choose which one has a bright future, but she never let a dream in the heart of the fate, into the mind from "their own" idea, then she threw into all his passion and effort.

At the beginning of