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In 2013, some suggestions of Shanghai Longfeng occupation Consultant

first, Shanghai Dragon Consulting standard.

Spring Festival is coming, once a year the family time has come, I believe most of the Shanghai dragon friends are eager to go home. In the 10000 reunion day, Wang Shifan hope you can "think", thinking the next year in Shanghai dragon industry survival and hard work. Have heard a lot of friends that want to optimize the service transformation from Shanghai Longfeng sit Shanghai Longfeng consultant, but in fact Shanghai dragon industry consultant to our Shanghai dragon ER requires more, bear with me.

did not do basic work of Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon ER, don’t try to directly as Shanghai Longfeng consultant, otherwise, will not be responsible for themselves and customers. Why is Shanghai Longfeng work experience must be more than 5 years? Here, Wang Shifan wanted to say, if you have 5 years of working experience in Shanghai Longfeng, presumably to make a transition to Shanghai dragon consultants will be handy. 1, 2 years of Shanghai Longfeng, will only know Shanghai Longfeng fur, if you want to in-depth study of Shanghai dragon industry, must stand alone, starting from the details carefully pondering.

many people think Shanghai Longfeng thinking and data support is an empty concept, makes it difficult to understand. To explain for example! For example, there is a new customer to find you, you need to help solve the website keywords recently met the decline in ranking, included, snapshots stop back problems. When you get this "test", "thinking to solve the questions from what? This is your Shanghai dragon thinking; and you are thinking to solve this problem by Shanghai dragon, customers need to explain why you website rankings? Before the keywords ranking why down? At this time, you need to through the data customers accurate and intuitive solutions, which is also called data support. So, when the site is experiencing the problem, we should not feel depressed, even Aguirre, actively solve the problem, finally summarizes the problems, let it become part of your thinking library.

4. have a good temper character attitude.

1. have a real Shanghai Longfeng working experience, 5 years above.

2. will have their own thinking and data to support the Shanghai dragon.

I believe we all know everything requires patience and careful, similarly, in the two character of Shanghai dragon industry is more obvious. Shanghai love is often adjusted, website ranking natural 1080, >

3. must have the ability to communicate with team members and customers.

communication ability is poor, is a common problem for most technicians. To rise above the common herd must be better than others, and how to do better than others, it is not the others. Need the ability to communicate the support of Shanghai Longfeng consultant largely, or that we Shanghai dragon ER how to explain to the client site of the problems encountered and solutions.


Do Shanghai dragon should learn how to analyze keywords

many editors write articles, the keywords directly used love when the title, a worry, on the other hand, definitely, have very good ranking. In fact, this is not true, do exactly match the keywords in titles will bring some benefits to the rankings, but can not let you love Shanghai exactly the same as the headline on the front page of the table, we need a reasonable use of word segmentation and synonym repetition, the title not only completely matching keywords, can attract more users to click. After all, if only the ranking without the user clicks it is useless.


4. is the title of the article, learn to use the word love Shanghai

statistics are very important. "

5. the best statistical data, analytical data

Keywords Keywords

with different length, different degrees of difficulty, we need the optimization of core words give high weight, long tail word in the page, keyword optimization classification in detail, we can refer to my another article about how to optimize the keyword classification Bo Wen, does not elaborate here.

first, we also say that the tool can bring a lot of words, so we have to learn how to use these keywords recommended tools. "People can’t win as good false in", believe that good at Chinese students are not familiar with this sentence. My strength is limited, use keywords tools can tap their unexpected. Some of these tools are free, if you feel value for money, also can buy.


do Shanghai Longfeng should learn how to analyze keywords, I think that I do not have to say, as for how to analyze the key words, everyone has their own set of methods, Xu Xinming is not the way of display slight skill before an expert, today the keywords, several factors should be followed. Do not say specifically how to do, after all, the same way some people feel good, some people feel bad. But give us an idea, we do Shanghai dragon again according to their own situation to choose.

2. to skilled use of tools, can let you twice

3. stage optimization, reasonable collocation length

do Shanghai Longfeng analysis keywords, generally have the following elements:

now offers a variety of channels, there are also many keyword recommended tools, then we have to integrate various channels, to search for keywords and quality comparison. For example, with Xu Xinming in the medical industry, general arrangement keywords mainly recommended tools from the keywords love Shanghai, love Shanghai business related search keywords, cnzz site statistics, key competitors, etc.. These channels, some keywords quality is relatively high, some key comparison, we need to consider their own comprehensive.

more than 1. channels to search keywords, compared to find high quality keywords

The two level domain exchange Links I see


two level domain name of the site is not stable, the main and space business contact.

I found in the process of website optimization, thinking is the most important, there are many theories online, and there are a lot of theories are contradictory, so many novice, including me, always feel very confused, at this time, you need to think for themselves, to practice, and there are many trivial work optimization. Need careful to do, I always believe mouchangqing a word from the teacher, the one thing you can do in the optimization, it can achieve the effect, I want to Links, if Links work perfectly, website optimization can get a good result.

4. weight as top level domain.

1. when the two domain is another main domain name two level domain name, then, when the main domain name of punishment, your site may also be affected.

do Links work, how to judge each other’s Links quality is the most difficult, and most importantly, this I believe we see a lot of data, I will not repeat, I am in the process of exchange Links, found that many people love clinging to an item of data, such as the PR value. For example, a snapshot, many webmaster friends often see the two as long as one does not meet the requirements, he said not even exchange sites are not open look, a shot, I can only lament, sometimes even feel that they feel a bit irresponsible. The PR value and snapshot dialectical online also has a lot of articles, here I do not repeat it, I believe we are easy to find related article. Here, I want to talk about the main exchange Links a controversial phenomenon, which is related to the two level domain name Links, here, I talk about some immature ideas, do so. If there is wrong, also want to master a lot of advice.

learning website optimization also has a time at work, slowly put the theory into practice, in the work constantly find problems, solve problems, especially some vague thoughts gradually become clear.

I do Links, found a lot of people in the exchange of information released Links, always a fringe, two domain names do not, from the beginning of the two level domain name thoroughly sentenced to death, some in the exchange process, especially low two level domain name, think of a new station or poor station directly for two websites are of high quality, but also think about it is preferential. When I asked some webmaster friends, why not do the two level domain, the answer is nothing more than the two level domain of flow instability ah, ah, the weight is not high, these, here, I want to give my opinion, firstly, analyze the disadvantages of the two level domain name to us.

2. web traffic ranking, the main domain two domain traffic will have to rely on the. This is because the default domain name is top ranking ALEXA.

here, we can.

Mobile payment Google search staff to adjust the heating Google Wallet


Bardeen also said that Google plans to play "in the field of mobile payments in the long term" role, and a large number of employees will be transferred to the core AdWords business Google WALLET business team, in order to help promote the development of Google mobile payment business. In the industry view, this shows that Google wallet will be a more preferred business. In fact, Google wallet is also very rapid, launched in three weeks after application, activate the number reached 2 million.

Google wallet (noble baby Wallet)


industry analysts believe that this move could herald a Google mobile payment and e-commerce business heating. In addition, there are many recent and mobile payment close event: the fingerprint sensor Touch ID to install Apple’s newly released iPhone 5S, iPhone 5S can enhance the security of mobile payment in business; not long before, eBay had a price of $800 million acquisition of electronic commerce payment procedures, Braintree; Jack Dorsey (· Jack Dorsey) Square can also allow iPhone or iPad users to complete the credit card payment service. (Warriors)

held this week in Las Vegas’s alternative currency and payment payment business meeting, Google vice president of product manager Ariel · Bardeen (Ariel Bardin) revealed that the Google Corporation is the core product of Adwords search advertising to adjust some of the staff mobile payment project team.

technology news Beijing time on October 9th morning news, according to U.S. technology blog Business Insider reported that Google will be its search advertising team employees adjust to Google wallet (a baby Wallet) group, and vigorously promote the business of Google wallet.

Foreign trade English website 9 days to optimize the noble baby second


conducted by the author in January 29th still ranked 180, the time is to use the web site administration tool nobility baby query, find the keyword has great maneuverability, ranking compared to other keyword website, is the front. Then, according to the worm reducers keyword to the corresponding English blog, BBS, released some technical articles, good anti chain. Finally in the efforts of the home page second


content is king, this saying is not without reason. But many people still have not to regard it as right. This is obviously wrong, whether it is from the website design or Shanghai dragon’s point of view, the content of the website is always the most important elements of the web site. Only high quality content can bring loyal users.

finally, I hope that we can exchange with a lot of foreign trade station of Shanghai Longfeng experience and methods of the QQ:493176623! Please reproduced in: 贵族宝贝wly-transmission贵族宝贝/

keyword optimization layout and reasonable inside chainThe Here I will talk about the

3: targeted release chain

of these days:

1: do the content on the website

Keywords worm reducers !

my third, internship in a foreign trade unit, do is to noble baby Shanghai Longfeng optimization and website construction. Now, a key site has finally come home second noble baby (below):

website, in addition to the quality and content to attract users, and the most important is to do keyword layout, and optimize the internal chain. From the navigation, bread crumbs navigation, tracking text links and related articles, a site map and so on, do the site within the chain. The site itself is very important for


Internet business is the more you study, the more you can’t earn more money, most people do!After 80

basically conforms to the above 6 characteristics, one of which belongs to the typical "learning powder"". If you have such a person, busy with lectures every day, busy with study, please leave him.

in our circle of friends, the two types of people are most diligent: one is busy recruiting offline micro business; a kind of mixed community looking for project learners.

as a learner’s point of view, what can be earned and used is knowledge. In addition, everything is a plaything for leisure time.

contemporary urban youth love playing games, games of various kinds, the red is "War Within Three Kingdoms". 6 years ago, a 20 year old sophomore created this long game. His name is Huang Kai, although only 26 years old this year, is the most senior "veteran domestic games creation".


diagram /

boys next door, the reporter interviewed the creators of popular games in China "War Within Three Kingdoms" and "Huang Kai lanterns king" Liu Pengfei, listen to them on their five mixed business history chen.

has the following characteristics for the popular learning powder:


achievement: the second grade college at the creation of "War Within Three Kingdoms", make it become the first Chinese contemporary popular original games, and enduring. In 2008 with the friends founded the tour card board Culture Development Co. Ltd., chief designer.

because these people are actually just a group of "learning powder" trying to quickly copy the successful people’s experiences and absorb the results of other people’s practice by paying a small amount of money and time and energy.


except for signature

Forbes, "China and the United States, 30 entrepreneurs under 30 years of age" list, appeared in several ordinary or even poor neighbor boy

theory is fierce, practice is weak into B really no money making life;

is >

always likes to flatter so and so friends, such a big coffee,

In order to explore the successful experience of the

Forbes recently released the "30 Sino US under 30 entrepreneurs list, the United States, the social networking site Facebook CEO Mark · Zuckerberg led a group of 80 to list the Internet is full of taste; China," two rich generation ", domestic top graduates and" returnees "to list" rich handsome features.

loves to talk about macro trends and trends in the industry;

on the surface, a handsome male beauties, gives the impression that the young, motivated to study social youth, elders in my eyes, this is what they made "a man of tremendous promise with" poor ", but no difference in grass root".

Huang Kai was born in 1986. Huang Kai’s parents are both teachers of a health school. In the memory of Huang Kai, parents have always been very supportive of his hobbies, his painting hobby has never been "strangled"".

text / reporter Zhang Qiang

Micro business

but the reporter noted that a few of the 30 Chinese upstart on the list were from the ordinary, even poor, neighborhood boys who were able to make progress on the road to entrepreneurship today.


see what money, learn what to do where can see the figure;

"interest is the most important thing.". A few days ago, I met some of the entrepreneurs on my list, and many of them took my attitude. For example, the founder of Beijing’s jagged Jiang Lei, he founded the network of blood and blood, is because he grew up loving the military, and now successful, is based on personal interest on the basis of success."

sees a big coffee or a fake big coffee, asks to hold the thigh;

often put the Internet concept word Guazaizuibian;

trick off the assembly line, it can be said that the 90% micro business income is not as those who carry bricks site; mixed community for the project learning, better than micro business also suffer, even the cost of learning does not come back to earn.

from the elder brother’s personal learning experience, every day only 30 minutes of learning mainly reading, and basically do not go to any training, unless the training of high-end people for example, the president class, is the president. More, think about how to absorb 30 minutes of knowledge every day, apply to work, apply to the layout of the enterprise.

provided by the interviewee

"game industry will become increasingly fierce competition, I do not mind. It is good that everybody makes this cake together. I don’t like to think about money. Money is not the end of life, but money really is the foundation of food and clothing and talent."

talking about wealth:


" in the human nature of "pretend" to describe, not for the past.

< >


maybe you’ll find the topic ridiculous. How can the learning more can’t make money? But it is undeniable! The most typical group, is the logic of thinking of public number inside that group of poor grass root, astronomy and geography, humanity history, ancient and modern events can speak with professional experts, closely reasoned and well argued, they do not make money.

, aged 26, from Fujian, Fuqing, is a teacher of hygiene school, graduated from Communication University of China in 2008.

When the webmaster’s puberty meets the mother of menopause

as an ordinary personal webmaster, we sleep later than the dog, up than the chicken is still early. We have a lot of positive "puberty", originally relatively hot blood, we open every day, no exaggeration to say that the first thing is to open the computer, check the rankings, to see included. Even hush hush, all in the back, we do the webmaster’s easy, but recently the degree of "menopause" more and more serious?. "Temper" irritable not to say, included said drop down, website K you did not discuss. Even ranking is also several times a day change. Mainly in the last few months:

, a "520" on a webmaster believe that this is a very hard to forget the day, we worked hard to do stand by Baidu plucking, included all of a sudden in the rankings plummeted! A few pages away, some owners said that Baidu has a new algorithm, we want to change with the Baidu page variable. Others say Baidu has problems with its internal data. All sorts of conjectures have proved that the degree of "menopause" is becoming more and more obvious. Even a period of time "menopause", and Baidu snapshot back, back in the past.

two, "628" degree Niang, "exhaust" again, the hope of our webmaster spilled in the field, some webmaster to degree Niang lost confidence. Baidu why again hurt us? Just stationmaster analyzed, the reasons are as follows: most of the profits of Baidu from bidding, can we these personal webmaster and SEOER we seriously affected the revenue for Baidu, Baidu, and then, again but three change algorithm is nothing more than make us feel SEOER to make some pressure, to give up the bid and to do the optimization of the people feel not reliable optimization and variability, and then added to Baidu bidding in the army. Furthermore, for those who have joined the Baidu army people have some relief, and stability.

three, this does not know some owners find that Baidu recently ranked in a day for many times, is very unstable, and the same page snapshot sometimes different keyword search out different, it is hard to read. Why did Baidu have such a big move in recent months? Did 2012 of the big earthquakes and floods start with Baidu? Let’s wait and see.

finally to set some suggestions when we met the "adolescence" Baidu "menopause" we want to change the status quo, we optimized in accordance with the previous optimization way, don’t be included, rankings, the influence of these snapshots. I wish you webmaster target keyword row to the price in front of. This article was written by webmaster network group purchase big moon cake, please indicate the source.

It is easier to do small websites than to cast a net

China small owners have 3 million, how much money can be an easy job to do? Because? Don’t make money that no future in this field? In order to find the cause of the site does not make money, the long time do the investigation and analysis, we can draw the conclusion that "a bigger and more successful".

now many webmaster (especially new entry), do when the site is generally blindly, see the Internet website XXX said recently very fire, and immediately find a program registration meters start station, which leads to the homogeneous site too much, we all know that the "rarity". Even if it is to make money, many people do the big competition, so less money. So, before doing web site, must do research and planning, clear the theme of their website, below I will be a real case to illustrate:

a few days ago I registered the domain name FEICHENGWURAO.LA, ready to do a If You Are The One program website, a novice webmaster to communicate with me, he wants me to happy camp, we date such programs are put up, said that some programs see a lot of people, in the online search a lot, see the related the search volume is really good, but I’m on the spot of this friend said No, I made If You Are The One related content, the other is not to do, he is very confused, ask me why? I told him the reason:

1. site to focus on, and content to do with the theme and domain name collocation is good, just to the so-called SEO;

2. site should be dedicated to facilitate organization of content and promotion;

3., from the user experience degree, others come in certainly hope to see you are the one thing, not other programs;

4. is too miscellaneous, easy to distract their attention and input, it is difficult to do well, to the last one is not done well.

you can see some of my If You Are The One program website, which sets only five columns, are closely related, respectively, If You Are The One promo video album, host, If You Are The One If You Are The One If You Are The One If You Are The One program reviews, guests personal data, the advantage of this is that I can devote to this station, users can I this station to know all information relating to the If You Are The One.

because of the time, I will not talk about, we should as far as possible to refine the website when (including the trade area, thinning, thinning) that focus on one point, than spamming more successful, and the site is not much, in essence. Finally, I wish all of you will be able to achieve great success in 2010.

Seriously do the station, Baidu will not abandon you

began to do blog six months ago, every day to seriously update their original (to do the program is good, and write their own experience, that is, original). From Baidu included my blog, the amount of each week has increased. I feel very solid, and never worry about being dropped by Baidu K.

combined with his experience of blog, he began planning to do the station. A total of 2 weeks of busy, in May 30th this, finally on-line, as of today, I have updated more than 100 articles, most of them for their original material to find the original article. But depressed is submitted to Baidu for a week, or not included, the two day to ADMIN5 at the beginning of June, found that Baidu is finishing his collection. Some stations are K, some stations are re included, a busy scene……

combination of blog experience, as long as conscientiously do the station, Baidu will not abandon you. And it won’t mess with you, K.

What are the incentives for users to motivate those perfect users

what is user motivation? User motivation simply means motivating the user to act as a product, to create a product atmosphere, or even to be part of the user’s value.

user incentive means, generally speaking, is integral, grade, medal, wealth, privilege, in fact, is not what fresh, the human instinct of desire, eager to meet the psychological, because the primary afflictions is human nature, greed, greed, users will want to high levels of wealth to privilege, anger the user is jealous, is competition, ignorance is persistent, a cut above others, the user is the collection of medal of love…… Simple, crude and useful.

1, what is the perfect means of user motivation,


meets the user’s core requirements or enables users to realize their own value

is the most direct example is WeChat (WeChat to take this), no integral grade, no skin privilege, no value-added services and all kinds of privileges, but without prejudice to the WeChat mobile Internet era is the most successful social products, even the most successful products.

is undoubtedly a wonderful existence.

2, conventional weapons, how to use


not every product can be like WeChat have favorable conditions, not every product manager can like Allan niubi. Integral, grade, medal, wealth value, privilege these means something like fiscal deficit, appropriate fiscal deficits can promote economic development, but not blind.. Because all the products seem to be available, but to consider whether to use, what means, how to use.

2.1 social product

strictly speaking, all social products should not have such incentives, for social products, incentive tools short-term results, but in the long run, is likely to damage the ecology of the product. Because the integral, rating and ranking for users in the product operation and behavior of concrete and absolute evaluation, but can not determine the user’s behavior motivation, once the user’s motivation for purely integral, set decoration, brush earned wealth, consequence is micro-blog.

– for experience, sign in every day and write "


upgrade daily N quotations, chicken soup jokes,

in order to get a medal, to brush a pile of meaningless topic, micro-blog

in order to get a game pack, send several games, advertising "micro-blog


– to focus on other users in order to integrate, and that undermines micro-blog’s core relationship chain,

it is not difficult to do, all kinds of operation and behavior of core functions of integral level rules and corresponding products, micro-blog at this point must be done, once the user’s attention from the normal use of the product is transferred to the incentive, but let the whole product more "noise", bad money drives out good the coin, pushed the normal use of the user.