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How to optimize the key competitor analysis


1, observe whether the entire page contains H1 tags, this is a H font tag, followed by a smaller font is greater, the more important keywords, generally with the keywords H1 tag is the core of the web site keywords, note that if he used the H1 label to describe a keyword.

5, to see the lowest home some obscure places, such as the site for case, a website statistics there, some people will generally do a few words in the chain, see text link annotation tag is not containing keywords or long tail keywords, look carefully you will find what is likely to be in a humble corner.

how to analyze competitor friends may know Shanghai Longfeng to analyze competitor’s website (that is, by searching the row in front of those), today I would like to share with you, Shanghai dragon is how to analyze competitor’s website. Before the search engine optimization, research on competitors is a necessary work, if you can study the competitors, the whole site optimization process for after all is a good start. According to his observation by the home observation method:

2, TITLE keywords, and then the page title, contains the description tag keyword, generally more by the word before the more important, the more likely it is that he wants to highlight the keywords, there may be a phrase, but contains the keywords, you can go through the website content analysis, try to guess the words the general site, obviously can see it, not too much modification or hide.

‘s careful observation of the above 5 points, will be able to find the shortcomings of competitors, he not optimized to where we do, he do the place we want to do better than him. Think of a word: I have no enemy, the enemy I have excellent choice! When competitors, do not blindly choose, choose much higher than those of the site that does not fit than their ranking, want to suddenly become a "fat man" is not realistic. Step by step, but better, more real.

3, then down to see whether there is web content under the font tag, such as Gaka (B), italic (I) tags, these tags in general between the word is not a keyword is the long tail keywords, how to distinguish themselves according to the site title proper analysis, understanding. The general probability of these tags appear on the home page and will be too high, not even.

4, pay attention to whether the content of the page contains a picture, the general picture will use the annotation of ALT tags, and observe whether contains the site title, or theme similar keywords or long tail keywords, which is appropriate to analyze, and everyone would know to do so. The image with a valid ALT comment tag, the Shanghai dragon is also a good practice, not to stack keywords or long tail keywords, the consequences will not say, do not believe you can try.

Expose the love Shanghai algorithm chicken help, and do the power station


until the chain standard came out, I also once naive to think that the standard is that the chain hit, so the original article will get attention. However, 10 over the past few days, the search rankings really have improved not?. The hands of the two corporate website, the industry is still the keyword acquisition station is occupied, ironically, these sites outside the chain is the chain structure, the Standard Bible we like cheating in the chain, the chain of garbage, such as BBS signature, false recommendation really promotion link, but there is one thing in common is that these sites are relatively old age domain. On the other hand, the bitter operation of this website 贵族宝贝, in the construction of the chain is not really a few myself to send, you can through the chain analysis of the above mentioned on this website which found that site outside the chain through basic soft submission, and the recommendation method, although the content is not how however, because the author is the key construction sites in Guangzhou, so on all the needs of the user on the website, so the content is for them to write, so popular. But the ranking, where to go? Is after the Shanghai dragon is the spell domain age era of

this year, the biggest thing is Scindapsus release and the chain standard issued. For the release of Scindapsus algorithm, the author has been particularly supportive attitude. After all, I do the old Feng station has been hard to do stand, remain in a proper sphere, has never bought the hands of the website links, even the poor Links are few. Although the traffic is not much, but is stable, has always been this way.

has numerous tutorials and articles are telling us that the original, content is king. But I though I do not how to writing, but also is earnest to write articles, ask yourself website to help users is indeed. Through statistical analysis, website bounce rate and user retention time are very good, but the ranking is a step it. This look good, Scindapsus released, which is the basic collection of articles, and then through a large number of anchor text, buy links to get the ranking of the website will finally fall. The thought that I have been doing the station will be rewarded, however, Scindapsus over 3, 4 months, garbage collection station, station remained the home. Love Shanghai, what is your


so the chain standard really on the Internet ecosystem brought improvement? Here’s a look at


I believe we all know, the standard for most of the enterprise website, there is no value. The so-called real recommendation, how many enterprise website content will be reproduced after the user will still take on the link. Even with the link, also love Shanghai impossible to determine whether the user’s real recommendation. More >


1, a real

From the way of learning to read the Shanghai dragon website optimization has become more and more d

Many people also know that

everyone love free stuff, a lot of people want to pay less to learn, harvest a little more. Study of Shanghai dragon should know Shanghai dragon combat password, this book why Shanghai dragon from the website, the working principle of search engine, industry positioning (website keywords positioning, positioning and layout), the chain how to release, which is cheating, common Shanghai Longfeng operation case to elaborate the. With respect, this is a more comprehensive study of Shanghai dragon books. But in the self-study will encounter some problems, we can exchange.

believes that whether novice or veteran Shanghai Longfeng webmaster have a most direct way, that is the webmaster website forum have you figure. There are a lot of people’s knowledge of Shanghai dragon is in the learning website forum. Some friends about a problem in the stand in a row and guardian about forum website optimization: Shanghai dragon workers especially beginners should to the website forum to learn Shanghai dragon. Personally think that you try to go to the station and original area. Because these areas relative to the article through the audit, the views and experiences have been recognized by most people.

three: Shanghai dragon training is the inevitable choice.

two: self article Shanghai dragon combat password.

often go to the forum site learned are not comprehensive, let you feel a headache reading and not look down, then attended the Shanghai dragon training.

why more and more difficult for the website optimization, website optimization novice to how to study these problems all talk more, so it will not repeat the guardian today, and we analyze the problem is from learning to interpret website optimization problem, for the way to learn to take the way how to optimize the website. The guardian suggested whether novice or senior specialist of Shanghai Longfeng should carefully read this article.

you may have found a big update in January 4th, however, some people worry about joy. The webmaster website forum is also a lot of discussions, of course, the update is good, some people worry about joy. However, more and more many people puzzled: Website Optimization in the end how to do? How can Shanghai Longfeng novice get started? For these problems from the three ways of learning and everyone talking about.

: self article website forum.

: according to this method, a lot of friends who love blindly to echo what the books say, in accordance with the inside of the content. We all know the search engine development rapidly, we can do is continue to spread their own thinking, more to pay attention to actual combat summary.

suggested: for the webmaster site or forum, because knowledge is messy, a lot of things to learn is unilateral, so only the development of certain abilities. Writing such as focusing on the release of the chain. We can do is to optimize the staff with the other.

Ma Jiajia Goddess consumption man, a 90 sister’s entrepreneurial outlookWang Xiaochuan three misunde

never let Yang Ning first met Ma Jiajia’s personality, but he later found out that the girl is very reliable. Two months later, Yang Ning became a bubble angel investor.

bubble was originally opened in the media university Simon a street, only 20 square meters, looks like "cock wire", but has become a spectacle there. It is no wonder that the students often come to visit, because Ma Jiajia is a student who is open-minded and a little nervous to the media university. But you may not think, even the surrounding migrant workers, urban management, the older uncle will go to the store to buy things.

| Zhai Wenting

"old women please men, new women consume men"

third, premature access to community social. Even smart wristbands, which understand the core function is to truly meet the needs of users. Today’s most bracelets, due to lack of core capabilities, into the Internet logic, too early to enter the social and community.

in the summer of 2013, Yang Ning angel investors know a company called "no bubble" sex shop, understand the general situation that quite interesting, being introduced to find its founder Ma Jiajia, a 90 girls, graduated from Communication University of China a year.

Ma Jiajia: bubble no technology founder and CEO

bubble officially opened with Ma Jiajia university graduation ceremony on the same day, she did not like most students looking for work and go abroad, but chose to start a business. Because in her view, those studying abroad after returning home, if you want to really create value, or will choose entrepreneurship. She will not let herself go on these detours.


she didn’t even consider the risk of too many startups. "Young people should not think about failure, because you have nothing to lose.". But in case you make money at 25, what should you do? It’s terrible if you don’t know what to do."

hardware? Once the Internet is on, the hardware goes back to the essence of the Internet, not >

first, free and low price is the biggest misunderstanding of hardware business. The business model of the hardware and the software itself is different. In the Internet Co software, when your user geometric progression growth, the cost is basically the same; hardware inventory pressure, cost, does not meet this requirement. At the same time, the low price is more dangerous than the free formulation, cheap hardware directly connected to the toll service. The Kindle reader raised Amason’s sales by 20%. For Amazon, the low price is a marketing strategy, not a new business model.

once the Internet, hardware back to the essence of the Internet spirit, not free, not iterative, but to solve the problem of asymmetric information

can sell spice products "forced grid", which is the pursuit of Ma jiajia.

second, quick iteration is a big risk. Software update fast, low cost. But hardware seeking more iterative release can only be far from the required quality. Hardware requires high technology, even apple, its software updates very fast, but the hardware will send one to two a year.


in the Internet field, we generally believe that the spirit of the book like, in the field of hardware entrepreneurship constitutes a trap of three formalism.


does not mean that it is necessary to avoid free, avoid rapid iteration, but these have great risks, and do not constitute the core competitiveness of hardware business.

has not even experienced the ice breaking phase, and the market was detonated at the very beginning. At least in the university campus of the media, the bubble has gone all the way. A video out does not require too much effort, can reach millions of hits, everyone, micro-blog is almost their scraper. During that time, the whole campus was driving them crazy.

a few days ago I told a group of investors to sell that chat, I said you are against your investment team now, because he advocated in his team to reduce the price down, down to 200 dollars or less, the team said no problem, even down to less than 200, the profit rate is above 1/3. This is very dangerous, because we sell scales, not to mention the previous traditional hardware tools, but to provide value-added services in the back, can sell expensive, in my understanding, it is a core competitiveness, rather than cheaper to impress users. What our core advocates is the competitiveness of its capabilities and services, rather than the free logic of the traditional software internet. To make a prediction, if two of the same function of the product, then we should spell the higher price go, rather than go cheap.

This phone

results, Yang Ning came up with a nail. When the call was through, Yang Ning said he wanted to talk to you. Ma Jiajia asked, "why should I talk to you?" replied Yang, laughing. "I might be the one to throw money for you.". Ma Jiajia’s tone or no change, "we are every day you talk about this group of people to chat, there is no time to start a business.". Do not because you are investors like how, now the right to speak is in the work of the people."

solving connection problems

, three formalism traps,

What is the essence of

constitutes the three formalism trap in the field of hardware entrepreneurship,

surprisingly, these means of communication are not their choice. Ma Jiajia said: "because we have been playing micro-blog, everyone, unfamiliar street, these things, is a natural state, there is no how to do in advance planning.". For example in <


Stationmaster steadfast, do station, open heart happy life

When I entered the

webmaster network background like can not find the same thinking, I do not know where to start! The feeling is not the same. Even when I think about how I write down my feelings, write down my experience, and after that I don’t know where to write, what to write, what to write, like running accounts.

speak little and cut to the point. I wrote this because it was a long process of experience for me. Contact network this industry more than two years, suddenly felt that he did not have the previous impulse, the previous hard work spirit. Although I don’t know much about it, I still have some ideas about other things. At present, all web traffic is basically from Baidu over the majority, is part of the back, and so on all other aspects of the flow! About search keywords to flow, we see in the webmaster net, learn a lot! For me to read a lot, really easy to learn. It is no use! As we all know, if the keyword is done, one day to tens of thousands of IP is very easy, when I do the best that day was only one thousand or two thousand IP, after several updates to Baidu keyword, could not find a trace, there are of course expert, can change keywords continuously. But for we do not have SEO experience, and without the relevant search keywords master, or go down to do some promotion is good, on the one hand also can increase some of the chain. I also like everyone, every day is eager to flow day by day growth, so that our pockets can be bulging day by day. Even I went to spend money to buy traffic, cheated a few times, I was disheartened. Of course, there are friends in the middle of the Internet site alliance to do, and now feel that friends in the network can make it? Now it is found in the Internet to find a bosom friend, as if to find a virgin as difficult. Keyword do not good, website promotion does not go out, the flow is almost zero. As a webmaster, I feel it is too difficult! Also had to give up the idea, but in a friend’s encouragement, I still insist on down! So now I think, I pay some more, less take some quick way to improve site traffic. For our webmaster, or more real, true. Even if you can add one more IP per day, add two more pv. I decided to start from scratch, I believe there are also the same as I experienced webmaster. More hard work, more sweat, more persistence, we must go on, we may see the sun tomorrow, and breathe the fresh air in the morning. Stationmaster, for our life, for our faith. We must adhere to.

more practical things to do, the idea to create some original, or even pseudo original, can let our website more included. Add a little bit of traffic for us. Sometimes feel very negative, so as to produce impetuous mood, for the site quickly get traffic, take the wrong way. Stationmaster net is a site that I often go to, I can see inside article every day, learn a bit knowledge. Of course, everyone likes to see how I earned XX million, and so on

Analyze how to do community forums

I believe that with

DZ! And Tencent QQ exchange, there are more and more people began to switch to the forum and community websites. However, for the line just people open, do community forum is not easy, if not to master some basic skills, it is difficult to carry out the. Here, sesame lists some basic and principled things, which are also some of the key points for setting up the forum / community backbone.

forum classification should pay attention to from coarse to fine

forum classification must not be too careful at the beginning, such as A5 communication area, link area, trading area. It would be difficult to do so at the beginning, if they were broken down under these categories. Because the classification is too many, and the number of members is insufficient, it will appear very superfluous and useless, disperse the user’s energy. In the beginning, there are only a few rough classifications. When the number of people increases gradually, the rest of the corresponding classification will be added, and the classification will be gradually detailed.

pay attention to interaction with members

because the number of sites is relatively small at the beginning, and the forum is not like a portal site, he needs a certain interactive site. Therefore, in the beginning, if no one else, the webmaster will act as an interactive role. On the one hand, we should always update the forum, on the other hand, we should often engage in interactive activities, and often guide members in the forum to chat and ask questions, in order to truly retain members.

believes that everyone should have seen some online chat tools, and recommend that you put such chat tools on your website. On the one hand, you can increase user interaction, on the other hand, you can retain users, if the user chat on your site, then I’m afraid the residence time is not just a few minutes, a few hours now. And it can prevent users from simply flowing to the Tencent.

often share free items

regularly share free items in the forums. Notice that free items must be set with access restrictions. For example, in order to get feedback, a certain score or experience can be obtained. Because if you can get it directly for free, then it doesn’t make sense for the forum if the visitor doesn’t register. Because the forum is to allow users to interact with each other, only users communicate with each other, in order to increase stickiness, called the forum.

additionally, free items should be released for a long time, such as free QQ, and a free activation code for a website. If things are not shared each time they are free, then the effect will be much worse. Believe the reasons, we should all understand some, if only a single announcement two times, will only increase the number of garbage users. Only frequent updates of the same content can retain users and make them active users.

first wrote this, bye ~ Kazakhstan Kecun advertising task network (, can click on ads, so many people to help you on the site advertising, advertising alliance earn money effect more than sticks,

super good reputation!

At present, the fire from the media platform, in the end is not worth the owners settled

whether in personal Adsense or some older Adsense blog above will be mentioned, since 2016 is one of the most popular media platform, with the Sohu from the media, 100, today’s headlines, an information platform for individuals and enterprises free of charge, is to let more people and businesses to find a free promotion channel.


the last time also registered a lot from the media platform, also joined the media platform from the exchange group, found through chat, there is a difference because of personal webmaster and settled enterprises:

: people settled in order to attract more individual stationmaster settled, provide a better article rich material platform content, many from the media platform opened a personal income function, namely: the release from the media platform of the article, according to the published content that day reading times, recommended number of different data can be obtained and uncertain return.

One of the biggest reasons

this is presumably many personal webmaster settled (do not rule out that some individual stationmaster is really in order to promote their own brand and business), according to the current understanding of the self media platform launched hundreds of personal income, today’s headlines, a little information, UC media, Oriental headlines, penguin from the media, will be based on the amount of reading articles published before the day can get some benefits.

so, how to get more reading of the article, has become a lot of individuals from the media author pursuit of the ultimate goal. Generally speaking, entertainment, news, military, history and other areas of the article, more favored by users, a valuable amount of content reading, daily up to millions of

!Where is

so the content? It can be said that the contents of the original article author of more than 20%, the vast majority are also in other platforms or websites are directly copied, similarly, to the amount of reading, many people have made the title of the party, if you write the title of good, then your success close to half.

It also created the

platform recently, 100, today’s headlines and take large quantities of titles, many people from the media platform of the group to cry.

there is little cause I pay attention to is that many from the media platform to attract people settled platform reason returns, with the number of registered platform increased, the increased amount of reading, the content increased, resulted in yields fell sharply, some income may also be "eating" (such as 100 No.).

: personal and business enterprises settled in different enterprises settled, almost ninety percent of the purpose is to say to do free promotion, from the media platform, some big points (such as Sohu, NetEase from the media from the media, 100, included) is very good, especially for the enterprise to do some long tail word ranking and show, before I give the company did a lot of long tail word ranking, almost the same day or second days can be received.

Taobao money off new mode of psychological drainage auxiliary



is now Taobao off the development of some slow, but Taobao passenger army never disappeared, it is because the Amoy army support, let more and more into the guest in the camp, which is part of the webmaster can make money rarely, the operation strategy of the reason or guest website is not correct.

most of the Amoy owners holding the goal is to earn a little bit count, and the core for the long-term development of the website has forgotten, in fact a guest wants to get long-term development, only through the opening of the voice of the user to guide users to buy, but not too much for widening the flow, to understand the user is the source site for long-term development, and has much traffic there may be less, but as long as the user exists on our website will not fail.

trusting users means trusting yourself,

many sites in the buying and selling of goods are not the trust of users, it is precisely because of the user’s trust this is caused by the user does not trust the site, in the face of this situation a website wants to get long-term development, we should first step is to understand the user trust, trust user is trust yourself.

as a webmaster website based on strengthening trust can take several methods, first of all can leave a webmaster in the website of the mobile phone number, for now the Internet, users have not love QQ, mail and other contact information, or directly to the user that the owners face-to-face communication is more effective; secondly, owners can buy some users in the website of public information, and this information can be retained at reasonable prices, which not only allows users to understand the details of items in your web site, but users also think the site is really out of the goods sold, so quietly it improves the user experience, Why not?


value to win customers trust, in good faith to win customers at

users come to the site after what you want? Undoubtedly users hope to get valuable items, and we want to get off the Taobao website development, so we must start value, let more valuable content in front of the user, so as to lay the foundation for users to rest assured that your guest items if Taobao itself has no value no matter what you do is of no use, as a guest of Taobao webmaster in website localization must choose the value items, not by some high profit without the value of the goods lost my eyes.

and Taobao for many guest website in a certain lack of sincere consciousness, which make the user feel more sad, especially for ordinary users and they have no special skills, in the face of the Taobao as a guest to improve their sincere efforts, strengthen sincere motivation, let more users feel trusted sincerely, long stick users will also website as a home of their own, so as to promote the site of increased purchasing power.

competes with Taobao

The original article search engine does not necessarily think it is original

has a friend because his original article was reproduced and angry. There’s a reason for this anger. It’s not necessary, as some people say. Because when your original site is greatly reproduced, it may lead to your original article was punished by search engines and can not survive.

for example a blog on your site, because it is small, the update speed is limited, the search engine on your web crawling and update frequency is relatively low, so the original article published today, you don’t have it published, one or two may be included in search engines, and if a high weight, large scale website, published in your original articles on the same day to copy your article, due to the large search engine update frequency fast, high weight, every day may be the search engine grab updates included, so the search engine will think of this article is the original station. In addition, some stations have no morals, when not to reprint the original author and the original address links indicate the copyright, leading to the station as the website reproduced the original author, the original connection address to the station. It can definitely make the search engine that the original is the station.

, there’s nothing to reprint of such a two article. If the station to the station under the hands, the entire column and even the whole station plagiarism. The consequences are serious, and eventually lead to a search engine misjudgment, this station is a garbage station. Even give the station a crushing punishment. That is usually called the K station.


station copied from others, but also many webmaster is rubbish, because they are in order to knowingly violate, traffic and advertising revenue. In this case, it is proposed to take legal measures to deal with these large scale garbage website owners. Can not think of other effective means and methods.

search engine how to determine the original:

Original: simply understand, is the first published content on the network.

two. Pseudo Original: that is, the original second times, or N times, modified to reprint published. For example, modify the title, increase the abstract, reprint incomplete content and so on.

search engine for the original decision is how to carry out


generally have the following factors:


1, snapshot date.

2, spider crawl date.

3, how much is the chain outside the page?.

4, the extent of the article modified.

example: if an article titled "the search engine is how to determine your original content" article in today’s 10 first published in a blog or website. What will have the


search engine spiders came to this blog or website, found this page, analysis content, into the database, and was identified as the first discovery, this must be original!


so >

New listing marketing eight principles so that new success rate of up to 90%

adapt to the development of the market, in order to seize the opportunity to win wealth! Into the twenty-first Century second ten years, FMCG market competition is becoming increasingly fierce, how to face the competition has become a headache for enterprises. In particular, a large number of new entrants, including new entrants into the industry, the entry into the industry, the entry into the industry, etc., are faced with the rapid elimination of the market crisis.

if this principle is implemented, we are basically clear, enterprises in the next period of time to do what, do what position, how to do the problem, apply more fashionable words is that businesses have a "strategic roadmap", all the marketing activities in the future are required to follow the strategy executive.