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360 search love Shanghai zoom trick you know the risk


market share

WeChat search users can use WeChat search to search the public number inside published, also can search public number (including subscription number and service number). Have to say, this is a major feature of sogou.

search engine

at present, the domestic search engine market on the three day of the world has been formed, love Shanghai, Sogou, 360 of the three search engines will occupy more than 97% of the search engine market share. Can be seen from the data, love Shanghai still occupy the position of leader of the "second", and 360 have marched before the hot pursuit of love in Shanghai.

Sogou also has its own killer

360 to search staff installed an 30%

data show that in June, Sogou search engine (formerly soso) market share reached 12.88%. As a rising trend, while Sogou "killer", is the introduction of WeChat search.

have to say, a good chess 360. The move will affect the flow into the other site navigation, will provide 360 of its own search engine market share to increase a power.

, Tencent QQ space log is below the relevant articles, this will also direct Sogou to flow, we can see that the Tencent and even use their platform, Sogou, Sogou assistant. In 2015, Sogou search engine market share is expected to exceed 15%

loves Shanghai and 360 why not launch WeChat search?? they’d like to push, but have no right to grab those data. Because the Tencent shares Sogou and soso’s business to Sogou, while WeChat is a Tencent’s "son", therefore, must not let outsiders tian. Tencent, no reason to support Sogou

!At present,

360 new 360 Wangmeng, also broke the previous three major league advertising alliance (love Shanghai alliance, noble baby alliance, Sogou alliance) pattern. 360 our characteristics for the webmaster friends can not only hang alliance code to get advertising revenue, and installed navigation lock to have daily income, while the 360 WebUnion also do special instructions, help others with computer, lifelong paychecks.

at present, the big three search engines love Shanghai, and is the 360 sogou. Because the baby has been unable to access the nobility, hung estimated distance is not too far away, maybe one day, the noble baby will completely launch ZG, according to the authoritative data center cnzz statistics, in June the search engine market share, love Shanghai has dropped to 57.35%, while 360 of the search engine market share has been as high as 26. 11%. Recently, 360 search and zoom trick, launched 360 Wangmeng, love Shanghai, are you aware of your search engine market share is gradually declining

?Three of the world

Eliminate the chicken ribs of your trip to Shanghai dragon may be more splendid

is wonderful! ? Shanghai dragon

technology to be solid, without the slightest ambiguity. There is an old saying China, called no diamond do not embrace porcelain live. Shanghai dragon industry too, we must grasp the essential industry knowledge to do before, such as at least master a programming language on the website structure building, or external anchor text for publication and so on, these are what you want to be a hard conditions, Shanghai dragon must possess none of these website optimization and how about

second, Shanghai Longfeng practitioners should be assertive, to appear in the process of optimizing the problem can make independent judgment. Shanghai dragon industry is very special, in this industry you more is dealing with the network, and spiders, love Shanghai blows, but now the network world false ones, filled with a lot of junk information, including some useless information, take a I recently encountered things, everyone thought nofollow the tag can control part of the weight, so that more weight concentrated in the link we need, and I have an article from a forum that the specific skills of several operations of nofollow, then put a few on your site about prostatitis chain to nofollow out, but the effect is what? In general, when he thought about, think this thing is not reliable, because on the other hand, if this is really useful, then we can be The home nofollow out of internal links, the weights are concentrated in the home, but this argument was obviously a bit absurd? In fact, think carefully, and in the home Links area, even if we use nofollow to save off a part of the weight, but the weight is still possible to friends of the chain, so in the Internet about the opinions of others Shanghai dragon, we also have their own independent thinking space, and not what others say is what, otherwise it will cause a great waste of energy and time.

also engaged in Shanghai Longfeng industry, practitioners should have strong self-control ability. Because there is no longer any use of good ideas do not perform, so when the contact of Shanghai dragon, you must be on your own.

contact for a long time, think of the recent work, feeling optimization is so few, but is based on the content in the construction of the main, auxiliary outside chain construction. But with the deepening of the work, I feel now can be said to be a qualified Shanghai Longfeng workers have their own understanding of the website optimization, but also far can not be called a qualified Shanghai Longfeng talent, because the website optimization work although easy to grasp the general context, but something inside but we need to explore their own experience, in my opinion, a Shanghai Longfeng sign of maturity is not just a technical control, but more than the requirements of technology. Do some outside, we can make your trip to Shanghai dragon

No.1 self sharpening

Impact on the upgrading of the Shanghai love

in Shanghai official announcement also special statement, a snapshot of the Shanghai show love just upgrade release time, and will not affect on the page ranking.


love Shanghai is produced on a snapshot show content timeliness, do not know if you will see the snapshot when searching the content habits, the author in search on some technical content or news content, will give priority to look at love Shanghai snapshot, so can understand the information release time. And from the preference information to view the latest snapshot. The author’s point of view can really love Shanghai snapshot influence experience for some people, but this love Shanghai snapshot of the upgrade, strengthen it is showing the effect of love Shanghai snapshot.


love the Shanghai.

third: if the snapshot is generated only after included, will not cause the change of the snapshot update so old pages, and some webmaster for the effectiveness of keeping the page and frequent change page will be affected to the webmaster to rank it.


then, for the website home page, the snapshot is how to calculate, many enterprise web site sources are concentrated in the home, and in the home have a clear navigation allows users to better understand the need of product information, but these are not the primary enterprise website regularly changes to how to love Shanghai snapshot of the home snapshot.

as early as a few months ago, someone will revoke the snapshot or upgrade in the discussion love Shanghai, and in March 6th in Shanghai Shanghai love love love Shanghai on Webmaster Platform issued on the upgrading of the snapshot in the official announcement, Shanghai that is analytic love in order to meet user needs and timeliness to make it easier to find the demand thus, the snapshot memory upgrade, so in love Shanghai snapshot after the upgrade, it really can affect the search engine user experience of

first love Shanghai snapshot is defined according to the website of the time, the time of release is posted on the website of the time or included in the page of time, if it is your website for some time, the station or railway station, Shanghai will not love the content of the day included whether this can be reflected, to a content validity, if a site not included before and at other sites were collected and included, so, what belongs to the published content which website.

seems to love Shanghai snapshot website user experience a strengthening of, at the same time can be a harbinger of love Shanghai has more and more content page on the website of the attention, for some news or technology platform, it is a good thing, but in view of the network optimization, the characteristics of some enterprise station, the new station, a small website, how to deal with it, and for the snapshot upgrade, there are some questions in the author:

From the migrant workers to the Chinese Talent Employment Network CEO entrepreneurial process

business boss, two and money related problems: one is that you understand the money; two is to make money in your current situation, how to find more money, let people use money to buy in advance for your future! This is the boss of the most basic problems.

everything is difficult at the beginning, not to mention entrepreneurship, not to mention, in the business of success, in his behind, must have experienced many setbacks and difficulties, then, Hu Cheng, how does he do poineering work?


he summed up the characteristics of all businessmen in one sentence: "entrepreneurship is not an easy job.".

he always believes that: the person’s life, the biggest competitor is himself. " the most difficult thing is to be self denial and self transcendence, whether " or

, give him a brief introduction. He was born in 1978 in Jiangsu, Suqian. For family reasons, when he was a child, he was also hungry and full of food, and occasionally improved his life, so he reluctantly gave up his chance to study. "I want to go out of my own way and find a place where I can earn money to change my life and my family."." He said. In the eyes of others, 14 year olds should also sit in the classroom study, the fullness of life, but he had embarked on a job. Since then, there has been a shortage of students in the campus, but there has been an underage migrant worker in the society.

, "it means that I don’t have the opportunity to study management systematically, and it’s hard to do it in the process of starting a business. It’s kind of like crossing a river by feeling like a stone."." This is before him regret, so to see some friends talking about those who spoke when he Sidongfeidong management terms at the time, has been the envy and admiration.


was 14 years old, he picked up dozens of dollars and a friend from his relatives and friends on a train to Wuxi, Jiangyin, and began his part-time journey. As he walked out of the gate of Jiangyin station, Hu Huacheng looked at the tall building with a sense of not knowing where to go. Because there is no extra money, the night is the pavilion in the park. His age was so small that he found it difficult to find a job. Just after he had gone through twists and turns and pockets, he met a noble man with only a few dollars left. Here let me think of the free online CEO Mr. Jiang Yufu’s famous saying: I am not your life elegant, then you must be my life elegant! In fact, everyone’s life doomed their noble, how are you going to see how to find and grasp? Hu Hua left in this gentleman received into his entertainment as a bathroom attendant, a monthly salary of 300 yuan. In others barely even look at work, but he’s pleased, finally won the boss’s trust and appreciation. Later, with Hu Huacheng’s own intelligence and efforts, two years later, he got second local bathroom technician. The suffering of life shaped his firm and inflexible character, strengthened his confidence in life. He did not give up the observation and thought of society.


Five steps of online operation promotion

operation and promotion in the entire operation link to play a very big role, but also a very big pressure occupation, around us only KPI, data. To do this link, we must have a strong ability to resist compression, communication skills, executive ability, data analysis ability. So, when you take over a project, think about the following ideas carefully.

the first step: do market research and analysis

a project cannot do without the market and the consumers, we need to do a full market investigation when doing the market assessment, including competitor analysis, competitive analysis, market share, pricing analysis, activity analysis, analysis of advertising channels, analysis of the market short season, analysis of target customer groups, traffic sources analysis of work.

in the wholesale liquor as an example, the author before the operation a do wholesale liquor project, many in this one person did not do enough market assessment in the early operation of the project, so when the operation of the project, can only rely on the telephone marketing and their connections to maintain the operation of the company, so I give the suggestion is to do online market assessment.

determine the current company’s position, is to do regional markets, or do the national market, according to the company planning at this stage, I give priority is to do the regional market. According to the regional market to choose the city population to carry out marketing and offline wholesalers negotiations, while studying in local rival agents, market share, after pricing and activities, go back and do the marketing direction adjustment. At the same time, through the Baidu index, Taobao business, and other channels to assess the market’s off-season and season.

second step: do marketing channel analysis

in addition to electricity providers, Internet marketing channels in other industries are generally divided into:

bidding channels (Baidu, Sogou, god horse, 360 do not), bidding channels is the fastest, the largest amount of orders, but also burn most of a platform. In pursuit of short-term transformation and benefits, the bidding channel is a better choice.

SEO channels (Baidu, Sogou, Shenma, 360), SEO channel current cycle is generally about 6 months, but it is also the lowest cost, but if the pursuit of large orders, this is just as a supplement.

new media channels (WeChat, WeChat, Sohu, the public, public platform, big UC, today’s headlines, headlines, QQ media, since the main purpose of the Penguin) media channels to do brand promotion and drainage channels.

advertising network alliance channel (Baidu Wangmeng, Tencent, channel network wide point) as long as the role is to do traffic and conversion, but also to do brand promotion.

mobile payment channels (today’s headlines, Tencent pass point) and so on. Mobile end payment channels mainly do transformation and brand promotion.


Chinese contemporary university education almost ruins the hope of the Internet.

, "Chinese contemporary college education almost destroys the hope of the Internet." link

I’m in college now, majoring in computer science. See the "Chinese contemporary university education almost destroyed the Internet that I feel it is wrong, now Chinese education is being demonized, the mention of college students to associate the mention of corruption, university education will say decades old to keep up with the trend.

about college students whether degenerate this problem is not discussed, Admin5 students There are plenty of people who do stand. Ancient people say that people are not romantic, juvenile, not to mention there are a few spare cash and time of College students.

, let’s get down to business.

in the article, the present college students are out of school before they are eliminated.

in this view, the author mentions that now the university computer department students will be C, jave. The author’s point is that all of these will be.

I feel a bit funny, you said that the university science students learn C almost, but those who have a grade two, and JAVE as far as I know it seems in addition to computers and other professional software engineering does not learn it, how can you call

who all understand?

again, even if the computer department out of the students will only C what? You think C is out of date, can not keep up with the times?!


, now you just ask the one who writes the software. He says C doesn’t matter, it’s really strange. To tell you, in fact, we are mainly learning C, but data structures, algorithms, ideas, these classes, all languages are only a skin, and the real use of algorithms, data structures. And it’s really important to learn C. Not only is C important, it’s also important to be considered as a collection of ancient antiques. Although you learn assembly used in the actual work is unlikely, but whether you engage in software design or the Internet are linked to get to the root of the problem and the hardware, so you learn the assembly you are not mechanical practical grammar, but see you this statement will have what effect on the hardware.

and the author mentioned that now the teacher does not understand the Internet, students learn for a few years, only to learn a html. Well, I tell you, there’s no formal university in the country that takes PHP as a required course, and.Net is just a teacher who advises you to see it, but it’s definitely not a required course.

University focuses on the fundamentals, not the fancy cutting-edge technologies. The data structure and algorithm of these things is equivalent to the internal strength, and the language is just some moves, you better not strength moves is useless, the so-called 42 pounds, the real mean you have thousands of pounds under the premise of the use of 42 strength can toggle jack. Style is only to help you better play your hands,


and what I want to say is… Now >

Open a maternal and child supplies store should pay attention to these possible problems

is now on the market baby products stores gradually increased, each store’s business is not the same, maternal stores entrepreneurial projects is really a big market in recent years is a good choice of business! Because, in recent years has been in a growth peak, very many families to the consumer so ah! And this makes the market demand greatly improved! We can have a good look below for the full range analysis of maternal stores venture

!Analysis of

propaganda concept: cold baby is very normal, but a cold to go to the hospital to spend several hundred dollars, or even thousands of yuan, if we had to give the baby to eat some food or health care products, baby cold and sick probability will be much less. We prefer to spend money on baby food, do not spend money in the hospital! Purchase channels: purchase channels is a key. Auxiliary food and health products can be purchased from the general agent in each place. Average profit: baby food is characterized by fast turnover, profit margins. Average profit of 15% milk powder, health care products in the average profit of around 15-35%.

problems may occur: first, the supply is not adequate (prior to find good suppliers, shop after all efforts should be put in operation, if even for the supply of worry, will affect the stability of the business) have two adverse reactions, some babies after eating. Some babies will appear diarrhea, two or three days after the return to normal, if this continues, it is necessary to ask her mother to go to the hospital for a check (


Internet entrepreneurs must avoid several mistakes

is a mobile Internet era, at the same time in such an era, was also an era of opportunities and challenges, so the mobile Internet has become a platform, the main business then, note what issues need through the Internet business?

books and newspapers in the past, brilliant story, there is too much text to theory about entrepreneurship and entrepreneurs in fact, entrepreneurship itself is a tragic history.

blindly copying foreign models ignore the conditions not down to earth

needs their own definition is not necessarily true demand

The real needs of

had founded Jiayuan network Gong Haiyan century senior entrepreneurs. 10 years ago, the reason Gong Haiyan founded Jiayuan is you can not find the object through the century, not only she found happiness, also let a thousand members Jiayuan lovers. 10 years later, when Gong Haiyan and the way of thinking to think under the direction of an entrepreneur, she thought of his own pain points in English – speaking no, again from their pain points to venture into the foreign language training market. But this from the solution to the "self demand" of the two venture failed.

is a wealth of experience who may be a "burden" of

entrepreneurs in the past successful experience represents a summary of a time, but will fall into the mindset and path dependence. The well-known angel investor Paul   " Graham recommended

Internet era to understand the legal knowledge of trademark infringement

in the Internet era, the rise in the number of various types of commercial icons soared. Now the number of Internet trademark disputes than the number of traditional trademark disputes increased significantly, a new generation of entrepreneurs must be aware of the professional knowledge in this field.

The investigation report:

trademark dispute caseShow

The taxi drops APP sued for trademark infringement by Sina App sued for trademark infringement case and the 2015

2014 concluded that this is. At the same time the "net", "Lu Jin", in trademark infringement cases, then highlight the name of well-known trademark under the banner of counterfeiting, near the famous chaos, reflects the seriousness of the trademark App market beachhead. In 2015 accepted the millet company v. Hua Zhong Gong Li, millet company e loan finance company loan millet trademark infringement case of two, but also reflects the era of Internet financial chaos trademark.

involved in such cases the defendant, not only including Baidu, Sogou, Taobao, Jingdong, Sina and other well-known companies, many emerging Internet companies such as small companies, and a network of orange, bought, Wo Wo Group, glutinous rice nets in which, some even sued several times. It is worth noting that some Internet companies began as a plaintiff, for other Internet Co launched a trademark infringement lawsuit, such as Tencent Inc adorable I love companies such as "fake heroes union" and "Denon eight" and a number of games against trademark infringement, foreign gaming giant will Ukraine company sued DOTA game trademark infringement, and recommended

How to manage children’s toy store

when we are small, always cannot do without the company of all kinds of toys, toys can be said is an important part of our childhood, children’s toy market in recent years the development of fast, brand management has become an inevitable trend, but also for small entrepreneurs to do the franchisee is more simple however, the knowledge and skills necessary to shop is must grasp, novice entrepreneurs need what? Children’s toys franchisee business tips to master what? We are for you one by one analysis method of children’s toys franchise business.

to open new stores in the children’s toy brand support, perhaps no worries, but still have to master certain knowledge of business operations, a children’s toy franchise success not only to provide high quality and inexpensive products, but also to provide quality services to consumers is the basis of open profits, especially older consumers, they can not only bring the subsequent consumption continues, the more important is that they can bring a good reputation for investors. Know the gold silver cup as reputation, good reputation, the number of old consumers are more and more, their grasp of the market is also growing, investors will become more and more prosperous business.

investors in the consumer products at the same time, children’s toy stores often carry out a number of promotions, so that consumers feel a heartfelt benefits and comfort. Children’s toys chain stores to make its own characteristics, and characteristics is not only reflected in the products, business model itself There is much fineness in it. Some professional parent-child exchanges, etc., to attract the attention of parents.

the last key is the operator must improve the quality of children’s toys to join the chain of service, pay close attention to the surrounding business environment and other investors also have an important impact on the formation of the characteristics of children’s toy stores. Store address is very important. The choice of the store according to the children’s toy store to determine the location of the operation, according to the crowd for investors to choose the most appropriate address, as much as possible to occupy a larger market.

as China’s two-child policy in full swing, but also to the relevant industry development is very fast, the toy industry is a significant industry, a successful children’s toys franchisees according to different parents recommend different products, this is the real secret project raised consumer concern, fully with its unique charm of industry attractive to consumers, has won the recognition of the market, to win reputation, investors do not understand what to see here? Immediately consult it.

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