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The domestic search engine rankings Shanghai Google Sogou double love

however, back home, the pattern has undergone a fundamental reversal.

in the third quarter of 2015, including overseas revenue channels and China search engine operator market share in revenue, love Shanghai accounted for 78.75%, Google China 8.65%, Sogou 8.41%, other 4.19%.


statistics, September IDC in the world, the search engine is Google share arrangement, with a 67.49% share in the first, Yahoo second, Bing 10.67% with third occupied, love Shanghai fourth, share 8.13%.


According to

Analysys enfodesk industry database "China search engine market quarterly monitoring report for the third quarter of 2015" data shows that in free channels and overseas income Chinese search engine operator market share in revenue, love Shanghai accounted for 86.19%, Sogou 6.54%, Google China 3.92%, other 3.35%.

According to the recently released


this year, love Shanghai and Microsoft cooperation has become the default search engine Windows 10 Edge browser. But recently Google came to return to the mainland, this line of words, search pattern will change a lot.

[] to share the experience of Shanghai Longfeng Road, go15!

before sharing, I want to say one thing, for the Shanghai dragon, I am a true white, although the University began to contact the Internet, but the Shanghai dragon understanding, just let me know, the real in-depth study in effect of some of the things I graduated after the. I was a medical student, now switch to do network marketing, on the Shanghai dragon road, there is a saying, doing work you love, will not starve to death. What about you

after listening to his words, I began to write myself, then collect some relevant information on the Internet, I began to sum up their own understanding and ideas, sort out some articles, but I am not the pseudo original, then I insist on a day an article the frequency, except Sunday did not write the other time basically write. After the update the article, I started to Links exchange station, registered an account in the go9go chain, to find some related industry site exchange friend chain, but found to exchange each other friends of the chain is not a simple matter, at this time, I found love Shanghai snapshot update that I, a month before the efforts were not in vain.

so, I began to QQ group chain exchange attack, have a lot of friends also released in the above chain exchange information, see someone posted to the site, the first time to go to tool webmaster tools network query his website information, see fit for. Remember that there is a special hit, I put the company’s Web site to a webmaster, and asked if he could exchange friend chain, he looked after.

generally, after get the site will do Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis, but what they don’t understand, with undying determination, with the help of Internet tools, finally have a preliminary understanding, including the title, keywords, description of the settings are a lot of problems, then I also found the site in the article are stolen some problems in the anchor text to add some gambling site links I put them an article to modify.

may be due to the sea after being in love with K, then the key words in a period of time, what has Shanghai Longfeng comprehensive query, so I ask some of the Shanghai dragon master, he let me the contents of the site well, after Shanghai will show the collection of love.

introduction: often heard many people say that Shanghai dragon is dead, in fact? Not necessarily, I work in August 22nd, after more than two months of struggle, the company’s website has changed a lot, I share some of my experience.

said some nonsense, we entered the business.

just entered the company, with the boss to talk about some things, then the boss said to me, let me go to the maintenance of two sites, one is flying a cup, is Nifeiya insulation cup. I found that the two sites have more than a year not to update, the snapshot is love Shanghai in 2012, the content of the website is less and less, I think at that time, the time has come to challenge.


User operations depth analysis of user growth systems

when will attract users to our products through various means of open source, then we need to retain our users, or do math problems like primary school, a pool of water, while the water source then come from the other side of the water flow out of a hole. While maintaining active and throttling, it is necessary to reduce the flow of water to shrink, the smaller the better, the pool will be more water to store more.

active maintenance, as the name suggests, is to allow users to maintain a certain degree of activity, you can live, Zhou Huo, month live, specifically depending on the product situation. Kept alive with the development of the Internet, through the practice and thinking of many predecessors, has gradually worked out a set of what we call "user growth system", which can be divided into 3 aspects: user modeling, user optimal route planning, build user incentive system. The following combination of my personal thinking to share with you, there are different opinions of students, welcome advice.

two, user modeling

user modeling, simply speaking, is the user classification, why classify the user? Do you think people have the same everyday, your product users naturally does not look alike, but also to the user using your product through some users value your price is low, some users like you good service, if you do not make users, how the users do not need to provide solutions?

user classification is the identification and classification of users of the same attribute to achieve differentiation. The common user attribute is

behavior characteristics: certain actions performed by a user, such as liveness, usage time, length of time, a particular operation, etc.;

features: user identity attribute based on itself, such as gender, region, education, city dimensions, marriage status and so on;

channel attributes: attributes based on user sources, common channels are: Baidu, land push, mobile advertising, etc.;

sensitivity attribute, a kind of attribute judgment based on user psychology, such as price sensitive, service sensitive and so on.

below, I take a community product, for example, community products are very important to develop the community atmosphere, and the atmosphere is often dependent on the development of content production, especially UGC. Then the classification of users can be divided into two categories: content contributors and content consumers, so we follow the posting number and landing two dimensions to the user classification.

first, we may in accordance with the user’s login times is divided into 5 grades, were more than 20 times, 10-20 times, 5-10 times, 0-5 times, 0 times a month, the number of post is divided into 4 levels, respectively, more than 10 times, 5-10 times, 0-5 times, 0 times, then we can subdivide the user 20 small classes, but too many categories of users, is not conducive to us to do for the operation of the means, "

Discussion on the importance of website differentiation positioning

what is the first step to a station? Yes, it’s an idea. It’s an idea that you think you think is good. Please note that this idea is only something you think is good, is it really good, and will pass the market test. Perhaps many webmaster and I have the same experience: this site I have a good idea, if the good, certainly very cow B, even fantasy scenes become an Internet star earning large quantities of gold each day. But, this is just a mirage, I never put up a website to do very cow. This is probably the weakest part of my article, and it’s probably the biggest selling point of my essay, because there are a lot of my lessons.


talks about this kind of problem, it is better to find several examples —

stationmaster kind website is mixed here is stationmaster, everybody should be clearer than me how many stationmaster kind website, have a few live again good. See the information, when the program, you will certainly interact with ChinaZ; IM286; learn to do station, write text, certainly on host selection, A5; CNIDC; understand the meaning? Every site must choose a separate location with others. All do Webmaster Station, they each focus on the place is not the same. That’s why they’re all big. If you’re going to be a station owner, don’t imitate any of them, so you’re going to be a dead end. I recently intended to do a webmaster class site, positioning has been good, is a website and above all different sites, we advocate web site creation, site positioning, site planning and website review. As for how to operate, I do not talk about the time, after the site built up, I will write an article specifically.

graduate website, I made two websites about graduates, and that’s what I entered after I saw the market gap. One is forum, a really interactive forum, and our special service is mock interview. The mock interview service is an area where the Internet has not yet entered a website, and this is our opportunity. I see. It’s a graduate website, and we do something that nobody else has done. The other is a job site navigation, now the domestic navigation site navigation station can be said to be innumerable, truly creative is not much. We graduate job navigation positioning, in graduates, column setting, fully highlights the characteristics of graduates, this is the most important. If you know the graduates in this field, you will see how wise our position is. Do recruitment, internship sites can be very difficult for you to grow to die.

differentiation positioning is the basis for your development, you can do much better, you have to do what is difficult, and these have a great relationship with your positioning. Differentiation positioning is the foundation of the site, and the differentiation of positioning depends on your understanding of competitors fully, so before you do the station, you must fully analyze competitors, this is the first step to do the station.


What is the purpose of hosting a web site Is it the same as site maintenance


What is the purpose of hosting

web sites?

more and more companies are building their own websites, but there are also more and more websites being idle, no matter what we call "botnet"". This website is often done a year will no longer renew, because it can bring benefits to the enterprise, the reason is not the site itself has a problem, but the importance of the site is not enough.

many of the web site without special management personnel, a month or a year do not update an article, web hosting is put this website into a live site into a can bring benefits for the enterprise website.


hosting and site maintenance the same,


web hosting and web site maintenance are different. Web hosting services are much more than web maintenance. Site maintenance may be just update, update articles, check the security issues of the site, website hosting is a comprehensive enterprise website publicity.

Yantai start the fifth innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition Registration procedures

management activity has not yet concluded, around the entrepreneurship competition witnessed emerge in an endless stream of entrepreneurs enthusiasm for management activities. Many creative projects and technology projects have come on stage, so that people will see the future development of the field is bound to set off a new wave of development.

"at the fifth Yantai high tech Zone" contest of innovation and entrepreneurship in 11 starts. National college students, entrepreneurial team, scientific research institutions, as well as returned overseas students can now apply for entry.

It is reported that the game

, entrepreneurial projects by industry as Internet technology, marine engineering, high-end manufacturing, energy saving and environmental protection, modern services, cultural and creative six groups, each group set up the most creative award, best award, the most investment value of the award, best team award and other awards. Registration methods and procedures have been published in the official website of Yantai high tech Industrial Development zone.

"meet in Yantai high tech Zone Innovation and entrepreneurship competition" has been held four times, the entrepreneurial project received a total of more than 2 thousand copies, produced the award-winning 136 projects, of which more than and 50 winning projects in Yantai college business park.

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How to set up shop to repeat customers

business, it is nothing more than to their own work, shop or open a shop, then how to keep our customers here is to keep a hold back, look at the whole network Xiaobian "unique".

1, don’t let the customer feel sorry

2, respect for customer

3, welcome difficult customers

4, meet customer needs

5, establish extensive contact

To establish extensive contacts with customers:

Nail business location is very important

is different from the general area of place of business, if it is to do business in Manicure, perhaps only a dozen square small enough, but if the improper site selection, will bring huge losses to investors, and we have a real example!

"only store about 10 square meters, shop decoration simple simple, economic and simple, can give investors bring unexpected returns, see a Guangzhou Manicure School of advertising, but want to venture funds less well-off young investors, may be moved.

"last year low prices, had wanted to use this to buy 100 thousand yuan, but because leisure time is too long, very boring at home, the money will be used to invest, is now out," housing finance two empty ", Miss Zhou said," if we had to wait until now to buy a house, sell. Earn more than one hundred thousand yuan estimate."

What kind of shop near the school to make money

want to open a shop near the school, looking for the project is very important, because the project selection and positioning of the late business impact is far-reaching. As we all know, the store business around the school is very good, students are generally more generous to buy things. So, what kind of shop near the school to make money?

books – make money shop culture

book store next to the University of the business scope is broad, is a novel, prose and other humanities books, two is the "data" and "exam" examination research postgraduate counseling books, three previous students selling books.

Print Shop – earn money



there are many opportunities in the vicinity of the school, so many people took the area. So, the school nearby open what shop to make money? These projects are more suitable for the shop near the school project, we want to help.


Integrated environmental protection stove ten brands list

Since the advent of

integrated environmental protection stove, because of convenience at the same time, not only can save space, and the effect of tobacco control is very good, so the rapid development of the market in the kitchen. So, what is the integrated environmental stove, integrated environmental stove called, also known as environmental protection industry stove or integrated kitchen, integrated kitchen is a variety of set hood, gas cooker, disinfection cabinet, cabinets and other functions in one of the kitchen appliances, with space saving, lampblack effect, energy saving and environmental protection the advantages of. General integrated stove oil absorption rate of 95%!

integrated environmental stove as a new product first appeared in 2003, the real rise in 08 years, from the size and strength, to enter the industry are generally small and medium-sized enterprises, and from parts to the whole machine can be completely independent production of domestic enterprises is less than 10, real right is only 3 and about 4. Xiaobian to introduce you to the integration of the ten major environmental protection brand list.

integrated environmental stove ten brand ranking NO.1. AOTIN AOTIN (professional manufacturer of kitchen appliances of the modern enterprise, Chinese energy saving and environmental protection product certification, industry famous brand, ten integrated environmental stove brand, Zhejiang AOTIN electric Limited by Share Ltd)

integrated environmental stove ten brands list NO.2. SANFER (shuaifeng high-tech enterprises, China product quality assured brand, an earlier production of detachable integrated stove enterprise, integrated kitchen industry drafting unit, Zhejiang sanfer Electric Co. Ltd)

integrated environmental stove ten brand ranking NO.3. SENG SENG (high tech enterprises, 2015 Chinese Design Red Star Award / kapok prize, integrated kitchen industry standard drafting unit, integrated kitchen invention patent owner, Zhejiang SENG Electric Appliance Co., Ltd.)

integrated environmental stove ten brands list NO.4. Kinde KINDE (vendor, security type integrated stove professional integrated environmental stove ten brands, high-end integrated kitchen model, industry standard drafting of the main unit, Shaoxing city Kinde Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd.)

integrated environmental stove ten brands list NO.5. aoshuai aoshuai (integrated domestic famous brand electric kitchen, smokeless stove kitchen full low health fashion pioneer, large integrated kitchen appliances enterprises, Shaoxing aoshuai electric Limited by Share Ltd)

integrated environmental stove ten brand ranking NO.6. Fairui Fairui (integrated environmental stove ten brands, side suction environmental stove pioneer, industry standard drafting units, professional kitchen appliances manufacturers, Fairui Jiaxing Amperex Technology Limited)

integrated environmental stove top ten brand NO.7. SAKACO SAKA>