Province to send the pension service industry ten policy spree

December 1st, the provincial Civil Affairs Department held a pension service policy ventilation, this year, the province took out ten preferential policies to promote the development of the province’s pension services, encourage all parties to participate in social pension services.

arrange financial funds to support the pension service system

in the future, governments at all levels will increase investment, arrange financial funds to support the construction of pension service system. Make full use of financial discount, small loans and other ways to increase the effective investment in pension services. According to the current policy, financial institutions at all levels will also accelerate the innovation of financial products and services, broaden the scope of mortgage collateral, support the credit needs of the pension services. Encourage and support the insurance institutions to invest in the field of pension services in accordance with the relevant policies to guide and regulate the development of insurance institutions to promote old-age insurance, accident insurance, health insurance and other insurance products for the elderly. At the same time, the local government will arrange a certain proportion of government bonds to support the construction of pension service facilities and barrier free facilities. The proportion of the provincial welfare lottery for pension services will continue to be maintained at more than 50%, and gradually increase the proportion of investment with the increase in the elderly population.

to the new pension service providers to provide land supply policy

our province will be in strict accordance with the relevant provisions of the land sector, the new pension services projects in line with the overall land use planning, land use in the annual plan targets priority arrangements. Take priority for the land, to encourage long-term lease, land allocation and other ways to protect the pension services, to revitalize the stock of land for the construction of pension service facilities. Prohibited in the name of the organization to host the pension enclosure".

add four pension services tax incentives

there are 4 preferential tax policies in our province. At the end of November, according to the provisions of the state, our province has added 4 preferential tax policies.

– non-profit pension and medical institutions fully exempt from administrative fees, the for-profit pension and medical institutions by the collection of administrative fees, including land reclamation fees charged, the land and Resources Department of idle land fees, land reclamation fees, land registration fee. Housing and Urban Construction Department of housing registration fees charged by the civil air defense sector collection of air defense basement construction fees.

* to provide pension services for the elderly to provide appropriate relief administrative fees.

– pension institutions electricity, water, gas, heat, broadband Internet, cable TV, fixed telephone charges and other costs, according to the residents or preferential price.

– the business sector registered pension service organizations and institutions, can enjoy the state of small and medium-sized enterprises, small-scale enterprises, labor-intensive enterprises and family services and social organizations and other relevant tax preferential policies.

Xining city middle school teachers and students learning together

to strengthen legal education for students, improve students’ legal awareness and self-protection awareness, the school invited Shen Xining City Chengbei District of Xining City People’s court juvenile court judge, gave a presentation entitled "the study of law, understand the law, law-abiding" legal education seminars for all students and effectively enhance the legal awareness the teachers and students, to promote the "build a harmonious campus" has played a positive role.


Provincial organs at the provincial departments units Party committee secretary debriefing meeting

Recently, the provincial organs held provincial departments (units) Party committee secretary of the party building work of the debriefing meeting, 10 provincial departments (units) review authority party secretary duties.The

meeting, the provincial CPPCC provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department, the provincial women’s Federation, the Provincial Department of finance, the Ministry of health and Family Planning Commission, the Provincial Sports Bureau, the provincial Civil Air Defense Office, the provincial prison administration, the Provincial Seismological Bureau, Chinese Unicom Qinghai branch and other units by the Secretary of the Party committee report last year grassroots party building work, in-depth search a lack of work, a clear direction. Report and comment to seek truth from facts, carry forward the party’s fine tradition and style. More than 70 other provincial organs Secretary of the Party committee of the written debriefing.

the meeting stressed that to further improve the party building work, to strengthen the sense of play, adhere to strict requirements, the courage to pipe, implement the responsibility to manage the party rule, conscientiously implement the "China Communist Party and state organs grassroots organizations work regulations" and implement "provincial implementation measures", strengthen the strict consciousness really grasp good management, continuous improvement in depth style. To strengthen the consciousness of ideological education to strict, strict, strict party political life, to strict party management, to carry out strict discipline, supervision should be strict, efforts to promote the party building in the grass-roots party construction work in the forefront of the province. To strengthen the grassroots base, set up the branch is grass roots organization concept, grasping mechanism, lay a solid foundation; grasp to create, stimulate the vitality; grasp the party, build the team, and strive to build the party at the grass-roots Party branch of the battle fortress.


Against the arrogance of Shenyang property of 23 property to give informed criticism

The arrival of

urban life provides a convenient time for us, also brought some things, one of the most prominent problem is the issue of property, Shenyang Property Bureau within the jurisdiction of the public complaints concentrated residential areas carried out unannounced visits, found 27 areas of 23 property management problems without maintenance in the park, disorder, sanitation filthy, informal service charges. In view of the problems issued "on the residential property service town of the bulletin", 23 of property services companies to give informed criticism.

at the same time, Shenyang City real estate bureau, the legal representative of the enterprise zone joint interviews, and issued a rectification notice, ordered its rectification. Supervision by the district property bureau to track the rectification, and signed a letter of commitment to business integrity. During the rectification of property service enterprises shall not take part in the Shenyang city property service bidding, shall not participate in various awards.

refused to correct the District Real Estate Board office or street (neighborhood) has the right to withdraw from the property projects, and Re public hiring new property service enterprises, the district property bureau or subdistrict office can also be submitted to the district government agreed to make the limited company engaged in property services in the area of decision. Rectification period expires, the City District Bureau, real estate bureau, district offices, community owners committee joint review, the rectification is not in place, will be reduced or suggestions to superior property departments reduce the level of qualification of the property service enterprise or revoke its qualification certificate.


property in life is always let you pay, but when things have been given to the District People’s life drag, impact. It is pointed out that the Shenyang City real estate bureau, the city’s property service enterprises should take this as a warning, giving top priority to existing property management issues enact change. To establish a law, in accordance with regulations, honest and trustworthy business philosophy, a serious comparison of property services contract agreed service standards to ensure the quality of service, and strive to do a good job for the majority of owners. The next step is to strengthen the city’s property services market supervision, to create a more fair and honest, standardized and orderly market, the City Property Bureau will organize property services to carry out special rectification activities, efforts to improve the management ability and service level of property industry.

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Be amazed! Rental housing production specialty industry and Commerce resolutely banned

Qinghai native lot, snow lotus, deer, deer, yellow mushroom…… These are a lot of people and tourists gift relatives and friends

preferred gift. However, there are a lot of people saw this, playing the wrong idea. October 20th, Xining City Bureau of Commerce and Industry Branch of law enforcement

According to the

report, the investigation of Datong Street incense Lane 65 and the Yangtze River Road, No. two dens.

in Datong Street Xiang Fang Xiang a rented room, a big house, filled with all kinds of packing boxes, there are fresh antler tablets, Lubian tablets. Door kitchen

room on the pond, put a few bottles of fresh antler blood, the bottle on the label of "blood collection in plateau pollution area healthy deer blood Zhirong" word

like, the pool side of the ground with a large white plastic barrels, barrels of red stuff on the side a bit like powder pigment, vial of fresh antler blood is

from the VAT irrigation; the living room with hidden secret treasures, sparkling green background in Qinghai Haibei River Source Trading Co. Ltd. the stickers

paste. A bag of hidden secret wine packaging material San says "China, Tibetan medicine, Tibetan specialty recipe III, Baicao jermin.". Law enforcement officer

at the scene seized 90 boxes of large box of velvet, velvet box 298 boxes; Lubian 174 boxes; boxed hidden secret treasures 20 boxes, bags of hidden secret treasures 100

bag; hidden secret 19 boxes, 110 boxes of two branched antler Ganoderma lucidum grass, 1 boxes of about 40 kg, 30 ginseng root, bullwhip 25, 124 bottles of fresh blood, all kinds of empty boxes 200

more than 25000 kinds of stickers.

in families of the first hospital of No. 65 Changjiang Road Xining City, a rented room, stacked with empty boxes which have a lot of natural yellow mushroom, Tibet yak

bull and other products of the empty box, as well as some of the cardboard boxes ready to make a box. There are a large number of the bulk of the yellow mushroom and bull.

at present, the case is being further processed.


Huangyuan pull the party building poverty alleviation locomotive

Since this year, Huangyuan County focus on poverty alleviation of this important task, to strengthen the construction of grass-roots party organizations and Party members to focus on the implementation of the main responsibility of Party construction work, to "three grasping three" locomotive pulling the county Party of poverty alleviation, provide a strong organizational guarantee for accelerating the county’s overall poor villages out of poverty.

by Party organizations or agricultural sector take the lead and Party members led by the founder of genius way to develop the rural economic cooperation organization, the association or cooperatives built a bridge and link between the farmers and the market, let the people in employment and realizing industrial development to improve income. Actively explore the farmers professional cooperatives, professional economic association, migrant workers are relatively concentrated point of establishing the party organization business, appoint Party building instructor, the establishment of poverty alleviation industry Party group, the implementation of the "one village one product", the farmers spontaneous decentralized variable planting scale development guidance for the party organization, to further enhance the level of development characteristics the advantage of industry.

Do not forget national humiliation — Xining twelfth air raid drill

At 11:30 on September 5th, the city of Xining sounded a sharp air raid siren, while Xining Datong County, Huang Zhongxian, Huangyuan County three counties also sounded the air defense alarm. This is the twelfth time since 2001, Xining people’s air raid warning. Xining city and three counties during the production and living order.

‘s air raid siren is a performance test of city alarm system and control system, one is calling on all the relevant units of the organization to carry out patriotic education and national defense education, education people strengthen defense consciousness, do not forget national humiliation. Civil air defense warning is the people’s governments at all levels in the usual emergency and wartime air defense command in the struggle, the basic means of the implementation of the disaster, the air alarm. 5 days of air defense alarm for pre alarm, air raid alarm and lift off the alarm in order to carry out three. Which pre alarm 36 seconds, stop for 24 seconds, repeated for a cycle of three times, with a time of 3 minutes. Early warning is pre alarm of enemy air attack is imminent, asking people to implement the evacuation and do the air defense preparation; air raid alarm Naruto 6 seconds, stop 6 seconds, repeated 15 times for a period of time of three minutes. Air raid warning is the enemy air attack weapons have been close to the city, the air strike is about to start or has begun to warn people to evacuate quickly hidden; lift the alarm for 3 minutes. Lift the alarm is signaled the raid was over, telling people can eliminate the consequences of air, normal production and living order. 5 days of trial, each alarm signal in one order, the interval of 60 seconds. Xining City Civil Air Defense Office command staff told reporters that the air defense warning County of Xining city and three counties do accurate to seconds, and can ensure the air defense emergency action to provide reliable warning service for emergency rescue in case of emergency. Xining City, the 5 day trial alarm signal sent by the more advanced electro acoustic alarm, in addition, there are electric alarm and manual alarm and other standby.

5 day trial of the air defense alarm signal is set by the number of the top of the electroacoustic alarm sent. Ben reporter Cui Yongtao photo

during the Anti Japanese War, Qinghai Province as the base, not by the Japanese ground forces to invade, but in June 1941, the Japanese brazenly warplanes bombed the main city of Xining, and the residential area of fire with machine guns, during the more than and 200 bomb, killing and wounding my wounded residents killed hundreds of people, destroyed houses and temples and a total of more than and 500 departments and schools while a large number of public and private property, the bombing damage losses. The City District of Xining City, still alive in some "old Xining" remembers the Japanese bombing of Xining, the city residents rushed to the scene to flee and flee back see bombed, killing the residents of the body the horrors of broken walls, they are all in the recollection somber, hate Japanese heinous atrocities.


1 billion 60 million help the United States and Qinghai famous Quartet

"Since 12th Five-Year", the provincial finance in accordance with the strategic plan of building a plateau of the province’s tourism and ecological development overall mentality, continue to increase tourism investment, a total investment of 1 billion 60 million yuan of funds to guide, to make positive efforts to promote rapid and healthy development of tourism in our province.

North of the city of Xining district to build livable city xiadou accumulate steadily

in the East and west toward the long and narrow territory of Xining, north of the city like a silver scissors embedded in the above…… Along with the urban construction pace, Seongbuk are strong after blooming and potential to expand urban space, to create a livable landscape ecological city tour city, on the implementation of fine management of affordable housing construction, demolition resettlement, flood monitoring, urban infrastructure construction and other key projects for is to let more people get benefits, so that more people can live a happy and harmonious life, truly "people’s livelihood" and "help people", "people’s livelihood" Le Minsheng "". Especially in the construction of affordable housing and small urban construction projects, highlighting the modern, beautiful, atmospheric, practical features, and strive to build a project, a boutique, leaving a bright spot.

according to law demolition articles

according to the law for the benefit of the people

this year, North District firmly establish the "resettlement demolition resettlement demolition and to promote," the idea of working in accordance with the "overall planning, unified deployment, step by step, to the point, from easy to difficult, the overall advancement of the work requirements, adhere to the harmonious combination of demolition and demolition principle, take a number of measures to actively and, in order to carry out the demolition work, demolition efforts to complete the annual objectives and tasks.

for the successful completion of the municipal government issued the demolition of 1 million 301 thousand and 700 square meters, North District set up by the party secretary, mayor served as commander of the headquarters relocation, the district government and eight by the leadership of the head of the demolition team signed letters of responsibility, requirements of the working group to do publicity, time limit, package bag package, package, bag removal safety stability of the "Five Guarantees" policy, efforts to ensure the effective implementation of the demolition work, let people really see the demolition is the benefit of a good thing, is to the majority of households benefit and practical benefits. The demolition work group in promoting inspection services to promote the demolition, demolition, demolition of the atmosphere to promote the principle, focus on good housing assessment, housing difficulties groups will do, measure, review, archive demolition "mark five". For the majority of households understanding, support and cooperation, the demolition work group to strictly implement the "find out the base, said through reason, general ledger, clear regulations, clarifying the move" five measures, consideration of the situation, the difficulties, the active site of the facts, reduce conflicts, solve;

Our province has 226 thousand months to provide government subsidies accident insurance $5 billion 4

reporter learned from the Qinghai Insurance Regulatory Commission, since 2015, our province issued "implementation of government purchase to social forces outside the elderly’s injury insurance, become the country’s first funded from the government budget for the province’s voluntary elderly accident insurance subsidies province. Up to now, the province has provided insurance for 226 thousand of the elderly to protect $5 billion 414 million.

is to promote the construction of old-age service system in our province, effectively resolve the pension institutions and the elderly at home accident risk, our province has issued the "implementation of government purchase to social forces outside the elderly’s injury insurance premium subsidies, through appropriate government purchase services, guide and encourage the elderly family or voluntary pension institutions to buy accident insurance. Among them, the elderly poor annual subsidy of 30 yuan, the other annual subsidy of 10 yuan, to provide 27500 yuan accident protection for the elderly, including accident suffered injuries hospitalization medical expenses 2500 yuan, due to accident emergency rescue costs and lead to disability or death compensation costs 25000 yuan.