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The advantages and disadvantages of the graphic examples of the forum outside the chain

I remember when love Shanghai chain The so-called

most of Shanghai dragon Er selection the main reason for the construction of the chain forum may still because of its simple construction, quick response. However, Xiao He also defeated Xiao He, the advantages of the forum outside the chain prompted a lot of forum spam links. This search engine for the forum also included more severe, do not think that as long as you put the link up on it, although the search engine will be included at the beginning, but with the quality of the audit, will soon be a collection of Posts deleted. Let’s take a look at this post A5 Forum:



on the author’s analysis, the forum outside the chain and not on our site of the whole chain have much effect, however it is a little more can attract the search engine spiders entrance for our site, a site will naturally follow the upgrade.

two, the advantages of good post chain can lead to transient flow

has just entered the optimization in the circle, most often do the chain is the chain forum. The chain forum is there really work on our optimization, the forum outside the chain to our site value how much? I think most people want to know the problem of optimization. After all, most of our chain is mainly through the forum to get. Then I will share three points in this paper do a chain of stage.

, the advantages of more frequent lead spider


above we can find A5 forum included every day hundreds of thousands, and the total collection is always maintained at a stable number. We can draw the conclusion that, although the beginning has included a lot of content, but the search engine found that the low quality of sleep after being deleted. < >

three, the shortcomings of time-consuming and low effectiveness of

forum outside the chain not only is the signature of the chain, we also can be some good post on the left link. These links can often be for us that brings temporary visitors flow area. Do not underestimate this temporary flow of visitors, because I believe there would have become our user group. Step back, even if visitors do not love, if we have to do advertisement Union, these undoubtedly flow into the site’s earnings. Then we look at the recent forum issued a chain driven flow.


in Shanghai before the Dragon why forum registered the account, also has the signature set to site links. Then to get the link to the site through a large number of post replies, the forum signature links before transfer to another site to send some post. The changes are as follows:

In the face of love Shanghai chain Kuangxiang webmaster how to deal with the phenomenon


love Shanghai this adjustment, unprecedented influence on every webmaster is very great. What is the impact of this adjustment for me? This.

, a Shanghai love adjustment must first figure out three questions

some people say do Shanghai dragon is love Shanghai nose, he adjusted you will follow the adjustment, he Duoduojia you three fibrillation fibrillation, we put the Buddha is a string puppet, he told us we would not be able to East west. So, we do Shanghai dragon really is a tragedy, we have only is struggling to cope with the. However, we can not only accept, we want to use their ability to do a fight. How the fight becomes a key problem. All along, I love the face of the adjustment of Shanghai are doing, something I do hope to give you some help, don’t be in love with the sea move out of defeat.

2 adjustment and love Shanghai is one-sided or comprehensive


sometimes love Shanghai for some individual industries, such as medical, game and so on, make the appropriate adjustments, if you work in this industry, you must have experience, you’re not that you don’t have to worry about, at first I also wonder whether is an industry problem, but unfortunately, found in my survey of a few hours in Shanghai, love this adjustment is absolutely large scale, nationwide. This is absolutely unprecedented nationwide crackdown, for the chain, crazy minus graffiti.


1, with large sea adjustment does the

Adjustment of

3, love Shanghai. What’s the big influence on my

this morning to open the computer, the general situation as usual to see the site, don’t know, a look surprised, all the sites I manage the chain Kuangxiang, there are thousands of down to 34, there are hundreds of down to 30, the feeling is really shocking. Then I immediately inside the group shouted for a while, immediately many people respond to various forums, like the Shanghai dragon why, a push, push 28 of the visit, the most is to discuss this, it seems to fall in love with sea is really in a big adjustment. In the face of love Shanghai so no sound adjustment, we can only accept? No, we want to make a deal.

through group discussion, and I in various forums seems largely to see love Shanghai this is really made a big adjustment: Crazy minus the chain. Some people say that 5 is down yesterday afternoon in Shanghai day, will be the last day of Shanghai downtime and lost a lot of data? Is love or love in their Shanghai adjustment work in Shanghai? The problem we leave doubt, slowly study, time will tell us everything. I tend to love Shanghai in bigger adjustment.

whether it is a few big adjustments at the end of last year, or before, whenever such adjustment will be first in my mind to ask yourself three questions, the three question clear my heart is more comfortable. The following brief.

Tencent wide point Luo sign marketing 3 era entrepreneurs how to do mobile marketingJapanese otaku c

"we have been asked this question occasionally. We never buy fans from any organization or company. We’ve just put in a little advertising."

has been hoping to build an ecosystem of domestic effects advertising, emphasizing on many occasions, not participating in mobile advertising in 2014, and putting all revenue to developers.

multi terminal refers to the user scene in multi screen environment, in the face of different time periods, different groups of people, as well as different activities, scenes, you can push intelligence information to target groups. Through the basic core capabilities Tencent cloud, account system, rich API, social marketing capabilities, commercial capabilities, so that the wide pass can be completed in a variety of scenes, product information and user touch.

, I can’t wait to ask Nao Kodaka to answer this question. They must have a perfect management of the Facebook page, and a large number of photos will certainly attract the attention of many fans. Based on the data above, I asked Nao Kodaka how many of the Facebook fans in TOM are growing organically, and how much of it is attracted by advertising.

Rowe levy, marketing 3 times belong to social networking sites. Tencent effect advertising platform through the three major advantages, will help developers realize the flow of cash, but also for advertisers find high-quality mobile delivery channels.

‘s interest is that so far, the reaction to the TOM topic has been complicated, especially in the number of TOM fans on Facebook, both surprising and confusing. So far, the number of TOM fans in Facebook has reached 6 million 800 thousand.

multi-level reflected in the broad point, you can deeply insight into the user. The basic properties and environmental characteristics of the portrait of account system based on user oriented crowd; users interested in short-term SNS social network based on the electricity supplier can track the behavior and APP behavior; SNS users of social networks based on long-term interest, including user life growth trajectory, users of social relationships chain. In addition, based on Tencent large social platform wide pass, big data advantages, LBS directional advantages can enrich user orientation levels.

Japan Otaku Mode startup Tokyo hereinafter referred to as "TOM" has recently become the focus of the outside world, the company was founded in March 2011, focused on the otaku community Otaku content curation service. The company has completed a round of financing, all funded by angel investors.


this is the Facebook strategy to create new styles, but I think that if there is no in advertising to invest a lot of money, the number of fans of TOM or even 100 more than million xu. By contrast, TOM is in Tw>

, who declined to disclose specific advertising inputs, gave several reasons why the TOM Facebook page was so prominent:

May 10th news, 2014, the Ninth China Internet entrepreneurs conference held at the International Conference center. Around the theme of this conference, "build a mobile eco ecosystem", nearly 4000 mobile entrepreneurs from all over the country, IT observers and marketers have exchanged views at the scene. At the meeting, the general manager of the Tencent of the effect of the advertising platform around the theme of "Luo syndrome when entrepreneurs into the marketing 3 era" on-site lectures, marketing 3 era of entrepreneurial opportunities conducted in-depth sharing, helping mobile entrepreneurs grasp more of the cash flow method.

"otaku" generally refers to the ACG animation, comics Animation Comic, Game the name of the game has a special group beyond the general knowledge, appreciation and play ability, is synonymous with ultimate ACG lovers. Otaku will not stay at home, but some people are keen and some things in bo.

points out that there are three major advantages of broad point: large platform, multi-level, cross terminal.


TOM co-founder Nao Kodaka recently accepted an interview with Asian technology, introduces the business progress and plans for the future.

platform refers to the Tencent Tencent, open platform, wide point cloud as one of the Tencent in the open system, , mobile phone , space, wide point through mobile alliance, WeChat, Tencent, news client, music and other social networking products, can be extended to the user information in a timely manner.

"we think TOM attracts fans because of its service continuity and content quality.". We plan content every day, uninterrupted for three hundred and sixty-five days a year, including christmas. We are a full-time media company with no holidays. In terms of quality, we are authorized to take photos of our own intellectual property holders or participate in activities. So we can get original and unique content."

Nao Kodaka explains, "

Improve the site included rate please start from the site

? planning ahead within the framework of the structure of good website

this is a good description of the site structure clear, the search engine will find what you want, you want your site included rate will be low

set up the website of robots file

robots file is a rule of the search engine spiders crawl the site whether the content setting, is usually a notepad file for newly built website, we can allow all search engines (such as the Shanghai love search, search, search, Youdao 360) to grab. Some of the newcomers in the establishment of the time, often because of the wrong robots settings, causing the site has not been included, if not the rules set robots, recommended to search for "how to set up the robots website, you will find the right to write robots, equivalent to the site included opens a door.



basically is now common open source in the site will have a good website directory structure, but because each site’s style is not the same, will be inevitable because the site directory structure that the unreasonable design of the site later included not too good. What is now the search engine directory structure excellent? Please look at the display:

search engine, static page has been a favorite of search engines, because in the capture not only grab fast, and grab the content indexing catalog well in search engine library. What is the static settings? Such as our common to ".Htm" ".Html" at the end of the page is static, each page will have a fixed name, not only can let the crawler clear records, and when users find things, also play a great convenience.

is a web site collected or more key also lies in every page of "title, distription, keywords set. The first page of "title, distription, k>

Since the

website / list page, content page of

is a website to get traffic through search optimization, it must be recognized by search engines, search and preliminary approval on the website of the engine depends on the web pages in. For example, you are a just good website, search engine will first examine a period of time, if your site search engine "taste", do not want to be included are very difficult. However, from the actual situation, a lot of people are after the site built, to improve the collection rate of the web site, seriously affected the progress of the site itself. So, do some work at the beginning of the site, will be conducive to the website to improve the rate of

pseudo static rules set

Out of the public, from the media, entrepreneurs do not consciously surging out of the new direction

below is text record

his message to the WeChat public number is "I don’t know how high the ceiling is. If it’s high, we’d be happy to do it."……"

has succeeded where their existing income from? The traditional advertising model, a combination of written text by typing, advertising and commercial form of realization, but when the media entrepreneurs have been successful in the first step of "traditional ad", began to explore new all kinds of ideas.

Hello, I; elite network alliance customer service number is: 750891814

data show that net profit using red advertising accounted for only 25%, more red net is the Taobao store, who rely on public sign >

Internet has undergone many transformations, and since the media has become a self media, it comes from a kind of "who knows who lays eggs".

, a question printed in the mind, "how do you change the public number into IP?"

many years ago, we value quality, the value of valuable content, but seldom care about this on the network output of the "high quality" "hen" who is like the original, we only love free video resources, and seeds…… I never thought that one day I would go into an era where copyright in any field would be copyrighted.

From the media entrepreneur

"personal brand" has been awakened, when the "copyright" has enough to feed a person, a team…… "Copyright awareness" has become one of the important channels of commercial realization.

elite League 10:40:34

WebUnion jiint our site is
to elite network alliance and your site cooperation
hello at you to advertise abroad
  next time don’t find me;

Hello 10:46:57
*** did not force ah
you * * * not to pull the black, Lao Tzu don’t need you,
> jiint WebUnion hum

, even from the media who have a good "personal brand" and "copyright" Tinghuo, but also looking for an outlet, their body surging "liquidation" anxiety seems to form a new direction: out of the public.

a Lanna evening, out of the horizon, the blog era, ushered in the outbreak of the personal brand is well-known people from the media. Sign up with the headlines to become a tiger sniffing star author and participant in the NetEase media project…… In the Lanna evening do is change to the public number "Lanna evening" IP ".


80 Li Miao, using "understand Japanese Chinese" nature, relying on the public, "Li Miao" has achieved 100 thousand yuan of water, from the Japanese craft to understand, to docking with the Chinese between Li Miao, then in the process of acting has accumulated a number of users are spending power.

this morning on the , or the "elite Alliance Network Alliance", the website is, or to discuss cooperation matters, several times before I have refused. Still, after I refused, the union service immediately falling out of its original appearance, can’t cheat moment, the following is the text, if there are changes, the family to die. We these small Adsense is such being bullied?!

92 years with Hu Xinshu, "a person’s heart of girl selling hall" accumulating 320 thousand people, in an advertisement fee of up to 10 thousand yuan, Hu Xinshu has the ability to feed a small team, a enough to let yourself in any city can have a rich life, but in the morning shopping, afternoon before the day gets anxious.

era so anxious, good content itself is value, those willing to pay for good content users will become self media entrepreneurs out of the "public number" important thrust.


Yao Jinbo in 35 years, will invest 1 billion U. s.dollars investment acquisitionsManagement is not d

Yao Jinbo: the activity is not over yet. We haven’t seen the data yet. As a whole, the enthusiasm of the users is more than we expected.

below is the NetEase science and technology dialogue 58, city CEO Yao Yao record:

Yao Jinbo: if it’s beyond us, go ahead.


brand promotion on the use of these moves, in July activities reduced by 500-1000 yuan,

May 5th news, in today’s GMIC global mobile Internet Conference, CEO Yao Jinbo 58 city accepted the NetEase technology interview, Yao Jinbo said that the new business incubator and investment acquisitions will become the 58 city of the second legs, the next 3-5 years will be in this area will invest $1 billion.

NetEase Technology: this year I saw we on a "property season", and now almost a month, the current situation of this activity,

Yao Jinbo said, for entrepreneurs, 58 city itself has done well in the business, such as rent, blue collar recruitment, trading second-hand goods, second-hand car and other aspects of the opportunity to have more and more small, but also in the car, cost, housekeeping and other segments of some company rise, 58 city to invest or buy them.

? ?

Yao Jinbo: there are three activities every year, real estate season, the recruiting season, but also our life service season, real estate season season has just mentioned, the operation is very good, is the general recruiting season every summer, students leave school before we do, the recruiting season, last year has been done once, there are more than two million enterprises in the recruitment of 58 within a month, the basic service is free, not only do we do not pay attention to other real estate season, recruiting season, service life also, we call "China good business selection, such activities will continue to do. And in May 8th, we were all 58>

NetEase Technology: before I see, say with three hundred million in the user and realtor, this has been put into how many,

NetEase Technology: in investment will exceed

, President of Panasonic, Japan, Konosuke Matsushita’s leadership style to curse famous, but also to the most cultivated talents and famous.

once Konosuke Matsushita, a department of his company’s manager said: "I do a lot of decisions every day, and to approve many decisions of others. In fact, only 40% of decisions are what I really agree with, and the remaining 60% are what I have reservations about, or what I feel I can live with."

confidence in the success of a person is very important to know how to strengthen confidence, subordinate leadership, both in your subordinates’ morale, but also help you succeed.

management is not a dictatorship, enterprises engaged in the management of the occasion, respect for human rights, the importance of individual and friendly and asked to listen to a very important concern.

Yao Jinbo: our real estate season mainly to encourage everyone through the mobile Internet to find housing, should be said to have had the unexpected effect of this way to many of the original is not through the Internet to find housing dragged onto the Internet, we in addition to the activities through cash subsidies, stimulate him beyond him, also played a lot of outdoor the line advertising, we hope to develop a user with a mobile phone to rent a house, find a house of habits, this data than the same period last year, nearly double the growth.

NetEase Technology: 58 city spend heavily on property, in other recruitment, life services will do similar inputs

Yao Jinbo said, the 58 city in addition to the money, also can give users, traffic, and the 58 city line layout, through the acquisition of new business incubators and investment in the next 35 years to $1 billion, 58 city life service, O2O may become one of the largest and most active market forces.

Visual semantics in HTML and CSS


web stack between you and users (simplified edition)

on the last day of the TXJS conference, a developer asked me: "


object – oriented CSS doesn’t leave you a lot of performance – based class names,

Each layer in the

network stack has its own structure. You won’t expect the database architecture to be used to build PHP middleware, and people expect HTML and CSS to be the same. HTML needs to be written in a meaningful way that represents data or content, which is what I call code semantics. The code semantics in HTML are important for portability and ease of use. On the other hand, CSS is really a separate layer in the stack, and it needs its own architecture that reflects the visual semantics of the page.

visual semantic description of all repeated patterns in page design. They describe the basic components of your site. In fact, they can easily implement cross site applications with just a little modification. Visual semantics does not have to be tied to the HTML semantics, because you need an architecture that meets the specific requirements of each layer stack.

stripped the template structure from the style

similarly, many PHP developers want to match the CSS and HTML architectures to PHP. Perhaps trying to apply one of your most familiar layers to them would make you feel more challenging, and I’m ashamed of that. While I was at Facebook, I wanted the PHP layer to match the CSS layer. Fortunately, Facebook has some smart developers reined in and help me to enhance the understanding.

hard to plug CSS and HTML into PHP prevents code from getting too boring (DRY) and eventually leads to code bloat, since CSS and HTML require more elaborate object structures than PHP. In fact, PHP templates are not inherently appropriate because each template contains many different HTML, and CSS objects that combine in different ways.

visual semantics = = performance-based class

The important thing

needs to be aware of is that I’m not suggesting a class name like "giantBlueHeading". The class name needs to represent the object structure you want to define, not the name of the particular visual class. For example, I often choose to remember more abstract class names, such as "media", which are easy to remember. The media block consists of a fixed width picture or flash and some text or other content combinations.



media block can be used in many different situations, such as combining an icon and a link or profile picture and user name. The specific use case is separated from the object structure >

Doing a station is just an interest, not a station as a career, feeling 2

just read "do stand is an interest and will not do stand as a kind of occupation" and "do stand is an interest and will not do stand as an occupation 2" feeling, quiet, accustomed to his occupation is not rest, I would like to talk about their own views.

this is the first time in the webmaster network writing, writing is not good, I hope you all bear in mind.

first to locate for oneself, I belong to a rookie webmaster, do this line number halfway monk, did a lot of industry, starting from 50 January to 2004 salary working career, now this occupation – network contact. Why is his rookie class, because I was a junior high school graduates, have not learned the computer, until now there haven’t seen a book about computer network books or textbooks, that is an interest and ignorance let me choose this let I sometimes regret regret to regret, occupation, the twinkling of an eye have gone through three or four years of time.

well, around another webmaster topic, some views for:

1., first of all, I am now a webmaster, no work, now in his home do, personal entrepreneurship. Now feed

with a family, roughly forget it, and now the average monthly expenditure of 2000-3000 yuan, this money is usually earned online. There’s not much money, but I can barely feed one family.

2. is my interest and my career, because I don’t have any other jobs, and I don’t like to go to work because I’m

played six or seven years of work, now listen to work I annoyed, and perhaps the character, but I also forget, by now myself like this, not a diploma, no two technical people to work, the boss will not give how much salary, it is estimated that more than 1000 of this money. My wife and children.

3. for the station do I think so, the search engine is important, but not only, can be a real based on people, serve the people, can really help you stand, then let everyone know some publicity, it may be long and secure way, though it takes a lot, but there is a return to pay, I believe it.

4. is my main source of income. I always encourage myself to one sentence: "people in certain circumstances is being forced out," I love myself, in order to survive, seeing the children crying for a drink milk, in order to gain a foothold in this competitive society, you don’t force yourself.

write a simple, what is not to debate with other people, just want to through this thing, can provide some encouragement for people who love the network, what first interested, perhaps interest will make you change a lot, there is not a word to say well, "choose your love, love as their own"

Xu Xudong 1 yuan shoes through the re employment of entrepreneurship

to find a good investment projects, in order to easily win the wealth of the future, with unlimited wonderful. In early 2003, Xu Xudong joined the emperor emperor shoe store chain opened in Taiyuan. A shoe brush, a piece of cloth, for his employees doing shoe demonstration, it has sweat wet body.

1999, Xu Xudong own a few years of experience of the candidates came to have the shoe stores in the Jilin Hanhuang shoe shop, his services and technology in the way ahead Hanhuang, quickly became the backbone of the store. In 2002 he came to Shanxi, Taiyuan, responsible for the Han Emperor chain shoe shop here technical training guidance.

College students need to pay attention to what

now, there are a lot of college students choose to start their own businesses, people from all walks of life to college students to give a high degree of concern. But some students are very dull response. In this analysis of the business of the six cheats, I hope to be able to prepare graduates to enlightenment.

first one — confidence heard too many "entrepreneurial failure flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum" experience, today’s graduates have entrepreneurial ideas, but the practice is less. In 2004 the Shanghai University JA business planning in the finals, the players have shown their business plan, but even the first prize winner also said his plan is "fantasy", in recent years will not consider entrepreneurship. While the judges that his work is the most operational of all participants. Experts believe that the reason for this phenomenon lies in the innovative spirit of the students have confidence in their ability, and entrepreneurship is the need for passion and confidence.

second strokes — Innovation about entrepreneurship, innovation is the elements will be less. In a sense, innovation determines the success of entrepreneurship. This includes technical innovation and thinking innovation. For those who want to use technology innovation of university students, experts believe that must meet the following conditions: with independent intellectual property rights of the invention; the invention can be converted into the market products and has broad market prospects; a reliable source of funds.

Third — practical college students overall understanding of the social influence, a venture thought is the high-tech industry related, this is very good, but not necessarily all business is a big company to do big business, even if it is a traditional industry technology innovation, with innovative significance even if it is a the store, which is business. The key lies in whether the graduates have to start from the courage to start from the reality, the depth of the industry to examine the social and public consumption has a profound understanding, not blind, from their own ability to start.

Fourth strokes — the accumulation of knowledge entrepreneurship is a system engineering, not only need to be creative, multi-dimensional quality also need to entrepreneurs is higher, mainly reflected in knowledge, experience, resources integration, social network construction, management ability etc.. It is impossible to obtain these 3 or 5 years of social work experience.

fifth strokes — hard work maybe some people see this title will laugh, but from an interview with the author of entrepreneurs, not a stressed that entrepreneurship is not vague and general the hardships, only experienced people know that "every day from 8 a.m. until 3 a.m.the rest, no weekends, no entertainment, the same thing must do better than others!" And don’t expect others to be willing to give you a venture before you make a profit.

An important ability of