A5 marketing read love Shanghai new details of the algorithm optimization is the core

simple details don’t lose

content of construction do not deceive the user

There is no formula optimization

love Shanghai algorithm description has a simple description of structure construction, are some of the details of the optimization, but is often the most easily overlooked details of these stationmaster, and is the main factor to determine the success or failure. The structure of the tree structure is the optimal "home – Channel – details page"; the flat home page to the details page level as little as possible, not only to grasp the friendly and can be very good weight transfer; mesh to ensure that every page has at least one text links, can make the site as much as possible to grab included in the chain the building also has a positive effect on sorting can.

Optimization of

Shanghai Longfeng >

clear structure construction

love Shanghai search engine in this year, frequent update algorithm, in order to improve the healthy development of the Internet, search engine algorithm upgrade webmaster all kinds of complaints from Shanghai, a dragon optimization has been pushed to the forefront of no future. Before I write about "search engine optimization is not" dead "but into a new era", the webmaster carefully read the update algorithm, and will find the essence of the search engine has not changed, the focus is on the optimization of the webmaster have a grasp of details.

search engine spiders crawl to the site through a link, get web page HTML code, and stored in their corresponding database, construction is clear that the spider crawling faster. From the beginning of a spider web page, read the contents and start looking for other links in the web page, enter into the next page via the link address, would have been down on the site to grab in circulation. If the construction site is not smooth, the spider can not cycle work, as the content of the website will not grab the end out of random website.

The construction of

site traffic sources are never mind, but the stationmaster to do is through quality content, keep these through the relevant keywords to traffic, improve the conversion rate of flow, instead of going through the means of cheating, to attract users to the site, and not the search for the corresponding content, it would not only cause out rate is high. Will also affect the enterprise’s reputation, rogue enterprises can not survive in the long term.

site content is the whole core of the website operation, quality content directly affects the search engine and users on the site of the weight, the degree of trust. Webmasters to use the popular topic, to obtain the corresponding search traffic, but the user into the site and can not find the appropriate content, and will lead to traffic conversion is low, the low degree of user experience. Love Shanghai search engine is also proposed in the 2013.9.6 update algorithm will be severely punished for the generation of a large number of popular keywords website traversal search results page to get search engine traffic, which is not related to the contents of a large number of serious damage to the search engine user experience and occupy the corresponding area of high quality website revenue.


The advantages and disadvantages of the graphic examples of the forum outside the chain

I remember when love Shanghai chain The so-called

most of Shanghai dragon Er selection the main reason for the construction of the chain forum may still because of its simple construction, quick response. However, Xiao He also defeated Xiao He, the advantages of the forum outside the chain prompted a lot of forum spam links. This search engine for the forum also included more severe, do not think that as long as you put the link up on it, although the search engine will be included at the beginning, but with the quality of the audit, will soon be a collection of Posts deleted. Let’s take a look at this post A5 Forum:



on the author’s analysis, the forum outside the chain and not on our site of the whole chain have much effect, however it is a little more can attract the search engine spiders entrance for our site, a site will naturally follow the upgrade.

two, the advantages of good post chain can lead to transient flow

has just entered the optimization in the circle, most often do the chain is the chain forum. The chain forum is there really work on our optimization, the forum outside the chain to our site value how much? I think most people want to know the problem of optimization. After all, most of our chain is mainly through the forum to get. Then I will share three points in this paper do a chain of stage.

, the advantages of more frequent lead spider


above we can find A5 forum included every day hundreds of thousands, and the total collection is always maintained at a stable number. We can draw the conclusion that, although the beginning has included a lot of content, but the search engine found that the low quality of sleep after being deleted. < >

three, the shortcomings of time-consuming and low effectiveness of

forum outside the chain not only is the signature of the chain, we also can be some good post on the left link. These links can often be for us that brings temporary visitors flow area. Do not underestimate this temporary flow of visitors, because I believe there would have become our user group. Step back, even if visitors do not love, if we have to do advertisement Union, these undoubtedly flow into the site’s earnings. Then we look at the recent forum issued a chain driven flow.


in Shanghai before the Dragon why forum registered the account, also has the signature set to site links. Then to get the link to the site through a large number of post replies, the forum signature links before transfer to another site to send some post. The changes are as follows:

Do Shanghai dragon should learn how to analyze keywords

many editors write articles, the keywords directly used love when the title, a worry, on the other hand, definitely, have very good ranking. In fact, this is not true, do exactly match the keywords in titles will bring some benefits to the rankings, but can not let you love Shanghai exactly the same as the headline on the front page of the table, we need a reasonable use of word segmentation and synonym repetition, the title not only completely matching keywords, can attract more users to click. After all, if only the ranking without the user clicks it is useless.


4. is the title of the article, learn to use the word love Shanghai

statistics are very important. "

5. the best statistical data, analytical data

Keywords Keywords

with different length, different degrees of difficulty, we need the optimization of core words give high weight, long tail word in the page, keyword optimization classification in detail, we can refer to my another article about how to optimize the keyword classification Bo Wen, does not elaborate here.

first, we also say that the tool can bring a lot of words, so we have to learn how to use these keywords recommended tools. "People can’t win as good false in", believe that good at Chinese students are not familiar with this sentence. My strength is limited, use keywords tools can tap their unexpected. Some of these tools are free, if you feel value for money, also can buy.


do Shanghai Longfeng should learn how to analyze keywords, I think that I do not have to say, as for how to analyze the key words, everyone has their own set of methods, Xu Xinming is not the way of display slight skill before an expert, today the keywords, several factors should be followed. Do not say specifically how to do, after all, the same way some people feel good, some people feel bad. But give us an idea, we do Shanghai dragon again according to their own situation to choose.

2. to skilled use of tools, can let you twice

3. stage optimization, reasonable collocation length

do Shanghai Longfeng analysis keywords, generally have the following elements:

now offers a variety of channels, there are also many keyword recommended tools, then we have to integrate various channels, to search for keywords and quality comparison. For example, with Xu Xinming in the medical industry, general arrangement keywords mainly recommended tools from the keywords love Shanghai, love Shanghai business related search keywords, cnzz site statistics, key competitors, etc.. These channels, some keywords quality is relatively high, some key comparison, we need to consider their own comprehensive.

more than 1. channels to search keywords, compared to find high quality keywords

360 search love Shanghai zoom trick you know the risk


market share

WeChat search users can use WeChat search to search the public number inside published, also can search public number (including subscription number and service number). Have to say, this is a major feature of sogou.

search engine

at present, the domestic search engine market on the three day of the world has been formed, love Shanghai, Sogou, 360 of the three search engines will occupy more than 97% of the search engine market share. Can be seen from the data, love Shanghai still occupy the position of leader of the "second", and 360 have marched before the hot pursuit of love in Shanghai.

Sogou also has its own killer

360 to search staff installed an 30%

data show that in June, Sogou search engine (formerly soso) market share reached 12.88%. As a rising trend, while Sogou "killer", is the introduction of WeChat search.

have to say, a good chess 360. The move will affect the flow into the other site navigation, will provide 360 of its own search engine market share to increase a power.

, Tencent QQ space log is below the relevant articles, this will also direct Sogou to flow, we can see that the Tencent and even use their platform, Sogou, Sogou assistant. In 2015, Sogou search engine market share is expected to exceed 15%

loves Shanghai and 360 why not launch WeChat search?? they’d like to push, but have no right to grab those data. Because the Tencent shares Sogou and soso’s business to Sogou, while WeChat is a Tencent’s "son", therefore, must not let outsiders tian. Tencent, no reason to support Sogou

!At present,

360 new 360 Wangmeng, also broke the previous three major league advertising alliance (love Shanghai alliance, noble baby alliance, Sogou alliance) pattern. 360 our characteristics for the webmaster friends can not only hang alliance code to get advertising revenue, and installed navigation lock to have daily income, while the 360 WebUnion also do special instructions, help others with computer, lifelong paychecks.

at present, the big three search engines love Shanghai, and is the 360 sogou. Because the baby has been unable to access the nobility, hung estimated distance is not too far away, maybe one day, the noble baby will completely launch ZG, according to the authoritative data center cnzz statistics, in June the search engine market share, love Shanghai has dropped to 57.35%, while 360 of the search engine market share has been as high as 26. 11%. Recently, 360 search and zoom trick, launched 360 Wangmeng, love Shanghai, are you aware of your search engine market share is gradually declining

?Three of the world

Expose the love Shanghai algorithm chicken help, and do the power station


until the chain standard came out, I also once naive to think that the standard is that the chain hit, so the original article will get attention. However, 10 over the past few days, the search rankings really have improved not?. The hands of the two corporate website, the industry is still the keyword acquisition station is occupied, ironically, these sites outside the chain is the chain structure, the Standard Bible we like cheating in the chain, the chain of garbage, such as BBS signature, false recommendation really promotion link, but there is one thing in common is that these sites are relatively old age domain. On the other hand, the bitter operation of this website 贵族宝贝gscpp.net, in the construction of the chain is not really a few myself to send, you can through the chain analysis of the above mentioned on this website which found that site outside the chain through basic soft submission, and the recommendation method, although the content is not how however, because the author is the key construction sites in Guangzhou, so on all the needs of the user on the website, so the content is for them to write, so popular. But the ranking, where to go? Is after the Shanghai dragon is the spell domain age era of

this year, the biggest thing is Scindapsus release and the chain standard issued. For the release of Scindapsus algorithm, the author has been particularly supportive attitude. After all, I do the old Feng station has been hard to do stand, remain in a proper sphere, has never bought the hands of the website links, even the poor Links are few. Although the traffic is not much, but is stable, has always been this way.

has numerous tutorials and articles are telling us that the original, content is king. But I though I do not how to writing, but also is earnest to write articles, ask yourself website to help users is indeed. Through statistical analysis, website bounce rate and user retention time are very good, but the ranking is a step it. This look good, Scindapsus released, which is the basic collection of articles, and then through a large number of anchor text, buy links to get the ranking of the website will finally fall. The thought that I have been doing the station will be rewarded, however, Scindapsus over 3, 4 months, garbage collection station, station remained the home. Love Shanghai, what is your


so the chain standard really on the Internet ecosystem brought improvement? Here’s a look at


I believe we all know, the standard for most of the enterprise website, there is no value. The so-called real recommendation, how many enterprise website content will be reproduced after the user will still take on the link. Even with the link, also love Shanghai impossible to determine whether the user’s real recommendation. More >


1, a real

Shanghai love to teach you how to improve the site conversion rate

The central The article is reproduced in


site to attract users to the eye

above we have said, in the upper part of the site is very important. The upper part of the success, the site as a whole on the success of the 60%. The love of Shanghai in the middle is divided into two parts, the rotation map, right quick registration. When many websites on Web map, always put some of no great importance. We look at each love Shanghai pictures are very attractive themes. Rotation of your company web site map display pictures in the end is not correct if you think about now? Quick registration right, I think the main reason is considered to reduce the user’s actions, because most users are right-handed. You must not look down upon the details, you are not always see some sites of these in turn feel torque


love is placed at the bottom of the Shanghai lift the user common concerns. As above, the first part introduces the love Shanghai bidding advantage, second part details love Shanghai auction. The purpose of this is to remove doubts about the user, allowing users to go to Shanghai to promote sex imperceptibly.

> > network marketing about Shanghai dragon 贵族宝贝shuoshuo Shanghai dragon贵族宝贝/thread-398-1-1.html

users to your site are generally the first to see your website on the part of. We see love Shanghai for promotion of the website is the head so that the needs of users to find you, this love that Shanghai bidding purpose is accurate. Secondly, the boss is also very much hope that there is a demand for people to contact them, it really captures the heart of the boss.

site at the bottom of the lifting of the user’s doubts about


site is a necessary part of the conversion of website marketing, when you have no good thinking, wish to learn about love in Shanghai or large sites to the reference, may have unexpected harvest.

site has been a matter of website marketing personnel the most headache. Many websites operators found their sites in Shanghai love home, but their order is not improved much. How to do can make your website conversion rate? In fact, love Shanghai auction site has pointed out the direction for our good.

head to seize the user psychology

Several reasons about the web site back files and Solutions


from the Royal Square mud mask, starting from the A5 website, please keep the link source: 贵族宝贝3489贵族宝贝.cn/

solution: if the reason is because the website snapshot file return website has recently been changed, so the webmaster to do is to keep the site "stable", Shanghai has not recovered before love update, webmaster best not to move it, if your website weight is high enough to believe. The site will be able to return to normal more time in the next week


!The original

2) site space, the reason may be back snapshot file access speed is too slow due to

K station! punishment!

solution: in order to make the site as soon as possible to restore the snapshot update, our webmaster best to buy high quality space to replace problem space for a long time, otherwise it is not website snapshot files back, but the problem of

3) website recently by the webmaster changes, so it is love in Shanghai "observation period"

if a website can not be opened in 10 seconds if we can endure, may be more than thirty or forty seconds can’t open it, general visitors cannot endure, and the search engine spiders is the same, when the search engine grab repeatedly encounters difficulties when will automatically return, then the search engine will keep the snapshot time does not change the original, waiting for access to the next normal index to re adjust the time snapshot page.

due to some Adsense may of Shanghai Longfeng optimization is not so understand, in general do website after more or less will be to modify the title, always feel that may modify the effect next time will be better, but such frequent modify title has touched a snapshot of the search engine update rule and rule weight, so to make your site short time to update or return the file


solution: website webmaster want to update it back to normal. The only way is to improve the quality of the content of the website, like ordinary webmaster might as well be the time to write some original content, or it is not write also never mind, but in the acquisition or reproduced other web content on the best try not to modify, and the original content as like as two peas on the line

1) repeatability of website content is too high to be identified as low quality junk love Shanghai


recently love Shanghai is more and more attention to the original content, if the content of your website on the acquisition or reproduced, plus the weight is not high enough, then the site will be very easy to be loved in Shanghai as a garbage station, and once fell in love with the sea when the website is found garbage station, then the site snapshot the return file is not surprising!

Shanghai yesterday issued a notice about love to update and watch my after 4%-5%

above, I think at least in the body can be seen in the June 28K station was K out of the station, as long as careful modification, still have a chance to be included, love Shanghai this update is quite normal, although I was in the K station on half, but it is possible to identify problems, I hope everyone has a careful analysis of your site, don’t because of love to Shanghai, it always returns home, by Xiao Shenyang of K film 贵族宝贝bj>

IP is a K*1 server to replace the home page


is a wedding join in the website, did not do a good job on the line, by K in June 28th, during the change of the WordPress program, a template, take seriously the absolute pseudo original, or join the wedding related content, the current recovery included, but home is still K. Another station is only included the home page.

5 is a pure collection, five articles, a movie station. Another is only linked to a single page, so did not return is normal, looking forward to have time for Shanghai to continue to love the station included.

in the hands of a movie station, through June 28, but did not survive the two K stations in July, a K away home, followed by plucking. The reason is not collected but selling links, after all the links are removed, including Links and selling links, the results of the second day on the release of the home page and previously included in the content page. And start ranking, third days before K was restored in all levels, the main keywords ranking love Shanghai home before 3, but in a ranking of the pages are not. Personally think that the review period, Shanghai was still in love. The day before yesterday I close because of traffic problems to site from the virtual host to change VPS, change IP. Then this morning I found the home page is K, so the basic reason is because the IP server that change, look forward to the end of the audit of Shanghai love to put out ~

yesterday love Shanghai Webmaster Platform again announced, said it would continue to update a algorithm. The statement said this update will affect about 4%-5% keyword search results, mainly in order to fight wild collection, super chain cheating. And that this update algorithm accuracy will reach a very high level.

has not yet returned to *6

but love Shanghai did not give a specific update time today, I carefully watched the hands of the site is about 13. Everything is normal (snapshot update, yield increase or decrease in the normal range, ranking *4 normal) one of the wedding industry portal, a single novel website, a recruitment website, a local forum, of which there are more or less a collection of questions and pseudo original, but on this basis may pay more attention to the user friendliness of

is the other type of website to be included *2


Stand swarm optimization four strokes to get rid of your web site is the risk of K

when we register the domain name, fill in personal information must take the name to write several more, for example, write a few friends or family, then have the WHOIS information hiding, or search engine will certainly be able to find this information, if you are of the same name and ID number information and mutual chain it will make the search engine alert, even the corresponding weight decreased, resulting in a stand group effect worse

is doing the station group, then to choose a good management system, it can greatly improve the efficiency of the construction site, now the station system most mainstream is weaving Empire and PHP168, and the system also can provide free, as long as you can choose one or more of them to the construction site, at this time often involves the acquisition rules, because every day is to update their own, the workload is very large, if you choose different acquisition rules, then the content of the website will be different, it is not easy to be found in the search engine, so as not to be K

! IP host

four: text link will hide the


three: do the station with the independent

now grassroots webmaster if only rely on a website to make the world, is a very difficult thing, so if we do a station group then raise a station to station to operate, it is easy to make money, but if you do not stand swarm optimization can hide their intentions, it is easy to love Shanghai spiders recognition, when your site is facing the danger of K! We are going to talk about how to get rid of the danger of

do stand, so natural needs of each site are connected, so that it can play the weight of these sites to pass each other, the best way is mutual friends of the chain, but the chain appeared, nature is very easy to search engine recognition, this is how it should try to do? In the text of the link above, the text keywords design of each chain are not the same, not thirty site is like a chain, so do the station is easy to identify, so do the sprocket to avoid it, or do the work front in vain

: the whois domain name information hiding

do stand swarm optimization in the future will certainly be a lot of people to make money fast.

! !

when selecting a virtual host, must buy the IP host, to avoid the high similarity website on the same server, it is easy for search engines to grasp the handle to your station system vigilant, don’t put your site to K when you fall! The sites are independent of Ip, it is effective to avoid the above situations! But choose to do the site is not too much, the best control in less than 30, or too much to manage the cost will be higher!

two: the software acquisition rules hidden

chainSince station! !

The construction site outside the chain to understand the weaknesses

‘s "length"

anchor text word "length"

this is all said, don’t add too many links, do not add today and not tomorrow, not today and tomorrow is the word of the word. It is to control the speed and frequency of the chain added. Many people suggested that the new day 2 -5 chain is very reasonable, even if you have a number of stations.

is a chain always cannot do without Shanghai dragon core topic. When we see enough how to choose the chain source, how to arrange the chain plan, after how to record the chain effect and so on related articles. This is our analysis of "long" and "short", right and wrong, effective and invalid time. Personal experience, the construction of the chain to understand the weaknesses".

is the quality of the site itself how, this factor is when we exchange links to the most true artificial need to grasp the good. For example, our website has just set up, this time to go is more difficult to exchange links with others. Because others soon will be able to find the quality of our site by such tools. This time, you want to impress the webmaster, to put their own site to tell each other’s strengths. For example, our website snapshot every day is 24 hours, our website is released every day, second days can be put out, the content of our website how many percent of the original, what good site has been with us exchange chain etc. These factors. Sometimes, maybe a little bit, we will promote the exchange of a link. So we must know how to put the site’s strengths to the young out.

It can be said that The

chain of time "length"

is a new concept, it is actually very simple, it is not only to the short chain to find the front page of the main keywords. Early, give those pages long term competitiveness of small or long tail keywords do the chain is better than to do home page. Because the main keywords competitiveness can be said to be relatively large, we like it with the chain to no echo in the early. Can bring some changes to our site, even if it is a chain of exchange without a little advantage. To the inside pages of long words that do outside the chain, can be in a relatively small time, the long term rankings do go up, because others do not give in the pages of words such as the chain. While we do, is likely to rank can in front of others. Of course, there is a problem of the whole weight of the site, I said here is the same site. Another advantage is that in doing so, can put aside the chain of cheating, and slowly through the pages to the home page weight transfer. Another advantage is that within the page to change other pages are generally relatively easy. If the site has no manual effort to exchange these words in the pages of the chain of words, personally think that using a suitable and powerful chain of software is also worth considering, for example, skycc combination marketing software.