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For the love of Shanghai site home is not the first reason analysis

November 30th love Shanghai really is a big update, "aunt" to the. Most of the webmaster in A5 forum, said the website snapshot is K, or site Shanghai love home is not the first, so everyone was very angry. "The struggle for life, and returned to liberation, now do a lot of Links station friends encounter like this, not in the first place, don’t change with you Links. So the station friends now need to calm. The site is not in the first place, Shanghai dragon dish brother analyze the reason where.

two, the website Links reasons

site outside the chain suddenly reduced, then you should pay attention to, you can use some software to import a large number of Links, when one day when spiders eat, you cannot give him second days to eat. It is getting the chance to.

for the web server, I analyze a case here. In November 29th I a server problem, 30, fell in love with a large sea update, resulting in what kind of situation. I love Shanghai three station on the home page, now suddenly fell to the second page, site page all is not in the first place. I lost a lot of money edifice from the ground, your foundation must be solid stability, so that we can sit. The server is not stable, at any time can be caused by a K server, choose the best brand, user space providers qualified older, at the same time on your site to monitor and observe their website at any time to view the IIS log every act and every move.

three, the website chain reason

, a web server causes

why I say Links has a problem, a good Links high weight transfer. On the other hand, the Links transfer weight low or poor, even compromised himself standing friends. So that the site is Links station friends with particular attention to a place. I am not suggesting that this station friends removed the site home page is not the first chain, before I have a website (贵族宝贝tuofa66贵族宝贝/ seborrheic alopecia) this site site is not in the home has a few weeks, but I insist every day to follow change Links. According to the "site home page is not the first, then we should be how to do. There have been problems, but we still insist on doing Links. First, we use Adsense tools site collection and observation station friend chain. Second, to observe the domain home page in the first. Third, observe its website rankings have fall. Fifth, observe the website snapshot and collected, and the content is updated. These are Links essential points. When a website ranking is very good, but the recording and snapshot is not good, then pay attention to me, some time ago in pursuit of rankings and snapshots, results of the site right down to be punished, their website ranking also fell, because I do not know it whether the site has suspected cheating.

Chicken ribs Shanghai dragon embodies the value where

also pay attention to the structure of the site is not consistent with the laws of Shanghai dragon, whether have ALT tags, the internal link building is reasonable, keywords layout is appropriate, outside the chain of not enough, many and so on…… Etc…….

, improve the level of self.

slot? ?

in general, I can now say is not good, also did not change the slot. I don’t know if you are not like me, pay attention to learn many things up in Shanghai dragon. We will pay attention to the site title, keywords, description write right, there is no keyword stuffing phenomenon, or not in line with the search engine or taste, whether is the target keywords to do.

this afternoon received mother call, said to be home to do a delicious let me go home early for dinner, so I work in the first time to drive home, after returning home only to find the original mom made me braised chicken shelf. Look at those little meat bones, could not bear to hurt my heart I patiently waded through the whole dish of chicken shelf, like me impatient person really is not easy.

remember to build their own website, want to let self.

took me once, I still don’t understand in Shanghai Longfeng, also built several web sites. Although not known what the site, but it also has twenty thousand or thirty thousand day traffic, a month can earn a three thousand or four thousand look, the time of their own, just follow the users love, want to see what to do, just to make more friends like they built the web site.

can be said in the future as we know Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon ER, will own most of the time is spent on the site optimization, and from the actual needs of users, I will have the face of user content changes to attract search engine content from the original user what we love provide what is search engine we love to feed what can be said to have the order reversed.

so now I just think, what we learn when we reflect the value of Shanghai, where in the end? Through consideration of my remarks, I summed up the following article, do not know to say is right, you also need to:

but now? I know in Shanghai dragon after? Is better or change the

no matter how, first we have to admit that in the future society of Shanghai Longfeng, we will definitely improve their level, Shanghai dragon is also a knowledge, any knowledge of the ultimate value is to enhance the self.

after dinner, watching the table with the head, the heart can not help but think: what do Shanghai dragon did not like these chicken shelf, tasteless gesture of


two, accelerate the development of the website.

Why can’t your company get the money from investorsDark horse popular film and television prices up!

you’re an entrepreneur, you have an entrepreneurial program, and you want to get some money from VC or angel investors. However, many entrepreneurs will make some basic mistakes and tumble when they meet for the first time. Here are five points:

argued with VC at his first meeting. At the first meeting, don’t try to convince an investor that she is wrong at some point. Of course, you don’t have to lean to the investor’s point of view. Also, if you’re stuck at one point, move to another point. Focus on the strengths of your company.

! good year!

Admin5 union channel every day to see ah, a lot of money online information.

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first let you know the domestic league dynamics,

communication is not concise and clear. You must be able to communicate succinctly. First, you should be able to use a speech to your company clearly. Then you can say simply how big the market is, what competitors are, what the differences are, and what’s special about the team.

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, innovation works CEO Li Kaifu issued a "English blog to get investment for 5 reasons" on his LinkedIn page, is of great significance for the domestic entrepreneurs, 36 krypton as follows.


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sends emails to VC instead of VC trusted people. There is a consensus among the VC, "if an entrepreneur can not to recommend himself by an acquaintance of mine, even if he didn’t mind and this resource, so it is difficult for him to become an excellent CEO." So don’t email VC blindly. I’ve never paid for a company like this myself.


spends too much time talking about markets rather than products and teams. You don’t have to spend a lot of time talking about the general situation and potential opportunities of the market, because investors may know better than you do; even if not, he can make his own judgment after your brief statement. So, use your time to introduce the product and the team, because these are the information he doesn’t know.


wants to join the Admin5 League channel, please contact

welcome stationmaster to continue to put in and join enthusiastically,

members of the League:

if you are the Commissioner of the league, please give me the latest information and we will send it to you for the first time. Feedback


to thank the webmaster for a long time the dark horse alliance the popularity of television product support, we launched the "webmaster to celebrate the 2008 year of the rat, a gift of the new year from December 8, 2007 to February 18, 2008 feedback activities, the popularity of television CPA price to 0.1 yuan /! Hope you can refuel, earn money

sees lack of preparation before VC. Before you meet for the first time, you should have a careful study of an investor. What’s his background and what company did you vote for? What are the common features of these companies? You need to show them when you meet and make a good impression,

Jialun website operation six essential criteria

each person’s personality is different different attitudes to life, so also have their own living standards, the site is no exception, the development process of a website without showing the webmaster personal style, which I call it the webmaster guidelines. The author runs the website to calculate also have 4 years of history, how much also formed individual website operation style, here brief summary, share everybody, hope to be helpful to your website operation job.

1. website domain name strategy the first step is to register the domain name, the domain name of the importance of not much introduction, personal Jialun is important in the choice of the domain name, a good domain name can bring great help to the website operation. The individual tendency in the choice of domain name to Larry or 5 below the digital domain, it chose not to 10 letters about three pieces can be introduced at the same time, the site name must be consistent with the domain name, so it is convenient to memory. For example, my shop, domain name is also, so that it is very convenient for users. If you can not find the domain name to the domain name trading forum to use the wisdom of the people, to spend money to buy a catchy Larry domain is very much worth it.

2. space strategy of domain name registration is ready to consider the purchase of space, I practice is the first choice to save cost relatively cheap space, even temporary space can find a friend, there is no need to just online website renting a server, so the initial cost is too large, the pressure will be great webmaster. The most important thing is to start on-line testing, as the content and function of the website continues to improve, and then gradually increase the bandwidth of the server will be more secure. At the same time, some types of Web sites will not use too much bandwidth in their own right. There is no need to buy a server at all. The space for shopping now is free 2G space, and of course, some of them are also sacrificed.

3. when used to do the site promotion strategy website an on-line post everywhere let everyone see my website, now gradually change ideas, the line on the website after the first small promotion to obtain some initial "white mouse" users, any website can not do with the increase of user must be perfect in every respect, the amount of time perfect, so just on the line once the site to promote a wide range of products but may be the opposite effect. At the same time, search engines also need a collection of Web site process, the initial or suggest to do the content first, improve the search weight, and then promotion will get better effect. Shop shop, the site is 2 months fast, so far has not been fully promoted, the previous month has been the accumulation of high quality content, so that every new user can stay on this site.

Promotion of

4. to connect the best strategies for individual webmaster is search engine optimization, therefore also involves the exchange Links, the establishment of a new site without any PR value everywhere exchange links is not a wise choice. The personal experience is that the site will not be exchanged for 3 months

Problems and solutions in the realization of waterfall web page


first Demo

waterfall flow sorting:

waterfall stream + infinite drag

with the pinterest star, waterfalls flow layout is used by more and more sites, this layout really has a lot of advantages, the picture list page has very strong visual appeal, but also improve the efficiency of finding good "users". There are many ways to implement waterfall flows. Before Taobao UED, there was an article that gave a detailed account of the pros and cons of the various ways. Today we’re talking about the way in which absolute sorting is used to implement waterfall flows, the way Pinterest uses them.

first said the waterfall stream sorting algorithm, refer to Demo1, the idea is very simple, we put the waterfall stream split into three parts: container, column, lattice,


1. to calculate the current screen can accommodate up to several waterfalls, its value is " rounded down (screen visible area (width / width + lattice spacing)); "

2. in order to ensure the container center, the container width is set to the number of columns (width * + lattice spacing) – spacing, note here is calculated after when the width of the container, otherwise it will cause the page width jitter, the influence of experience.


3. ranking first, before N (N is the number of columns) lattice into a column, and then searching for the minimum height of a column, the lattice inside (left = * (column width + lattice spacing) top value is high, the column spacing +) and refresh the list. The height traverse all the lattice until all the lattice are sorted.

finally binds the event handler to window.onload and window.onresize, and a waterfall layout page comes out.

sort algorithm looks so good, can truly combine asynchronous loading data, applied to the page, but also to solve the following problems

1. fires events constantly when zooming into the browser window. If you respond to each time, you’re consuming performance and you need to perform the rearrangement method after the zoom action is over.

After the

2. page scrolls to the end, the request data is successful, and only the new nodes are rearranged.

3., if the server cannot give a picture height, you need to rearrange it after the picture is loaded.

, the first question, i.

How to open a large supermarket in front of the shop

for operators, the most afraid of doing business is the competition, especially with some large shopping malls, big brands do competition, so the failure rate is very high. There is a saying in the large supermarket entrance shop, there is a 5 km death circle". However, with the practice has proved that large supermarkets for large shopping malls is a shock, but for the surrounding small shops have positive significance.

supermarket traffic can be used for

opened a brand underwear store in Shanghai, the mart supermarket near Liu bluntly, although here than mature commercial street, there is still a certain gap in the flow of people, but his underwear shop still can make full use of the mart supermarket shoppers, and has formed a stable customer groups. After a lot of acquaintances are shopping around the supermarket, then I look here, and regularly buy some clothes." He said. In his view, the mart supermarket is not a super monster, although the underwear also sold in the supermarket, but he is a threat to.

how to open a large supermarket in front of the shop? In fact, there are a large number of shops around the large supermarket around, and these shops can effectively bring the flow of people to bring the supermarket, business booming. Such as Qibao town on the acquisition of Qibao shop, RT Mart Hong Kong and Macao shops, there are many shops around, operating clothing, jewelry, food, etc..

shop expert Jiang Xinguo said in an interview with reporters, supermarkets around the supermarket can indeed make full use of its traffic, engaged in business activities. Beijing, an agency survey shows that the daily flow of large supermarkets up to about 50000 people, and consumers have a certain spending power to the majority of young people aged from 20 to 35. Such as Carrefour supermarket data show that 60% of its customers are under the age of 34, and women are under the age of 70%. WAL-MART supermarket in the site, it requires a population of 1.5 km within the surrounding area of more than 100 thousand, within the range of 2 kilometers to reach the resident population of 12 ~ 150 thousand.

at the same time, large supermarkets in the maintenance of customers is also very particular about. Large supermarkets will be held in a number of promotional activities, to continue to form a positive stimulus to the surrounding residents to expand their attention, and this is an effective means to ensure the normal flow of the supermarket. Of course, the supermarket shops are dependent on the supermarket, the supermarket business has a direct impact on the profitability of supermarket shops. So choose the strength of the supermarket or has established a good reputation of the supermarket, will play a multiplier effect.

business strategy to avoid head-on

on the road in Shanghai, Hong Kong, Hong Kong and Macao, Hong Kong and Macao opened shop next to a tea shop, when talking about his own election shop strategy, he said he had considered the impact of large supermarket factors, because he knows

How to choose the right KTV franchise

investment entertainment industry, the choice of the current very popular KTV project is very good. KTV join the brand store will be more rapid development, if you want to find a suitable project, you need to go through a careful investigation, Xiaobian compiled the relevant information, hoping to help you successfully find the ideal project.

first, understand the brand of business history

if it is to join a KTV franchise brand must first understand the brand of business history, inquisitive, Kouyuantuiwei, if blindly choose to join and lead to the negative influence of brand in the local market is not good, it will The loss outweighs the gain.

through the brand stores unannounced visits

through unannounced visits to the brand franchise stores, the brand to join the service and later joined the support, site management and other business ideas; if the brand has always been the focus only on the fees charged to join rather late to join the service, then join the brand what is the use of


about joining the brand cost


before joining the detailed understanding of the brand related joining fee is reasonable, the existence of hidden fees, compared with other brands.

How to select a suitable

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Kawangka tea brand shop Wenzhuan investment

in the modern society, Kawangka tea has been popular among young people, Kawangka tea good taste and high quality, has won many consumers and businesses, Kawangka tea brand awareness is high, investment Kawangka tea, can save promotional costs, better able to open up the market.


] Kawangka tea cost

Kawangka milk tea in the food and beverage market has many years of development history, how about the milk tea with Kawangka? Adhere to provide customers with high-quality beverages and warm people’s services, access to a good reputation. Kawangka milk tea how much money to join? Kawangka milk tea to join the cost is divided according to the region. You will also be able to Kawangka tea to get more details.


] Kawangka tea support

1, store location in the District Assessment support. Through on-the-spot investigation, investigation of buildings, District, to find customers shop, shop to assess its feasibility; including turnover prediction, investment estimation, operating profit and loss forecast etc..

2, store design and decoration support. In order to ensure the unified image of Kawangka tea shop, store design is made to provide a complete renovation drawings, designer tea headquarters designated Kawangka, branch decoration engineering by the franchisee to find suitable engineering contracting team construction, supervision and guidance of the nuclear headquarters sent, the franchisee is responsible for supervision.

3, operational guidance support. Before the shop, the development of the preparatory work of the preparatory work, and assist in the completion of the work of the shop, but also to assist in the planning of advertising, promotional activities. Kawangka tea franchise fee is low, and the shop, Kawangka tea headquarters related personnel will not regularly to the stores and nuclear guidance, assist franchisees to improve company management, improve performance, found the problem, if there is a branch of operational problems can also demand, request assistance of the headquarters.

4, purchasing logistics support. Kawangka tea stores purchasing directly by the headquarters of factory unified procurement, reduce intermediate goods circulation costs, ensure the quality of raw materials, and then by the headquarters of the distribution of logistics center, let you no worries.

Kawangka tea


] Kawangka tea security

security: a successful opening of two hundred stores experience accumulation, planning and guidance of senior team. Let you have a strong card’s business model.

security two: Kawangka strongly secured, Kawangka tea raw materials are provided through the QS quality certification, and in the premise of good quality provided by the price of raw materials franchisee must be lower than the same absolute market price; it is not difficult to imagine.

Lanzhou golden bowl of beef noodles to join what skills – the whole

is very popular with the young beef noodles in the favor of the market, this is also one of the reasons for its rapid development, for entrepreneurs, Lanzhou opened a golden bowl of beef noodles stores can not only meet the needs of consumers, but also bring entrepreneurial wealth to themselves, but Lanzhou Kim a bowl of beef noodles to join the shop need to master the skills what? Xiao Bian for us to do a detailed introduction.


said Lanzhou golden bowl of beef noodle consumption without seasonal points, but the peak of the sale is still relatively concentrated, Lanzhou gold bowl beef noodles join what skills? For operators, it is necessary to seize these sales peak, improve store sales.

Lanzhou big bowl of beef noodles join what skills? Want to Lanzhou big bowl of beef noodle shop business is good, it is necessary to launch the product for the needs of consumers, Lanzhou big bowl of beef noodles join what skills? As for the children’s products can be in taste and shape of the product and other aspects; for white-collar workers to provide Jin Dawan Lanzhou beef noodles best rich in nutritious; for fear of fat girl, can prepare some light sweet drinks. In addition, also need to pay attention to market trends.

Lanzhou big bowl of beef noodles join what skills? Nowadays, all kinds of beef on the market a lot of stores, want to let our Lanzhou beef noodles franchise in the fierce competition in the competition to occupy the leading position, we must start from the above points, we hope to help.

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Open a tea shop and dessert. – what is the difference between the whole

in our traditional impression, many things are vague, cannot give a specific definition, in the broad sense, tea and dessert may be attributed to a class, many shops are both prepared, but in fact, operating tea and dessert is a difference, but the difference is not small, if you want to join for this dessert industry, can have the most need to y understand, let Xiaobian for you to analyze.

dessert, is a very broad concept, can be roughly divided into dessert and Cantonese style sugar. Have your dessert across the continent, such as Sichuan Chongqing area cool shrimp, cold cream, ice powder; back to the analysis of Taiwan’s future, taro, sweet potato ice cakes, round, Tofu pudding, so it is completely different from the grain health class mainly the latter is to ruminate, grain for the Lord. The main health products is beans and so on, so the ruminate is different.

at present, the dessert is hotter than the tea industry. Relative to the tea shop, the dessert shop investment, low cost, but also vulgar and elegant, high return. Dessert is the hottest brand in Hongkong, such as the honeymoon, Hui Lau Shan, its price is even higher than the ordinary coffee shop. Some similarities and differences between tea and desserts are reflected in the following aspects:

1, tea shops and desserts are the main consumer groups, the same for young people, especially young women; taste is not mutually exclusive. Tea shop offers dessert, to provide consumers with one-stop choice.

2, dessert shop machinery and equipment than a simple tea shop, tea shop to increase the dessert items, do not need to add additional equipment. Moreover, the tea shop better machinery and equipment can also provide a relatively new dessert practice.

3, desserts and tea shops can share raw materials, such as fresh fruit (fresh fruit, increased fruit utilization, reduced costs), ice cream, pudding, jelly, etc.. Do not need to add additional storage machine equipment.

4, dessert can be made in advance, the operation is relatively simple, do not need to add too much manpower can provide more dessert products.

5, the dessert is very healthy, the introduction of milk tea dessert, tea shop can be added to health points.

6, dessert production, less smoke, suitable for most of the operating environment of milk tea shop.

7, the dessert is functional, good such as paste, can heat; red dates peanut paste, can enrich the blood and so on.

8, dessert can provide cold and hot in two ways, you can enhance the winter sales of milk tea shop.

9, dessert general recommendation