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In order to establish a corporate brand as the goal of the Shanghai dragon is the kingly way

website title and description of the brand, the real core is the website design itself. A good website must have beautiful and outstanding brand personality logo. Through the image of logo can make consumers remember the company’s mainstay and brand culture. The brand concept into the inside.

method more reliable and stable. Don’t just go to the chain and the chain, so the effect is not very good, can not drive the user experience. Now love Shanghai attaches great importance to the user experience, so Shanghai, the way of the chain although many, but the best way is to write text better. Write soft not only increase the chain rankings, but also to promote the brand, to promote the effectiveness of. Let the reader to benefit from the soft at the same time, also become a potential user of the brand. Write soft article is one of a kind of soft power, not only in the chain increases to the rankings, can also put the brand publicity out, not only can let the reader to benefit from the soft, also can let the reader become potential users of your brand.

, simply say: refers to the degree of consumer awareness of products and product series. It is a symbol of soft power of an enterprise. Have an excellent brand, will make your site attractive, endless traffic. This is the brand effect, showing the power of brand.

is actually a lot of people do not understand what we do in Shanghai Longfeng for what? Through the layers of analysis, finally realize the purpose. Some people say that in order to rank, actually this is only the surface, can be seen from the appearance of the. Excuse me, do the ranking was based on what the purpose is not to enhance the enterprise visibility, so that the brand more deeply heart! So, can be drawn, Shanghai dragon is to establish a brand, to achieve brand promotion effect.

how to do? Ace excellent for four cases of experience:

The first step is to create the The brand of chainThis is the

select the appropriate network, can improve.

: first create the user experience of the title and description in order to achieve the brand exposure rate of

second: the brand concept and website design to me, I have you

fourth; select the appropriate network, increase the appearance effect of

is perhaps because of the inertia of thinking Shanghai dragon, we often go to Shanghai dragon and set the title page description, in fact it does not play a brand effect, perhaps after Shanghai Dragon technology, will have good rankings. Users can easily remember the brand name? If which day is K, or off, also talk about the traffic? No! So, we must do the job title and description. The title and description can show your company name, but also allows users to type and content is very clear understanding to the website. It is to show the brand, increase brand exposure rate of the first condition.

third; with soft Wen promotion brand, driven by the natural development of the

Some of the views of pseudo original effect about love in Shanghai recently almost no change

I love the sea station after April 28th index decreased from 5W to more than 8000+ and now also has been in the fall, I see the index quantity curve. Is not very funny.



The quality of

in May 1st to now also not updated snapshot. Stop in April 23rd, but no words not out, and publish the article basically a few minutes can be included, love Shanghai weight 2. is included has been reduced.


1. on the sea in general are the index included page more than love Shanghai, many have not been released, should be the readability is not high, or very high similarity, love Shanghai not released for a long time, these pages will also be deleted in the index volume. I feel my station will also included in the fall, and fall in love with the same amount of sea index estimates would not in the (be)

I modified the keywords.

is an old name recently made a movie station, found a lot of small problem Oh, to share with you my experience.

3. website, now a movie station most of acquisition, how to get the original? You can handle from the movie introduction and comments. About the film, you can modify the head and tail, coupled with their own website or other what. As long as it is not like the acquisition of can. The comments, you can write, can also go to watercress to find someone else to write, it can be slightly modified. Original also have, I’ll be on my website every day with an original article. We should pay attention to this point now. Pseudo original have almost no effect.

I do share the link station is how to do, I was the movie station, now more popular "film" love Shanghai search reviews, can find many stations above can send articles, best original, original can take links, once approved, can be very good the flow of love, Shanghai can now know, can not take the link, then use the name of the site to answer, answer, choose the best answer, of course, can also set up a blog. In general can also through the blog link, beware of false information, the question to answer is not in conformity with the contents, will also be identified as spam links. Love Shanghai know the problems mentioned in the movie section in general. This is not only relatively high correlation, sometimes bring traffic also makes very considerable.

2. of the chain is not high, now the forum signature was identified as junk connection, many webmaster forum has canceled the forum signature links, I feel this is the webmaster for the sake ah. Since love Shanghai encyclopedia canceled the extended reading I felt too dangerous to BBS signature, it has also not do. So difficult to do now is not as you say the link.

The Internet real name system for Shanghai Dragon Industry


before that, we write an article, or to love Shanghai copy, or website copy, really write no more than 20%, no more. Because no matter how to copy and paste others would not say what. After this? Have their own personal information, perhaps is the copyright. Sometimes the copyright is really important, you see people Han Han can put our love in the Shanghai library to court, plus those who have sacked a novel industry website.

After the

if you and a 09 years ago to optimize the veteran said, the hair of the chain is, people Zhibuding will take you! Yes, who are outside the chain of free recall those days, love Shanghai know and love Shanghai, outside the chain of high quality casual get. Do you think now good love Shanghai know how much of it is 2010 and antiques, such as James in which team? Take a look at today, a chain of love Shanghai not included, not to mention the high quality of the chain.

1, outside the chain more difficult to

? writing The

2, there are restrictions on

network real name system implementation? There is no one thing called a vest, IP, account for what is not possible. Freedom of speech is not free and I don’t know, everyone Post Bar hair thing has its own name, a matter of how serious. Think of now many news sites disable comments below. Only look at the situation of one upmanship.

, each of our staff in Shanghai dragon, as the most accessible network information platform, we need to use the resources. Don’t go all day looking for the master, ask why one hundred thousand? Don’t have to go to the moment dream, want to learn what to do? Well, a look at the latest time, think maybe you are from ancient to modern times, master. The men’s fashion to join www.targuo>

website is the real name system, aiming at the problems of the psychology and behavior of Internet users, the important means and system for network system to protect and guide Internet users, and the protection of young people from the network adverse factors. For our webmaster, the most important thing is the right of speech. What are the effects of

: the State Council before the end of June next year the implementation of the network real name system! Someone is still active in the forum, told Shanghai today when love big update; some people looking for cases of experience, learning website is K recovery programs at the same time; there are people in the painful love Shanghai informal detest the world and its ways, Sue algorithm period, we the National People’s Congress did not delay the NRS process, finally the new century has clear cut proposal.

of course, the fundamental source of network real name system implementation is not because our webmaster, but for the ride in the world of our network, injury is inevitable. Thankfully, it maybe for some white Shanghai dragon is a gospel, gold is always shining. For some love to see the video or the people detest the world and its ways can only try to stay away from the Internet.

Mobile phone KTV grassroots popular sing by social Dongfeng shipSeveral common novice needs to pay a

in Chen Hua’s eyes, and social networking cooperation is a win-win combination. On the one hand, sing it can achieve "viral", on the other hand, to cooperate with the social network, they produced a large number of high quality content from the original sing, active in the social network users who have nothing to say, is a useful supplement to the.

third, first training, earn a lot of money, and then pay tuition. Is not very tempted? When I had just contact Wangzhuan also contacted this, day to earn XXX yuan, and earn money to pay tuition. This project to early Wangzhuan novice friends to the temptation of big, is obviously the. Even experienced veteran Wangzhuan is caught. So, your master, the former teacher called after, step by step learning, and in the end, you earn money? No. So you think you won’t lose or take it anyway?. The initiator of this project, in essence, is to make use of your hard work and sweat to make money for yourself and to squeeze your sweat and toil in a disguised way.

ask a few people around you, and you’ll find that everyone is talking about singing; casually opening a micro-blog, the grassroots have been frantically uploading their own songs recorded by singing. Not only that, many stars have also come in, become singing fans. Han Hong changed the style of music, sing it with recorded more tracks. Hu Haiquan’s new book, "lover," sings on the line, and Chen Yufan, a partner who won’t admit defeat, sings the song, "beating all the people in the country."". To this end, Chen Yufan smugly asked Hu Haiquan, and asked, "does everyone here include you?"

sings, apparently just moving KTV to the mobile phone, but its core value is the interaction model that is tightly integrated with the social network.

The most common

from 2005 to 2011 was founded Cool News Network, the Amoy network, Chen Hua behind every smug, but slightly pale. This time, the explosion of singing seemed to finally flatten Chen Hua’s heart. In his eyes, this time we found the right starting point, "when all of us need such a product, we have done such a product."."

sings, founder Chen Hua said, "sing the trick is to closely integrate with all social networks, and then to achieve viral transmission.".

second, online part-time typist, earn hundreds or even hundreds of dollars, which is the most common form of fraud. This is an ancient scam, but there are still novice fooled, because the project is really attractive, typing can make money, you do not want to do something on the internet. But the outcome is very miserable, you will find that this project needs to get the so-called signature, use your mobile phone mobile phone fee deducted result? A half, then exclaimed: Dead liar, cheat Lao Tzu mobile phone fee even, still cheat Lao Tzu feelings

network is a virtual world, you can’t see me I don’t know you, online business or part-time also need to guard against fraud, indeed, even more than the reality of the network fraud cheat more, for you today are on the network all the most common liar, you can skip the old hand, hope for the novice help! I hope just contact Wangzhuan novice don’t be tempted to lose their property or energy, novice or do not think how much money you have, itself experience and technology, really very important.

fourth, SP SMS alliance Wangzhuan tutorial, gray income, profits. SP temptation to make money in the past few years is profits, at that time, made a few million master, belongs to the gray Wangzhuan income. Because SP temptation is to cheat the SMS fee of the pervert, and there is no relevant legal restrictions. I believe you have encountered such erotic temptation station not dew point, do not violate the law.

"this kind of collaboration with social networks also gives us a comfortable position." Chen Hua thought he had found the right path


sing, there is no registration function, the user must use third parties to share accounts, such as using Tencent, micro-blog, Sina, micro-blog, WeChat, space, Renren and other accounts to register. Chen Hua told reporters, "sing it on the surface, just move KTV to the cell phone, but the core value is not so simple.". Our trick is to work closely with all social networks so that any song on the song can be shared on any social network, making it easier to spread viral."

, for example, a beautiful woman who has been mediocre on micro-blog, will attract a lot of fans’ attention and generate new value through the eye-catching performance on singing.

fifth, a few hundred dollars to sell your brush station software, >

first, from time to time to make money, earn 200-1000 yuan per day, the beginning will allow you to join a group, a group of people to guide you to buy lottery tickets. Fraud analysis: where gambling, which have not lost? What is to be manipulated gambling? So you can not lose, let the dealer to tell you the truth, drink the northwest wind? Those who teach you to do the project, often is his constant color, let you taste a little sweetness, and then waiting to send the money inside. All gambling people have such a mentality, lost, always want to win back, the result will only lose more. Do not think such a good thing, the world is impossible to give money to you!



sing, what’s the fire,

works with social networks


online deceptive Wangzhuan form 5188 money to sum up:

meets three rigid requirements

"if you simply move KTV to your cell phone, you don’t have explosive growth."."

Home lighting franchise business skills sharing

home lighting store operators more and more, want to get a good profit requires a lot of attention to the management of technical knowledge. If you are running a home lighting franchise, then you will choose from which aspects to get a good profit? Come and find out.

The focus of market positioning,




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Municipal Seismological Bureau of the first half of the government website information release ranke

The first half of 2011, the Municipal Seismological Bureau in the provincial seismological bureau government website upload information 40, using a total of 34, with a rate of up to 85%, ranking the province (including states, Seismological Bureau) first

2011 in the first half of the year, the Seismological Bureau of the Provincial Seismological Bureau of the government website upload information 40, using a total of 34, with a rate of up to 85%, ranking the province (including states, Seismological Bureau) first. In the first half of the information content covers the work dynamics, work research, emergency rescue, publicity and training, internal construction and life, such as a number of branches.



13th Five-Year period in our province will set up a Qinghai model local airlines

In October 25th, our province opened the "michikado aviation development model, michikado flights from Qinghai Airlines voted the" beauty of Qinghai "on the fly, for our province to travel to bring the gospel. It is reported that the "13th Five-Year" period, our province will also set up a "Qinghai model" local airlines, aviation industry in our province completed the "two steps" construction plan, boost Qinghai sail.

"michikado aviation" in the Delingha Airport initial test run for a period of two years, Delingha Airport forecast, guest rate increase from 32% to 40% to 60%. During this period, the Qinghai airport and airlines, Delingha municipal government to evaluate the model, to its maturity, plans to gradually extend the newly built Regional Airport in 13th Five-Year "period. The reason why the choice of the new airport, according to the different nature of each airport. For example, Yushu airport has tourism support, this season fly 6 flights a day, visiting rate remained above 80%, passenger traffic increased by 50%, two flights to Golmud every day, male dominated business travel, visiting rate is between 50% and 60%, so the model will be in remote, economic and Tourist Development Co. the lack of implementation of the airport.In addition to open the "

"13th Five-Year" period, the province will Qinghai Airlines voted as the main operator, for the formation of Qinghai airlines, gradually integrate and perfect its own resources, the establishment of the Qinghai aviation group, to carry out preliminary research work; to the surrounding Xining airport construction of 2497 acres of land as the foundation, development and construction of Qinghai aviation base infrastructure such as well; the introduction and training of talents, relying on Civil Aviation University, aviation academy, Eastern Airlines, increase the professional efforts to bring talent, good talent reserves.

"13th Five-Year" period, our province will start the establishment of Qinghai aviation project, by Qinghai Airlines Investment Holdings, introducing the relevant airline shares, the formation of "Qinghai mode" local airlines, the airline to run the mode of the shareholding system, the principal operating outside the autonomous operation of provincial trunk routes, regional routes. And continue to introduce the trunk capacity, focusing on the introduction of appropriate plateau feeder aircraft, and gradually build a regional aircraft team.

Huangyuan County in the first half of agricultural and rural economic development trend is good

The first half of 2012, Huangyuan County focus on the promotion of modern agricultural quality and efficiency, the development of agriculture and animal husbandry industrialization and circular economy as a breakthrough in the development of modern agriculture and optimize the agricultural structure, actively change the development mode, the agricultural steady development of the rural economy, the scale and quality of the synchronous lifting

2012 in the first half of this year, Huangyuan County focus on the promotion of modern agricultural quality and efficiency, the development of agriculture and animal husbandry industrialization and circular economy as a breakthrough in the development of modern agriculture and optimize the agricultural structure, actively change the development mode, the steady development of agriculture and rural economy, the scale and quality to achieve synchronous lifting.

one is to further optimize the industrial structure . on the development of modern animal husbandry demonstration county in the province, the construction of grass industry as a basic guarantee of agricultural development of modern animal husbandry, to further accelerate the pace of land circulation, increasing the quality of forage planting area, more optimization of the industrial structure of agriculture and animal husbandry. County land transfer area of 120 thousand acres, an increase of over the previous year, an area of 20 thousand acres, forage cultivation area of up to 200 thousand acres, grain, oil, vegetables, seedlings and other planting area of up to 118 thousand acres, the proportion of specialty economic crops reached 86%.

two is the steady progress of agricultural facilities . in accordance with the "one park, a core, multi industry" mode, to build brand agriculture, promote the overall development of characteristic agriculture industry park and base construction, and Sichuan mountain covered hill water area in all areas, taking Shen star spring for the center core of the park, 1000 acres of agricultural 38 standardized construction projects Park steadily; cultivation of carrots, garlic seedling and other characteristics of the industrial village 20, 3 acres, 8 acres of the base and the base 45 acres to 200 thousand acres of agricultural base orders.

three is the supporting role of agricultural science and technology increasingly prominent. on the development of key agricultural demonstration base, carefully organize the implementation of grassroots agricultural extension system reform and demonstration county construction projects, comprehensive promotion of fertilization, crop production technology standardization, dry farming technology, green pest prevention and control of new agricultural technology, to further increase the purchase subsidies, the role of scientific and technological support for agricultural development is becoming more and more obvious. The first half of the year, 1 million 440 thousand yuan investment, the implementation of potato seed subsidies and potato, horse teeth horsebean and other characteristics of crop breeding, promotion of carrot, Potato Mechanized Sowing and harvesting technology of 10 thousand acres, mulching cultivation techniques of rainwater harvesting 12 thousand mu, horse teeth horsebean rejuvenation technology of 3000 acres, built the conservation tillage project demonstration area of 30 thousand acres.

four is further enhance the level of new rural construction . The scientific integration of project funds, carefully implemented Dahua Zhen Chi Han, Shen Zhong Xiang mobula 5 villages three centralized village construction projects, efforts to solve the mountainous region of 1022 households, 4233 people drinking water is difficult, difficult journey to become rich, difficult problems, the project has progressed smoothly, is expected to be completed in the year. Push forward the "military enterprises build a model village" activities, integration of funds 1.29;

Huangzhong to build the county to build a model village

With autumn leaves, Huangzhong county to build the project into the village, see the house neat and clean and beautiful environment of the road scene, the sense of pride and joy shows between the lines. In military enterprises build a model village in the county, to solve the problems of people’s livelihood as a starting point, in rural areas, rural city of industry nurturing support as a guide, to expand agriculture, rural beauty requirements, in order to establish a long-term mechanism of industry promoting agriculture and urban with rural as the core, to determine the 161 units of military enterprises 35 village twinning help build. Invested a total of 476 million yuan, the focus of the implementation of the rural wall renovation, landscaping, greening, landscaping, drinking water and other projects. Last year, the county invested manpower, financial and material resources is the largest investment in the calendar year, most of the time, the county village village, village project to further improve the customs further improved relations between the cadres and the masses closer, further changes in work style of cadres, and truly become the carrier of practice and training of cadres, become one of the most effective the way of educating the masses, become solid foundation and to promote economic development in the Huimin project.Strong leadership and a strong guarantee for

contact point at all levels leadership through special investigations, convened to help build unit discussion exchange, and other relevant departments to coordinate the implementation of effective measures to help build the village units, the implementation of the project funding. Where the city and county leaders to coordinate the implementation of the joint;

Successful network marketing can not do without a good website user experience

The development of

technology makes us more and more cannot do without the Internet, especially the popularity of mobile Internet in recent years, more and more people cannot do without the network, and one of the most people surf the Internet every day time not less than three hours, we through the network to understand the latest news, the first thought of "Baidu encountered a problem" to find the answer through the Internet, chat with friends online shopping and so on has become an indispensable part in our life, all in the description of a problem, that is the human cannot do without the internet.

but with everyone on the Internet dependence is more and more strong, the number of Internet users more and more business opportunities, naturally infinite, many traditional companies are beginning to transition to the Internet, to develop their own network market, spare no expense to carry out network marketing, they use the website optimization and promotion, micro-blog, WeChat and so on ways to get new media flow, to showcase their products and services, to get more business opportunities and promote their brands.


site has the flow after how to improve conversion rates and retain users has become the focus of the webmaster concern, we need to do the user experience of the website, make a beautiful website, the website can attract users, many owners are not aware of the importance of the user experience when doing network marketing, the pursuit of website flow blindly, the site every day to IP is a lot, but there is no consultation, this is the sign of website user experience is not good, so how do we make the user experience


first, the theme of the site should be clear, to promote targeted groups to be targeted.

we all walks of life to carry out network marketing website will have a theme, is your site’s focus, most are their own theme and service products, the direction to determine the good after we can through the main line to improve the website details of the East West, such as the website keywords choice, page design. What kind of content added to the site and so on, all of this and your theme is the website, we often say that the correlation, the correlation is an important factor for improving our website ranking.

first from the aspects of search engine optimization, a good grasp of the relevance of the website can be ensured through the search engine search keywords to optimize our website are our target users, our web site to help him, so that the user can love our website to buy our products, stay on the site a long time, so the search engine will think that our website is popular with users, the website weight will also be improved accordingly.

We do

promotion is the same, to the platform to promote their own website, for example, our website is selling cars, we have to go to the website of QQ group and the promotion of some special vehicle, so as to ensure to our site users is related to the user, if we go to some other related the platform promotion, after others opened the website found your web site if you want to open.