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Shanghai love to teach you how to improve the site conversion rate

The central The article is reproduced in


site to attract users to the eye

above we have said, in the upper part of the site is very important. The upper part of the success, the site as a whole on the success of the 60%. The love of Shanghai in the middle is divided into two parts, the rotation map, right quick registration. When many websites on Web map, always put some of no great importance. We look at each love Shanghai pictures are very attractive themes. Rotation of your company web site map display pictures in the end is not correct if you think about now? Quick registration right, I think the main reason is considered to reduce the user’s actions, because most users are right-handed. You must not look down upon the details, you are not always see some sites of these in turn feel torque


love is placed at the bottom of the Shanghai lift the user common concerns. As above, the first part introduces the love Shanghai bidding advantage, second part details love Shanghai auction. The purpose of this is to remove doubts about the user, allowing users to go to Shanghai to promote sex imperceptibly.

> > network marketing about Shanghai dragon 贵族宝贝shuoshuo Shanghai dragon贵族宝贝/thread-398-1-1.html

users to your site are generally the first to see your website on the part of. We see love Shanghai for promotion of the website is the head so that the needs of users to find you, this love that Shanghai bidding purpose is accurate. Secondly, the boss is also very much hope that there is a demand for people to contact them, it really captures the heart of the boss.

site at the bottom of the lifting of the user’s doubts about


site is a necessary part of the conversion of website marketing, when you have no good thinking, wish to learn about love in Shanghai or large sites to the reference, may have unexpected harvest.

site has been a matter of website marketing personnel the most headache. Many websites operators found their sites in Shanghai love home, but their order is not improved much. How to do can make your website conversion rate? In fact, love Shanghai auction site has pointed out the direction for our good.

head to seize the user psychology

Several reasons about the web site back files and Solutions


from the Royal Square mud mask, starting from the A5 website, please keep the link source: 贵族宝贝3489贵族宝贝.cn/

solution: if the reason is because the website snapshot file return website has recently been changed, so the webmaster to do is to keep the site "stable", Shanghai has not recovered before love update, webmaster best not to move it, if your website weight is high enough to believe. The site will be able to return to normal more time in the next week


!The original

2) site space, the reason may be back snapshot file access speed is too slow due to

K station! punishment!

solution: in order to make the site as soon as possible to restore the snapshot update, our webmaster best to buy high quality space to replace problem space for a long time, otherwise it is not website snapshot files back, but the problem of

3) website recently by the webmaster changes, so it is love in Shanghai "observation period"

if a website can not be opened in 10 seconds if we can endure, may be more than thirty or forty seconds can’t open it, general visitors cannot endure, and the search engine spiders is the same, when the search engine grab repeatedly encounters difficulties when will automatically return, then the search engine will keep the snapshot time does not change the original, waiting for access to the next normal index to re adjust the time snapshot page.

due to some Adsense may of Shanghai Longfeng optimization is not so understand, in general do website after more or less will be to modify the title, always feel that may modify the effect next time will be better, but such frequent modify title has touched a snapshot of the search engine update rule and rule weight, so to make your site short time to update or return the file


solution: website webmaster want to update it back to normal. The only way is to improve the quality of the content of the website, like ordinary webmaster might as well be the time to write some original content, or it is not write also never mind, but in the acquisition or reproduced other web content on the best try not to modify, and the original content as like as two peas on the line

1) repeatability of website content is too high to be identified as low quality junk love Shanghai


recently love Shanghai is more and more attention to the original content, if the content of your website on the acquisition or reproduced, plus the weight is not high enough, then the site will be very easy to be loved in Shanghai as a garbage station, and once fell in love with the sea when the website is found garbage station, then the site snapshot the return file is not surprising!

The site in the three elements of Shanghai dragon can not be ignored in several major role

no matter in the webmaster forum, Shanghai Dragon technology itself is discussed how warm, regardless of your level of Shanghai Dragon technology more cattle, you dare to say you can put aside the website space to talk about Shanghai dragon? Good Shanghai Dragon technology, but also in the web space on disaster caused by paralysis. Web space is the cornerstone of a good stability of the space can be worth you to do a lot of Shanghai Dragon technology itself, this is a war needs a good gun, need to test a good pen, you go to battle. For the old site, perhaps space temporary problems will not bring much of the disaster site, but the space problem, will cause obstacles to search engine spiders crawl, the search engine friendly website, its consequences as can be imagined. A new web site if the space is often a problem, not to mention that the consequences, will drop right, or K station, so the stability of the space is the first to consider before we do the webmaster friends Shanghai dragon. At present, the domestic selling space IDC innumerable, how to find a good host space is to spend a lot of effort, but as long as Huiyanshizhu, still can find better stability of the host, the host of this piece I was bought on A5, my site zuiweige贵族宝贝 is to use A5 space, after all A5 is a big brand, unlike those small IDC that fall down, although the price is not the cheapest in the industry, but the stability and speed is very secure, selected host space, the website of Shanghai dragon is half success.

website of Shanghai Longfeng effect

, a website space is fundamental, play a decisive role on the

as a web related industry practitioners, must know the three elements of space, domain name and website program. There is no doubt that a website can run normally, these three elements are indispensable. Today I want to talk about the relationship between the three elements and the Shanghai dragon, and even affect the ultimate effect of Shanghai Longfeng, following with the author to find out, to further study the three elements to which huge to the Shanghai dragon.

website Shanghai dragon is a full range of technical and physical activity, of course, I can not deny that the content of the website and the great role of the chain, these things every day will be talking about the A5, toss about, there are too many such content, but about the domain influence of Shanghai Dragon and phoenix also said not enough, then I will talk about my own opinion. For the nobility do baby English Shanghai dragon, domain name contains keywords is the best, for example, do you want the word Shanghai dragon, that the domain name contains the word Shanghai dragon website will give you extra points, under the same condition, the domain name contains keywords website ranking will be better in the noble baby English, of course not as I have observed at least 80% case. Relatively speaking, love Shanghai Shanghai dragon, you have to consider is how to make keyword pinyin form appeared in the domain of "love".

two, easy to remember and meaningful domain name is Shanghai dragon sword

ADMIN5’s message to me is that there is gain in communication

yesterday I met an old friend, since the school has not met for many years, everyone started their work after graduation, fought in his career, a failure, a successful, have experienced many. A friend is doing business, now do business. He said it is full of sound and colour, is attributed to his friends and a communication. A friend told me that he now exchange circle of friends is mostly some successful enterprise type, communicating with friends often can bring inspiration and experience to him, also accumulated a lot of connections, in the work of more and more like a duck. He, with some even better than their own people, they will become more and more outstanding.

and friends in the chat, I think of their own site on the road is the same. Only by talking more and looking at other people’s experience can we avoid detours and do more things with less time. When I used to be a station, I used to think things over myself, and when I think of myself, I often couldn’t jump out of my own mind. In fact, some very simple questions, often spend a long time to figure out, then realized that behind closed doors is not a good way, begin to pay attention to some of the industry’s website, at that time, I began to know the webmaster nets, and draw lessons from.

Adsense network is a special for the webmaster to provide industry information website, every day there is a lot of information update, I believe everyone knows more about A5 than me. Every landing site, you can see that day fresh, accurate, valuable industry information, I need the webmaster news, no longer on their own in the massive Internet search. Just browsing the webmaster network, I can get the news I need, and the stories behind the news, and so on. Can see other webmasters to write beautiful soft, see many webmaster do stand experience, meet and do stand in the process, I feel is not alone, there are many webmaster and I fought together. Do station process is not easy, and many webmaster, I also have confused, for web traffic worry, for PR value worry, but sunshine always in the wind and rain, flow will have, PR value will improve. In stationmaster net, I find companion, still have elder generation, in mutual communication, my website is better and better, I also more and more happy.

personal webmaster do is often a person, time and energy are limited, as long as there is more communication to the webmaster, experience and technical exchanges, detours will naturally do stand in the process, the Three Stooges won a Zhu Geliang, to believe that people power is huge. In stationmaster net Trading Forum, the webmaster can freely exchange their experience, technical problems encountered do not understand, can also consult the predecessors, look at the experience of others, learn more exchanges. Often and experienced webmaster communication, their experience will naturally more and more, the website naturally also do better.

finally, I wish all webmaster friends can flow more and earn more

How to make a good QQ space code station

said QQ space station has become more and more difficult, as the QQ space station into garbage station, and do the dumpster too many people, especially the QQ space station, according to statistics, the disaster caused by flooding water, domestic QQ space station nearly 100 thousand users, and then some, not what the average distribution of down traffic, especially now the founder of a QQ space station technical threshold is too low, a lot of download stations offer QQ code class space station source, a station will point technology can be a good QQ space station, site maintenance cost is greatly reduced, resulting in the QQ space station is still emerge in an endless stream, as can be imagined now the development of QQ space code number, QQ space show Me I do, as the "Tencent QQzone space station", the station for three months, traffic has exceeded 10 thousand, including loyalty Real members of the turnover rate accounted for 1/3 of the daily traffic, Baidu traffic is probably about 40%, and now on the QQ space show Me operations development, write down personal experience:

, how do QQ space station? First of all, can’t put QQ space station location for garbage station, if you begin to think that the QQ space station is rubbish station if you don’t waste time, because you won’t be a good QQ station. Next is the original content, this is really too important. Now the QQ space station as a building owners lack of bamboo shoots after a spring rain, will soon feel the resources, although there are so many QQ space station, but to remove the collection station, the rest is not too much, so QQ space station must have these kind of software to PS and FLASH to keep the original article. Otherwise, unless you have money, ask someone to help you.

two, feature station, QQ space station,

For example,

my QQ space show Me focuses on "QQ space flash module, QQ FD module," QQ space "expression", "a larger space module QQ" and "QQ space music player, QQ space message code" content. Apart from the flow of the search engine, the faithful members of the daily flow back, QQ space and QQ space player flash module can also bring a lot of traffic, because the flash player and the flash module can be added on the link, in this way the flow is very considerable


three, positioning users. QQ space station faces the main object for the 15-25 years old, 80, 90, the webmaster need to take more time to understand what they are interested in. It is best to build one or two groups, set up a QQ space family, in that case, can absorb more interested friends, for your promotion website.

four, promotion problem. The biggest problem, and it’s the hardest one right now. BBS promotion way more and more difficult, and to the QQ official BBS, or other popular high peer BBS promotion, don’t want to, basically is a go out, will be deleted immediately. According to I have tried better promotion at present

From the details of the website access speed, but also a new way


claimed that the China Telecom, with the city network project started, Chinese bandwidth quality have or will have a qualitative leap. However, the reality does not seem to have changed significantly, but recently released statistics show that China’s average bandwidth downlink rate of 245KB/S, behind the neighboring countries, South Korea, Japan and other nearly 9 times. I do not know whether this network speeds up China’s Internet, or rely on the Internet and other software industry development, but the impact of the website construction industry is beyond doubt. At the very least, we can’t use animation, video or special effects as much as we want in our website design. Even some of the larger volume pictures, loading problems will occur, and may not have the picture size under 300KB control. So, although the prospects for the better, but now the quality of bandwidth is definitely not optimistic. As the tempo continues to increase and the mood becomes more and more impetuous, a site may be loaded more than a few seconds, and perhaps no one will be willing to wait. How can we speed up the website under the existing objective conditions? The author gives the following three suggestions:

one, reasonable design, continuously streamline code

aside from the user experience and whether the page design is beautiful or not, it’s only ideal to discuss how to improve the speed of web access. In the early stages of page layout design, we should take full account of the quality of China’s actual bandwidth, Beijing, Shanghai and other cities, the Internet infrastructure is good, the quality of the bandwidth is relatively ideal. But Web browsers may spread across all provinces, cities, and even wider areas of the country. Large pictures, large animation applications can really enhance visual impact, give users shock, but need to sacrifice bandwidth and load time. So, in order to improve the website access speed for the purpose of the website art design, its principle is based on the basic requirements to meet user visual senses, as little as possible with pictures, use less FLASH, less consumption of resources such as audio and video effects.

web art design some effects, such as animation, such as JS effects, etc., need to be displayed through the program. Therefore, the programming is reasonable, but also directly related to the rapid and stable operation of the site. As with web design, programs should follow simple principles such as a web page where more than three JS or MARQUEE scrolling effects occur, and site loading speed is significantly slowed down. Apart from the brevity of the code, program specifications are important. But now most dynamic website, can interact, data are read write from the database, conditional statements, loops are frequently used, as long as a little carelessness will lead to fatal mishap program. Those who are engaged in the development of a program should develop a code of good taste, inheritance, and adherence to the rules of coding.

two, clear demand for appropriate use of host

if your web browser is primarily domestic, and you put the server on the other side of the ocean, United States of America, the web site will be somewhat delayed. So, according to browse users >

Anti user experience Zulily focus mom flash purchase, the market value of over $9 billion

user experience


Zulily, an American flash shopping site for moms.

Unlike most flash buying models, Zulily looks very

. First of all, its delivery time is very long, usually consumers from orders to receive goods, at least 15 days to wait. In the premise of logistics so slow, Zulily will charge $5.95 per delivery fee. Not only that, Zulily is not allowed to exchange goods, nor does it allow users to comment.

shows that Zulily is a very "anti user experience" company. Zulily, however, is developing very rapidly. January 2010, Zulily formally launched, in 2013, Zulily sales reached $696 million, in 2014, Zulily expects revenue is expected to reach $1 billion 200 million maximum.

November 20, 2013, Zulily listed on nasdaq. The company’s highest market value, once exceeded 9 billion U.S. dollars, and domestic flash purchase site quite.

so, why did Zulily get the favor of the market,


deep plowing "mother market" docking small brands

women have been the main force of consumption, and Zulily’s business model has been around young mothers. According to statistics, in the United States, women hold 73% of the family’s consumer spending. Not only that, in the field of online shopping, female users accounted for 40.8%, but their consumption accounted for as much as 61.1%.

on the other hand, young mothers are a huge group. The United States Census Bureau data show that the United States has 18 children under the age of 38 million families, these families cover a total population of up to 121 million people. Mom, the market is huge.

although the same as the mother and baby electricity supplier, focusing on the mother group, but Zulily’s flagship category is children’s clothing, children’s clothing accounted for about half of SKU Zulily. Around the core category of children’s clothing and young mom this user group, Zulily will gradually expand the category to women’s clothing, toys, baby carriages, kitchen, household goods and other industries. In 2013, Zulily’s non – children’s SKU increased to 57%.

at the other end of the industry chain, Zulily is connected to thousands of small and medium brands, but children’s and women’s clothing industry brand concentration is very low. In GAP, for example, GAP sales in the United States were $3 billion 800 million in 2013. But we figure it’s only $about 1000000000.

small and medium-sized brands are subject to the scale, and their sales channels are often limited, they have very strong demand for emerging channels. On the Zulily platform, large chain brands are just a supplement, Zuli>

Micro-blog promotion of grassroots characters

many grassroots people have entrepreneurial dreams, and not the young people are not complacent, but now young people have more expectations, to create their own dream through the network. The inspiration for this article came from today’s micro-blog, the "Xiaomei to Tibet," review of my micro-blog review.


"suddenly come to Tibet", this is Chen Kun published a book, also received a high attention, and the characters in this book, may have also now been Internet business, and with the help of the promotion, the relevant flow injection.

with the star effect, right,


maybe a lot of people see children with Xiaomei Chen Kun fame, to promote his own brand of some disdain, but the grassroots through this way to promote their own brand is not what can not, this is a way to introduce yourself, after all, we belong to the grassroots, if running a site, not what the effective way to promote. The support we also will be reduced.

from this matter can be analyzed to webmaster promotion flow in two ways.

looking for accurate crowd

through the micro-blog search to the precise crowd, micro-blog through the larger part of the real account are star fans, the fans respond to these accounts, certainly will give your website to bring traffic, this is a very accurate flow of ownership, the crowd here, can cause your attention also. You need to pay.

comes with


forwarding does not allow us to buy, but let everyone carry articles in reply, reply the crowd will give these people want books, this is the precise flow through the crowd directed to guide the way, at the same time the brand you will search the one and only in the network.

micro-blog is a precise crowd, and through micro-blog to express their ideas where, through micro-blog, we can find your traffic, you can do a lot.

original article reprinted, please specify Yang Zheqiang blog

The accumulation of wealth workers how to save money

people with no foresight, to work for a lifetime, as his own boss entrepreneurial wealth. How do we work in the daily life of the work, the accumulation of funds for their own business plan? The following small to 10 workers how to save money accumulated wealth of money for you? Little secret!

1. and check all receipts, make sure there is no extra charge;

2. to clear up your money daily, weekly and monthly flows where, is the detailed budget and expenditure;

3. from the salary setting aside part of the monies, 5%, 10%, 25% can anyway, must be kept;

4. bank card to retain only one, to prove their identity is enough;

5. to read more about the repair, invest to get rich "practical manual", the best from the library, or downloaded from the Internet,

6. and save money; ride public transport to work the tool, save parking fees, gasoline fee, insurance premium and parking time;

7. take food to work, every year can save 2000 yuan, use it to store for pension fund;

8. to buy something. Don’t forget to think about "spend the money is worth, cheap is not necessarily your worth, will not guarantee the quality;

9. to simplify your life, the house not too big, buy second-hand goods, cheap shops, auction and shopping;

10. definitely can Kanjia, you do not move, the store will not take the initiative to cut prices to sell you something.

How to make a profit

with the development of wine market, in our life, we can say the wine everywhere, the market is also very promising, wine choice agent is a lot of entrepreneurs dream, so many investors want to know the operation method, the accumulation of a lot of tourist tips, the following Xiaobian said some



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