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Leaves Shanghai dragon website ranking optimization factors detailed picture

3, mark. Only a clear picture is not enough, if we in order to highlight the picture of a content or features should be marked in the picture with, such as red arrow, red box etc.. This can make the picture more easily express what we want to express the content of.

1. We were in the insert picture website content, should pay attention to the size of the picture, if during the insertion process, the picture is too large, will affect the loading speed of the website, very expensive. So in the picture, should pay attention to the size of the image.

6, the original picture. In the insert picture for web content, it is best to use the original photograph or make pictures, do not think that the search engine can not read the picture, you can use a picture without being found in the search engine.

, what is the image processing

5, add ALT tags to the picture. The ALT tag a comment is equivalent to the picture, then in the search engines crawl the content of the article is unable to read the picture content, so if you add detailed ALT tags to this picture, is equivalent to tell search engines this picture is what kind of content. Help search engines crawl on the picture and picture classification ranking.

4, the name of the picture. The name of the picture, many people think it does not matter, the picture name should match the pictures with the theme, the best English said. Such as: we want to insert a decoration effect diagram in the article, so that we can give this picture named Domestic outfit rendering.jpg, this is just a detail optimization.

image processing is modified, landscaping, etc. on the thumbnail pictures. We have long said the picture processing refers to the processing of the images using the software. But we at the time for web content, image processing not only to modify and beautify the picture, we have the pictures to the search engine grab or crawling operation optimization.



website optimization.The size of

in the website optimization process, not only to focus on the site title, description, navigation and other internal optimization, in the processing of web content, if the picture appears in the content. We should also be on the picture for refinement, and only deal with these details, and we can be beneficial and ranking optimization. Optimization of processing below we together to discuss the website pictures.

2, the picture quality. In the insert picture is content to the user experience, make it easier for users to understand, pictures and text easier to clear explanation. So we in the insert picture process, should pay attention to the quality of the picture, first of all to ensure clear picture, as far as possible the use of HD picture.



concluded: we are in the process of optimized website, should pay attention to every detail.

Shanghai yesterday issued a notice about love to update and watch my after 4%-5%

above, I think at least in the body can be seen in the June 28K station was K out of the station, as long as careful modification, still have a chance to be included, love Shanghai this update is quite normal, although I was in the K station on half, but it is possible to identify problems, I hope everyone has a careful analysis of your site, don’t because of love to Shanghai, it always returns home, by Xiao Shenyang of K film 贵族宝贝bj>

IP is a K*1 server to replace the home page


is a wedding join in the website, did not do a good job on the line, by K in June 28th, during the change of the WordPress program, a template, take seriously the absolute pseudo original, or join the wedding related content, the current recovery included, but home is still K. Another station is only included the home page.

5 is a pure collection, five articles, a movie station. Another is only linked to a single page, so did not return is normal, looking forward to have time for Shanghai to continue to love the station included.

in the hands of a movie station, through June 28, but did not survive the two K stations in July, a K away home, followed by plucking. The reason is not collected but selling links, after all the links are removed, including Links and selling links, the results of the second day on the release of the home page and previously included in the content page. And start ranking, third days before K was restored in all levels, the main keywords ranking love Shanghai home before 3, but in a ranking of the pages are not. Personally think that the review period, Shanghai was still in love. The day before yesterday I close because of traffic problems to site from the virtual host to change VPS, change IP. Then this morning I found the home page is K, so the basic reason is because the IP server that change, look forward to the end of the audit of Shanghai love to put out ~

yesterday love Shanghai Webmaster Platform again announced, said it would continue to update a algorithm. The statement said this update will affect about 4%-5% keyword search results, mainly in order to fight wild collection, super chain cheating. And that this update algorithm accuracy will reach a very high level.

has not yet returned to *6

but love Shanghai did not give a specific update time today, I carefully watched the hands of the site is about 13. Everything is normal (snapshot update, yield increase or decrease in the normal range, ranking *4 normal) one of the wedding industry portal, a single novel website, a recruitment website, a local forum, of which there are more or less a collection of questions and pseudo original, but on this basis may pay more attention to the user friendliness of

is the other type of website to be included *2


How to earn hundreds of new Adsense How do you make your website a money making machineThe happy len

by http://zxrj.ledou5 Admin5 first

learning tyrant transformation

Sina Technology, Mu Yuanyuan,

side to Han, absolutely can be called a full learning tyrants, but still very determined to learn tyrants.

1988, young Fang Han was admitted with honors University of Science & Technology China junior class, in the boom, she silently in my heart to go to study in the United States, the fact that hard work pays off, after 4 years, Fang Han successfully admitted to Columbia University by the United States, and a full scholarship.

recently met a lot of friends on the Internet to make money, but also communicate with them about the experience of making money on the internet.

novices make money on websites?

Fang Yihan, should be good credit general manager. When she saw her, she had just come back from a meeting, and there was another meeting for her at night. This rhythm and state began with the day when she entered the gate of faith, and she was used to it.

sum up advertising, advertising alliance is either you do station group, or a large site, if you want to rely on small content station, is very difficult to earn more money, unless you stand really very cow, but for the novice to do a very difficult 2000IP.

Taobao, it can be said that a lot of people on the Internet know that a profitable method is also very popular. For some novice webmaster is also very appropriate, but see what you do products.

is comfortable and comfortable, obviously not the archer’s side, the way she loves life. She loves a challenging life. So in the end of 2011, she decided to quit the hard work to the American high school, give up more than ten years of accumulated circles and contacts, to China — that she cherished place. Just returned to her, a moment does not stop, then with her "perfect plan" and a cavity of enthusiasm, went straight to the tide of entrepreneurship.

at that time, Fang Han also thought about studying professional knowledge, and constantly expand their horizons. During his studies at Columbia University, he was awarded a master’s degree in astronomy and master of electronic engineering.

side to Han

advertising alliance

however, no matter how many flowers, applause, praise or commendation, we all look very pale. In her heart, there was a place that had not been touched, and only she knew it.


advertising is a very effective way to make money many webmaster by advertising to money, but also a long-lasting website to make money project, how to do the advertising alliance is also some of the doorway, to make money on advertising alliance depends on the flow and key words, the garbage roots do not make money, only a little a few cents, since the advertising alliance will do advertising keyword prices high, but how to choose? Get hot. For example, the current "financial", this is a good keywords, and the price is also very good.

Taobao customers want to make money on mastering some of the technology, then you have to go online learning, if you learn the experience, and then do Commission more stations.

and after more than ten years of work process, Fang Han also learned, will learn from the school of knowledge into practice, she in the United States listed company IAC/Ask, had served as vice president of product marketing director at CUnet. Because of a serious and responsible work, work resolutely work during the Fang Han always get colleagues and partners with recognition and praise.


family, in the other shore of the United States, career, but in china. He will stay in China for most of his time. For the family, for her two sons, in addition to the deep yearning, more is gratified. In her own words, western education has made two children independent since childhood, and with the understanding and support given by their families, it is now possible for them to be at ease in this "struggle" career.

Adsense feeds

just want to make money on advertising alliance webmaster is not only a station, it is to rely on money to the station group, is to do a lot of station, and then collected articles, automatic management of the website, if you rely on manpower to update the website, original articles of words, unless you are bigger or some other type a long-term development needs of the station, if only to advertising, just need to do station group can, and do well is a lot of money, I have seen people do a station inside the most cattle, one word at a time up to $twenty. But the average word is about 0.38 dollars per knife.

side often referred to himself as "the Seagull", always shuttling back and forth across the Pacific ocean. It all started with the meeting at the end of 2011.

Downing, Yixin group, CEO. In terms of words, she is one of the many people who have come into contact with many investors after returning home, and she is a very charming and enterprising person

novice webmaster recommended to explore some commission good products and good index of sh419 keyword, it is beneficial to the optimization of multi products competition, after all, the Commission is also large, for the novice and just do this for the webmaster optimization is hard to get good rankings, the money is not talk, I have seen a lot of people did not earn a penny and give up, so webmaster want to have patience, patience is not what you do.

How do

said the last point, the network is very profitable, but still need Wangzhuan knowledge and patience, otherwise you can hardly earn wealth from the network.

Pulsating new system, virtual popups, re launchedBeginner might look to teach you how to do Wangzhua

virtual pop-up pop-up rate higher, content for A8 music.

, but what’s the result? Do, do, go, never get a penny. Is subject to a few dollars, is also very poor when you look at others, tens or hundreds of dollars in

first as a new Wangzhuan your relationship, all kinds of resources relatively scarce, so you don’t want to eat a big fat man. Watching other people make so much money, don’t be jealous. It doesn’t have anything to do with you.

pulse new system, virtual popups re on-line, 3 yuan /1000IP.

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if this advertisement suits you, please go to union official address:


Adsense network alliance information release group: 5084047

you want to do Wangzhuan, first you have to know what kind of people the most suitable for their own. What are your strengths? Choose your best project according to your strengths. I believe you on a variety of ways SkyDrive, click Wangzhuan, registered mail, surfing, wake…… I knew it long ago, and I will not detail it here again. For example, you have a lot of good resources such as software. You can consider SkyDrive downloads to make money in this way. Your own writing ability is high enough to consider writing. If you do not want to move your head, but like to start, you can consider clicking on making money.

if you are the Commissioner of the league, please give me the latest information and we will send it to you for the first time. Feedback

first let you know the domestic league dynamics,

! !

you want to make money SkyDrive, then just do SkyDrive, every day unremittingly to domestic and foreign forums, blog, can publish articles, leave a message in the place of your download link address. The camouflage and description skills required, I’m sure I won’t teach you any more. When you do this Wangzhuan project to receive money, your confidence will be very high up to

welcome webmaster active launch.

do not ask that within a week you start in a variety of Wangzhuan Wangzhuan site registered less than 10 in your account.

first put the words of this: as a novice to do Wangzhuan, must concentrate on doing a project. Not all!!! This is not a matter of one or two days, the first 3 months of not making money.

I I want to webmaster Wangzhuan is not a what Wangzhuan master. I just hope that through this article more new Wangzhuan less confused, a little more confident

Admin5 union channel every day to see ah, a lot of money online information.

is the result of his more blind, even all Wangzhuan training, tutorials, software or even cheated money temptation.

first if you do Wangzhuan for a long time, earn money. Please don’t look down. In this paper, and write Wangzhuan novice.

more League information goes on: http://top.admin5/u

no matter what is the reason for your choice of wangzhuan. But remember at any time, since you have chosen, you must stick to it,

as a beginner you must, in the face of the flying Wangzhuan information loss.

collecting screenshots while impatient fire. Even feel very depressed. In the tide of Wangzhuan lost myself. I can’t find my way forward.


if you want to do click to make money. That’s the same

according to their actual situation, choose the most suitable for one to do. There is a very practical problem. Your computer speed is fast, do Wangzhuan will also have the advantage.

He smashed the pain of your dream and dream platform of domestic entrepreneurs foreverAs long as the

my first step has been fulfilled, and then I came to understand that the stand of the novel belongs to the regular station and is very promising, just to do it. It’s important to do a website and insist on it. So I paid six hundred yuan for the best novel

after a few days of exploration, I set my goal, must be divided into three steps: the first step is to engage in a near future can earn the money the station several thousand dollars a month., solve the problem of existence of himself; the second step is to engage in a promising station, can make their own live moisture several million per month it; the third step is to expand the business, success hundreds of thousands per month.

since I came here, and now contact more than 130 entrepreneurial projects, very few can see a clear platform project. What impressed me most is a may develop into a collection of creative, design, production and logistics platform closed-loop niche products, the industry and the population is very rare the project at present very well. In contrast, domestic entrepreneurs, try to hang on the lips of only one sentence, "I want to do a XXX industry field platform", you have had such caliber,

, in a domestic exchange meeting, domestic counterparts said, "the entrepreneurial environment is very bad now.". Why not? All kinds of factors finally lead to pressure without exception. Many entrepreneurs are forced to start their own business. But it is because the environment is not good, so now the entrepreneurs are very impetuous, think of a project, up to three months to six months, no withdrawal, and this project, most unexpectedly also is to target platform. Now, I have to say, if possible, don’t try to be a platform.

I used to think that only those who master computer technology Wangzhuan to play things, so for a long time with no real network contact Wangzhuan shock. Later, after more than a month of Wangzhuan experience, let me realize that, do Wangzhuan doesn’t necessarily need a lot of technology, as long as you want to do! Some experience higher below I like some beginners to talk about my personal, hope can bring some inspiration.

! Before

undeniably, the domestic entrepreneurial environment is very harsh, high cost, low reporting, survival pressure, competitiveness and so on are very important factors affecting the entrepreneurial trend and entrepreneurial awareness. Coupled with the monopoly of Tencent, Ali, sh419 several large companies, many entrepreneurs thinking has changed, that only do platform or become a platform, in order to survive, to become bigger and stronger. I don’t know the survival rate of the venture products that have been positioned so far, but I think there should be a small number of them.

many people only saw the Tencent platform, see Ali’s platform, see the sh419 platform, but they have ignored the most important point, that is, the development process. Any real business projects or products that may not be in the second half of this year to yibudengtian. There are even some early product positioning is very accurate, early development is very smooth, but doing a platform, why? A part is to see the capital injection, self-confidence instantly bursting, think the time has come to the platform. Another part is to see similar products began to move towards the road, unable to stand the gas, but also began to transition. As a result, users are all out of the capital.


time is over. In today’s soaring prices, time is even more precious. Can not do this, be flexible! No technology, I can please technology, not a station, I can buy ready-made stand, well, can not be so waste time. Other people with technology can start from scratch. I don’t have the technology to invest.

a few days ago and are several domestic entrepreneurs to communicate in a general understanding of the micro-blog private letter, location and status of several different projects, have to say, business people, please give up the dream of


majored in pharmaceutics, worked for many years in the wholesale of drugs, and later changed from casual to online. At the beginning, I know little about the knowledge of the Internet, even the domain name can not be resolved. But this can not stop my confidence to engage in Wangzhuan, others can learn, I can learn. So I went to the bookstore to buy a new site to do the book, I want to learn how to start the site. Read a few days, basically understand a number of domain names, space and things like that. Far away from the goal of their own station is still far away.


so, I spent six thousand yuan to buy two movie stations and advertising, which are movie network and 00 nine movies I don’t know the price is expensive or not, anyway, think it is worth to buy down, this money relative to the traditional industry, don’t count the money. interested friends can refer to help me through advertising in some movie search on the site, the traffic guide to my website, and then hang up ads on my website, earn advertising alliance. Now two stations, advertising revenue per day can reach more than two hundred yuan, a month has been back to ben. Later, I learned that "garbage station", "sh419 included" and the like, Khan, fortunately, although not much, but I make money, at least live. The teacher once told me, "first to be alive, and then to think about how to live better." I think it makes sense.

advise those who want to do and doing a dream platform of domestic entrepreneurs, unless you have a certain amount of resources, capital, experience and so on, cannot but not to, don’t try to do a platform. For the first time, was just a chat software, and Taobao was just a web browser

later, I finished my account, like me, zero tech people, to be familiar with, do station estimation takes half a year, and then find out how to make money, I’m afraid two years.

Share search activity room net experience of one year of operation

established "search activities room network", but also through friends there to understand the activities of the housing industry, the current industry engaged in a lot of people, the market is more intense. From Baidu search, there are thousands of such companies web site. But the industry website is very few, ranking is not very good, was also very happy, officially a good opportunity to enter the internet.

then began to establish planning website at the end of 2010, in the early establishment, select the domain name is very difficult, a lot of effort, also asked the friend’s advice, first choice "housing" and China Chinese but related domain names have been registered, because often pay close attention to this website and their website domain name is The name of the web site with a "search" word, I will do, and my own web site plus that "search" word is also very pleasant to hear, and my site is also related to the house, called "search mobile housing network" it. In this way, I registered a domain name, it really is the blessing of Soufangwang ah.


site in the choice of the above program also had a lot of trouble, just began to want to use PowerEasy CMS, that is the content of the management system for the classification and optimization, has a lot of advantages to generate static, but then consider the site is the nature of the industry, if visitors registered, should build a business of their own home is good, so I gave up powereasy. Occasionally found in a forum, destoon this procedure. After the test, it feels good. Thank you very much, destoon company has provided us with such a good program.

program is good, and then is how to establish a web site, the site after the content of the planning, template production, with a month’s time, and the 2010 Spring Festival period formally launched.

, first of all, it is important for you to determine the title and name of your website. When we write the title of the website, also has some problems, while also turn over 4 times, each time when the change is also very worried, afraid to be Baidu K station, fortunately Baidu think our website is good, let us have a ha ha, but once I remember later after changing the title, site add article not be included, the snapshot is not updated, after a few days. In addition, I also made a Baidu Encyclopedia of our website, with its own connection. When the website is not updated snapshot, I re edit the wiki, as we all know, if Baidu Encyclopedia has changed, his snapshot is updated quickly, and then through the inside of the Wikipedia web site, your site is also updated snapshot, this is quite the soul Oh, to share to you.

is currently being maintained by three people and is expected to expand its editorial staff this year. What I focus on is the originality of the website. Stationmaster stands the method that website optimizes a lot of, the post that other people sends >!

Be a skilled webmaster and translate your ideas into reality

technology has been controversial for webmaster development role, but now the brutal competition before, only rely on the common forum program or document management system fits the personal site has no way out. Individual stationmaster never lacked originality, but the lack of ideas into reality, to achieve the goal of creative, can rely on capital investment, but this is precisely the most personal weakness, no money to make many Internet elite individual owners willing to bear the infamy". That rely on their own technology to achieve creativity, personal webmaster has become a more realistic choice, I will share with you the next four steps of transition technology master experience.

the first step, select the development platform

select language, a promising web development language and database, I recommend php/mysql, because PHP is currently the most active development platform in Web field, free and easy to learn and easy to use. There are other language choices, such as and so on.

second, introductory learning,

language after going to the bookstore to buy the book with this language entry words, if conditions allow the two proposals at the same time, this do not understand to the same chapters, from different angles on you will suddenly see the light.

third, consolidate and improve

can start writing simple little programs, such as web submission, save and so on. In addition, you can go to some professional programming sites to participate in communication and discussion. Such as CSDN,,, and so on.

third, really started developing

after a period of hard work, you can really start writing or modifying the work of other programs. When you have problems, you should go to the programming forum for help. At this time not to a problem hard, in order to achieve the function for the purpose of use while learning, you will gradually find that there had been a person to call you master.

well, first said this, I wish you an early site early successful in the official career.

A new residential homes

closely linked to the current fashion, based on market demand to find business opportunities, is the last word! With the Indoorsman Indoorswoman team continues to expand, more and more people love at home, stay at home, it will also opened a home near the business district near the open market!


open leisure book:


now stores China Manicure such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain, just a few years, Manicure employees has reached tens of thousands of people, 1/5 beauty salon added Manicure project. In western developed countries, as long as the occupation permit, people will increase the service. Nail can be divided into crystal armor, silk armor, a patch, carved art class. Nail fashion women to fashion based, which has a certain degree of consumption of white-collar workers. As long as the domestic nail professional school to learn about 20 days, you can grasp the basic skills and operating skills nail.

a fotocall phase:

fotocall 10 years has been popular in Japan, it is said that the average Japanese female students have 500 ~ 1000 stickers, stickers have become the representative image, and even replace signature potential. Open a fotocall phase it naturally profitable, although one take charge ten dollars, but are especially popular with young people, more customers, so a month to earn five thousand or six thousand yuan basically no problem.

model soft hoop


starting from the market, starting from the District, above, Xiaobian for you to cite a few more suitable for home in the vicinity of the neighborhood to do a good project, good business, I hope to help you find a market for your business!

Analysis of female entrepreneurship

is different from the man who dares to fight stroke strength, many women are too weak, so start up under, as if fierce tigers industry background, will inevitably suffer, want to achieve career success is very difficult, in order to ensure that women can work out a small entrepreneurial world, following small series analysis by Li Jing success and we come to a female entrepreneurship!

in Li Jing, the most commendable is her entrepreneurial spirit. The choice of life seems to have a lot of kinds, choose which one has a bright future, but she never let a dream in the heart of the fate, into the mind from "their own" idea, then she threw into all his passion and effort.

At the beginning of

Thorough investigation of tourist attractions in the city food safety

July 30th, reporters from the city food and drug supervision and Management Bureau, according to the Xining tourism in the golden period, scenic spots received a surge in the number of regulatory pressures, the actual security risks highlighted, will be carried out on the tourist attractions and the surrounding catering service unit food safety special inspections within the city.
the special inspection in order to further promote the catering units to implement the main responsibility, strengthen food safety supervision, and constantly improve the Xining city tourist attractions catering service food safety level. First, strengthen leadership, the implementation of the main responsibility. Adhere to the tourist season during the tourist attractions catering service food safety supervision as the focus of the current work, strengthen the organization and leadership, early deployment, refine the work program, the implementation of regulatory responsibility. Two is a clear focus on risk supervision. The reception point to tourist attractions and the surrounding catering service units, rural tourism (farmhouse, tea), tour dinner reception unit, along the highway service area catering service units for key units, the procurement of raw materials, production of cold dish, pastry pastry making, raw seafood processing, cleaning and disinfection tableware, food distribution, and use the management of food additives, food sample as the key link, carried out special rectification, early detection of problems, rectification in place, eliminating food safety hazards. Three is severely punished to ensure effective. Strictly tourist attractions all types of food service units graded management of food service units, do announced quantitative classification management for dynamic evaluation results timely, so as to guide the tourists to the quantitative classification rating of high dining catering service unit. At the same time strengthen cooperation with the local tourism administrative departments, and earnestly strengthen the special rectification of tourist attractions, to ensure the effectiveness of the work. Four is to strengthen duty, timely response to disposal. Implementation of holiday travel peak duty system, duty officers to strictly perform their duties, to ensure that 24 hours of smooth 12331 complaints, to do preventive measures.