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How to look at the role of a soft text

soft with its high efficiency and low SEOER has been sought after, so how to look at a few articles or soft Wen effects? Here I analysis soft is mainly analyzed in the webmaster portal for those.

one, the most intuitive, view the chain

this is sure everyone knows, but I can be sure that you know the search must not be the result, the following are more commonly used methods and I think a better method.

1, domain+ your domain name, if you are a new station, that is to say may have a few outside the chain, if you have a station outside the chain (in fact, thousands of thousands, so easily) statistics of your soft brought very trouble, can be said to be a a nearly impossible task.

2, double quotes + the title of the article, this method should be used in many people, but the query is problematic, a, we find out the number of articles is reproduced by B, there is no delete chain or copyright can not be verified, C, even if the precise matching, the chapter on the and the news page list inside the title also included, the result is not accurate.

I practice, Baidu search results came out after the domain+ domain name in the address bar to join: & lm=1, then press enter, the chain is nearly 24 hours included, of course, can also be updated Baidu query again behind the number is 7, which is 7 days, 30 days and 360 days, a lot of the number of other is invalid, such as 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 believe that behind almost, interested friends can go to try, so it will be less than N, it can also be used to see us for a day or a week’s work, the soft inside to screening easier.

two, the text of the chain useful


estimates that a lot of people think outside the chain of this text is useless, I just start to think so, then after the webmaster portal submission, can solve the website snapshot stalled, ranking stagnant two questions, of course may play a supporting role, the other side is to do. As for Google, I feel very little success, but there is one point, as long as we do Baidu flow and user experience up, and Google ranking will not be bad.

three, check traffic, it seems that the road keyword

Now the

hyperlink portal mostly unable to cast anchor text, so it is unable to see the road, the user may directly enter the address in the address bar, may also search or search the soft inside the site given name, for our webmaster grassroots do offline promotion, this road can be reduced for soft Wen (brand casting), of course, what did you do QQ promotion, want promotion is not too good calculated.

four, the article quality is good, be high quality >

Discussion on several management modes of local websites

network industry has become the most popular industry in recent years. There are countless hot blooded young people constantly pouring into the ranks of the webmaster. However, will soon become webmaster and just become webmaster friends, are you ready?

today, tens of thousands of local sites, enterprises, individuals, will easily be "× × × × the largest area; site, keep the truth – mentioned countless prawns, persevering, support. However, dear brothers and sisters, how do you go on the road ahead? Do you want to do that,


Network Entrepreneurship, the final answer is to find a good profit model. No matter what your website, no cash back, in the end, will also become the Yangtze River waves, die on the beach. So, what can we do to ensure the flow of capital? What’s the best way to make the best use of the minimum input?

often China station diving, prawns wrote about seen countless local website articles, also commented, I place the website made a little success, with their own experience, to summarize the enlightenment, hope can give those who are business friends in the network point, also welcome the webmaster Paizhuan!

one, ready to station

1, market analysis, accurate positioning

national comprehensive portal can not be built. No, for example, the number of people’s assets is that number… Local comprehensive web site can not be built, too many sections, maintenance and management of complex locks. If you put fewer pieces of the forum, and what is the portal ah? National information website can not be built. 58 city, go to the market, customer collection, streams and other sites have been robbed of our city,


network market, entrepreneurial space, giving the rest of us do local website of this, real estate, make friends, do distribution… Do not think the market is small, as long as we eat this cheese into your mouth, that is our success.

when we establish jiaogen in their own city, you can re radiation to the surrounding city, this is our business policy of encroaching, really desirable road station.

2, a good space, a localized domain name,

local website, you can buy directly from the local computer room or hosting host, network speed is good. If not, you have to choose a local network service provider. Need to consider: server location, the machine room is multi line, access speed, after-sales service protection, price and other factors.

in addition, there should be a domain name that is well known to the local people, such as area code, city name, phonetic name, alias and so on. Of course, these good domain names may have been registered by people. Secondly, for example,, add a letter to the area code, and read "love 0415" is also a good choice.

3, a set of good >

Open shop in the store can have any advantage

everyone knows if you can open the shop in the downtown area, the store business will be much better, the store’s business is also more relaxed. However, such a lot of rent is not cheap, but the store is generally not easy to find. In contrast, the rent in the store will be a lot cheaper, operating above can also have their own characteristics, contrast, and even have the advantage. So, open shop in the store can have what advantage?

first, on the whole beat the street shop

, which is manifested in two aspects, on the one hand, the price will be cheaper than the street shops and shopping malls, this is certain, because the floor shop rent cost savings not less, so the price will naturally be reflected; or on the other hand, some other places are not here for example, there are other channels, you can enter into something that others do not, naturally attractive.

second, emphasizing service, increase the added value of goods

shop in the store can be a lot of emphasis on services, such as Wuhan’s Secret hall, is a senior guidance, one to one service, guests will feel that they are enjoying a special service and goods.

third, cordial, floating

which shopping mall will be allowed to discuss with you? For example, mass production, such as the price tag. But the store is not the same, they are more personal, more personalized, more cordial. A lot of goods have more space in the match.

Although the

building in the geographical location of the shop is not very good, but as long as their own advantages, get more consumer recognition, store management of natural this will become more simple and easier to be successful in business. So, if you open the store, you know what kind of advantage?

Pay attention to what key points on the Internet

today, more and more people choose to seek business opportunities in the network, the investment in the network shop, but online business shop, although the risk of small, can have a lot of key points to note in the shop in the process of the whole network and Xiaobian a look together.

secondly attract the attention of customers, give customers a reason to buy

why customers buy? First should be the competitiveness of goods and commodities competitiveness will be reflected in the price of goods. How to make money on the Internet to try to find ways to meet the basic needs of the quality of customers, but the price as low as possible, do not hold a network provider does not put, and the goods than three. Use promotion and marketing. Online shop with the retail line is the same, the customer comes in, there will be a store marketing customer shopping impulse. How to make money online to improve the customer’s shopping experience. Customers into the shop after the overall feeling of the shop, it will affect the shopping decisions. Shopping experience must follow two points: one is to make your customers less mobile mouse in your shop, one simple and smooth; if there is no way to optimize the process, can follow the customer habits, if customers get used to a single process, then follow his habits.

finally allow customers to repeat purchase back

repeat purchase on the Internet is very rare, because it is not easy to form the online brand loyalty. Network operators should be every month, every day to calculate an account, in this period

To enhance the performance of nail shop to do what work

any operator wants to improve the performance of their own stores, however, if you do not do the work, want to achieve the goal of ascension is naturally difficult. In this context, if you want to improve the performance of nail shop, then we need to do what work?

nail industry is a service industry, but it can not be separated from the sale, how to serve the guests at the same time to sell their products out, which is also the need to learn the nail. Today, Xiaobian for everyone to share the nail shop classic sales seven steps, we hastened to learn together, let you get more commission to make money.

1. establish friendly relations

customers into the nail shop, nail division should first establish a friendly relationship with the guests, let nature take its course to the customer friendly, do not deliberately express. In the customer to introduce their own time, or want to have what needs, we must take the initiative to greet, this will increase the communication between the nail and the guests, but also increase the familiarity of the two.

2. understand guest needs

nail shop customers are hoping to do a suitable for their nails, or some suitable for their own skin care package. So, first of all, to analyze some of the basic aspects of the hands of the guests, do not sell their products in order to criticize the guests and the skin is not good, it will be counterproductive. If you want to know the needs of the guests, nail shop as a nail salon, you can take the initiative to ask questions.

3. confirm guest needs

when the customer is telling their own needs, it is best to confirm the nail once, that is, after the customer has finished, repeat the words of the customer to determine the true meaning of the customer.

4. take solutions

nail salon to know the needs of the guests, we should take appropriate measures. First of all, to understand the skin of the guests, and the status of the nail, etc.. Then according to the different needs of customers, recommend the corresponding products. In the nail shop to determine which items are suitable for the front of the customer experience, to understand the interests of the guests, will help you in the service of the guests a good help.

5. recommend preferential packages

customers when doing Manicure or hand care, I hope there is no discount, or there is no discount. According to this phenomenon, Manicure shop can meet the customer’s psychological needs, Manicure operator effort in Manicure store promotional activities, provides a win-win for customers recommend the package, so to meet the guests, but also improve the performance of Manicure shop.


Some advice for successful young entrepreneurs

entrepreneurship is a very difficult thing, only in the lessons learned, is the best way to success. Here’s a suggestion from our predecessors!

– should pay attention to several points, is to identify who is the key customers, who are the general customers, general customers should be the focus of care, key customers will often take care of. Most of the work is to serve the old customers, the rest of the time is to develop new customers. I have also confirmed a truth: 50% market performance from 20% of the old customers, don’t expect to occupy the entire market, it is not possible to do, and find good service by our customers has been successful.

– a person’s value is often reflected in his service object. Therefore, to see how important this person is, it depends on whom he serves.

– 1000 yuan of money in the hands of this is 1000 yuan, but the circulation of the market is a variable, may be added, but also may devalue. It depends on the eyes and minds of investors.

– only station in the market, will recognize that the market demand is the weight of words. How to effectively extend the product to the public mind, which reflects the necessity of marketing, advertising, publicity and promotion; how to spend the minimum cost to maximize efficiency, ability depends entirely on the decision maker’s insight and resource integration.

The word "

"positioning", is now in fashion, also shows its influence and importance. For an enterprise, it is to determine the future direction of the company, the advantage of the enterprise is more concentrated to play to the extreme, more professional; for a person, it is focused on their own advantages to find their own love and good career. The word "positioning" is a invincible, ever-victorious sword.

Hot pot also has a low tide to teach you how to face

hot pot also has a low ebb period, you know? Round season, the summer may be the hot pot of the off-season, while the competition between the hot pot franchise, will inevitably encounter the so-called "low tide" for the low tide, how do you face it? The following small series to introduce you to the next bar.

No matter what

and, in order to save time, but also on the side of the decoration side of the staff recruitment and training work. The first is the recruitment of management personnel, including manager, lobby manager, supervisor, chef, finance, warehouse management, procurement, for their work experience and examination to try to their workplace, because some people will say but do good things, so some people are poor expression is very capable necessary, after many tests, to fully understand the work ability and dedication. Management personnel, and then to other staff, such as welcome, bar, waiter, waiter, cook, parking, cashier and cleaning staff recruitment.

Ice cream hot pot shop business experience sharing

ice cream hot pot restaurants in the current food and beverage market is more conspicuous, this unique project to become a profitable tool in the hearts of businesses. Has been successful ice cream pot shop owner, today to share with us his successful business experience, hoping to help more entrepreneurs.

1, to ensure good organization: the administrator to organize the appropriate subordinates, and their behavior into a track, in order to achieve organizational goals. This is an important requirement for management, otherwise it is difficult to meet the following requirements.

2, master of the source, to the ice cream shop produced by a Hot pot that is required to do as much as possible to sell with the guests quickly, to ensure freshness and quality.

3, health and safety requirements to ensure guest: management personnel must strictly implement the "Food Sanitation Law", from food raw material procurement, inspection, storage, processing, distribution to cut with, cooking, install dish and sales should establish a set of strict health system.

4, correctly grasp the gross profit, maintaining the interests of both sides of supply and demand: the need for managers to implement the food and beverage price policy, the difference between different situations, such as different dishes, the market price, etc., the development of gross margin standards.

5, adapt to a variety of needs, providing quality services: Restaurant guests from all corners of the country, the consumption level of complex. To show the guests must be based on the identity, status, food preferences, consumption characteristics and ability to pay, to study the needs of different consumer demand and consumer psychology, targeted to provide quality services.

The successful experience of


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Anhui has successfully launched the China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition

The fourth

Chinese innovation contest in the country has opened, the Hefei area has become the Anhui division held Chinese innovation entrepreneurship conference contest, a total of more than and 200 enterprises and team registration, was the excitement, the enthusiasm of innovation and entrepreneurship show in Anhui.

team should be in June 15, 2015 before the establishment of the enterprises registered in the country, with technology innovation and Entrepreneurship Program, and the core members of not less than 3 of the entrepreneurial team. Currently Anhui Division has registered the number of enterprises and entrepreneurial team has reached more than and 200.

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Fuzhou, a 11 level of real estate commitments do not violate the rules of operation

this year, the hot real estate market is obvious to people we all, with our wages completely does not match the rising prices, so many buyers caused great pressure, social public opinion has been in in the teeth of the storm. The 27 day, held the lead in Fuzhou City Housing Authority, the Municipal Construction Committee meeting, I 11 a qualified real estate development enterprises to make a solemn commitment to the community and consumers according to the law: integrity management, and consciously accept social supervision.

it is understood that the city real estate (Fujian) Co., Ltd., Fujian Zhengxiang Real Estate Development Co. Ltd. and Fuzhou City Urban Construction Development Corporation, Fuzhou Taihe Real Estate Development Co., Ltd., Fujian g Rongqiao group Limited by Share Ltd, Fujian Sunshine Real Estate Development Company Limited, Fuzhou City real estate development in Fuzhou real estate the development of Corporation, corporation, financial letter (Fuzhou) Ltd., Fuzhou world Europe real estate development company limited.


11 level of real estate development enterprise commitment: do not release false information and advertising; not malicious speculation, drive up prices; not without pre-sale permit commercial housing sales; invariant deposit subscription; do not cover Xishou or disguise hoarding; not secretly charge; not tying bundles; not a room two sell.

during the national day, the city Housing Authority in conjunction with the city real estate registration and trading center, the City Price Bureau composed of four inspection teams, went to the city of Minhou and five counties, the sale of the property in the 67 were examined. From the inspection situation, there are three main aspects of irregularities and violations: one is not in the sales hall prominently publicized "five card book", announced a price of a room and the real housing sales table; two is advertising prices are expected to rise in the sales department; the three is no pre-sale permit, there are guests behavior and related fees charged.

Fuzhou 11 level qualification of real estate commitments are not illegal operations, I hope in the next period of time, the real estate market in Fuzhou can achieve steady development. The inspection found problems, the relevant departments are on the spot ordered rectification, and issued a rectification notice 17 copies, require companies rectification in place; two is interviewed 60, interviewed 12 key enterprises engaged in real estate development, briefing the inspection and rectification of specific guidance on how to supervise, timely rectification in place; three the storage charges and cover Xishou suspected of further investigation of individual projects. For the problems found in the inspection, the vast majority of enterprises are now in place rectification, yet found new violations.

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