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How to combine the good news of Shanghai Longfeng marketing

(4) content as far as possible with Web links, such as the news website for coordination of activities to promote you please take active links (such as: 贵族宝贝estay贵族宝贝/huodong/guoqing2015/)

(3) news delivery platform, released a large media is inevitable, but the choice must be related to

promotion techniques


1, title to contain the user search (that is, we need to promote the word)

(1) to the product information in the content disclosed to the target group of

3, standard brand marketing word of a network or and ensure that the stay stay title contains the brand

marketing is another goal of news related productsPurpose:

news marketing wants to combine with the Shanghai dragon, to achieve brand name, keywords, product elements and other brand elements to cooperate with Shanghai Longfeng perfect, which means that users search for specific words, words that stay brand users see the uniform information, which not only enhances the brand, also can avoid misleading and unnecessary to achieve the above goals do news marketing needs to meet the following requirements:

1, indirectly enhance website sales orders

2, the news marketing needs to have promotion of clear objectives, and then around the goal to write marketing content

2, improve the brand awareness of

(2) with some pictures in the content, the picture contains product information


such as: the promotion of words: The Resort Apartments then marketing content around the The Resort Apartments


search engine optimization goal is to improve the website target keywords in the search engine ranking, so as to obtain more search traffic order, and indirectly promote the direct marketing news website is to improve the target keywords ranking in the search engine is the most direct and effective means to improve the brand awareness of.

08 years of new year Blizzard Wangzhuan, long wayFrom grassroots webmaster difficult to get investor

like me all know grassroots webmaster do a website difficult, I also like you, your own programming PS yourself to run the market and so on, will not delay their work after a period of time the site finally prototypes, he is very excited, but the problem is that such a huge data and needs picture support website space how? I started looking for a virtual host, after a period of time and some test results are almost customer open speed is very slow, for a grassroots station "open slow is fatal, because it will affect the user experience and the advertisers doubt, how to do?

is actually a lot of people always blindly will Wangzhuan narrow, as if in the online email, participate in activities such as call Witkey website, actually open shop is also higher, do Wangzhuan, as long as through certain business behavior in the network to obtain certain economic benefits, should be included in the scope of wangzhuan.

and his friends after consultation, a cruel, bought a cloud hosting and prepare the matter, do we regular dry, even if not successful or not regret, let alone the host bought after the web page open speed is really surprised me and let me help test friends feel to the satisfaction of the site! The prototype and the host are ready, the next step to start formal marketing on-line

08 years of Wangzhuan, as 08 years of heavy snowstorm swept the country, both the cold side, there are also places worth looking forward to, really is: Blizzard new year long, 08 Wangzhuan not simple.

is actually a lot of people, always think Wangzhuan is an extreme inflow of money, not knowing the light taobao to solve the employment problem of hundreds of thousands of people, but personal webmaster group has reached billions of total advertising revenue, net profit in the Internet era, to replace the traditional work is a historical necessity.

but the start of the 08 year, the overall Wangzhuan form is not optimistic, one of the most important reasons is that the rise in prices and the decline of advertising alliance.

I do website but many webmaster has to do is a marriage type community website, there are a lot of this kind of consulting and so on, the reason I think to do a website source this to me in the Tianjin hotel as a wedding planning department manager, every day I will see many new people to the consultation and about all kinds of things and all kinds of wedding wedding get scorched by the flames look, every day will see the Tianjin wedding company personnel holding their promotional materials to promote their own company and the director, makeup and so on, I think as I made a wedding company for new sites to bypass the intermediate service such people, so the wedding company to promote their new place, also have a way of understanding and choice.

prices are not only directly affect the network, purchase cost will rise, if arbitrary price increases, the consequences may be the loss of the old customers, especially for the full-time network pressure will be greater than 03, now has 04 years, that as long as the intention to shop may make money, the traditional enterprises and shops a large number of cut shop market, tentative behavior of college students and novice also to network groups brought more competitive and volatile. Shop  China; shop expert analysis: the number of spending 08 years online shop will further increase, but also the competition will be more intense, with Taobao opened the B2C market, and sh419 is strong in the C2C area will make a large number of the three generation, the four generation of network supply even become uncompetitive, resulting in large network the surface of the big reshuffle.

I just

difficult website shaping

because I majored in marketing planning, so I combined the Tianjin wedding market with the help of friends first developed a set of projects, and to listen to various opinions of the wedding industry carefully adjusted, to tell the truth of this kind of marriage type community already belongs to the Red Sea, I have a lot of friends let me give up this idea. But I think that the Red Sea is also outstanding industry elite, even if it is also selling pie egg business is good or bad, so I still keep doing it.


advertising alliance decline, direct impact is the personal webmaster, although the online advertising market has been sentenced to 07 years of growth, and is expected to have a new growth for 08 years, but the implementation of the personal webmaster head what has not, a lot of advertising alliance deduction amount, arrears phenomenon, shlf1314 largest advertisers adjust the recommendation system in 08 years, and the major source of traffic to sh419, also gave the owners a run at the beginning of 08, the new audit strategy, have certain study period for the new station.

although I’ve been planning marketing for years, I know >

hard marketing,

creates website original intention

and other various forms of Wangzhuan, after development and nearly ten years, some have been proved not suitable for conditions such as mail and China: foreign online casino, some have been proved to be a complete project: such as induction of registration or network marketing line system. While other emerging Witkey Wangzhuan project, because the market is not sufficient, the impact is not, can not bear market share.

on the Internet do grassroots webmaster one unknown to the public in a web site, but also on the Internet site in the tens of millions of ordinary, if why investment choose me, I want to just because effort and that a persistent.

everything is so sudden, seemingly just a few hours of ordinary, but the pain and joy, I think only grassroots webmaster can really understand the hardships of the road.


Qihoo was favored by venture capital injection of more than $1 millionPrivacy violations have to be

in fact, Qihoo network first round of investment in March has ended. Qihoo from Sequoia investment Sequoia Capital, IDGVC, CDH ventures and angel investor Zhou Hongyi for a total of 20 million investment.

the day before yesterday, China MSN just choose the Qihoo as a content partner, now it was rumored to get additional investment news. A Chinese investment analysts told reporters that "a series of recent situation, Web2.0 is really a hot investment. Especially the community search, classification, vertical search site performance is very eye-catching. Generally speaking, after the first financing has ended, the new investor enters the supplementary investment again, the operation cost is huge. If not very optimistic about the company’s future profit model, usually rarely do so."

daily news reporter Luo Tian reporter learned yesterday, Chinese search portal network Qihoo www.qihoo once again won the favor of venture capitalists, investment of more than one million dollars. The industry generally believes that this is the community search model, once again recognized by the investment community.

shlf1314 is not part of this case, requiring us to provide information requirements is excessive. We have been negotiating with the government for a long time, but we have not been able to solve the problem. We will actively resist this requirement.

in a document submitted to the court on Wednesday, the Bush administration asked the judge to force the shlf1314 to perform the request for information by summons, including shlf1314 users to search for pornography frequency. Other media were also asked to provide relevant information, media reports said.

it is proposed that the site can not comply with the law, and it also violates the first amendment free speech. The United States Supreme Court abruptly suspended the bill in 2004 and authorized a federal court in Philadelphia to conduct a full trial to determine whether the law is constitutional.

according to internal sources, the investment risk is not Qihoo second financing, but an American investment company came to the door, additional investment. Although Qihoo President Qi Xiangdong did not comment on the matter. However, the reporter through the investment community to inquire about, learned that additional investors are likely to be one of the United States Sequoia Sequoia Capital tied with the world’s three largest VC KP, Matrix Partner.

Qihoo won millions of dollars in additional investment Web2.0 favored search mode

brand promotion on the use of these moves, in July activities set down 500-1000 yuan,

Discussion on how to do pioneering work on the Internet execution and persistence

recently friends often ask me to do this to make money online? What are not where to learn? For this problem it is difficult to give an accurate answer. If you want to make money through Taobao, you must first put the Taobao store opened up, if you do not know how to learn how to open shop, and other shops to open up after learning promotion skills, then apply to the Taobao store, the combination of theory and practice in order to progress faster. Some people ask how to do traffic, to tell the truth, I am in the flow of this low, do not seriously studied methods of traffic, so did not dare to teach others. Many do flow skills and methods are generally the same, I almost every day to learn other people do flow method, and then their own thinking, can improve, can do better. Number 20 on NetEase’s blog, number 21 traffic 209,22 number is more than 410, and number 23 is 1000. This figure makes me feel very shocked, I did not expect to have such a high flow, so I can do day 500IP, but it is not only 500 yuan, ha ha. I’m lazy, and if my executive power is strong enough, my 200 blogs will be full of traffic every day.

is the title of this article is the network business with what your answer can be summed up in 5 words, execution, adhere to the text about the Taobao shop; the upper is an execution problem, many novice sellers shop for a month or 2 months without order or popularity to give up, he lost his. Taobao shop is not like a physical store to open the door, there is business, what things need a process, there is a transition period, the so-called difficult period, as long as you persist through this period, also worry that you are not successful? Network business, execute, insist. If you do not adhere to a year or more than half a year, please do not tell others what you do and stick to it, because what you call persistence is not persistence, or just to satisfy your curiosity.

is now more and more customers to promote Taobao, because the promotion is simple, a lot of people directly to the code directly to the group to get away, even the most basic websites or blogs are not, don’t say more stations or blog group. Taobao promotion, if you want to do it as a career, then please take seriously your career. If you are a network of newcomers, do not understand the website program and source code, then you only need to build 200 blog enough, 10 blogs for a family, family in the blog to each other Links, daily published 5 articles, the title of the article with the long tail keywords + modifier, content is the long tail keywords + modifier + promotion products. Family of 2-3 blog also link each other, adhere to a month, not guaranteed daily income of 100, can also day income 50. If you have some money, but also know the website source code and procedures, can buy a foreign space, buy some corn (domain name), do some Taobao guest website, Taobao released off the program in the background. The article is very simple, a person manages 10 website, released a day 50 article two hours.

SEO cheats navigation design

The overall design concept of

navigation: consider the friendliness of the machine in consideration of ease of use, practicality, and user experience.

our common form of website navigation is text navigation, picture navigation, JS navigation, hot navigation, Flash navigation, and so on. Of course, if you stand on the SEO point of view, behind the four is the most unfavorable point, about SEO people know that the importance in the optimization of page navigation, search engine Bots best is to identify the string, although the graphic design of your beautiful, Flash do beautiful, Robots have no blessing to enjoy because they are always machine.

common navigation bug

is easy to use, this performance in the Flash navigation site is extremely prominent, often need 2-3 to open the link, because some time on the page text link is covered by Flash, so it is difficult to click.

practical difference, one of the common enterprise site navigation problem, too much emphasis on the brand effect of enterprise website, while ignoring the practicality and marketing ability, cause a lot of problems in the enterprise site promotion and marketing later, general enterprise website profit pattern is very clear, the sale of products or services sold. But most companies will love into their own products and services in general a page and navigation is written like the product "," the service station ", this is a waste of navigation, when we design, try to consider that the focus page to highlight an important position in the home but, our purpose is to allow users to accurately and precisely, quickly find their own products or services they need, so if we are more types Or, more services, products and services can be subdivided, there are two kinds of classification methods, a line is added directly to the home page navigation product classification: A, B, C…… another is a hierarchical list of existing products or the service station of the station classification do not change, the establishment of the Select drop-down menu, a list of all the sub classification, relationship of these specific products with the classification of product page directory structure belongs to the father and son, also seemed a little clearer.

navigation position, what our navigation placed in which position is the most reasonable? One day, our editorial classmate told me she read an article wrote "navigation placed in the left side of the page is reasonable", of course, I didn’t comment, because I think I consider is the navigation code show the location in the source file, in general, the code written in the text on the page is from left to right, from top to bottom of the display, so the navigation on the left side of the design is reasonable, can appear in the text of senior high school entrance examination before, and the links in the navigation can also be in the position shown before the comparison that is conducive to the spider crawling. But we ignore the point, the layout of the browser and people’s operating habits.

The scroll bar in the

browser is on the right side

Rural youth champion to solve the surrounding employment problem

now people’s vision to be open, no longer rigidly adhere to the non first tier cities in the business, the choice of people to return home to start business. Jiangsu emerged in a number of rural youth entrepreneurship model, they have in common is that the surrounding people to solve the employment problem, to help rural areas to become rich.

"new farmers" to encourage their entrepreneurial roots

Free tasting promotion is very important to grasp the skills

in supermarkets, is almost in any season, there will be free samples to carry out a variety of business activities, I believe many people is a member of the testers. Free tasting, is a good means of marketing. Try is a good way to guide the sales, we often see the fruit to eat, eat snacks, etc.. Let us look at the many benefits it brings to the sales sample.

for food and beverage products mainly rely on taste experience, so for the food and beverage companies, after entering the terminal products shelves, let consumers free tasting products almost becomes one of the most popular and effective means of promotion. Especially in the new product promotion period, consumers tried the product after it is good enough to directly purchase behavior. Moreover, in the food category more and more today, free samples for customers to easily find the most convenient taste of their products in a lot of food.

therefore, we often go shopping in the supermarket when the merchant to provide free coffee and milk, free biscuits, preserved fruit, chewing gum, etc.. But different manufacturers and businesses, operating free tasting activities is very different.

production of bagged cooked food manufacturers in order to promote the new series of cooked food products in a supermarket, trust Mart carry out free tasting promotional activities. Their staff will be promoted in the supermarket at the entrance of the prominent position, the promotion platform is very delicate design, color is also very eye-catching, all the way to attract people’s attention. A promotion lady cut the cooked food into many small pieces and placed them in a small dish for the convenience of customers.

it was the weekend around 4 pm, the supermarket of the company’s sales Miss People are hurrying to and fro., always very enthusiastic greeting customers to try to eat, come around to see a lot of people, but few children occasionally ride to eat, try to eat has a. Moreover, the activities of the day of the cooked food products are sold out.

obviously, this is a failure of tasting events, the company’s staff felt very much puzzled.

I help them analyze the reasons for failure:

first: supermarket door people, the wind, inevitably mixed with a lot of dust, directly on the plate of food, of course, customers will feel unsanitary, and therefore do not want to eat.

second: the event is only equipped with a promotion lady, because she needs to greet the guests, so they can not wear masks, but also make people feel that there is no sense of health.

third: Bagged cooked food taken out, leaving the original sauce in the bag, and the taste has changed slightly after opening, obviously not as good

What are the projects that are suitable for 20 year old women

women are often regarded as social vulnerable groups, compared with men have many disadvantages, 20 year old woman can do? What can be done? Today Xiaobian for you to bring a few suitable for 20 year old woman can do a good project!


What are the

programs for women 20 years of age? Coarse grain nutrition breakfast

What are the

Suitable for large and medium-sized hospitals in the vicinity of

What are the

to start manual association form, through the service processing, part of the laid-off and unemployed sisters together, to each of the two lines plus 5 yuan processing fees, in addition to embroidery 50-100 yuan processing fees. Through 8-12 months of operation can be profitable, about 2000-3000 yuan per month profit. The initial investment in this project is very small, can operate directly at home, without additional rent.

What are the

characteristics of tea sales and the sale of flower tea, fruit tea, which has been popular in some domestic large and medium-sized city. Often drink fresh tea can be beauty skin care, regulate nerve function, promote metabolism, improve body immunity. Suitable for the ten kinds of fresh flowers, such as red roses, white chrysanthemums, peony flowers, honeysuckle, etc., the price of 100-300 yuan per kilogram. At present, people drink fresh tea is also one of the few, but it will lead the new fashion of tea in the near future, has a broad market prospect. Initial investment is not large, the need for rent, decoration, tea equipment and other costs about 25 thousand yuan.


as long as the identification of business opportunities, identify the target, diligent efforts, will be able to find a good way to break out of their own piece of the sky, open their own side a better new life!


Open shoes stores how to do the decoration work

women’s shoes store must pay attention to the problem of decoration design, which is a part of every business can not avoid, the modern consumer of such attention to decoration, businesses can not be easily ignored. If you are not very clear about the decoration and so on, come up with a few suggestions Xiaobian finishing it, I hope to help you.

style positioning, you make the brand casual shoes or wear shoes, men’s shoes or shoes. Casual shoes should be given to the store at random, the shelves to be placed in a casual and overall feeling, dress is vice versa.

shoes store color to have feminine taste, light blue + white, red + white, purplish red + white, beige + white, white, black + white are a good choice, buy the field lines to streamline, multi mirror. The men’s shoes with coarse ore line, deep color, the use of materials such as walnut.

1, the store of color to be uniform, shoes and decoration color is very harmonious com, but I say here is not that unified shoes and decoration color consistent, that would make the store very dull, should let the local contrast and to the overall.

2, the purpose of lighting. Light plays a key role in the shoe store, a pair of shoes the same lighting and display no lights out completely different, especially some single display of high-grade shoes, must use searchlights for foil.

3, shelf set aside walking space, divided into the main channel and sub channel, the main channel width shall not be less than 120 cm, the channel width shall not be less than 80 cm. Image background board for main entrance or main channel.

open shoes stores to do the decoration work, will attract more attention of consumers. Consumers are attracted by the decoration design, the store environment is also in line with their minds, it is easy to promote the success of the transaction. The above suggestions are only a small reference to join the business, I hope you can do a lot of business with their own reality to do this work.

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Gaoling to promote the two rights mortgage pilot

rural entrepreneurial resources are very rich, but most of the resources of the state, showing the "sleeping" in innovation and entrepreneurship in rural areas, "sleeping" resources will be activated, Gaoling rural entrepreneurship, and promote the "two rights" mortgage pilot, farmers venture capital flowing water activation.

spring season, into the Gaoling, is greeted by a vibrant scene. The fields turn green, growing wheat seedlings in greenhouses, just a touch of spring. Live in the far town Gaoling District village doctor ray Wei Zhenyu heart son also like this field beauty, joy bloom.

2010 in September, Gaoling in Shaanxi Province, urban and rural pilot demonstration area, the first to start the rural property rights system reform in the northwest region, the rural collective land ownership, collective construction land use rights, land contract and management rights, land for construction of housing ownership in the initial establishment of rural property right registration, registration and management system. By the government to bypass, docking related financial institutions, to provide mortgage loans for farmers to explore ownership certification, revitalize rural "sleeping resources", brought the money flowing water for farmer entrepreneurship.

formulated the "Interim Measures" management right mortgage pilot rural land contracting and "farmers housing property mortgage loan pilot Interim Measures", set up and led by the government departments as the main bank, insurance, Guarantee Corporation to complement the multi-level financial service system, will be based on the existing trading platform on the new rural property rights trading center actively set up state-owned enterprises in nature, is arranged in the center of information, transaction verification, value assessment, mortgage loans and other 12 seats, a more comprehensive and thoughtful for the masses to provide mortgage service in every link.

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