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The search engine battle at the beginning of the user experience is the future winner

said that the competition in the competition, love Shanghai algorithm update is also unsatisfactory, the adjustment of the algorithm is not well considered, the fall is a long time to the webmaster, if Shanghai does not cherish the love of users, estimated future search engines to make half a world. We are here to remind you of the search engine, search engine battle is not important, the user experience is the priority among priorities. Good user experience, users naturally preference that home.

love Shanghai PPC is always in dispute, do not let everyone convinced. On-line medical false advertising, also has "the Tangshan v. Shanghai company PPC love everyone" has become a typical case of judicial hot. The 360 is to steal user information too, not all, war always can not stop, we look at the special layout of 360 and the love of the Shanghai news special layout, visible search engine competition. Figure:

The importance of the Chaos

Source: www.webyuweb贵族宝贝

China Internet market, the search engine is chaos, as a personal point of view, I do not want to love Shanghai alone big, the formation of the search market monopoly; if the monopoly will cause more serious commercial search engine. Call to break the monopoly, competition has become the government enterprises and the consensus in theory. The monopoly in the field of Internet is particularly prominent, at present, you know that love has a monopoly of the entire market in Shanghai. Other search engines almost ignored. This situation is mainly the domestic search engine.


search engine in today can be said is very important, search engines have become the most important users of Internet search service entrance, has become one of the most important Internet service. According to the forecast of third party data, in 2012 the search industry commercial scale will exceed 30 billion yuan, of which love Shanghai has nearly 80% market share. However, users are not satisfied with the status quo of search search service, lack of market competition, search firms lack the sense of social responsibility. Manual intervention search results that search results not fair; advertising mix in the search results, users do not have the ability to distinguish; the search engine has become the spread of pirated and fraudulent website places. The search engine battle has just begun, where there is interest, the so-called competition. But from a large number of Internet users.

When it comes to the

search engine, we know that love Shanghai, Google, YAHOO, soso, 360. At present, the market share of the domestic search is the highest love Shanghai, and the 360 search engines since launch, will quickly get 10% market share, rapidly becoming the second largest search engine. Since the love of Shanghai and the 360 search argument is more intense.

The chain chain the history of the most complete explanation

is the core of the article is on down the right, but not on the professional chain and write, so just say some sites don’t decline after doing what the chain, then write an article about the chain article today.

wrote this is definitely not finished, because I’m worried that there will be people in the message said, did not say where to send the chain well, how how,

if your domain name exposure rate is high, will allow the industry users to cognition of your name, you will be familiar with the domain name, but it is also a premise, with your domain name


we believe that foreign chain is not strange, but let 80% webmaster misunderstood the meaning of it, the chain is mainly divided into two types.


: the first is the summary of above belongs to love Shanghai said the natural link, but we can’t just rely on love Shanghai, Shanghai dragon, we should also learn from other


the construction of the chain is not always refers to the Black hat.

must be of high quality content, if you feel that your content is good, he is love, will have direct access to your site to find some of the same content, but some personal suggestions to the peer site, or you can go to some sectors of the population, for example: the product or website, what is your face a 30 year old woman went to the user, so that users have some platform to release your chain, but must be based on the.

episode: an essay written for the tourist message (Luoli I hope you can see

I think this article written in general, how to release

to explain why the article (the rebirth of a station exit and a station down ranked outside the chain:) write so simple, because


1: the chain is equal to the recommended

means of marketing, WeChat mobile, micro-blog, is the future trend, only the Shanghai dragon you will be eliminated.

tells a story, why Liu Bei chose Zhu Geliang, and then trust Zhu Geliang, is by the water mirror and Xu Shu’s recommendation, Liu Bei,

but also introduce what is good.

2: creating awareness

will then trust Zhu Geliang, which is equal to the Liu Bei and Xu Shu love Shanghai, the water mirror equals to your external links to love Shanghai recommend your website, but don’t forget, your site must have Zhu Geliang, will make some large sites to recommend you, alone to buy links, to tell the truth really is not long however, for some short-term money by website owners, this article did not have too big effect.

The chain of

A new study in Shanghai need to know some dragon

third, Shanghai Longfeng think more than you imagine a simple

second, your mind is good

need to know the following contents before the study of Shanghai Dragon:

Zac God said, want to long away from the Shanghai dragon. This means that what you do is search engine optimization, since it is in the search engine, search engine is not impossible to change. How to deal with this change will test your mind. Maybe you insist, then the ranking came up, but one morning when you open the computer to query keywords, you found that the site didn’t rank. This time is to see how your mind, is to continue to maintain it, or depressed? Anyway, Nantong Shanghai dragon that blog is now third and second home page.

of course, this simply refers to the Shanghai Longfeng simple foundation, really should learn to master the actual combat for a long time. Basically anything that entry is simple, difficult to master.

you learn Shanghai Longfeng for what? Money is certain, in order to increase product sales, or simply for the sake of hobbies? Of course, most people don’t like the old Ding like that every day a seven or eight hours devoted to the study of Shanghai Dragon (of course, certainly not now spend so much time). As a rookie, you must know what you are to do Shanghai Longfeng, if you do not know, so even if you put the rankings do go up, will not necessarily achieve the effect you want. For example, some people just to make up the ranking in the short term, so OK, what the black chain chain, although you use, as long as no >

you fourth, what is the purpose of

first, if you have the patience of

this is my contact Shanghai dragon basically every day can hear and see. Here is the so-called insist on tolerance. What is the same, if you have no patience, not to insist, you don’t want to make a place in the fierce competition.

strictly speaking, Suzhou Shanghai dragon old Ding is actually a novice, although contact Shanghai Longfeng have nearly 8 months time, but that is beginning to practice is the recent three months before the start. However, the three matchmaker Ding has not been working, did not run out of website construction business, alone at home reading and did a few blogs and websites. So, more profound love such as Shanghai may not understand these algorithms clearly. But for general website optimization and some novice often the need to pay attention to the content is more familiar. Well, nonsense not say, here to speak.

The new

let the Shanghai dragon become simple point, please don’t take it to see how amazing! You know, this is a kind of technology, and the Java program, this is very simple. Some people think that even lead to learning Shanghai dragon after a month, you can find a job in Shanghai dragon.

How do local customers let customers find you on the mapZhou Hongyi learn to invest as a whetstone

investors asked a lot of questions can not answer, indicating that you have some places certainly did not expect. You think you know it well, but you can’t say it very well. It means you don’t think it clearly. These experiences are an inspiration to you. You see 10 investors, 9 refused, you are the norm. But you can re – Polish your project through the challenge of these 9 investors, re – fix your product, and re – modify your business model. So, if you’re lucky enough to meet dozens of investors, you won great results even if they don’t vote. So I also often say, you can put investors as sharpening stone, sharpening your sword of entrepreneurship more sharp.

Internet giants are scrambling to use maps to provide location based services LBS. Apple claims that their application will be the new map is "the most beautiful, the history of the most awesome map service".

, in order to compete with shlf1314 maps, Apple will launch its own mobile map application in the fall. This means changes in the way customers search and find restaurants and bars can change dramatically, and businesses need to adjust accordingly.

Apple’s map application takes into account search results from Yelp and local users. The site announced in June that it would be directly embedded in Apple’s map applications. shlf1314 recently launched shlf1314 Map Maker to strengthen the association between shlf1314+ and shlf1314 maps. The software can add users’ content about local life to shlf1314 maps.

in addition, investors are also investing in investors. A nerve resistance entrepreneurs, like a TV program candidates, a little bit of a challenge, he fainted, there is no way to lead a good enterprise. Because you are in the real market, the crisis situation and pressure encountered than investors are much more torture. May not wages, the company may shut down tomorrow, there may be a giant to copy your products, you will face numerous challenges. If you can’t be strong and strong, how can you succeed in doing business? Why should investors give you money?

is the time to build up its status on all kinds of online maps and public comment websites. Make sure that the information you provide is up to date and test whether the traffic route is correct.

3. mining third party applications


these third party developers provide some of the features that shlf1314 and apple do not have. And it would be easier to work with them.

a lot of people will be frustrated, "I saw Sequoia investors today and went to IDG, but they were all told that my project wasn’t going to work.". I think this mentality is actually very negative. You should think of this as an important experience, not a result.

many people succeed, often say that they did not write plans, >

smart business should take the initiative to understand how users find their own on the map. Businesses can try to use social content, or offer location based discounts.

financing is a key step in entrepreneurship. Many young entrepreneurs and friends poured heroic utterance, like in a clean manner. But when faced with aggressive investors, but it has become boiled dumplings in the kettle – "mouth road" inverted can not help but inevitably experience a number of financing failure. Some people will be discouraged. I have experienced this entrepreneurial stage, so over a person’s identity to give you some advice: to have a normal state of mind, Bao Jianfeng from sharpening out, to the investor’s torture, into their own grindstone.


Apple plans to launch a "quick arrival" feature in its local search service. shlf1314 also introduced guidelines for each corner of the bike user". Apple and shlf1314 have force in place, Microsoft has no reason to suck. Microsoft announced an update on map products in July. Its MapPoint 2013 software will focus on LBS services and new ways of promotion.

how will small and medium businesses deal with mobile map changes? Here are our suggestions:

2. maps should have a place in your search strategy,

map has attracted a lot of new developers. One of the more interesting two apps, ForeverMap and OffMaps2 by OpenStreetMap global map, an open, similar to Wikipedia and provide offline search.

via Entrepreneur translation /anna

investors are very strict, why not because they have money, they feel special cattle, condescending. The reason is simple, every entrepreneur feels his project is very good, but in fact, investors cast a project, must through this way to force you out of the flaw. He wants to see a lot of problems with your project. If an investor smiles at you, come up and say, "Hello, kid, you are a talented person", but the more you say hello, the more you don’t want to vote. Really want to vote for you, will use a variety of sharp questions to ask you, because he wants to find ways to verify that the project in the end good? This person is not a qualified entrepreneur?. The person picking the goods will buy the goods, so I suggest that we should treat them with an ordinary mind.


1. uses geographical location to promote

Why most ideas are uselessHow did these startups get the first million users

Instagram was originally just a sign in application Burbn, it was found that the camera class applications blank, and gradually translated into a camera application, and do better than peers;

but now in the overseas market, mainly rely on the user’s reputation in communication. We are a product oriented company, rather than a marketing oriented company, we hope to do the best products, the most extreme, users will naturally spread it, this is our thinking now. < >

forum Android made some recommendations, suddenly had accumulated very much, the core of the user. Later we officially released to Android on Market, but also by domestic users to quickly rushed, rushed to the first of the Android Market multimedia ranking, then ranked last for a long time.


has had entrepreneurial experience, know that success and entrepreneurship ideas are not really related. Of course, good ideas are important too, but they are not the root of entrepreneurial success. The real success of entrepreneurship is largely due to hard work, risk-taking, and the introduction of a new product or solution that is truly valuable to the customer.

Starbucks offers quality coffee and a comfortable environment;

in the first million users, Camera 360 mentioned explosion effect early forum to promote the success of these may be difficult to copy, but it is still worth to learn. In addition, Gu Rui also share the Camera 360 project cycle in 15 to 20 days, keep the exposure in the user of your products, make your products continue to appear in the market. 15 to 20 days I can make what, what to do, is to reverse the management. Otherwise there will be project delay, overtime situation.

according to foreign media reports, perhaps because of the Facebook boom, is perhaps the wrong idea, Hollywood movies and the mainstream media conveyed over the years, many young people and hope entrepreneurs has been mistaken for a brainwave idea is the basis of success and wealth. People often say, "if I think of that idea, then it will be me who gets rich overnight."."


when entrepreneurs ask us about their "winning" ideas, we usually give them the following advice:

Camera 360 Gu Rui: our product is released in 2010 of May, the beta version of Android. The first to do is charge version, at that time the domestic Market market is very small, there are many forums behind. We released at the summit, including in the Android forum, made a concept of "leaked". The user will feel leaked out, is to break out, in fact, have such a psychological Chinese.

shlf1314 Play now, every day can probably bring us to the amount of about 40 thousand, also benefited from our ranking in the initial stage. That time is luck, not too many competitors.

shlf1314 was originally just a fairly good search engine, with only a few so-called "free" products on its platform, but now it has become a huge source of profit for shlf1314.

in addition, as the third party advertising platform Dorman Xie Weiyang mentioned, start-up companies can get some seed users through advertising platform, and use the platform for data validation and improvement of products, products in mature, large-scale promotion again. In addition, he also shared the promotion of iOS, the first red list to maintain the list used to practice.

McDonald’s grew strong by making cheap, tasty burgers;

Dalby peers produce cheaper, better computers, and faster.

is more important than ideas to find a reliable business model that can create value for customers, especially those related to existing solutions. If the business model can stand the test of the market during the incubation period, it will be very powerful. Few companies have made big money on their initial entrepreneurial ideas – – Facebook, Apple Corp, Microsoft – these star companies have changed business models many times before deciding on their main business models.

how to get the first one million users

don’t be afraid to share your ideas and ideas with others. Ideas are of no value. The key depends on execution. Experienced entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs and investors will give you lots of valuable advice. If your idea is interesting, some people will steal it. Then what you have to do is >

can be said to be a "timeless" topic, start promotion, especially difficult. Organized by the science and technology point in recent internet theme day activities, Camera 360 CMO, COO where good photos Gu Rui Valley, Sichuan Mobile Games developers around CEO Liao Jianwei, and the third party advertising platform Dorman responsible person together to discuss the promotion of topic, share their experience in the promotion process with friends.

and CEO, investors, entrepreneurs, together with innovative business, we found that many of the original ideas, ideas are untenable. A lot of passionate entrepreneurs think too much of their original ideas and think that a unique idea is the key to creating wealth. They even on this idea very confidential to ensure they can seize market opportunities, but in most cases, these ideas are not what value.

, for example:

In fact,

ItBuLu how do you make money bloggingA bit of an idea about the mall, the deal, the blog

third, advertising alliance. Advertising alliance are binding and flow, the flow of your high advertising alliance will make money, general blog, traffic is relatively little, I like this blog one day is tens of IP visit, but I don’t care, I did not bother to write or some useless, hook the drainage of the topic of the article. Advertising alliance, I suggest, when blog traffic reaches a certain level

second, sell links. The model became popular in early 07, when it began to link up with the site’s PR, which began when PR4 was able to sell 50RMB a link for a month. I just looked for a businessman in the A5 Trading Forum, PR4 can only buy 10-15RMB, and at the same time, the requirement is still high, how much is required to be included, the snapshot is up to date and so on. Of course, I do not recommend you use this method, this way to make money, can only say that in the consumption of their blog life. Soon your blog PR will be cleared. Several of my friends’ blogs have been reduced or even cleared by PR. If you’re really short of money or sold out of blogging, you can sell blog links to earn some help.

      3 Xidan model: entity mall online management. This model has its own brand, in daily life has been recognized by the vast numbers of consumers, but the implementation of e-commerce in traditional industries, but there are many disadvantages, especially inadequate attention to ideology. Gome’s online shopping mall, however, has proved the effectiveness of the model in 03 years. However, because of the effective reduction of operating costs, it is impossible to implement the next price on the internet.

wrote a blog about how to make money today.

just looked at it. My blog also has a classification about making money on the website. The contents are relatively small, although I am in the network, the site is not what made a lot of money, but the money is still there, whether it is the website construction or site optimization, or even related to your blog. Next, I’ll write more about blogging, making money and making money online. I’ll share it with you. Master jump, and here is only a relatively small money.

we directly into the body, we can make money blogging on the web search can see the same article search, in fact I means nothing more than the way. I said here is different from other blogs, Wangzhuan, registered account, and then start to click every day, make a bit of money that I used to be in a higher, but also a friend told me that it is a waste of life. There are several ways blogging can make money. These are the ways I’ve tried it myself.

first, topic advertising. That’s the way it is, 07-08 years, and now FEEDSKY seems to be paying very slowly. My friend said it was a long time ago to pay for an article, but in the end I paid for it. A blog friend can go to feedsky to register to see, and now generally can pass the certification of the blog, each article should be 40RMB, a topic article, you just follow his request written after submission. This topic of advertising is good, there are a few, do not know that the alliance activities are being held "no, friends who are interested to see, I don’t see a search. Now, I’m not interested in writing this, because I hope this blog is my original article. I don’t want to put in some other advertising articles.

1, the online mall online shopping mall and online store is different, the specific things about Wang Tong, I will not waste words. According to CNNIC data, factors of online shopping the most reassuring, the quality of goods accounted for 64.1%, 34% in front of me honest sellers; write "four" online shopping ask which referred to "the general large-scale online shopping mall such as excellence, Dangdang, 800buy can provide quality guarantee, online shop business the seller also has a certain reputation guarantee, but a large number of scattered individual sellers on uneven". This confirms the advantages of online shopping mall.

      1 excellence model: early online mall should be excellent mode dominated, typical representatives: excellence, Dangdang, Ctrip, 800buy etc.. This kind of mall is no entity mall, professional online shopping mall enterprises, their own brand building and credit accumulation, spent some energy and resources. For large funds into and to establish the integrity and high quality brands need time to accumulate, but also not to be successful, consumers are not willing to buy most of the current in the initial risk, or in the development of small online mall is this model that can have more income should be the taste category mall.

online mall building, Liu Jia think there are three modes:

      2 Taobao model: Taobao itself was developed by C2C, can not be denied that Taobao even played a role in promoting the Alibaba of China online shopping environment development; when B2B, B2C, C2C line is more and more obvious, Taobao to get involved in the online store, Taobao Online shopping mall to solve the quality certification guaranteed authentic, to solve the problem of credit Alipay you dare I dare to pay, but for the operators of online shopping mall here display platform is too small. Every online store has only a limited amount of resources.

Teach you how to do a good job website customer experience

website optimization is what? Refers to when we do the website, the website page and structure optimization is more consistent with the search engine, more in line with the user experience (User Experience, referred to as UX or UE). The core of the website is not just SEO, but our ultimate goal is still the user experience, so how do we go to a web site user experience do well? I summed up the following five points:

one, server speed. We all know that a site access speed, determines the user experience first open your site, if your site is more than 10 seconds, generally impatient users will direct ctrl+w or alt+F4 off the web page, so the website of the premise, first have a faster server.

two, the layout of the site. The user first open your site, the first feeling is the layout, a web page appearance, column layout, it is the user experience, so we do when the site, the layout design of the user experience, what kind of theme is what color collocation, as far as possible on the user navigation easy to see, easy to find the place, so that users can make a step to see you stand content.

three, the content of the website. We all know that the ultimate goal of the user is to get the resources he needs on your site, so we’ll try to make the details of the content on the content of the site. For example: painless in recent years the price of more concern, so I will be in their own Shanghai Wanzhong Hospital website, content to flow out to grab the focus, so that the user in the search for resources, is very convenient, so second times to visit the site.

four, page details. Some details of our web site can not be ignored, for example, the use of "_blank" not too many pages, a new window pops up too much, will take a lot of computer resources, influence the users’ browsing speed. Expired information, this is what users don’t want to see, the dead connection of the page, which is what we feel when we visit other websites.

five, website ads. Now website advertising is more and more, what pop game advertising, selling advertising, advertising products, plug-ins and so on, when we optimize their site, try to set the user point of advertising, can accept user place, don’t think about how to make much advertising on the user, we consider is that how to visit the guest to stay, this website can develop in a long term.

Wang Fengying, the only woman in the automobile industry in China, CEO

a successful woman, there will be precipitation, accumulation of people. Wang Fengying never thought he entered the automotive industry, and is a 20 year old, has become the country’s only car industry, a female CEO. She believes that the most important reason is that she and the Great Wall very "temper", she smiled and asked: "is the the Great Wall affected me, or I also affected the the Great Wall?"

Some inventory management methods for brand bed products

choose brand bed products should pay attention to master the correct management method, how to choose a good method? How to manage the franchise? Must master the management of the brand bed products join the door, otherwise the brand bed goods stores certainly difficult to succeed. As the brand bedding store managers, understand the management information of brand bedding stores is a must, learning brand bedding stores operating mode is necessary, this brand bedding stores can develop.

for sales statistics, the textile shop consumer habits and make analysis, understand the most frequented guests of different styles, sizes, color preferences, purchase do

brand bedding stores is the choice of many people, to do business on the method of the selection techniques. Only do a good job of management, profitability in order to be more efficient, and found that the management of the brand bed products store fun, looking for the management of the brand bed shop franchise shortcut".

Why is it so difficult for college students to start a business loan

a lot of college students want to start their own business, but there is no money, so think of the loan, the national policy for college students to start a business support, but why is it so difficult for college students to start business loans. "The project is well written and a good plan. Just graduated from Beijing Wuzi University, Zhang Wenlong, business plan to win a lot of professionals who certainly, but he took this business plan ready to start the business, but can not melt into the start-up funds. Not long ago, he passed the Beijing municipal labor and Social Security Bureau, there are special small loans for entrepreneurial projects, and for the self-employed loan amount has been increased to 80 thousand yuan, so he began to actively running in the industry and commerce, taxation, banking, streets and other government departments between. 3 months later, Zhang Wenlong still didn’t get the loan. The time spent on the road formalities, the lack of a one-stop service, a department of a department I can only run, due to the lack of experience, is often a department to go several times, I really want to get guidance. Zhang Wenlong exclamation. Reporters found in the interview, although there are strong national and social policy support, but college students are still difficult to start financing.

Survey China youth daily social investigation center and jointly carried out by

, for major difficulties in college students’ independent entrepreneurship, 79.1% of Internet users believe that the "lack of funds, financing difficulties, 61.2% of Internet users believe that the lack of management experience, 52% of people said that" the market is difficult to promote. "There are 24.9% of people think that" cooperation and coordination "team problems.

Vc firm before the investment project is focused on the project feasibility and the project team’s maturity, so do not know much about the operating rules of the market for college students, Vc firm financing is not reality, the success rate is very low. Up to now, the probability of success through Vc firm financing is extremely low. An analyst said on condition of anonymity Vc firm.