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Love Shanghai Post Bar updated several show points

1, the title of

, a site outside the chain construction easier

3, the authors show

as shown below, the article begins with a brief Post Bar in images and extracted, and the display picture is displayed as a small picture, and in the picture list shows, when we put up the mouse will display picture, allowing users to more easily browse pictures.

love Shanghai Post Bar March new on-line version of the page, the page replacement of Post Bar love Shanghai, is more important is to break the single mode Post Bar show the original style, to provide more diversified page selection for more friends, of course, this adjustment, but also greatly enhance the user’s visual, through this the revision, can be seen in the first step Post Bar love Shanghai has taken personalized clear, of course, this is just the beginning, after the service may Post Bar revision we do not know, the total of this revision can be customized for the future lay the foundation, as a Shanghai Dragon er through this revision. We can clearly see:


, 2 display pictures

three, advertising increased


Post Bar, in fact, to a great extent, greatly improves the user experience, whether it is from the visual appearance of the page or have a certain improvement, first shown below, is a post international wine investment network published, through this example we can clearly see the three point:

as shown in the picture above is a screenshot of love Shanghai Post Bar chain of the source file, you can clearly see that love Shanghai and without any link shielding technique, is a completely regular Shanghai dragon outside the chain, so that this revision of the construction of our chain still has certain benefits.

We all know that

This paste >

this revision after the title of this article has the very big change is that the color of the title is highlighted, so that users can read the overall meaning clear.

Through the revision of

two, greatly enhance the user experience of

now we posted in the upper right will appear in this post staff ID, and will use the highlighted blue font, this approach is actually very good, can show more activity is relatively good writer.

do not know if you have not found, after this Post Bar revision, when we do not add the chain like before especially easy to be removed, before the Post Bar added links in less than one minute is removed, almost with the hair cut chance, let us Shanghai Dragon Phoenix Er too much to handle? Because Post Bar itself is love Shanghai’s own products, included is very good, not to mention the weight.

A5 marketing read love Shanghai new details of the algorithm optimization is the core

simple details don’t lose

content of construction do not deceive the user

There is no formula optimization

love Shanghai algorithm description has a simple description of structure construction, are some of the details of the optimization, but is often the most easily overlooked details of these stationmaster, and is the main factor to determine the success or failure. The structure of the tree structure is the optimal "home – Channel – details page"; the flat home page to the details page level as little as possible, not only to grasp the friendly and can be very good weight transfer; mesh to ensure that every page has at least one text links, can make the site as much as possible to grab included in the chain the building also has a positive effect on sorting can.

Optimization of

Shanghai Longfeng >

clear structure construction

love Shanghai search engine in this year, frequent update algorithm, in order to improve the healthy development of the Internet, search engine algorithm upgrade webmaster all kinds of complaints from Shanghai, a dragon optimization has been pushed to the forefront of no future. Before I write about "search engine optimization is not" dead "but into a new era", the webmaster carefully read the update algorithm, and will find the essence of the search engine has not changed, the focus is on the optimization of the webmaster have a grasp of details.

search engine spiders crawl to the site through a link, get web page HTML code, and stored in their corresponding database, construction is clear that the spider crawling faster. From the beginning of a spider web page, read the contents and start looking for other links in the web page, enter into the next page via the link address, would have been down on the site to grab in circulation. If the construction site is not smooth, the spider can not cycle work, as the content of the website will not grab the end out of random website.

The construction of

site traffic sources are never mind, but the stationmaster to do is through quality content, keep these through the relevant keywords to traffic, improve the conversion rate of flow, instead of going through the means of cheating, to attract users to the site, and not the search for the corresponding content, it would not only cause out rate is high. Will also affect the enterprise’s reputation, rogue enterprises can not survive in the long term.

site content is the whole core of the website operation, quality content directly affects the search engine and users on the site of the weight, the degree of trust. Webmasters to use the popular topic, to obtain the corresponding search traffic, but the user into the site and can not find the appropriate content, and will lead to traffic conversion is low, the low degree of user experience. Love Shanghai search engine is also proposed in the 2013.9.6 update algorithm will be severely punished for the generation of a large number of popular keywords website traversal search results page to get search engine traffic, which is not related to the contents of a large number of serious damage to the search engine user experience and occupy the corresponding area of high quality website revenue.


Stand swarm optimization four strokes to get rid of your web site is the risk of K

when we register the domain name, fill in personal information must take the name to write several more, for example, write a few friends or family, then have the WHOIS information hiding, or search engine will certainly be able to find this information, if you are of the same name and ID number information and mutual chain it will make the search engine alert, even the corresponding weight decreased, resulting in a stand group effect worse

is doing the station group, then to choose a good management system, it can greatly improve the efficiency of the construction site, now the station system most mainstream is weaving Empire and PHP168, and the system also can provide free, as long as you can choose one or more of them to the construction site, at this time often involves the acquisition rules, because every day is to update their own, the workload is very large, if you choose different acquisition rules, then the content of the website will be different, it is not easy to be found in the search engine, so as not to be K

! IP host

four: text link will hide the


three: do the station with the independent

now grassroots webmaster if only rely on a website to make the world, is a very difficult thing, so if we do a station group then raise a station to station to operate, it is easy to make money, but if you do not stand swarm optimization can hide their intentions, it is easy to love Shanghai spiders recognition, when your site is facing the danger of K! We are going to talk about how to get rid of the danger of

do stand, so natural needs of each site are connected, so that it can play the weight of these sites to pass each other, the best way is mutual friends of the chain, but the chain appeared, nature is very easy to search engine recognition, this is how it should try to do? In the text of the link above, the text keywords design of each chain are not the same, not thirty site is like a chain, so do the station is easy to identify, so do the sprocket to avoid it, or do the work front in vain

: the whois domain name information hiding

do stand swarm optimization in the future will certainly be a lot of people to make money fast.

! !

when selecting a virtual host, must buy the IP host, to avoid the high similarity website on the same server, it is easy for search engines to grasp the handle to your station system vigilant, don’t put your site to K when you fall! The sites are independent of Ip, it is effective to avoid the above situations! But choose to do the site is not too much, the best control in less than 30, or too much to manage the cost will be higher!

two: the software acquisition rules hidden

chainSince station! !

The high quality of the chain will only increase

1, high weight, chain



first, including what the chain?


QQ this morning just saw someone in the group called love Shanghai, some people say that today is love Shanghai K station the day, see an article on "black Friday" information in an expert group, do not know is true or false. A5 just read an article about a sudden increase in the chain’s own web site lead by K, some people say their site outside the chain suddenly reduced by K, in a word: floating outside the chain greatly is very dangerous! But the high quality of the chain will steadily increase


we all know the original article submitted to the platform, such as A5 network, if you can get the support of all editors and will form a huge natural reproduced, although some immoral to remove the copyright, but most will still retain the copyright, thus forming a lot of excellent quality of the chain, and the absolute nature, with the over time these articles reproduced although less and less, but still always give you increase the high quality of the chain to increase the weight of the website. So new is best not to increase the low quality of the chain, if not write in A5 can contribute to the early, so do the chain better, recently a new www.xrzhentou贵族宝贝 chain all rely on the BBS signature, a month the site so young! You all

you can see this article in the A5 forum reprint articles, this article is on the team blog published nearly a year of the people still in the automatic help reproduced, but also retain the copyright, definitely not for the team, because there is no management early blog.

cloud said: the high quality of the chain will steadily increase, the low quality of the chain will cause the chain number of large floating.

love you see a lot of people guess: love Shanghai for weight Links further reduced. Still do not think so, the high weight of the chain is still a very important aspect to improve the weights of the website, because the chain is the anchor text links, specific website keywords links, to improve the site keywords ranking is always of great significance.

The chain of high quality

2, the original article submitted

fast update snapshotSince the Shanghai incident in 6.28




team blog for the record closed for more than 3 months, the new on-line content is not updated, there are so many good friends of the chain, let the blog within two days back, because love a large number of Shanghai K station, the competition is reduced, the weight is also greatly improved love Shanghai! < / p>

Huang Zumin analysis of the importance of site navigation

web navigation of a website that allows users to quickly clear, clear and find the goods they want. For the website information architecture, and user experience are closely related. A business website, generally is a tree structure, the user search from the long tail keywords into the site, the first step is to know their current position, and the introduction of goods, and the comparison of understanding of the relevant classification of goods of the three. As Shanghai Longfeng optimization, for navigation research, expansion of knowledge, as well as the navigation key layout, the need to pay attention to the local need to consider.

2. Shanghai dragon optimization navigation to keywords

The large

3. Shanghai dragon optimization to do bread crumbs navigation

about the site navigation, the use of bread crumbs, allowing users to accurately understand the current position. For navigation if can choose the color of the conspicuous text size, can enhance the user’s vision, to determine their current location. The Shanghai dragon, website navigation is also a lot of places that need attention, if can be further optimized for navigation, Shanghai dragon optimization website ranking is also play a leading role.


site keyword density, is key to optimize the internal web site, general keyword density can be 2%-8%. Keywords navigation can be appeared in 1-3, according to the number of navigation to the layout of the target keywords, must be based on the user experience to set, as Shanghai dragon ER are based on the user experience for priority and optimization. Each navigation column title word can be in 2-4. Avoid navigation does not accumulate words, will be considered cheating that love Shanghai.

site according to the survey, have breadcrumbs, namely the user to determine the current position, and the optimization for search engines. With respect to the site operation >

of the search engine, general navigation system, generated by JS or flash navigation is not grab. If the navigation didn’t shut, so after optimization also how, not to mention the website home page shows. For the user experience, can replace the background color of the navigation using DW or CSS, select the text size and color, and navigation drop-down box of code design. As everyone knows, the search engines love simple text navigation, if in the navigation are missing the blow, the influence is also included for the website.

site navigation optimization classification is reasonable, not only can enhance the user to quickly choose, click on the internal link for shopping, but also can improve the user experience, a search user experience is good, the effect of professional website, users can bring many commodity purchase desire, and become the new users and old customers. What about the site navigation, several key requirements, all need to pay attention to what the optimization of Shanghai dragon

1. Shanghai Longfeng optimization of navigation must choose words

The ultimate analysis method follow the principles to improve the value of the web page

first, the ultimate principle to enhance the user experience. Including the information content, "FLASH too many elements of a web site user experience factors are relatively poor, slow speed, open the web page pop-up ads and so many. We want to improve the web users access experience, we should start from these factors of risk aversion. That is to say, the first thing to do a good content, let the user to collect, so as to enhance user stickiness. Then is to optimize the website space, enhance web access speed, and to optimize the web design and typesetting, let the user feel very comfortable visual experience. Then by adding detail to allow users to continue to focus on the content of PV. The last is to enhance the interaction properties on the page, because interactive attribute is an important strategy to allow users to continue to focus on the site. Only from these aspects to achieve the ultimate, can enhance the user experience fast access.

for the website, the most important is the web page value. The higher the value, the easier it is to satisfy the needs of customers, get more attention, and can effectively protect the flow of ascension. But most of the time, many webmaster do optimization, often more attention is paid to the love of Shanghai included, even this did not hesitate to use the pseudo original method, quickly fill web content to achieve, and this method obviously can not meet the current site optimization principle.

generally, the scarcity and effectiveness of the main elements of a web page value mainly include user experience and web content. In other words, in order to enhance the value of "need from these three aspects, but also need methods to realize the web application to the extreme value, so it can better attract users.

third, timeliness. A web site of "the value of time and also has obvious relationship, such as when the bucket challenge is very popular, reflected in the love of Shanghai index search in values tend to be higher, and now the time to enter the autumn, ice bucket challenge search index fell sharply, indicating that a lot of content has certain effectiveness. We create web pages, time effect need to pay attention to the content, pay attention to the public topic introduction, "

second, create a scarcity of content. For a web site, may create a two or the relative scarcity of content is very simple, but if you want the content of the website are scarce, obviously extremely difficult. But a lot of practice proved that, if a website content is scarce, so a small number, can also achieve success. For example, a foreign website, updated daily articles only one or two. But this one or two pieces of content have attracted a large number of users of Facebook reproduced and sharing, and operation of the site is only two people, every day is to find the wonderful content on the site, and then a little package, which is actually a scarcity will achieve the ultimate method, but also the success of this method. Website development over the past three months, it has achieved a profit of millions of dollars a month.

The impact of the purchase of the chain on the site

Although the

algorithm for the sale of Baidu Scindapsus links and link cheating website has made a series of restrictions, and have many trading links web platform also hit, but the phenomenon of private business links still exist, such as going to the Taobao search, or a lot of results. Today in the forum saw a just join the ranks of SEO friends, ask now whether there is no link to buy and sell, small series here to talk about their own views on the sale of links.

first statement, Xiao Bian’s Web site has always been optimized by hand, although the speed is slow, the effect is not obvious, but for a long time to adhere to, the advantages will gradually show. Xiaobian there is no way to link the personal experience to tell you the consequences, however, did not eat pork, always seen the pig walk? In the Internet this big VAT, meet the eye everywhere.

one, quality links are not easy to buy, cheap links are not effective,

a penny a share of goods, to some extent, inexpensive products do not exist. As we go to the store or Taobao search link trading platform, a link price will be high, and the relationship between link sale, high weight of the site will be low weight site low weight, light is right down, serious person was K, at this time, the website chain is not too multi function. If the purchase is the low weight of the chain, the weight of various indicators are similar, then the weights of links to purchase the site to enhance the impact is not large, so the purchase link itself for long-term development to optimize the site and not too big benefits.

two, long term and effective for websites, is harmful for

: if the short-term impact is new or drop right site, buy high weight ranking good links to websites quickly get weight and included, Baidu out of the sandbox period, but with the continuous adjustment of Baidu, the link effect will gradually decline;

Long term effects of

: 1, once the link is removed, will affect the stability of the site itself, if the site itself is not stable enough, remove the link may directly contribute to the site right down or affect the weight and ranking; one-way link 2, weight is far more likely to be found in Baidu and judge for cheating, but we can imagine the consequences of cheating themselves.

three, recommendations on high quality external chains

1, choose to exchange links. It’s a waste of time, but it works very well and doesn’t cost money to buy;

2, manual to do some high quality of the chain, although Baidu external chain requirements strict many, but there are still many can do the chain of the platform;

3, keep site content updated. For a website to let Baidu like, have to let the user like, and the user browse the web site for nothing more than two: new content and customers want to know the information.

summary >

Rookie station experience write your own post, let the master laugh

said: This is the first one I now think of rookie station, my principle is writing their own posts, let the master laugh, in other people’s laughter we can get more (which seems to be a few years ago to see a Jiang boss’s words — that effect):

1, will the program is not important, important is you want to do, have enthusiasm, time, energy, no persistent problem — of course, you will not even boot the computer, it is not easy to handle, not absolute, not take a few hundred, go to a computer class, computer class general school not deep, but open or shutdown, the software installed almost


2, choose a good domain name (, of course, a good domain name has not much, if you have a lot of money, but money can be considered legitimate antecedents easily, buy a house grown before, but if you spend money from their parents or teeth out, so please register a. Fifty or sixty yuan a year, as short as possible, try to remember, if it is local or industry station, as welt, not short not easy to remember also never mind, not facing it does not matter, everything is not important –


3, must not completely imitate others, but can refer to, completely imitate others it is difficult to succeed, you must have the innovation, is not only to see the strengths of others, but also see their shortcomings, and strive to solve the problem, then you have the characteristics. To the original, to have their own things, to know what your target audience needs, and you just can provide very good, if you can have the original resources, then your domain name is too difficult to remember and remember it doesn’t matter, there will be a person, but have told you to. You put it in the post, diary, blog……

4, even less resources does not matter, you should be sincere, be diligent to discover and integrate resources, not large quantities of acquisition, but to sort out the essence, because we are busy, want to get the information in the most short time the minimum steps. If you quote someone else’s resources, you should indicate the source and do not modify the original so that they look like their own, which is very bad and people will abandon you. If you are sincere enough, and the proper way, we love you, and as you flow to increase loyal visitors increased, resource station began to love you to extract quoted his things. So, you have a brother station, a friend station, a cooperation station.

5, find a space, good reputation, who knows the reputation of the good ah, we all boast of ruthless. Then the first to look at the forum, I want you, station, behind what, looking for the high credibility of the recommendation, many people still very much credibility, do not believe those who only made three posts below them, they either support or even support the qualification is not. Do not buy a large space at once, what VIP, VPS ah, and WPS ah, word ah (halo), enough is enough, not enough, and then upgrade, I have seen in the space, the upgrade has increased this!

Zhang Yongfei how to become an excellent Internet operator

(Zhang Yongfei, net abandoned Chengdu really awesome day, general manager, environmental science and Technology Co. Ltd. Sichuan Yanyan network science and technology limited company operations director. Today’s headlines, a bit of information, Baidu hundred, Penguin media platform, columnist. Proficiency in content operations, operations, and user operations. Familiar with community operation, understand product operation, have unique views on Internet operation promotion, be good at low cost operation and promotion, have rich experience in Internet operation)

how to become a good Internet operator, this topic is very broad, because for this operation covering all aspects of knowledge, any one plate can be singled out as a professional to carry out in-depth research and study. Therefore, this article will be from four sections: content operation, activity operation, user operation and other operations. These four aspects for everyone on the train of thought, play a role in attracting jade.

how to become a good Internet operator, Zhang Yongfei think, first you need to understand the nature of operation, I summed it up as "eight character proverbs," carding, planning, configuration, optimization "


one, content operation

content operation mechanism: content transfer, content promotion,

1, content management mechanism:

1) content consumer positioning

content operators must have a full understanding of the early stage. Such as thinking about what kind of user is potential consumers, such as know early positioning for IT, Internet users. This link is important because these are your potential users. However, not everyone is your intended customer, so you have to use the filtering mechanism to select your seed user.

There are two traditional ways of

: "moat" and "invitation mechanism"."

2) content producers maintain

, you need to understand who provides the content producer, offers it yourself, or gives it to you. What kind of content will you like?


3) feedback mechanism and tracking strategy

feedback mechanism

to establish feedback mechanism, we should consider the purpose of establishing feedback mechanism:

enhances user interaction with websites or products, user attitudes to content, and data mining users’ interest in this kind of content

tracking strategy

If you choose

channels with the advantages of the platform, then we can try to understand the potential users through private letter

to the same user to try different copy, study what type of copy can bring more user attention and potential customer transformation; target users interested in, to identify and filter the user is interested in the project through different practices, how the demand strength of

if the channel does not have a platform, then we can track it through


IT teahouse Interpretation of NetEase’s 2009 Chinese individual owners Survival Report

technology NetEase in May 17th Japan joint telecommunications laggards owners community released "2009 Chinese personal webmaster Survival Report", if not mistaken this should be the first on the personal webmaster related data statistics report, website focus on personal webmaster shows that this group has a pivotal position in the Internet industry. The sample size is only more than 1000 copies, through the form of online voting to obtain data, IT teahouse as a regional Adsense industry platform, according to personal experience, the report has doubts about the content of a simple interpretation.


1. personal webmaster academic composition in primary and middle schools and even while Dr. occupies 2% and 3%, which fully reflects the individual stationmaster forum behind ridicule atmosphere, but also to the webmaster technology instead of NetEase profit "pupil" after the "doctor" as the investigation report of the special place, visible editor know enough about the personal portal webmaster domain.


The income of

2. people in the highest in the top three in Beijing, Ningxia and Sichuan, as a service to the community in the southwest of Sichuan and other industries are very pleased to see such data, but in fact according to the contact webmaster, Xiamen, Guangdong, Jiangsu and Zhejiang long personal income are very high, perhaps because of the sample the amount of the issue, perhaps is the high income Adsense reluctant to disclose too much information.


3. of the highest income profit model focused on e-commerce and collect membership service fees, perhaps this is all very willing to see the results, because most of the people are more optimistic about the two kinds of profit model, but in fact, according to some reaction laggards forum and IT forum members of the teahouse will find the main income of most personal webmaster is still divided into advertising alliance, but has begun to charge electronic commerce and service development.

General Portal editorial do not understand the personal webmaster has filtering part of inaccurate data not in the report, but some content or teaching reference value, more important is the motive force of the development of mainstream media attention in the field of personal webmaster with those personal webmaster more. (the /IT teahouse – Jialun)

NetEase personal Adsense Survival Report: