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Shanghai dragon should change with the change of the search engine algorithm

assiduous stationmaster I want to know the LEE team, their main duties is to study algorithm, study the future direction of love Shanghai, but when it comes to LEE, always give us some enlightenment.

is the first to the requirements of the industry is greatly improved, the search engine algorithm change is no longer rely solely on the chain mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore, friends of the chain, and simply click on the input to do up the rankings for many, the chain Commissioner, is a very big test base of Shanghai Longfeng staff, I think in 12 years and many people are faced with such problems, the transformation of work, or persevere constantly try to explore the algorithm.

addition, if we focus on is a kind of search engines, such as Google, love Shanghai, or 360, first of all, we give an example, for the love of Shanghai, we have to do is to love what is the future direction of Shanghai.

For a long time engaged in

like Shanghai’s recent search page shows a gradual increase in the relevant page graphic display, as shown in figure

then, we will talk back to the origin, some views about new technology platform in Shanghai Longfeng to talk about their own, we first need a clear point for what is web site optimization, keyword ranking or marketing profit, of course, the two most cases are complementary, but sometimes is different, for example keywords we positioning errors, so we need to clear the website optimization requires several implementation, selection of key words, the adjustment of the internal structure of the site (containing in the chain, URL), included in the site, external measures (such as chain recommendation, brand marketing consulting), for the selection of key words, if you do is a relatively mature website, we can source, easy to order observation keywords at this time, we will be able to close Key words are divided into several categories, transaction words, common words and brand words, of course, most of our orders come from trading and brand word word, where how to improve the weight such words is our purpose for keywords such as: website structure, core keywords for the website construction, we can match the location user behavior according to the core Keywords: Yunnan website construction, website construction enterprises in Yunnan, the Yunnan government website, Yunnan website construction is how to do so, we can go to the expansion of the word, a clear structure can allow users faster access to the resources he needs at this time, the user experience is king keywords structure drawing, report, website structure is identical.


Optimization Platform Based Web site, to change the search engine algorithm is feeling a lot, a lot of people think that 2012 is the end point of the Shanghai dragon, personally think that, from the beginning of 2012, was ushered in the Shanghai dragon new year, many people may wonder, Shanghai dragon is now becoming more and more difficult to do, no matter platform site or enterprise stand, not good to do, what will be the new starting point. I expound from the following points.

China Wangzhuan station creative uglyBy understanding the nature of the Internet, we can sort out th

this picture, we can clearly see that, although the number China has 5 hundred million Internet users, but there is only some 3 hundred million movies to Internet users. The other is some grassroots webmaster, webmaster, product manager, high-end talent IT, hackers and hermit, IT scientists. They live in the world, and from the road down to the more and more narrow, and it is because of less, so the superior 20% characters before deciding the development of the internet.

old urchin,

Macleod "understanding comics" illustration

wants to say a lot of people, but there is no time to cite examples, but still take a few typical people to write articles.



The concept of

"cave" theory to explain the very image of life, everyone began to stay in a cave dug himself in from birth, we see the world is only the sun was thrown on the wall of a cave image, the cave dwellers and we took it as a real world and because we haven’t seen anything else. But the real world is in the cave, place in the sun.

used to be a Laos who used training to make new money;

The form of

China Internet Pyramid shape


we all know that the Internet most often hear the word is the user, then the user belongs to which level in the Pyramid? I think I do not have, we can talk, in fact most users exist in the lowest layer, of course, from bottom to top is less and less, so as to master entrepreneurs good location the user level, do not see the world with their own ideas to misjudge the user. Sometimes the user sees is only appearance, and true inner things but not too much attention, but we have to get our products into the "soul" to make intelligent interactive experience between the user and the product, in "understanding comics" with a picture of everything in the form of art will follow the six steps.

he was the administrator of the wise China, who said he was more than 60 years old, but no one seemed to know his true age. It was a Chinese forum that once understood the wisdom of understanding and lived in a creative way. Earn basic money is new, through training to obtain huge profits, and in fact, the training content is not sure where to get some articles about entrepreneurship, and we understand the site has nothing to do with it. Once again, the training of people on the wisdom of Chinese disappointed again and again, new people now dare not contact with the network, because each time they lost a foundation, how many really learned? Really learned is "cheat", and lost a lot of time and is hard to earn the money.

kisses flowers holding blood


you want to do, want to create what kind of commercial value.


mobile phone and computer to access the Internet, but the effect is not the same experience and.

people call him "big brother" or "kiss teacher". Go through training and sell items. I say I am a dedicated person in the network, in fact, is a network of fraud. He once formed a group, said that the basic training, in fact, the content of the training is indeed Photoshop content, these things to use him to teach it?. Now the group of deserted, talking people do not have, from his training began to appear 14 days earlier, and then has said that he did not appear busy. All of a sudden, 08 years in April, there has been a time, saying that the site is sold, the group of people free of charge, the other 380 yuan. I wonder, a movie station like him, I can do 100 in the morning

the six steps are: the concept, form, style, structure, technology, appearance.


used to be a cliff with a huge amount of money using trust;

What is the name of the

yesterday I was asked, what is the status of the Internet Chinese, I probably told him about, but he just couldn’t understand, then I use an analogy to Chinese he said the Internet is just like a Pyramid, is a triangular distribution from the crowd to how much of the overall number of. Because yesterday says, so today is summarized under the master, do not have to read, mainly is to share some friends would like to venture there is lost friend.

was once a can let people communicate in the forum Wangzhuan experience platform;

The philosopher Platon

now – – it is being seen step by step through its face;

people call him "Zhongshan big brother", an ordinary, common, no ordinary programmer, should have been engaged in software development. I can write some programs, but Bug is super. For the sale of money through the sale of your program. Two months before the sale of a piece of software, the software value no one to 500 yuan in he said, when people buy software when running out of the question, bug super multi, often dropping, put all the group’s problems have not been resolved, a total of two months on the line less than 10 times. At the same time, the group speak some welcome friends have been the "big brother" to the Zhongshan T group to request a refund? There is no door. A day IP1w project, charge 3000 yuan fee, in fact, ha ha, Mao did not use?.

Wuhan talent website promotion strategy dead for essenceIndus Live to do investment banking legal do

people are going to sleep, especially I have been unemployed for a long time, because boring, sleep a lot of sleep. A negative effect is that you love dreams, do it at night, and do it during the day. The following text is a dream in the daytime, because it is a daydream, so please don’t believe it. If you believe that, then you have to lie down on the bed do fantasy.

man said a word, where a fall on where to get up, enough HR bird gas, this is my choice of the most direct reason of talent website.

from sh419 to search a 53DNS, pay $60 in his solution to the problem of corn, to buy flowers Powertek 1K virtual machine Unicom room, telecommunications network access on both sides is neither fast nor slow, with our sales can not limit IIS point. Go to CHINAZ, download the IJOB program, a day down, but also a model, no less than the Hubei talent line stream.

a webmaster said person is very tired thing, but do station is more tired than by doing so, the difficulties must be waiting for us ahead.

carries 440 ocean, must expect the 440 oceans into 880 oceans, into 8800 seas. But how did the 440 oceans become 880 oceans? From whose pocket does this extra ocean come out?

carries 440 oceans must be a lot of people, how can I compete with others?

accounts receivable copyright, welcome to contact :88063077

in the course content services, "classic practice" mainly to practice sharing and case analysis, such as "private record", "typical violations of listed companies case analysis" and so on. The training course is based on investment banking legal foundations, such as a solicitor system training course. The series of courses mainly focus on solving the specific problems of work, and the content tends to be individualized. Such as "company equity practice", "IPO financial verification practice" and so on. At present, most of the price paid by the sycamore Live is at the same time. Liang said that the next step will be to strengthen the output of free content of Live.


started, Liang Yu was an investment lawyer. In his view, lawyers, accountants, brokerages and other industries to line training and books based learning is very traditional, there are high costs, limited geographical and slow knowledge update and other issues. The Internet products can make up for many shortcomings of traditional learning methods, and help them improve their learning and work efficiency.


users enter the Indus Live APP, the first to see a "Indus Live investment bankers learning community" start page. As a learning community, the Indus Live has two functions of "classic practice", "training course", "series of courses", three courses of the course content, service and the form of questions and answers.

Indus Live founder Liang Yu

knowledge products only improve the threshold of content producers, can reduce the user’s screening costs, and ensure user experience. At present, the course content of the sycamore Live producers are senior lawyers, brokerages, accountants and so on, and the Indus Live will strictly screen them. It is understood that, at present, the Indus Live has established a cooperative relationship with a number of top law firms in china.

lack of teaching experience and content creation experience is a common pain in many professional areas. In the course content, the Live will check the topic, and participate in the design of curriculum content. "We link nearly 40 thousand industry users through personal micro signals to understand what users need." In the course income distribution, both sides press >

content entrepreneurship attracted more and more players to join, and in 2014, Liang Yu also smelled the opportunity, so he chose to leave the enterprise.

The rise of

Liang Yu chose investment oriented legal subdivision of the crowd from the media to start. It is reported that in August 2014 and December have launched the "IPO case library" and "Indus tree V" two WeChat public number, currently fans have accumulated to 380 thousand.


takes into account the content diversity and future development space, Liang Yu introduced the "sycamore Live" APP in December 2016. For the positioning of the Indus Live, Liang Yu said that the Indus Live is a content provider focused on the investment banking legal field. Similar to or known to the law."

Understand the segmentation layout in web design to gain a more friendly browsing experience


with the rapid development of the Internet, a wide variety of websites emerge in endlessly. In this environment, the user is how fast the selected sites in the vastness of the Internet in the ocean? "How can the designer make our web site on the user at a glance quickly after they attract further attention? The author introduces a simple page layout: this layout layout segmentation to users. Try to let the user browse page at the beginning when you feel a kind of friendly browsing experience.

below enter the translation text:

as a web designer, there are many examples, design and layout principle we can refer to the grid, for example: longitudinal consistency, F type, Z type layout layout, three golden rule, method and so on. Paying attention to these principles will bring visual appeal and functionality to your design – now let’s look at a simple way to divide the pages into two equal parts.

sounds a bit silly at first, but the basic layout really does a very good job. When we read a page, our eyes often move along a zigzag. And if the user’s line of sight is moving along a horizontal line – just like in the Z layout, he or she will be very focused (or trying to concentrate). However, since 90% of your web site users will not be very careful about your page, so your design "browse friendly" will certainly get good returns Oh,



(Figure 1)

eye movements and "glyph" of

‘s eye tracking study from YAHOO can show:

·: people scan the main part of the page to determine what the site is and whether they want to stay a little longer.

· user in just three seconds will make a decision on the


· if users decide to stay on the page, they will be most concerned about the content at the top of the screen.

Users of

sites are always in a hurry and they have other things to do. You can’t expect them to stop to appreciate your website’s aesthetics. Although good aesthetic design is very important, it does not fully motivate visitors to take action – click on the "buy now" or "know more" button.

, we can’t complain about these users. Always remember, when you want to check something, you’ll be anxious to open Google’s first search results and run through it, or rather, just a cursory glance at the entire page. Most of the time, you don’t even notice the mouse scroll to the bottom of the page. After this stage, if you think this page is worth your time, you >

The development of Anhui cultural network for one year

as the saying goes "sell themselves", but in today’s market economy is extremely developed, especially the concept of advertising and advertising industry and market age generally, "call" has become one of the main means of development. People often say that wine is more fragrant, also want to call or not, otherwise, so every year the emergence of many CCTV standard, many advertising predators, they write the spread of the legend of a plan……

but for those of our small station, we do not have too much capital on the one hand, on the other hand, there is not too much resources to rely on. I always heard many webmaster complaining, telling the difficulty in website development.

I do not

network industry, has been in the traditional industry with the traditional work of website operation at most only a basic understanding of SEO, website promotion such as the basic means is absolutely ignorant of many times, can only use the most stupid way, although after nearly a year of development, the Anhui cultural network ( the regional culture of Anhui) has become the largest and most comprehensive website, but there are still a lot of problems, but from scratch, step by step, and it has entered a virtuous cycle of basic road, when we walked back up, there are still a lot of talk.

1, content is king, originality first

in the company’s advertising before the work, there is a deep understanding, and good publicity, creativity, must have good products to rely on, otherwise it will only be mirage. Remember the Changhong mobile phone because the spread of television shopping, a way of selling is very powerful, but less than half the time, because the product itself can not solve the problem, a lot of quality problems, and customer service service can not keep up, leading to today’s Changhong mobile phone, shrinking, TV shopping can’t do. But the fact that the site is true, when we promote their own websites, the purpose is to attract users to our website, which will end users into our most loyal members, and become a loyal member of our team, and even join……

Anhui cultural network in the early stages of construction, based on regional history and culture information, then we should provide users with the relevant historical and cultural information related to the region. Where does this information come from? Because there were no websites, no systematic information, no direct copies, so we need to collect and sort it out ourselves. Decided to build the site, began to collect data, and spent nearly half the time, side edge finishing internal testing system, before the official launch, launch, will soon be the major search engines, less than two months time, the website PR is up to 4. And most importantly, because of the unique content, systematic organization together, attracting a large number of professionals concerned, many related organizations, government, media and other data will check to check here, which makes the website development basically open >

How to open a silver shop online

online shop has become a trend in the current, but also because it has many advantages, so as to attract more investors, so the online shop to sell products is more and more abundant, among them, silver also has become the choice of many people. So, how to open a silver shop online?

online jewelry sales due to the lack of lease fees, decoration costs, so the price advantage, has been accepted by many people. For high value jewelry, with the appropriate means of payment, many people join the sale of such jewelry. Last year on the Internet, there is a buyer to buy about 500000 of jewelry.

now, in the online large and small jewelry store has nearly ten thousand. A wide variety of texture on gold, silver, jade, precious stones, and so on, there is a kind of local characteristics of the route, such as the sale of Yunnan’s silver headdress, Tibet’s neck, waist ornaments, etc.. Different types of jewelry, its profits are also different thickness.

is interested in opening the jewelry store and the money is not enough to open a physical store, online shop is not denounced as a good way. Opened a physical store, and now the monopoly of silver jewelry online experience rich. Silver profit margins are good, Miss Lee’s business is also very prosperous, monthly sales can reach about $10000. Professional, positioning and selection of jewelry is the key to the success of miss li.

success factors target clear

Miss Lee said that when the decision to open a jewelry store, we must first determine what kind of route. A wide variety of jewelry, summed up a public class, a national characteristics. For the national characteristics of the class, generally only stable supply will do. Most of the shops are popular.

Miss Li from the beginning of the shop decided to do a professional silver seller, the goal is clear, and has been working in this direction. Species including pendants, earrings, bracelets, rings, etc., as far as possible to complete the variety, so that buyers have enough room for selection. In addition, in terms of quantity, the basic maintenance of about 20 thousand of the goods in hand, when in short supply.

commodity advantage

customers came to the shop, whether it can cause customers to buy the desire, it depends on whether the product is attractive. Therefore, do jewelry should pay attention to fashion trends, always pay attention to the current trend of jewelry, in the style of the first win. Miss Li said that she did the silver to do for a long time, there is a fixed purchase business, was a former, in order to broaden the style, and now added a.

Miss Li’s shop in addition to winning in the style, but also the price advantage. Miss Li in Shenzhen, Shenzhen is the production base of silver jewelry, you can get the goods directly from the factory, so the price is relatively competitive. This is also recommended

South Korea’s top ten children’s wear brand of South Korea’s top ten children’s wear list

South Korea ten of South Korea’s ten largest brand children’s clothing brand children’s clothing to join the list, the whole network Xiaobian recommended in 2011, South Korea’s ten children’s clothing brand, South Korea’s ten largest brand of children’s clothing to join the list, welcome you to visit ~


a, Kio Korean brand children’s clothing

Project Description: KIO Korean brand children’s clothing, so that children are also up! KIO Korean brand children’s clothing to join the fiery market achievements of the wealth of life of many franchisees! KIO Korean brand children’s clothing merchants, warmly look forward to your joining, build a better future

join address:



‘s Blue Cat Blue Rabbit

Project Description: children fashion expert, rabbit’s blue cat let your child become the star of the baby, let your child become a shining star! Keep the cat rabbit fashion attitude with customers, quickly seize every fashion signal, in order to impress the customer

join address:


three, Sakura kids

Project Description: a variety of Sakura swept the world’s animation, a let countless children screaming animation, which is the idol of the children of sakura! Variety Sakura children’s clothing is the full use of the promotional effects of animation, fashion children’s clothing

join address:


four, force fruit children’s clothing

 : Project Description: Children’s clothing concept of "fashion, personality, elegance, fun and health". Product green, environmentally friendly, comfortable wear, design to seize the international fashion information, color emphasis on popularity and collocation, force fruit children’s clothing to guide China and Europe and the United States children’s fashion

join address:


five, tiger children

Project Description: Tiger children’s children in the strength of the strong support, not only the parents are satisfied, but also like children, won the good reputation of the market, great influence. To simple, fashion, health, smart as the core, to win market wealth

join address:


six, happy sheep sheep children’s clothing

Project Description: the United States and the United States and the United States and children’s clothing to dress up the beautiful children, just like the cartoon of the beautiful sheep sheep

Milk tea shop to do what preparation work

open milk tea shop is a lot of small and medium-sized entrepreneurs of the common choice. After all, the low starting point, small investment, if you want to do a security investment business, related matters can advance to look at the small shop, share some of the points, I hope you can help the franchisee to proceed investment business.

A, do the business license

to the area of industrial and commercial applications, fill in the form to verify the name, then the card, need 1 copies of ID card and 2 photos, 1 copies of the rental contract etc.. Need to take hundreds of dollars. And then take the application form to do health permits, and a few hundred dollars. After every month to pay dozens of dollars of industrial and commercial office, pay once a year health costs.


three, the cost of each cup of

in front of the shop to go look at the local wholesalers around in the food market, a family asked. You have to figure out what to do, what raw materials, these materials amount of money! How many grams per cup, how much cost, how much the price……

four, learn how to make tea

Although the

cooking pearls: every day at least one morning boiled, boiled one afternoon. After the use of electric cooker large boiling water 100 degrees, Pearl (taste brand pearl tastes good and cheap) for 15 minutes, then cover and simmer for 20-30 minutes, then remove and put in cold water / cold water clean the strainer, packed in a large pot, put a bubble in hot sugar water, every hour with a spoon, spare.

A cup of

Steam how to join the package

would like to join the steam package this brand project, he has what kind of join the support, the specific process is what? The following specific introduction.

steam package support:

opening guarantee: we want to make their own successful opening, then we have to choose the professional strength of the brand. Such a brand, from all aspects to provide support.

site security: in the site, we always have to consider a lot of things. With a wide range of preparation, we can be more specific site. It will be the headquarters of the project will be assigned to the professional and experienced regional responsible team to help you choose an ideal store.

decoration protection: store room decoration for everyone, but also can not be ignored. Professional decoration, can make the facade look more professional, more high-end.

equipment support: operating snack products, it is necessary to enter the professional equipment. With the equipment, we can produce products in order to better.

training security: when joining the brand, we have to strive to get the brand to provide all kinds of training. With these training, everyone in the operation of the brand will be a lot of success. It will provide operational training, including product technology, management, financial management and other training, so that we are familiar with the operation and operation of the store as soon as possible.

steam bag joining process:

1, access China headquarters and steam package office and workshop, also can by telephone, mobile phone SMS, Email or online consult way intention to consult, be sure to carefully browse steamed steamed and Giorgio package manual.

2, joined the business to determine the intention to invest in entrepreneurship, entered the intention to negotiate stage.

3, after detailed negotiations, to join the "steamed package signed a letter of intent" to join the headquarters, with assistance from the headquarters of the steamed steamed buns, into the store location stage, including environmental assessment, evaluation, assessment of three District stores.

4, after the site is completed and then signed a "purchase contract", steamed bag to join the people to pay a certain amount of deposit, and apply for a business license, steam package headquarters is provided in line with the size of the store equipment planning.

5, after entering the stage of the store decoration, in accordance with the steam package to join the unified decoration style, the overall image of the shop decoration decoration.

Chengdu city women’s Federation of women entrepreneurship Shu embroidery workshops

Open the

management activities led to a large number of people to participate in innovation and entrepreneurship, but there are a lot of female compatriots suffer no difficult business proficiency in a particular line. For the Chengdu Municipal Women’s Federation organized Shu special training, to teach women entrepreneurial skills.

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