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The construction site outside the chain to understand the weaknesses

‘s "length"

anchor text word "length"

this is all said, don’t add too many links, do not add today and not tomorrow, not today and tomorrow is the word of the word. It is to control the speed and frequency of the chain added. Many people suggested that the new day 2 -5 chain is very reasonable, even if you have a number of stations.

is a chain always cannot do without Shanghai dragon core topic. When we see enough how to choose the chain source, how to arrange the chain plan, after how to record the chain effect and so on related articles. This is our analysis of "long" and "short", right and wrong, effective and invalid time. Personal experience, the construction of the chain to understand the weaknesses".

is the quality of the site itself how, this factor is when we exchange links to the most true artificial need to grasp the good. For example, our website has just set up, this time to go is more difficult to exchange links with others. Because others soon will be able to find the quality of our site by such tools. This time, you want to impress the webmaster, to put their own site to tell each other’s strengths. For example, our website snapshot every day is 24 hours, our website is released every day, second days can be put out, the content of our website how many percent of the original, what good site has been with us exchange chain etc. These factors. Sometimes, maybe a little bit, we will promote the exchange of a link. So we must know how to put the site’s strengths to the young out.

It can be said that The

chain of time "length"

is a new concept, it is actually very simple, it is not only to the short chain to find the front page of the main keywords. Early, give those pages long term competitiveness of small or long tail keywords do the chain is better than to do home page. Because the main keywords competitiveness can be said to be relatively large, we like it with the chain to no echo in the early. Can bring some changes to our site, even if it is a chain of exchange without a little advantage. To the inside pages of long words that do outside the chain, can be in a relatively small time, the long term rankings do go up, because others do not give in the pages of words such as the chain. While we do, is likely to rank can in front of others. Of course, there is a problem of the whole weight of the site, I said here is the same site. Another advantage is that in doing so, can put aside the chain of cheating, and slowly through the pages to the home page weight transfer. Another advantage is that within the page to change other pages are generally relatively easy. If the site has no manual effort to exchange these words in the pages of the chain of words, personally think that using a suitable and powerful chain of software is also worth considering, for example, skycc combination marketing software.

Shanghai Longfeng case sharing how to restore the deleted station medical website


1, do the same with the template

all the pictures or commentary is really, look at the picture:

, Shantou Obstetrics and Gynecological Hospital website, two city hospital site, from the medical enterprise, investment funds is still relatively high, in the local area, high streets and back lanes are they advertising, love Shanghai auction, bidding Google, Sogou soso bidding, bidding, are done, and some big place on the portal website, the forum also has advertising, the handwriting is big, let the attention! From the data, this is also the medical enterprise group, should be a lot of talent, but from years ago to now there are more than a month, but also did not find Shanghai Longfeng personnel quickly recovery, recovery site.

I suggest, if do the bidding, considering the user experience, the most interesting thing is to do an illustrated auction page, user demand, search terms after click enter, see pages, content >

2, launched special auction page



Hello, today is the third day of the lunar new year, the first year after the article! Do we celebrate the new year in Shanghai dragon, also can not be normal rest, hand holding a lot of station, although not updated every day, but some station is before the Shanghai dragon after optimization ranking haven’t come up, can only rely on holidays time to time to update, can have the opportunity to go beyond the others, of course, will also visit Shanghai Longfeng colleagues article, Knowledge has no limit., only continuous learning and continuous innovation, in order to have a good record in the Shanghai dragon industry. Today Zhu Weikun will bring you a more interesting site to share this website, the weight of Google PR4, love Shanghai included million years ago, in the night was almost love Shanghai removed, just leave a domain name

from the above picture, this website is to use the mirror site to do, with WWW website with two domain content is the same, the Shanghai dragon in the industry, but this is a big taboo! I don’t know which man do optimization in Shanghai Longfeng enterprises, but also have the the case, so I can share out, can be seen from here:

from bidding on look, the violation of the same kind of love for Shanghai, with two names, in the same words, there are two bidding promotion belongs to them, may be the two city, so in love with high seamount emperor far away, no one to report them, but this is a cause for a high weight site was plucked, the reason is the mirror, although only two, but also belong to the station group.

!This site is

template is the same, although the two sites, but the similarity inside is too high, so love is found in Shanghai, basically will be plucked.


What kind of website for the search engines

C, the site navigation every page to let the user know the path.

From the perspective of

B, ensure URL as short as possible, to ensure its simplicity, minimize the dynamic parameters.

wants to let search engines love your site, grab your site, to avoid using the search engine in the construction area, so as to benefit web crawling, have very good rankings on the internet. The marketing website is very popular in the construction site, the construction of the marketing website not only meet the search engines crawl, but also to meet the user experience. The construction of enterprise website marketing, marketing function, online customer service, national hotline, website content user experience, regardless of the design, or keyword selection on the analysis of the industry, to determine the target user, so your website is not flow into.


A, a tree structure structure spiders first grab, home column (channel) – details page

content can capture the user’s needs, ideas, therefore, the station can not copy others directly, must edit the effective content.

B, the site of each page has at least one text links, can let the site as completely as possible to grab included.

The ultimate goal is to promote the gives the website pictures

4, ALT

images can be identified in the search engine spiders, do not know what is the meaning, what is the role of. Therefore, we need to give the corresponding instructions, can be designed using alt=" " give corresponding instructions.

1, the website structure and clear

2 and url

what kind of website construction for search engines:

website optimization, search engine spiders love simple structure, and to ensure the readability of a crawl.

5, the content of the website

search engine does not recognize JS, if in the construction site JS, then your website will be difficult to optimize the use of. If you must use js, designers need in the production of JS in the bottom of the page, can reduce the load of access. At the same time, you can use the div+css JS to achieve results.

website, so that consumers can search to you on the Internet, can be traded on the site, to achieve cooperation. However, your site is too gorgeous, just for a short time to attract users from the eyes, couldn’t promotion website optimization point on purpose. So the construction of what kind of website for the search engines?

3, minimize the use of js

A in the website, each page has a unique URL connection, the corresponding weight of each connection, too many forms of URL dispersion of the page, and the target URL there are risks of heavy filter in the system.

Through the analysis of actual combat forum Shanghai dragon Taobao passenger by high flow

The author of the recent research on the Taobao

guest website, found a Taobao expert guest website, is to use the Discuz architecture to the forum. After the analysis and study, think this method is worth Amoy owners to share learning. Today we have practical anatomy Tao guest forum Shanghai dragon.

we’ll analyze the forum page and inside pages title. The home page title tags for "Taobao crown shop _ Taobao crown shop Daquan, a very simple title, and page title tag plate form is name plate (XX list) + page title form. And don’t talk about this forum itself Shanghai dragon construction more perfect, see section title page writing can also be seen, Adsense tend to do the search volume is not large, the conversion rate is high words. A >

first talk about what are the benefits of using forums as the carrier. The main three station system is CMS, blogs and forums. The forum with the biggest advantage is: collecting convenient and relatively high quality content. Some large forum due to too much information to the search engine can’t timely capture, but gave an acquisition station. Some forums or part of the plate, is forbidden to the visitors, the collected posts will be considered the original. In addition, forum and blog, CMS, is also accounted for a large proportion of the page, so if the acquisition of the subject placard, still can effectively reduce the similarity. In a word, the forum in a sense is more suitable for garbage collecting station.

as above, only a part of the site. This forum is composed of a plurality of plates, basically name plates for XX rankings. In the top of the page is called Amoy shop Taobao advertising, below are for the contents of the search engines look. I found the forum every day there is a new post, but the number of topics and reply than basically is 1:1, that is, basically no one reply. Through further observation, the author found that these posts are collected.

from here you can see that, this website has a good ranking. In fact, this website is not only a good home page ranking, each plate also has a good ranking. So, this station is how to do it? Let us know about the structure of the website.


let’s take a look at the weight of the site, as shown in figure.

so, this does not lead to a lot of advertisements? The author tried to register a new account, the results suggest that "sorry, at present the forum prohibited new user registration, please return". It seems to prevent water paste and Adsense ads, to make snap approach. Next we analyze some Shanghai dragon of the technique and the webmaster of the benefits of doing so.


A Shanghai dragon of the inner monologue of health first

my first job is to do the Shanghai dragon, because I feel I really love, really, is not love, but love! Although I work just outside the chain, "

heard later through the website to make advertising is very good, can make a lot of money, then thought to buy a website, slowly exposed to A5 in A5, see which sites can take over, see every kind of website, he is very confused. I know a friend just to make money from the Internet, and I hope to be able to join, so I spent 1800 yuan to buy online a literary website. At that time did not know what is the evaluation of the value of a website? Just think this site is complex, nice page bought. After buying up advertising, only to find a day to earn money. Space each year more than 300 yuan, is very depressed. Later learned that the website is a free DZ program to build up, the total value of not more than 300 yuan. On this site has been lost, and students together to engage, engage in a long time, or not, I feel is the theme of the site is not good enough, a literary website all day show, in the impetuous society, some people will be interested in this website. Later, I completely give up, bought a novel program, audience’s great, I think a great opportunity, in fact, my approach is correct, do promotion seriously, do not know Shanghai dragon, is a sound promotion, flow quickly do 5000ip (after feeling to have a great relationship with the domain name weight is relatively high, 3 spell domain name, is relatively easy to remember), bad luck is such a good site was linked to horse, when I leave home, no network home site was taking off, I do not know, so back to school only to find the site. Then I will start to do, through unremitting efforts, hard work pays off, traffic to 3000IP, sold 5000 yuan, with 5000 yuan out looking for a job.

Contact Wangzhuan

real starting from 2 years ago, that time is not very understand, just want to make money, feeling from the network can make money, just let me in this love hate industry.

just started from the contact pig site, every day to give others registered, one day to earn a few dollars, but the inflation in the 1990s, what a few yuan money easy? People have greater desire, I am no exception. At that time wondering why so many people hire us money, through exploration, exposure to advertising, so they hire in the pig registration, happy is the first money earned 1158.2 yuan, let me happy (and later the alliance collapsed, according to insiders said the alliance is a Chinese branch. France may Chinese so clever that they didn’t think it)! The first money earn more firmly so easy, I am engaged in the road network.

wrote this article is not only to give you a warning, but also give yourself a warning, I hope everyone can have a healthy body, have a wonderful life!

Nine wins emergency notification server room relocationAdvertising skills clever use of public servi

daily promotion data, 48 hours later login background query

has been in business for 4 years, and has joined

monthly payment, H-share listed companies sincere cooperation "

, everybody:

                                                              & nbsp;;                                                       nine wins advertising alliance

by CPA settlement, promotion unit price is 0.2 yuan / / installation

registration after the need to apply for PowerWord project, but the audit soon, Jinshan work efficiency is still very high

I !

a website about 2WIP, usually on separate shlf1314 Adsense advertising, a 2 page advertisement, I do not love too much advertising, because I think the user experience is very important, and put more shlf1314 Adsense click on the estimated impact of income, and did not consider other ads, that day your computer, re install the system, before the software installation package can not find, many of which are to download, indeed, now online real nervous, accidentally. I searched for some software, it was generally download station, find a few relatively large, found a lot of software do not need to search, direct target sites have a single advertisement, I see a lot of download stations are linked to Kingsoft this ad, my instinct I apply for this project look at the effect of hanging, really try not to know, try a fright, 2WIP site one day also has more than 200 installed capacity, the most important thing is not the effect of shlf1314 Adsense advertising revenue, my advertising position is a top of the 468*60, to my surprise, usually the location of the other ad I read the report, very few people click, but put but why there are so many clicks PowerWord? Then thought, maybe now users level up, for their own needs or something like Click on the download, for irrelevant things, you put more, it will not click.


more information as in the League: http://top.admin5/u.shtml
to join Admin5 alliance channel, please contact the
if you are a Union Commissioner, please give me the latest information feedback, we in the first time to report to you. Feedback

shlf1314 Kingsoft cooperation edition promotion alliance introduced

today says "public service, commission advertising" is the kind of software that can be used regularly in daily work, but not at the rate.

today, share with me an unexpected bonus in the advertising process.

        0:00 to 14:00. server room tomorrow afternoon to move this evening, this time, may cause a short time cannot be displayed or advertising website isn’t open, please forgive partners! After the server moves, can provide the advertisement service for the stationmaster better and quicker!

1, Kingsoft union PowerWord

gives an official introduction to the project:

, don’t say I didn’t share this information with you. There are many practical software alliance, I chose two

Nine wins:

shlf1314 Kingsoft collaboration edition is free software, and only 23M

The , an alliance of thousands of personal websites

theme: to maintain the original advertising position unchanged, increase public welfare, but Commission advertising.

On the prostitute’s chastity lock and the degeneration of the stationmaster

the title joke is too big, but you have to write it down. Don’t want to just a title, it should consider how to modify arbitrary, coherent, even become a powerful and unconstrained style, garbage article, come to infamy, is also quite a bit cynical view of personality, taste.

ancient Europe, China small feudal chastity lock feet are constrained and isolated women at home, obeying the feudal – take it lying down.

is now the webmaster friends, some busy making spam sites (such as pornography, reactionary), part of a busy deceive customers (allegedly in coastal areas of Fujian super guide company mister useless registered XX domain name or the like), a part of the use of other unconventional means of peer pressure (local has a website at the most today the exchange of Links, etc. Baidu included immediately modify other links to other sub channels of their own).

if the ancient, by using tools to suppress women’s love, then this today, with what the correct attitude to guide the webmaster.

is a man who stands. A man can be without morality, but without conscience.

has a talent net friend, and I want to Yiyang talent network ( cooperation, cooperation, always found that it is not about as easy to operate, the two parties are not selfish interests and eventually settle a matter by leaving it unsettled.

do stand, if there is no condition, go alone, always more than two monks lift water to drink, three monks no water, drink strong!


do not brag, don’t write out what marketing, promotion and experience of the essay, see a colleague a few days ago to write a real estate planning, finally understand that it is called the plan!!! With his own imagination, to arrange the process to each other.

the majority of the fighting in the front of the grassroots webmaster, do not believe that your local station will make you overnight money, do not want to believe that the value of the corn a thousand children, not to believe that VCs will see you. Stick to your beliefs and use your interests to support your website, dedicate first and get later.

emotional communication, QQ29024121, Yiyang Talent Network:

Admin5 comments: Thank you for your contributions! As the author said, the title of a big joke, but this view is really good! The majority of the fighting in the first line of the grassroots webmaster, do not believe that your local station will make you rich overnight, also don’t want to believe that the value of a thousand children in maize million children, but do not believe that wind will like you. Stick to your beliefs and use your interests to support your website, dedicate first and get later.

Xi’an City, 520 women entrepreneurs dream forum to encourage women to start a business

survey shows that female entrepreneurs in the business is more robust than male entrepreneurs, more likely to stand firm in the market crisis, through the storm. To support women entrepreneurship is one of the social development of people’s livelihood should focus on.

2015 in the evening of November 26th, the "520 women entrepreneurs dream forum held in Changan campus of Xi’an University of Posts and telecommunications, Shaanxi Swire Coca-Cola Company Sales Manager Guo Dongliang was invited to the interpretation and significance of the 520 women’s entrepreneurship project.

sponsored by the activities of the Communist Youth League of Shaanxi provincial Party committee, Shaanxi provincial youth development foundation, the Xi’an Municipal Women’s Federation, Xi’an daily, Xi’an University of Posts and Telecommunications Committee contractors, Xi’an Electronic Commerce Association and Shaanxi Coca-Cola Swire Beverage Co. Ltd. Co, aims to provide business guidance to students, enhance the employability and competitiveness.

related recommendations

How to join the cosmetics store to make money

because of the current public demand for a variety of cosmetics, so now many people invest in entrepreneurship, will take into account the beauty industry. It is generally agreed that the cosmetics store to join the project is a good project, but how to make money cosmetics shop? It’s not easy to run a cosmetics store, and it is necessary for managers to do every detail. Whether it is the form of individuals, or the form of franchising, cosmetics store management skills, each manager must understand. If you want to run a cosmetics store to join the business to make money, naturally need to grasp more skills. So, how can we join the cosmetics store to make money?

first, site

has always been the site is a very important link in the cosmetics store franchise stores, the store’s future is also very important. Such as store location is good, people flow, which will lay the foundation for successful operation. Can store address selection is very important, naturally want to choose in the large flow of people, at the same time, also need to consider the local people’s consumption level? What are the main consumer groups, these are very necessary to understand clearly.

second, named

cosmetics shop shop shop when selected, then you need to take a loud name for the store, some business name, is very good, always give a person with beautiful reverie, people are not in the shop, have been attracted to products and effect after more. Is there a look. Of course, this is also the name must be attractive, in order to attract consumers into the store consumption.

third, environment

originally cosmetic shop is in the operation of beautiful goods, natural and hardware building materials store is different. The store environment and product placement is also a high demand. Regardless of the size of stores, in the store, must be clean and tidy, placed more orderly, is not required to store large, but it must be warm and atmosphere, which can allow consumers to rely on cosmetics shop, and you do cosmetic shop to join, also must take into account this problem. But if you put a lot of high-end cosmetics, but too confusing, even in the high-end stuff, consumers into the store, to see such a store environment, even the head is not directly out of the store.

fourth, service

needs to have a professional service, regardless of what the industry is must pay attention to professional services, especially the cosmetics store franchise, this service is very important, sometimes, such professional services can attract many customers for the cosmetics store. But there is no such service to do, and how could attract more customers? How to talk about cosmetics shop plus

How to do a good job in the restaurant business holiday

holiday economy is now in the major industries are the best time to make money, Chinese good lively personality let the holidays become a major business in the promotion of good time. For the food and beverage industry, the holiday business is to seize the opportunity entrepreneurs! It is a good example of the tourism industry in terms of holiday consumption! Food and beverage industry is also the same reason! With the improvement of people’s living standard. Choose a restaurant is common, especially in the country to celebrate holidays, family reunion time!

20 fashion catering joined and became a century before 80s, rice flour, meat is the most common people in holidays. But with the development of economy, people keep on pursuing new and unique ways. More and more new content has been added to the holiday food and Beverage activities. People are calling for the safety and health food, and a new concept of healthy consumption comes into being. Today’s holiday consumers pay more attention to and yearning for nutrition, health, convenience, affordable, healthy food. Wuhan Xiaolan stores in the Spring Festival dinner varieties reduced the proportion of poultry meat. Launched the "Dragon King mushroom" series of wild mushroom cuisine and has nourishing function of abalone, shark fin, ginseng, belly dishes collocation, welcome by customers. Therefore, hotels, restaurants must be based on people’s new dietary needs, to develop new food space.