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Love Shanghai two little-known search engine named super practical

love Shanghai advanced search syntax in the site, domain, intite, inurl, etc. in the search for specific analysis of the essential common query engine optimization, in addition to these common outside, today I compiled 2 little-known grammar specified to you one by one analysis, in search of resources, analysis of competitors the effect of tracking, such as network link, will play a very important role.

love Shanghai search results URL specified: lm

practical value: two 1, find the latest love Shanghai included in the target page, you can see the basic seconds before the results of the past we pay attention to the latest news Shanghai news may only see love, but too limited, confined to the news pages included. 2, can be arranged in chronological order, the relevant information within 24 hours at a glance, I often use the specified, collect the latest quality content of liver disease in the industry, and released to the www.gb0731贵族宝贝/meitibaodao/ station, the site content fresh, original degree provides much help, of course more use value, so you can to dig.

example: A5 domain name query when love Shanghai domain included: the result is the day to query: 574 records

A5 yesterday held in Shanxi hot webmaster meeting, the media coverage, we specified by RTT search the latest what website reported, and in a few minutes to a few hours ago, in order to return the results of a total of 19 records, it seems that everyone in Shanxi station the general assembly also paid more attention to.

Practical value: the

interpretation: the domain name specified in Shanghai love also perform search results URL, access to the latest search results, according to the latest published sequence, common values corresponding to 1. said love Shanghai within 24 hours of collection of information retrieval. You can specify the search box and the common combination of practical


is the author of practical experience, to provide you with a >



For example

interpretation: the domain name specifies the execution in Shanghai love search results in URL, in a limited period of time to return search results, LM 4 and 1, 7, 30365 respectively; 1 days to 1 years, with the common search box combination utility specified.

specified with the domain, site, combined with the use of search key, do some evaluation of the effectiveness of the work cycle of content such as the day, with new reputation effect, the day included the construction of the chain effect of the day.

2. love Shanghai search results URL designation: rtt

How to restore the site to search engine drop right after

will regularly update the content of

Links is very important for the website, if your website link is right down the site, it is very likely that you will be implicated. When the site is down right after the discovery.


be careful review of Links

A snapshot of to understand the reason of the site is down right

site is down right after the website will be updated very slowly, the website ranking and included the number decreased significantly, while the post is also difficult to be included in the search engine. When confronted with this situation, some webmaster do not update the chain, also do not, just wait for the weight of the search engine to restore the site, but the result is such a long time snapshot is still no change, or even the entire site is K off. This is because in the down right after the search engine is still the same as before on your website, but your site has been included in the study period, the content of the website search engine you update will also be included, but not like before, immediately put out. If you think the search engines do not pay attention to your site and cherish chances or give up, so that a search engine will think this site is not suitable for search experience and direct K off. So the site is down right after, we must update the original content every day, at the same time on the site to do some high quality of the chain, so continue to persist, the weight of the next update when the search engine will gradually restore the site.

first we should understand why, our website is down right, search engines are not without any cause or reason put to K off site, although the love in Shanghai after the announcement said a few websites victimizes the guarantee will be restored in the next update, but if you now the website or it doesn’t work at all, then it is certainly not the. So we should calm down and analyze the problem, find out why the site was down the right, such as a web site before the amount of pseudo original or collection of articles, whether the frequent replacement of the site title and description to the right down, only a clear cause site is down right, it can be an antidote against the disease to solve the problem.

since June 22-28, a large number of sites affected by the love of Shanghai big update is down right after, so far has been a month of time, love in the greater Shanghai after the update announcement also made a statement, said the weight of part of the site will also re slowly recovery in the next big update. But these two days of browsing in the A5 forum, saw a large number of owners of the site did not restore the weight as expected, it also caused a lot of webmaster complaining. In fact, we all want to get the weight recovery site, but if your site has yet to return to the weight, then we will study the reason.


Improve the site included the amount of four experience

three. Mao Benwen effect of website content included speed factor

, a website where the soul is the content, search the user needs is fundamental to find to meet their needs, then why are some web content included fast? Some website content included slow? First we content to have certain significance to the user, if some of the key that very short dozens of words most of the content of about 100 words to express the full text of the article, the natural quality of degree is not too high, the search engine that love text more, and original content to help users, followed by our website needs to have a certain weight, if it is a new station? Because its weight is too low, even if the content in the well can not be to quickly included in the realm, although love Shanghai this year for the contents of this adjustment algorithm, then we need to show net operation for a period of time Before you.

recently have friends to reflect such a situation that its website with the previous pages included ratio is much smaller than before, some of the sites included hundreds of thousands a day, now tens of hundreds of small, pro in the 28tui forum, the chain suddenly lose weight today, advertising area 28tui the forum could do anchor text link now can not do to lose weight, Pro for the recent love of Shanghai web page included this sums up some experiences of improving site included the number:

to talk about those factors will affect the content included speed, website weight mentioned above is on the one hand, the quality of the length of the other hand is the content of the more profound impression is the horizon forum, before the link here just in the Tianya forum, day habit easily searched, even for a minute was included, the weight of visible Tianya forum is quite high. In addition to above mentioned remember do not know why suddenly 28tui could do link anchor text content into the present can not do the anchor text link, as shown in figure

two. Influence the website included speed weight saturation

thin waist anchor text links do not display this place, may be 2 days before the others to write a report on some forum not included studies by long Mu >

. What kind of website content included fast

every website itself can be calculated in a certain stage about weight, often focus on some webmaster circle friends believe that there is also noted that the station network, Shanghai dragon why, 28tui, im286 of the overall page webmaster often go circle basic one time even for a long time the number included is the basic fixed, might rise this month, thousands of included, next month and reduce thousands of tens of thousands, and if you are careful observation you will find these sites almost every day a new page is included to release, why not increase the overall number is up? Is the site of the weight and the whole the page number included the proportion is saturated.

In the

The chain station chain free Henzhao analytical weights in the blog

first asked: in love inside the Shanghai looking for a relatively high weight of the blog, the premise is to comment and leave the URL of the blog Oh, of course this blog page has a total program called comment.

but this morning I was a bit surprised by the harvest, in time for the change Links found a very cattle, since you can easily in high weight blog free to do a Links. Oh, I, that excited ah. Under the following simple method.


today let me depressed for a morning, because the update site snapshot not every day, in a morning Links didn’t see the lower right corner of the desktop computer Penguin flash, too sad.

In fact, the

I want to look at the 2 picture smart you should understand the meaning! Well, today and everyone here, those who speak well please place the exhibitions. If you have any comments or questions please add group of exchange of questions for this article.

, thank you!

Please look at the picture below:

process is so simple, my writing ability is not very good, so that everyone laughed at, in order to let everyone can understand the method of sharing.

finally left Adsense exchange QQ group: 139737982. This article consists of: 贵族宝贝 original, reproduced please retain the copyright

operation: when you find some meet the conditions of the blog, you only need to he (she) blog one of the article comments will be displayed in the station. Of course, if the real comment Oh, friend P: you don’t mess, or blogger will delete your comment.


Summarize the reasons and methods are not included in the new love Shanghai

garbage site3, the chain

according to the above reason, summarize the method. (because some methods we have been very clear, said here on

) Before

4, a spider has climbed your website, only in the assessment period without the release of your content.

6, check your domain name is K, through the chain analysis of the domain name is registered before, whether it is K. But the impact should not be too large, if the content of the website has a large number of updates from the previous corresponding domain name and website content should be different, over a period of time will be included.

first listed first, because new sites not be collected:

. The new station every day to send some high quality of the chain on the site more weight on this, may we all know, I also not repeat, but you can look at the new station outside the chain, the best 4-5 every day, not too much is too little.

If the domain name is

first look at your site, according to a love of Shanghai, then check their index, if the index amount of congratulations to you, don’t worry too much, updated articles included wait for it. You can also check your site search log file has no Baiduspider.

2, robots file, robots.txt file settings are correct. This may be ignored, can go to check your robots.txt file, by the way, if the site does not have the robots.txt file, the best upload a robots.txt file. It can regulate the spider crawling content, avoid spider climb some important content and content of

5, this is the reason I met before, when using the site just on the line when the test is two level or three level domain name domain name. When you may test has blocked the spider crawling, but things are not absolute, if the spider has passed the test domain climb your site, then it will remember is to test your domain name.

test before using the resulting web site is not included, then need to notice when the hair of the chain. The Shanghai spiders love slow response, it re recognize the formal name you need a period of time, then you need to guide, which is outside the chain. When the hair of the chain that chain address is a specific page links to the address, don’t is the site of the site address. For example: when you used to send the chain most likely to address the chain like www.818life贵族宝贝, you should be like this: www.***贵族宝贝/thread->

1, the content is king, the content of your website is not updated daily and most of them are original content. This is every webmaster all know the common sense, I will not repeat.

Google PR big update inspiration link high risk

the Google PR update to the website are low weight. I think this again will greatly stimulate the cultivation of new webmaster attention. After all, the importance of PR is a component in many webmaster heart. Whether or not this is a non normal update, we can get some inspiration from the Google PR big update.

PR update is largely different from the past. According to a forum survey, 68% of the vote, said the website PR rose. I have reservations about this data. This update prompted a lot of new PR rise is more surprising, and not long before promote diligent updates to the site, and these new PR rise not just number one or two. One of my sites is increased from PR0 to pr4. coincidentally today love Shanghai also included double surge, but did not find the back page included. Evil, love Shanghai with convulsions.

1. the quality of the chain more widely, plays an important role in the promotion of Google pr. The chain can be obtained through the soft Wen, signature, exchange links, information interaction method. With the high quality PR links (high PR, outbound links less JS calls, especially the government and educational.GOV.EDU domain), improve the PR value is also fast, in the construction of the chain is a long way to go. The Internet, no links or the Internet? The chain is always important.

3. website architecture, directory hierarchy. This was in the station when you need to think of the good. There are many small and medium-sized enterprise website architecture has serious problems, resulting in poor website. This site on the chain to win the favor of Google, is not too little.

The Google >

a little in-depth understanding of Web sites that Google PR upgrade, probably can be concluded the following points:

on the Google PR big update, looking at those sites PR fell badly, and some of the new PR was rising, many webmaster again excited, the webmaster forums like the explosion of the pot. One of the highest PR website xinhuanet贵族宝贝 unexpectedly dropped to Pr9 from pr6. However there are also from the PR0 jumped up to PR6’s website is not in the minority, for example, 28 push broodstock network. Sina micro-blog from February this year, PR2 rose to p8.

from the Google PR big update, how can we improve website PR value? The following is my summary.

2. web site updates hard, try to be original or high quality pseudo original. Although some websites are not mentioned in the update, PR also improved. My experience is, long-term site regular content updates, to meet the tastes of the spider. I have a new station rise directly from PR0 to PR4 and the breadth of the chain is not good, I think I can update it mainly. So the owners must pay attention to training the new sites, Google will not see your pay.

The object

How to judge the site is K


third, to check through the network log.

this is the Shanghai dragon Er most want to see, but the site has been K station the most obvious display, website ranking 100 after all. This phenomenon is often on behalf of the site has been K.

(please indicate the transfer:, thank you! Cherish the fruits of labor of others, is in respect

site is another obvious K station is the reverse chain decrease, especially to reduce the Links. Usually, the chain will pay more attention to the site than you, once found the site was K will remove the speed chain, so as to avoid collateral punishment by search engine.

in the search engine directly enter the domain name, if not the domain name, but the domain of the text display is not found that the site was K station.

sixth, anti chain check.

fifth, website ranking 100 after all.


first, use love to check hesso lead.


in the search engine search input domain command bar, if there is no record, but included, so we are sorry to tell you that the site is indeed K stand.

K station?As we all know

webmaster website once K is equivalent to nearly half of our efforts but can not deny the ashes to ashes, many optimization techniques over are the result of our website was one reason K station. Of course, in addition to their operational reasons, and from the outside is linked to the horse and other reasons. So today I want to discuss with you and Dan is how to determine the site is K.

site is K station is the most obvious manifestation included zero, link overload. Then through the love number index data and the chain of Shanghai webmaster tools to building site is K station. If you do not verify love Shanghai Webmaster Tools friends on the site, can use traditional language commands site and link to check the judgment.

fourth, direct search domain check.

through the network log service we can check the spider crawling path, if we found no traces of the spider crawling website has been a long time, so that the site was K station.

BR is 0, the website ranking no, this is the

second, use the domain command to check.

Analysis on how to do well the construction site within the chain webmaster

(four) how to assign keywords

believe that the webmaster understand on the website ranking, the chain of how much influence. Through the study of some senior webmaster, inside the chain in the keyword ranking occupy a very large, generally 25% – 35%. The proportion of chain in the keyword can fully explain the importance in the chain in the site ranking. Since it is so important, it is necessary for us to seriously understand the chain work understanding, now a little understanding of the work in the chain and share.



related cognition topic and in the chain

joined the ranks of webmaster novice mistakes up a place that is often the ignorance of the work in the chain to the home page. It is because they only consider how to improve the weight in a short time and website ranking, the chain of all point to the home page in the update, and ignore the correlation between content and theme, for the majority of users in the search to bring some inconvenience, for a long time, customers recognize this, click will drop weight will also decline, thereby affecting the website ranking, so the webmaster should not only consider short-term rankings, but also to consider the long-term website ranking, the importance of understanding within the chain, links work earnestly.

believe that they often encounter this situation: key words are too focused on a page. This time, the reasonable distribution of keywords is particularly important, as I have already mentioned in an article, an anchor text keyword, as well as in the page layout, and in some relatively important sections.

since the chain is so important, that in the update, especially when the page is updated, to do in the chain can not it? This is a wrong idea. We in the update, in a friendly way within the chain. Too much in the chain will only cause the accumulation of too much, affect the search engine’s working efficiency, and the weight of the site of the home page also too dispersed, to some extent will affect the site ranking. I think in an article, keywords to closely around the theme of customer at the keywords will know what is the contents of the article, an anchor text keywords can play the role of eyeball, is the best way.

professional is not strong in many webmaster eyes, work in the chain is a simple, simple thought within the chain point to the home page, column page as long as you can, ignoring the other chain, this is very wrong, what is more, do not consider the customer and search engine for a link, cause the website ranking, this is so The loss outweighs the gain. to the webmaster, if you want to improve website ranking, we must pay attention to work within the chain, to understand the relationship between them, it is very necessary.

(three) to do a few links right

(two) to fully understand the work in the chain, reduce misunderstanding

Baidu yes, test experience, shop must see

              today I in Baidu has ah application account has passed the real name authentication, was ready to open a shop to play, but in the process of setting the name I was shocked, Baidu has ah provided only to the 1 above to change a drill before the name, can only use the default name (account ID+ shop), this setting is too harsh, after reaching 1 drill is not very simple things, but many people used to English ID, so that there will be a lot of "sunyunkun shop" this name, this name is not caused by special attention to customers. It is difficult to get a good position in the search engine rankings. Looks pretty bad, but if he in turn uses this rule, as long as the initial set properly, but also allows you to store and get a bit after the same basic setting effect, and get more traffic through SEO.

              when you registered Baidu account, must use Chinese, and ID should be included in the product key words to you, I just went to such registered things like "SEO" domain name registration services company "net" account, use this account to apply for Baidu has ah, after the application is successful, your site name became "SEO service shop" "domain name registration network store, so do not reach grade 1 drill, you can have a satisfactory name, and include the" SEO service "I need" domain name registration "according to the characteristics of Baidu keyword, always on your own product weight is high, add your text layout properly, plus some external links, it will be possible to obtain a good search rankings, so as to get more visitors. And this name will let Baidu have visitors to see that you are what services are provided, which can get more customers.

                  however, due to an ID number can only apply for a ID, if you have applied for, and the account is not satisfactory, it can only use their own relatives ID re apply for an account, if you haven’t start registration, I congratulate you see my article, it will save you a lot of trouble.

                  I found that this small band of some help to you, I wish you a lot of income): if my articles to help you, please give me a small top, thank you!


The common elements in the model (a) Wangzhuan

for Wangzhuan, I personally enjoy lying to make money mode, of course, can go to today, not naive to believe what the novice "day into the thousand yuan gimmick, but in a sense, lying to make money, really exists, the premise is that in the operation of the project early enough a lot of patience to persist and execution.

today to talk about a few keywords: poor information, let alone, leveraging, win-win,

has a friend and I share a very simple idea, behind every new product, there are more than N businesses and opportunities, depending on whether you have the ability to identify.

first, poor information,

his operating idea is very simple, using manual or software to sending information to profit, accurate to say that his goal is to send, the computer maintenance service providers, send the contents of the 2345 installed alliance promotion link, profit is very simple, these service providers, they are system maintenance and the user. We can get 2345 Commission, and in accordance with the relevant regulations, promotion, also is to give these installed Service Providers publish promotion links, will also get a certain percentage of the cash back.

what these promoters use is the information gap.

second, leveraging

said here leveraging, there are two points, one is leveraging service providers, and one is leveraging platform.

promotion, itself is only a speculation, out of thin air, looking for speculators, to service providers through the QQ platform, which is in the Q platform with force. But that’s not the main thing.

promoters will profit parasitic on the service providers, as long as the service providers have effect, even if the promotion of nothing to operate, as well as income, this is the power of the service provider.

third, let

if you can’t do it yourself, you can find the indirect hands-on person, this is a collaborative process, but to give each other a high enough interest to cash, are adults, if there is no value, no one to do nothing.

promotion to provide links to service providers, and service providers to operate, to installation, service providers to enjoy a high commission, and the promotion of those profits, service providers may only be 1/10 of the biggest benefit, to service providers.

but there is no contribution to the promotion of the actual operation, the 1/10 is to get the money, and a single, although less profit, but JiaBuZhu many people, he can no limit this mode of reproduction, while giving N a service link, so that his income can not be underestimated.

fourth, win-win

can be understood as a synonym for a business model.

throughout the course of the operation, 2345 ad providers naturally benefit; the promoter also benefits the performer (service provider)