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Webmaster the site is k how to quickly fix

website content high repetition rate of the phenomenon, the cause of this phenomenon generally has two kinds: one, the content is almost a collection to copy. Two, less content and multi section >

site is

1, using site, link instruction query

has a lot of domain names are being k after not if we continue to use the "lucky" bought the domain name, then it is very likely to continue the history of the K, so it should be before buying the domain name query whether there is k history.


site view and link view included the chain, and finally found the website page is 0, but the external links very much, you can be sure that the site was K. (in www.***贵族宝贝 or ***贵族宝贝, the search box don’t lose in front of the three W domain name, unless your home is www.***贵族宝贝 if there is no home, that is K, if there is a home page, that is right down!)

3, check whether the domain name has been K history

accumulation has been banned from the search engines, also known as grey hat tactics, with the love Shanghai algorithm is constantly updated, the accumulation of keywords phenomenon has burned a lot, but we do not have a lot of people take chances to accumulate keywords, if you have this idea, it can not afford to stop time.

3, the content of high repetition rate

2, direct search domain

The The The

site is k

Shanghai dragon very hard, optimize their hard a website, it is rather baffling by K. When you do not confirm whether the site is really K is how to check the site by K? Taiyuan Shanghai dragon learning network taught you how to learn how to check the site was K.

If the

input domain: domain name in Shanghai love search bar (such as domain:xbsma贵族宝贝), if there is no record, using site:xbsma贵族宝贝 record that the domain name is K.

4, use domain command to view

anchor text can enhance the weight of keywords, but if the anchor text as optimization techniques on accumulation of Shanghai dragon completely mistaken. Especially in the new period will lead to accumulation of the anchor text site stopped, the study period was extended and other adverse consequences, so no accumulation of anchor text.

directly to love Shanghai search we want to check the domain name, if direct search link discovery is included, however, after it was found that site not included, is likely to be signs of K website. (there is an impossible, is the search engine index and not immediately after release in the search results)

2, the anchor text accumulation

There are many

1, the accumulation ofKeywords

Analysis of BI system on PPC effect ommateum

you want to further analysis the effect, can be transformed from the background of the Shanghai statistics love inside, from the graph we can see, from the membership registration, the registration is successful, some customers are installing the payment page, the data is not accurate, and the error is large, new customers or old customers into the site it is possible to browse the payment page or the registration page, but they did not really buy the products, and as long as these visitors.

example: I need to know the effect of a keyword, from simple keywords consumption, pageviews, showing the amount of clicks, click on the average price, long visit, visit the page, jump out rate compared with other key words is not apparent, because the value of these indicators are not the same. Some indicators compared to other indicators, but some low, the keywords consumption of 1 in 45 days is 10898 yuan, the price is 14.55 yuan, 749 clicks, browsing amount is 2551, the average number of pages accessed is 3.51, 2 words of consumption is 4725 yuan, the price is 8.82 yuan, 536 clicks. Browse quantity is 1909, the average access page is 3.54, from the comparison of these data can not distinguish between the keywords is good or bad, it’s just a few little index among them, but most users often do not know the key The word index is useful, but love Shanghai to the user of a class of indicators from as many as 30 species,

can we love Shanghai PPC account login, enter the love Shanghai statistics. In the statistical system of Shanghai’s love, we can see the massive statistical data. First of all we want to make it clear that the essence of statistics is to reduce the promotion cost in order to enhance the role of the ROI, from the perspective of the statistical indicators of love Shanghai, provides relevant data, page keywords index index, index, index and other external channels visitors love Shanghai, visitors enter the website produced from the behavior of the third party channel or direct access browse – Advisory – from the show – click — buy and no system and the process of making the data available to the user, only to love the Shanghai statistical data show to the user, if the user wants to do further statistics, the need for the conversion of statistics here to be set, and the resulting code is added to the specific page of the web site the. After a period of statistics, we can get the data we need love from Shanghai statistics, then carries on the analysis.

method 1. love Shanghai statistics

Internet advertising mode diversified development, in recent years the surge in Internet PPC ads, web ads, video ads, natural ranking advertising, brand and sales brought most of the small and medium-sized enterprises to enhance the flow of cooperation and other forms of advertising, advertising is put in, put in effect, how to enhance the Internet advertising effect, ommateum BI system Xiaobian tell you list several common advertising monitoring intelligent market analysis system, hope to bring some help to advertise on the Internet users.

The website included abnormal changes included continuous decline to understand how

: a website similar articles too much

for the website of Shanghai Longfeng optimization and confident, so the content of the web site keywords stack processing. That is to say, a lot of content on the site, because the keyword, lead poor readability, but to search engine feeling, content is still quite original, so the content on the site at the beginning of the collection, but as sites rate rising, falling in love with the sea will confirm your website content of poor quality. Nature will continue to release the original included content! At this point, then the reduced keyword density, as far as possible to update some of the useful content, enhance the user site stay time! After several days of effort, that included in the site began to gradually stabilize the

from this table, we can see from March 1st to five, included the situation is gradually reduced, while the number of the chain site is basically increasing, from the table, the chain is no problem, but included how does not increase, it will reduce the difficulty for? Outside chain included in the site effect is not obvious! Later proven, the chain for the website included little effect, more is reflected in the weight of the website! So don’t think that increasing the amount of the chain website can enhance the number of website! And for the author’s website after analysis found that the reasons for the decline there are three aspects of

What is The

two: content is not high quality



update website content, love to make some false original, is to change the title of an article, published an article, but I can be a lot of pseudo original, which resulted in the website content similarity is too high, because the weight of the website is relatively high, so the content of the website just update often included soon, but when the love of Shanghai after the screening, will naturally filter out many repetitive content! At this point, the strengthening of the pseudo original, as far as possible to avoid a pseudo original article many times, as many more new original articles, to enhance the stability of the site included!

! !

Because the

doing site optimization of Shanghai dragon the most annoying thing, not the site included a reduction or a sudden increase, but decrease continuous unknown reasons, because of the sudden increase or decrease, often because you lead to a wrong optimization method, generally no more than encounter Trojan attacks, black chain the attack and his crazy hair the chain or not by conventional card type such as content optimization, keyword stuffing and so on, but if it is continuous to reduce included, cause it is difficult to solve, and even can be said that each site may cause are not the same, the author will combine their website included the continuous decline of the analysis, first of all to see my website table:

three: part of the website on the website of the failure of

Mobile search under the new rules of how to optimize the site – love Shanghai search VIP forum Augus

in the auditorium, there will be a new product launch search love Shanghai launch, the product will break the traditional mode of the original flow + ad, will flow into the operation site more controllable fan operation, want to know how the new product form? What benefits can bring to the site? How to cooperate the meeting? The scene will reveal the answer.

VIP site:

platform Expert Group reviews the content of speech, in more detail, more intuitive way to wonderful website optimization of the training content is output to the site, a combination of love in search of Shanghai launched a series of new rules, algorithms, from the practical point of view the site in detail, at the same time, we also set up a A link, Q& let the site can be produced in the process of their search end site operation problem, consult the Shanghai love expert group.


love Shanghai search VIP forum Beijing Railway Station registration address:

VIP club website:



mobile era, mobile web page optimization times than the original PC has undergone a great change, how to adapt the search site optimization love Shanghai new rule? What optimization operation will make mobile page included, ranking affected? There will be a detailed explanation of the meeting.

love Shanghai search VIP auditorium do educational activities popular Internet website search for love Shanghai practitioners welcome series line on the main site, with "mobile search new rules" as the theme of the new session will meet in Beijing and site.

贵族宝贝zhanzhang.baidu贵族宝贝/vipevent/detail id=62

The conference

whatever nature of the mobile page, users do not want to find in the browsing experience is not good, how to optimize the user experience has become an important part of the website optimization, want to know the love of Shanghai recently launched a new search algorithm is how? Love Shanghai will be severely hit what type of damage the user experience? What form of advertising and how to place not only to the user experience? To the meeting site or watch live, you will get a detailed answer.

essence of the content spoilers ahead meeting:

The mobile terminal ] detailed experience landing page


[the new project to subvert the traditional flow operation mode

[mobile search under the new rules of how to optimize the site]


front-end technology change rapidly development, the new framework is too much, for example, the JS code can make cool dazzle function. But the use of JS code too much will not affect the user experience? Will crawl to the search engine and is not too friendly? Will detail the meeting.

Love Shanghai search engine optimization four core points ranking the moment you want to focus on

third, content construction must set to guide " " user’s thinking. The relationship between our website optimization website content and the user is the fish and water, we have to fish " " to provide a comfortable environment for the growth, the user enters the site is actually a " learner; ", I think our content is the core of " guide " value identity, guide the user to our products and services, to guide the user to pay attention and recognition of our products and services, to guide the user to purchase and transaction, a series of questions need webmaster painstaking do homework in the needs of users, the current social non profits can not afford early, must give the user a reasonable reason to trust us it.

second, the clicking rate and browsing. This value is reflected in what place, we still have to follow the law, good law, is the user access behaviors, we love Shanghai thermodynamic diagram, we can clearly find path and click the user visits the site, analysis of user access network station concerns in what place in reading, through the data we can very good website structure, for users to click on browse more higher topics or the article page we should match up, strengthen the corresponding column update or detailed work, site optimization is not only the external promotion in the blind update every day, we have to analyze the appropriate time, and continuous improvement and adjustment, so in fact is the continuous improvement in our optimization strategy and thinking, the invisible things are clear and data network The station optimization is a very important idea in the process of.

fourth, the diversification of external promotion should go hand in hand. Why do many >

first, good website rate. Why is the first point to talk about included, good, we know that the search engine optimization is the core content is the fundamental, both new and old station, the content included the number reflects the weight of the website to a certain extent, if is old station you can determine the site number included scanty, the quality is very general and even very poor, two cases to touch, no maintenance, to touch with a large number of low quality content. Even if the new station launched only a month, your daily updates if second weeks have seen included, so be sure that your weight is on the way up, the optimization track your website is virtuous. Therefore, a very important indicator of how much of the collected whether new or old station is a reflection of the weight.

then love Shanghai search engine optimization is the most concern for many webmaster, love Shanghai search engine is the highest utilization rate of the search engine, is also present in the Shanghai dragon Er look at fiercely as a tiger does big cake, the competition has become intense stage, love Shanghai algorithm change again, let many webmaster at a loss what to do so. Now we love Shanghai ranked core factors should be most concerned about those, the author analyzes one by one and all.

From Cock wire to fan to community the three stage rocketFrom the thousand wars to less than 100 liv

in the PC Internet era, the most typical community model is sh419 Post Bar, which was born out of the grass root culture of the Internet, the so-called "grass root to the world", "the core of grass root culture" is actually "I am unhappy, I disdain, but I exist", coax, onlookers the fight is "grass root" is an important way of brush.

community economy is to make fans realize "the sense of achievement". This is the only positive island I can see right now.

At the beginning of the new year Before

"get cock silk world", but the so-called "cock wire", may still be just flow.

live broadcast was a surprise for China’s Internet industry in 2015 -2016. In the O2O and intelligent hardware tide, taking over the lead content of enterprise Internet business, and the bright pearl in the content of entrepreneurship is not live.

in AppStore can retrieve hundreds of live App, but to the related news to only 100 homes in the media or sh419 search, the remaining more than 200 itself is not what the user and content that is broadcast App although many, actually "survival" only 100, "said thousands of sowing wars or too exaggerated," 100 sowing wars "more practical.

but in addition to the sense of existence, people also seek "sense of belonging" and "identity"". Like "Rice noodles", "kerosene" is the "grass root" brand by "material yonghuai" brush "sense of belonging" embodiment. Now the product is actually show consumers taste props, define their social status, function is just an initial trigger point or starting point, if there is no product behind a certain number of fans of the group, then the product is certainly attractive, either function is not extreme, either by the user can not in the role your body. Millet stressed the "fever and life", in order to create their own sense of perfection. Therefore, the future of the brand is bound to rely on fans, the brand is in some sense a conspiracy between products and fans, the so-called "no fans, no brands."".

to the "no fans, no brand", the value of the enterprise has been revealed. Many people do not understand how the valuation of millet to $10 billion, because they do not count and you count sales and profits, it is considered the value of fans. According to the estimation of the market research firm Syncapse Facebook, each user is worth $174, BMW was $1613, $177 for the Starbucks, Coca-Cola is $70, you say how much millet value? So, some people say that the logic of thinking for the valuation of 100 million yuan, I think it is not high.

live business suffered three stumbling block

first, live birth, and reflect the guest pepper Betta etc. "

Abstract: in general, to do a live broadcast platform copy off, what is the reflection of pepper gone, let alone to do the "live version of micro-blog live, entrepreneurs have very careful in licence, giants and the winter capital under pressure, but this does not mean that the industry will live broadcast industry recession. A bright future, there are still many opportunities for entrepreneurs.


Although the

and has some well-known home to 100 broadcast platform, at least 8 unable to log in or announced the closure: live, live, I love fun live, TV, ulook, micro broadcast thereof in order to watch the live broadcast, live broadcast, beauty melon has 2 ears; almost no active meelive and funny broadcast; and 2 have been off the shelf, namely, catch live bear live curry.

, I said, "the community economy" is a hot year for next year. It means that next year there will be more groups like "Luo Ji" thinking, but it may be a bit late to come back next year. Any new things have a window of time, as I expect WeChat public number time window deadline in October last year, not to say that after you have no chance, but will be more difficult, the absolute strength you stronger.

, but one thing is the same, any enterprise, any product, you have to try to find their fans, forming their own communities, and the premise is to shape their product charm.

The advanced form of the

, a lot of people in the next year the trend, said wearable, Internet banking, mobile providers have said, some people say education will burst, but if I predicted that the economy will be the focus of community next year.

during the National Day holiday, broadcast platform originator Meerkat officially off the assembly line, this platform to fame in 2015 with the launch of Facebook fame, however Live and Twitter Periscope, Meerkat began to decline, the final assembly line, a sigh. Entrepreneurs are out of the market in the Internet giant catch up from behind the circle never is not new, in fact, Chinese broadcast industry also staged a similar story.

entrepreneurial live platform collapse tide has now

100 came home really live platform, there have been 10 in fact closed down, this is clearly not an example, the closure accounted for more than 10%, saying that the collapse tide is not excessive. As takeaway App, taxi App and buy war process, the bursting of the bubble will not crash down, live market has entered the brutal knockout stage.

focus on the broadcast industry will remember this one contains tens of hundreds of broadcast platform images, it vividly reflects the entrepreneurial live event, before the Spring Festival or "100 sowing wars", "thousand wars have recently broadcast" live, market prosperity and remarkable. However, this boom has not lasted long, and the bubble will burst.

What exactly is entrepreneurship What is the role of the companyThe fashion shop Nasty Gal received


at the same time according to the fact that, no one is omnipotent, and energy is limited, so any time must learn to share! There is no president which enterprise is the prophet, so start slowly and error, walk slowly. We draw a business cake: want to sell products, entrepreneurship, and later want to make a bull point of the enterprise, but the team, money, resources, nothing, how to do?


some people say experience, knowledge, team, money, resources and so on have not accumulated enough! Or a word "have much ability to do more things, what are ready, want to understand, you also need to do, when Lily is cold, see how much can be done, the first integration of own the resources, rather than your own little cognition to think there is no scientific analysis, it will give the world a big wild definition of good.

life is not unknown, to choose the struggle, nor is it the struggle?. Can only have a goal, no to take the initiative to learn, need to take the initiative to find, to accumulate, on the OK, planning can not go far, can not imagine how perfect.

Nasty, founder and chief executive officer of Gal Sophia Amoruso Tencent technology plan

2, after the pilot business, and then continue to reflect on, continue professional study

a lot of people all day clamoring clamoring online business, out of order explained a lot, but so many want to start out, because the real entrepreneurs do not understand, feel a lot more of the unknown factors, and did not dare to face, think the high-end, innovative……

intends to use the newly acquired Amoroso investment to expand the Nasty Gal store an area of 500 thousand square feet of logistics center and covers an area of 50 thousand square foot headquarters. She also considered speeding up the launch of new products through acquisitions. In addition, the funds will also be used to recruit new employees. Nasty Gal now has 30 employees and plans to recruit 100 more people next year. He said: "our organization structure changes at any time."



3, and then scale can not be separated from: complex things simple, simple things systematic, systematic process, the process of large-scale things.


in reality, some people think that entrepreneurship is their own doing, and indeed it is. Some people think that entrepreneurship must be tall, just feel.

put aside the objective and the views of others, with my cognitive point of view, apart from what is said above, no matter how the definition cannot do without the following words:

lost his mind yesterday and thought about what it means to start a business. What is the role of the company? Then think over it and see.

1, entrepreneurship is nothing more than "solve the user’s pain point, to meet the needs of users" to sell products, sell services and sell advertising!

2, and more high-end types: C2C consumer and consumer, B2C business and consumer, B2B merchants and businesses several types of transactions.


1, no money, we make money; there is no basic business knowledge, first learning; no one looking for people; online such people have no resources, ideas, no resources, a lot of people, it is more valuable to find than to think. Complete the basic architecture,

technology news Lin Jingdong August 26th Beijing time news, according to foreign media reports, Losangeles fashion shop Nasty Gal received a $40 million investment from investors Index Ventures, the latter is only Nasty Gal an investor, had on Nasty Gal invested $9 million.

Nasty Gal revenue this year is expected to grow 3 times last year to 128 million U.S. dollars, the gross margin will be more than 60%. In addition to regular updates and artwork on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, Sophia Amoruso, founder of Gasty Gal Sophia Amoruso, has not given much publicity to Nasty Gal.

Nasty Gal now has 250 thousand users and has a high degree of loyalty, with 1/4 of users visiting Nasty Gal sites every day, with a minimum of 7 minutes per visit. 10% of users with the highest frequency visited websites more than 100 times a month.

in short, set a goal as a dream, and then begin to live as you say, live in the present, step by step. How big can you do big things? Why are you so complicated? What’s the use of thinking all the time?

didn’t disclose the company’s valuation in the latest round of financing, but she pointed out that she still holds a majority stake in Nasty Gal.

From doing station experience, talking about content is the soul of the website

everyone has different opinions about how to do a good job on websites. So how can you do your own web site,


such questions, I once organized the discussion in the forum, everybody has expressed own viewpoint. I think it is the most important thing to do a website.

I was in a village doctor forum moderators, mainly as propaganda work. At that time, I feel a person to feel tired on the mobilization of publicity, the other owner also to publicity, but they did not follow my request to promote, but I find that they can still flow. So how did their traffic come from,


I did a lot of observation, and they did it seriously. Their forum moderators, mostly clinicians, their experience and lessons are sent to their forum, so when visitors enter the forum, see the knowledge they need, then you will remember this forum, will go to the next. I recently saw they also organized by training, which is equivalent to the forum activities, more popular.


website is the need to master some knowledge of the code, but I like to see mumbo-jumbo code. But want to use the code, how to do? I will go to search the Internet, once accidentally saw an old man compilation of textbook, written in very popular, how to learn the old man is about himself, he is doing a special folder, some commonly used code and sentences on the inside. When in use, is want to use the text editor. I thought it would work for my new code too, so I collected his pages and looked at them every time I used them. The old man’s web page did not carry out any promotion, but I believe there will be good traffic, because there will be a lot of users like me to learn the code of his web page.

a place 3 kilometers away from my house, there is a supermarket. The location of the supermarket is not very good, but the business is very good. They depend on good quality and low price to serve. Dumplings stuffing others sell 8 yuan a pound, their 6.8 yuan a catty; other people’s eggs sell 3.2 yuan 1 jins, they sell 3 yuan 1 catties. Because of low prices, the flow of people in the supermarket, not only earned popularity, but also brought benefits.

3 examples, should understand, only the website has good content, the site will have good vitality. A friend once asked me, "why does my website promote IP more, not to promote less and less?" I told him, that is your website, there is nothing to attract visitors. If tourists come to your website and see what you need, then there will be more tourists, not less.

wrote here, and I’m going to talk about my blog. For my blog, I have been working hard, but the flow is still not high, at most when the day will be more than 200 IP. I try to update the article. Many times, Bowen published 2 minutes, Baidu included, but through the search engine flow

Second line of local talent sharing of alternative operating methods

second tier local talent is relatively small and lean, while avoiding the first-tier cities talent website competition, but compared to the first-tier cities, second tier local talent website profit difficulty is relatively high, this seems to be played a tie, but for the operation of local talent team web site is relatively smaller or have certain the advantage, but this advantage can be transformed into profits, we must look at the operation mode of the team.

here is the second tier of local talent sharing website offbeat operating mode, while the second tier talent website of traditional operation is based on the Internet, through the search engine optimization to achieve web traffic, plus online and businesses to communicate, to provide various services to the business, this is not can not make money, but there are two problems, one is to earn less money, another may even lose money. And the sharing of the alternative operating model, can further activate the second tier cities talent website market, so as to maximize profits.

first, second offbeat propaganda city talent website, the author thinks that the publicity in the second city of talent website should follow a principle, that is the line of the principle of equal importance, in addition to online publicity on the importance of SEO optimization, but also should pay attention to publicity in the local portal site, QQ group and local Post Bar, the cost of such publicity is relatively low, and below the line promotion cost is relatively high, but it can increase the trust of ordinary people on the site, through the line of publicity can make people more intuitive feeling of talent website a prominent role in the work of the paper, and through a large number of offline publicity it is beneficial to improve the website online connections, but the key to the sustainable development of local talent website.

then change talent website operation ideas, will provide talents for the passive position and take the initiative to help enterprises to attract talent, to help people get more satisfaction of the work, which requires local talent website operators will maintain service work further, according to the analysis of active personnel to provide resume and business units to provide jobs and, through the enterprise and personnel contact, as the local talent website service personnel to take the initiative to help these people to contact, this time not only by sending e-mail, instead of using the telephone contact way, the more likely to let the enterprise human resources departments and talents for better service, will enhance local talent service brand image, a bad impression of change before the light charges not working.

finally used to engage in sideline, second place many traditional talent website is to provide more job service, which I think can use the site in large database, according to the current lack of personnel skills and analysis can produce the value of these skills, so as to provide skills training for relevant work on the site, although not the local talent website to engage their own, cooperate and is corresponding to the unit, but this way can.

Today’s headlines shed gold, support original, who should laugh last

this text to be a few days before the onset, but as a sun generous man, could not bear to play some piapia face too loud, less than half a week later.

not guessing, today is grilled "from media" one of the most important emerging channels — today’s headlines. A few days ago "headline number entrepreneurship conference just finished, a big wave from the media that it is accurate to the group of guys that wave in today’s headlines eating or eating desire into advertising, and a spring coming from the media shouted tread on air, a strip naked ecstasy potential. I laughed to death, these smelly idiot yo, the cry for his swollen eye mouth, but a deputy excited immediately without rhyme or reason to send big money. As everyone knows, the so-called "headlines thousand million yuan, 100 million yuan of gold and silver group" to support the original with the vast majority of all, never mind.

I put today’s headlines thrown off so you can say sweetness, understand why a large wave of people can’t help to climax. First of all, the so-called 1000 million yuan, is the next year’s headlines, the official to ensure that at least 1000 headlines, creators at least bottom income amounted to 10000 yuan, the election standard special emphasis on quality, supplemented by reading. Then, one hundred million yuan group, refers to the support of the 100 "media group" (that is, the contents of the output group) under income 20000 yuan, while the development of customized senior class function, the so-called bonus share platform. In addition, the headlines will officially launch the new media incubator program to introduce venture investment from media entrepreneurs. That’s all, no more. Don’t believe his head lightly a number of official notices.

then I say, why most stupid white happy. First, this series of initiatives starting point and not to let the media better, but today’s headlines will move into the city after staking stage is the so-called inevitable, do not die. It is the same, just a piece of cake for a way to cut, rob a part of the inferior content output side material support wave of high quality content provider, the so-called new media incubator program, is today’s headlines to buy value-added services, have the ability to hand artists never lack of such a channel for investors, especially is the moment.

why today’s headlines do not adjust the die? First look at myself for Zhang Yiming (he was a witty CEO, he said the following media talents from the media industry have lost worries, this is his home point, despite official headlines claiming to be technology companies and non media company, I told all this is pr words, nonsense, don’t take it seriously): the first creation, most of the content is cheat click no value, valuable things no one to write or write enough; second, the quality is uneven, you know, idiots didn’t also have a good talent, is the smell Trane, where the money the smell, immediately rushed out like a bluebottle fly. Handling, pseudo original is one of the few means of output. Third, the lack of distribution, he did not mean that the headlines were poorly distributed (which was a proud foothold for them), but rather micro-blog, WeChat, one