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You are to put the webmaster snapshot news

the last Chengdu Festival (www.xznuo贵族宝贝) to give a summary: whether a site should be news articles, we should not according to the type of site, and the user needs to decide. Our main purpose is to make money.

but we only rely on those news articles to drive the consultative snapshot? Of course not, the weight of our main purpose is to make our website better, your keywords ranking is better. Of course, those articles can enhance the website weight, as long as we persist to update every day, there will be effect; but a business station, whether you are selling products or selling services, is the most important thing for us to consider the conversion rate, if a huge flow station, but some are not the conversion of keywords in it is just these flows, which is why some flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum, friends of the station, one day only 10 IP, can have a very beautiful.

believes that many webmaster friends: we can use these news content to your website with a new snapshot, because some enterprise website, content is already very small, every day to write the original article is unlikely, if we can use this to a new industry news website, with the new station it is very easy at least, because we have this plate of this industry can update the news, want to write their own articles than those is much simpler, so many webmaster in their navigation on the news, consulting industry news like this column.

it is mainly aimed at some enterprise stand, different types of web course that wouldn’t be the same. For example, some comprehensive type of website, rely on the flow of money to hang advertising website, for users and demand is completely different, as many of our webmaster friends by the flow of money to hang advertising website, he wants more people to come in to click on your own ads, so this time, do this type of webmaster friends can of course put the news on its website article, caught some popular events, let more people into their own website.

for this example, we should understand that if a business website to put some news like that, it is a waste of valuable resources of our website, we should consider from the user’s point of view, to grasp the needs of customers, others to your site is to see news information? If you want to see the industry why not news to these large sites to see? Therefore, we should provide for the customer who is useful. Site navigation weight should be very high, we should make good use of.


is a web site inside the most important is to see whether you are rich in content. With the contents of the support, in order to make the site has lasting fighting force. Every webmaster friends in order to make your web site more included, to write original articles and some original articles, make their sites plump up, but we should put some news consulting articles on his web site inside the

Love Shanghai original recognition part of news media websites into effective support object

from here you can see the original article, marking Sina Technology channel. I also try to search for the next several other well-known website articles, such as NetEase, Sohu and Tencent, respectively as follows:


love Shanghai official also said that in the future will develop more webmaster tools, let more Adsense website development space. And also launched a protocol label, that the site has a good ecosystem and search engine.

recently in the home station article cutting plan to see Shanghai love search results marked the original article on some articles in Sina, they are not very sure, so try to search, and search results in many articles all of sina’s original word mark. Figure

This is the

Mars love Shanghai is originality can solve the problem of website content, and to a certain extent for the site of the rankings. Love in Shanghai in 2013 May has released the launch of this program, the focus is to support the original website, let it have more space for development.

Tencent website map original cut mark



marker of


The original plan


can be seen from the above illustration, the large portal are some original articles that mark. I did not go through the other sites, estimated that there are a lot of this should have been marked, it describes the implementation of the original plan of Mars has come into force. Although there are many websites has not yet appeared, but I believe that in the near future will appear.

said before Google had also implemented the original plan, but ultimately did not achieve the desired results. Finally lead to failure, for the love of Shanghai, the implementation of the original mission will succeed? Let us wait and see. This paper consists of: wall switch socket brand 贵族宝贝chinaguoyuan贵族宝贝, please indicate the

To survive on the Internet, learn a good skill first

often see the webmaster friends posted on the website or make money, big money like McCain mountain god like a missile hit him in his pocket, or a blood bitterly regret the original line now pot not a grain of rice. Do a

often listened to the older generation when he was a child. He loved to teach again: "a man has a skill, and he has a meal.". The same is true of the Internet age. It’s all about the world. You get soup with a spoon.

so a technology is the hard truth, all CTR+C and CTR+V, not what meaning, Baidu K you, you do the white horse who fall time. Besides, you copy a day, when you can not master 10 points acquisition.

is now popular in the service sector, division of labor. Have engaged in technology source, server in space, there is rice fried rice, garbage do have the means, a lot of prestige do intermediary, rich VC project, nothing to sell the toil post top stick, or make a hawker have resources. Somehow make money first fill the belly.

science and technology service industry is strong, you think you hard to make a stand, a person tired out from A to Z also feel alarmed, afraid afraid afraid of being cheated, K, black. Some people laugh, do their own standing, is the boss, do well on the rich, and then bless you. More online, see how to drill, how to locate themselves. Let’s fight together.

, if you think I’m right, don’t forget to learn a technique while you’re standing.

finally routinely AD yourself IT network with all the KULI design, engage in source, engage in intermediary, engage in space station and so on, to engage in work in the service industry in the online friends, here released your studio or AD. Money is not afraid of getting together, competition is progress, I wish you business is booming,

Chief, have you begun to prepare

saw an article written by net friend, "China’s garbage collection is the exit from the stage of history", and suddenly felt a lot. The station is closely linked with the webmaster group although it is widely distributed and the Internet, but with the search engine site pressure, the commercial tide constantly struck, the lack of profit model, garbage station though not necessarily really quit the stage of history, but the prospects will be more bleak.

with the increasing popularity of the Internet, traditional industries will be more and more applications on the Internet, website construction and promotion mode will become more and more easy to operate, until one day, most of the traditional industry can automatically when using network marketing, the advantages of long standing will There is not much left. (such as an ordinary traditional industry marketing personnel, once mastered the rules and methods of network publicity, he brings benefits to the enterprise is absolutely an ordinary webmaster can not match.


then, Chinese the webmaster group, there will be a process of polarization, the part will go into traditional industries, rely on the power of the group to enjoy a good treatment, while the other part will bear the joint pressure from the government, enterprise and Internet Co, survival is very difficult, but it will exist for a long time.

once, the word "webmaster" more symbolic of freedom, independence, efforts, but also symbolizes a little more than a lot of income. But the network is changing, the Internet will be gradually popularized, and website construction and promotion will not only be the owner of the patent, the webmaster must face change.

although the garbage station will not disappear, the webmaster will not disappear. But they will live in a different way. Do not know as a webmaster you have already begun to prepare?. I hope more friends will come to my blog. Thirty Li:

Good business strategy to make a good business

seems to suffer, but only the owner himself clearly, in fact, is to earn a lot of money earned, such business strategy, almost any one of the stores want to take. Below, let Xiaobian introduce such a case, so that we can see such a dark case of a classic case.

Matsumoto Kiyo, the former mayor of

, a Japanese businessman, is a smart businessman.

he was operating the creative drug Bureau, when the price will be 200 yuan of plaster to sell for $80.

due to the price of 80 yuan is too cheap, so the "creative drug administration" in Business Flourishes, bustling. Due to the sale of plaster in spite of his cut throat, so according to the logic, although this plaster volume is more and more big, the deficit should be inevitably more and more high.

but the fact is that the creative drug administration did not produce a fiscal deficit, but got a lot of sales and got a lot of money.

so, where’s the secret to him?

originally, the people who come to buy the plaster, almost all the way to buy some other drugs, which of course is profitable. Relying on the profits of other drugs, not only to make up for the loss of the plaster, but also to the operation of the entire pharmacy has an unprecedented surplus.

is now a large number of large businesses will continue to do a variety of promotions, and even the price of some goods is even lower than we can imagine. In fact, this "dark deficit to earn" idea, in order to reduce the price of a commodity, promotion and other commodities, not only to attract customers, but also greatly enhance the visibility, fame, really creative shooting two birds with one stone!

Importance of de to business representatives

business representatives are doing a very specific work, so the general is also very pragmatic, look at this topic, it may be said, "Germany" what is the use? Can you bring me some money? I am more interested in the wealthy to be a representative subject in hurry, so your skin I see Maizui, much to our company, this type of training.

first, you don’t understand why as a sales representative? In your future life long river, this section of business representative experience, can you experience what is valuable?

the reality is true, many business representatives not to do business representatives to join the ranks, many of which are in the talent market, by collecting, an inattentive as business representatives.

so, this word I type to two, first as a business representative: can you experience in this life, what valuable things; second: "what is virtue"? What benefits can be brought to you?

"de" is on the left of the left foot (chì), meaning refers to the behavior, action, popular to say that the meaning of doing things.

"de" right "straight", "straight" in Oracle is "eyes" topped with a vertical, what does that mean? It represents the inner objective law of the outside world, which is also called "Tao" in ancient times.

so why below and add a "heart"?

to discover the intrinsic laws exist in nature in the world, with the naked eye can not see, need to use the "heart" to insight, so our fathers in the "de" in the "heart" of

from the above analysis of "morality", we can clearly know the Chinese sages made "de" purpose.

"de" collectively refers to a certain type of human behavior, that is what kind of behavior?

is to find the inherent law of things, and to follow the inherent law of things behavior, collectively referred to as "Virtue".

Join tea to see three kinds of tea to join you

the last two years, tea business began to become popular, coupled with the state to encourage entrepreneurship, the number of tea shops in the street began to increase the number of stores. Even if there are different ways to join tea, how to choose the right?

A, teahouse teahouse teahouse, the teahouse franchise properties are similar, with service experience, the difference is probably more high-end restaurant audience positioning, which is more popular teahouse location groups. On the business content, the restaurant can be divided into cultural, commercial, cultural and commercial mixed type, such as the concept of experience.

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200 yuan start empty-handed wealth of millions of years

article: 200 yuan can do what you know? In modern society the soaring prices, buy clothes are not enough, there are people who go to 200 yuan to start empty-handed, and create two millions of legendary wealth. Next, Xiao Bian will bring you together to understand the rich legend.

when he held 200 yuan purse part-time earn, only to the city to enter the world, the department store of goods and a superb collection of beautiful things "super" Binjiang East real estate so that he suddenly Mongolia, "I want to go to struggle for many years in this city?" So many students still enjoy a leisurely life on campus, Pan Wenwei began to earn extra money, tutor, credit card marketing, selling t-shirts…… NiuDao from hospital service began, he realized that there was money to be made, by the end of 2007, the school of public bidding of some departments apparel project, Pan Wenwei saw a business opportunity. Pan Wenwei first "Mocha enemy". He is from the students of the "buddies" got involved in the bidding companies list, and a customer one by one phone to ask those companies of different quality clothing price. Then, he directly on the Internet to find out the address of some manufacturers, the initiative to talk about business with the manufacturers.

Pan Wenwei flexible mind to expediency, at the beginning of last year, Pan Wenwei accidentally met a safety monitoring equipment businessman friend, and he then learned that the development of middle school "friend" in the real estate project is in the tender security equipment, so Pan Wenwei serves as a bridge of the negotiations between the two sides contributed to this single business the successful bid, after him to earn 500 thousand yuan.

Air Restaurant – the coolest idea

maybe you can’t believe you’re eating in the air, because it’s like a dream. But such entrepreneurial ideas are very powerful. Today, we will look at the small and with the amazing creative characters!

this is a moment will be out of the stunts? It’s actually. In 2007, DavidGhysels was the owner of a marketing communications company. He and StefanKerkhofs, who did bungee jumping, had a party in the air for the European Youth Catering Association (JRE). The media reported this crazy high feast, and soon the two men received a telephone call, ask how to copy this. So they gave birth to the idea of a chain.

2008, JaneenHinden and her husband, Michael, were found in the air show at a trade show. Michael has an event and banquet company in Las Vegas, as well as a wedding ceremony of the church, two people think the air restaurant is too suitable for their hometown of Las Vegas. At a new year’s party, they entertained friends and partners to enjoy such a feast, a lot of guests asked them to do it again, but also to bring their friends. Hinden couple realized that the air restaurant may be a permanent attraction for Las vegas. As a result, they rented a crane for 3 months of trial operation. "The effect was sensational." Janeen said, back to the audience to the scene, the media also kept reporting."

North of the city of Xining district careers to solve the problem with Small and micro businesses

10 policy legal advisory office, 36 small and micro enterprises, more than 1 thousand and 200 jobs…… In order to solve the problem of Small and micro businesses in October 16th, by the North District of Xining City People’s government led by, north of the city zone and the Bureau of Commerce, human resources and Social Security Bureau jointly sponsored the north area "to help enterprises, steady growth, structural adjustment and employment activities of small micro enterprise special recruitment will be held in Chaoyang square.