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The six killer, causing the site to drop the right

The stability of

spam is influencing our website content quality problem, will directly affect our website in search engine ranking.

three, spam right down.

factors causing the site to drop the right there are many search engines rank algorithm also has more than 200, every webmaster website there is a violation of the search engine algorithm, so the site need to constantly check and improvement, or is likely to search the next update algorithm will affect you. When our site has been down right, then we must find out the reason of right down and improve, so as to recover in the shortest time, so the reasons are core elements of our recovery site. The most important factor leading to the search engine right down what? Here to explain for you.

included 1. direct impact. The search engine will regularly to simulate the user to visit our website, when the search engine cannot access our normal page, will cause the search engine spiders can’t grab the contents of our website, then love will not give Shanghai included in this site, or will delete the previous collection pages from the database.

2. user experience, resulting in a high bounce rate. If your space is not stable, the user opens when the speed is too slow, will lengthen the waiting time of the user, at this time is money in the user is not wait, because of the content on the Internet can choose too much, just a little bit, go to the next site. This will direct loss to our customers, because a website often not open, will reduce the user trust for your products.

The influence of

, a space.

is the only difference between our website title logo website and other rivals, like the name of a person, the user has to remember you, if you change your name, the user may not be able to find you, so don’t click on your website, so for you is the loss of the user. So don’t go to modify the title, the best line on the site before the title set, but the title is not to say that can not change, just say if the title is not appropriate modifications will lead to drop right. As long as we remember that in order to modify the title content and title, more, more in line with the needs of the user, not the content and the content of the page title is not the same, or will become the target of search engine.

two, often modify the site title.

space or the stability of the server belongs to the site the most basic experience, the importance of space is like a house, our daily life should be carried out in the house, the house is our life at least guarantee, if your house quality problems, it is likely to have an impact on your personal safety, so the space is if you like, the space is often a problem, it will directly affect the search engine on your site score. The spatial instability will cause many negative effects:

Do Shanghai Longfeng listed below several stages is essential

, a Shanghai Longfeng initial stage, this stage is the site just do a good job, but also the contents are added in the word, Guan Jian is just OK, just to get a website record number, domain name is new, everything is new for the website, this time the Shanghai dragon is the main work of the optimization code to Guan Jian the layout of the word, submit site map, the new domain name has just submitted to the major search engines, and then update the station every day a small amount of quantitative content outside the station every day is also quantitative to do a certain amount of the chain, also is to find some friendship chain, do all these are to tell the search engines your station has been completed, has been on the line, and then through these steps to let the spider found you, let you know the primary search engine, in order to achieve the first Your station is the major search engines.

said the Shanghai dragon, generally the most familiar is the original, the chain, the station outside the station optimization. Yes, it sounds very simple words, but to really do a good job, a thorough understanding of it is not very easy, to share my feelings about it! In my opinion, Shanghai dragon should be divided into several stages, only do these stages, it is really good Shanghai dragon.

two, Shanghai dragon optimization stage, this stage is the most important, at this stage, your station has been the major search engines, and then is the search engine to test your station, an important moment for you ranked in the first stage, because the search engine just included your station, for you the station also dont know enough, so this time all the work you do is to let the search engine to your website a clear positioning, know your website is that, what is the content, main recommendation is that Guan Jian, your website in the same industry in the web site search engine weight you give your score, according to the website for the majority of Internet users demand the Guan Jian word you would recommend the different words included in the database of Guan Jian, calculate the ranking, this time for Shanghai’s Dragon To update the content, work to be done is the day and constantly increase the chain, further increase your site exposure, to let the spider come to your website you fully understand, but at this stage, some people say do not need the chain, as long as you can update the content in the station. Here I can only say that this is not to say that is different, but all the same purpose is to attract the spider. So in order to enhance the effect of personal think should be the station outside the station and together, at the same time Links is also an essential factor, the role of the anchor text Links is very prominent, because we now know that the anchor text transfer weights, so under normal circumstances, people do not want the website the weight of white pass to you, unless you spend money to buy links, anchor text links in the chain website, whether it is the forum or some well-known blog or website of a few B2B. Their anchor text basically are added to the nofollow label, to expect them to transfer the weight has been impossible, basically.

Find the user’s search habits

What exactly does the

recruitment website do in order to attract more users? This is what we are thinking about every day.

currently, our site has fewer regular users, mostly through search engines. If we can work harder on search engine friendliness, traffic will improve. I always say to editors, don’t just update your information, you have to watch, think, and see what the user is thinking. Therefore, to update the data, we must be targeted.

our background statistics, in addition to using 51la site statistics services, but also developed some of their own functions, to facilitate their use. Among them, the collection and analysis of key words is the focus of our development. Let’s focus on some of the more popular keywords:

we found that users valued the year and added "2008" or "2008" in the input box to provide the timeliness of the information. Of course, "Fuzhou February 23rd recruitment meeting" this keyword, even dates are carried.

for a certain month, the user input, such as "February 13th" keywords larger proportion, and "2-13", "2.13" compared to, it is closer to natural language.

so in the recent recruitment information, careful you might note that we made this request, for the title of the editor must take on the date and place names, convenient search engines, and provide accurate information for users.

Micro business resurrection hold a bad card with Taobao turn ointment

, this is not a micro business legend. Zhuang girl Yani is very real, not willing to extremely excited, more willing to share her walking and learn practical exploration. Once holding a Taobao rotten card of her, fortunately through a ointment in the micro business for transit. Not overnight, not lying to make money, nor the derivative Yani earning large quantities of gold each day, on the road, more is to improve sales skills, team management of drip agent.

Amie’s Diary (hereinafter referred to as "Amie"), from June last year appeared in the micro channel skin care brand, cut into the market is a single product "shikonin paste" – this in many people will be very strange category. But this is a small box of 30g products, so that Taobao is stuck in the quagmire of Yani have a chance.

(Ya Ni, founder of Amie’s Diary)

drives Taobao late, and the soup doesn’t drink

‘s I is a professional handmade soap division, the family business is a cosmetic oem. In 2011, a private Yani cosmetic brand in Taobao, the main selling caviar essence products. The admission was obviously too late, with no dividends at all. She faced only the endless cost of the abyss.

"do not understand the industry, no team, no resources, only goods" Taobao Yani outsourcing to a team, you can do is to keep throwing money on the train, drill and show a single brush, but a very low return. "As long as you don’t advertise, there’s no order in the store."." Especially when more and more big brands are settled in Tmall, there is hardly any space left for small brands. Yani and her team lose in a complete mess.

but she claimed to be a man, always believe that early money should be, scalping is also helpless, scalping is dead, not a single brush is waiting to die, which is almost all Taobao consensus sellers. She always in deficit, and other shops have a certain amount of evaluation, and the user can enter the track. Unexpectedly, in 2013, Taobao began to investigate brush, Yani Taobao shop all products in the overnight by all the shelves.

outsourcing operations team suggested that the storm continued to brush, Yani hesitated. She found the shop brush has no future at all, "the whole day, search for" caviar essence "is the 80 door, cold." Aware of the product, in addition to the problem, she decided not to die carrying, assume all the payments, debts, dissolved the team.

2013, WeChat began marketing popular, Yani mimihuhu attended the training class to study micro marketing. Theory, framework, trends…… These "natural and egg" knowledge, listen more numb, but Yani felt too good, at least to the head completely washed again, let no supplier thinking she found some feeling.

from January 2014 onwards, Yani began to speak theory to practice — the rest of Taobao stores in the circle of friends before selling caviar essence. Sales not

My stationmaster’s road is long, because you are not alone

walked into a famous university in Wuhan 99 years ago, because learning computers knew the internet. New year’s home can not find the Internet bar, found that there is a place called port, the Internet, the price of 10 yuan per hour, but also a luxury compartment, air conditioning, television, sofa, and a dial-up computer break:). Is it your first website on 2000, the space domain are school teachers provide, imitate is 163, it would be that a few stations, now I still remember the cattle Professor teacher told me that he felt that the Internet has made, but I did not believe. University two years ago online is more around the school BBS and originator MUD, leaving the administrator and the completion of the school has become part of the new MUD function program, it will be the most glorious time to have a party with more than 300 people, was very proud. After 03 years of work in the unit construction site, because it is in the work of colleges and universities, is the understanding of the education network, is very optimistic about the time BT sharing sites, but they give advice and discuss a few brothers after the game is, so missed, but have so good resources.

              07 years to a friend IT company to do a web site, and then he told me really received a few big list, it is strange, began to consider whether they also do one. The same summer vacation, because busy house decoration, in order to the so-called savings and environmental protection spent 3 months, in the absence of the decoration company, DIY completed house decoration, after the small count BUG pile of wrong money pile. 07 years September school, I feel after work time is also wasted, start doing a web site. Because buying a house, decoration, I feel certain experience in this area, ready to engage in a Wuhan property network, and then came to the admin5. It took several days to see a lot of related articles, also found here in Wuhan more fierce competition, their debut still weak from the start, decided to do the home real estate network. Then prepare to buy domain name, that would just want to try to do one, so bought a cheap CN, that is, the Ezhou property network ( Then the space, mentioned before to a friend to do a website, buy a 198M universal space gave 50M MSSQL, but the middle is very unstable, and later the company disappeared, so in the choice of space I is still relatively cautious, the choice of Wuhan Luxiang room (a class) of the virtual space, of course, really than many of you, but after all is stable. The middle of this would like to use.Net to write a real estate class out, and later afraid of tired, wrote a little did not write, to the Internet everywhere to find, pick a still used, simple change after the beginning of the local add content. In October of the same year, the site formally launched, GOOGLE and BAIDU soon included, so I officially entered the webmaster career.

summarizes what happened in the above statement, or there are many problems that can be talked to the novice, but not too much. First, do station direction. If only >

Prospect the final fantasy of an old stationmaster Vol.3

Vol.3, if you want the meat to grow well, you have to have a solid skeleton,


can be achieved, first made a wish, I am a webmaster.

so I’m planning a big website.

domestic IDC are using pirated windows server, so before making small websites, basically access database. Access database easy to use, basically do not need any user name and password and the kind of trouble, transfer website is also convenient, all the copy can, no need to set up. Aside from security issues, the webmaster’s first choice.

but, access mainly applies to small sites. God does not rule out the use of hundreds of thousands of MDB multilayer architecture, to build a website that special case, large scale, access is not suitable for the station. People who don’t trust can build a list at random, then throw 10W data and try it.

so my favorite skeletons are MSSQL and mysql.

MySQL is mainly with PHP, MSSQL is mainly with ASP, not absolute, but basically so. As a pseudo veteran, I throw bricks:

ASP charges, and first of all, make that clear. Although everyone in the country is using it very well, the issue of ignoring the default is actually a big problem. MSSQL also charges. For small webmaster, this problem can not be considered, Microsoft estimates the next life is not come, but for a broad mind to the occupation of high-end Guangzhi webmaster, need to see some of the long-term vision.

just said the premise. Not involving use.

The combination of

and php+mysql has several advantages. First of all, of course it’s free, PHP and MySQL are free, FREE… Next is speed, especially after the content data is so much, speed is a critical issue.

The select statement of the

MSSQL is all index, and then everyone uses.Move to determine the content that he needs to display.

The select statement of

MySQL can start limit data and display the number of lines.

under this premise, select brings the server burden, mysql< =mssql.

other questions are unimportant, haha.

, out of this reason, has to say that hackers in China are in the primitive stage, and most children will only go to the hacker forums to see the vulnerabilities published, and then download software to use them. Unfortunately, MSSQL exposure is much higher than mysql.

, but one more thing to say is, "very unfortunate, medium."

Mobile Internet community is king centric community, ignoring giant competition

has just started in the mobile Internet, the smart phone development just a little flame. Countless wise people, who like to predict the prophets, all like to talk about what the entrance to the mobile Internet is, and who will dominate the mobile Internet traffic portal. APP, WEB, search engines, IM, apps, browsers, even mobile phones, the operating system itself, or new super applications, such as WeChat,


where there are people, there are rivers and lakes. Where there are rivers and lakes, there is a community! I dare not call a prophet, nor dare I call a wise man. But I also came Cougerenao, forecast: Mobile Internet community,

is the king!

someone will ask what the community is, BBS BBS, stick post, Tianya forum, mop, watercress, and even some legal "marginal" grass and pomegranate community". Strictly speaking: These are communities, but only communities, 1, communities, 2. Mobile Internet will bring us into the 3 age of community.

I simply give community 3 the definition: with a specific purpose, attributes, people gathered together, you can engage in many people at any time, interaction, community performance of public mobile applications. Here, the information is mobile, not only can you broadcast your information to the community crowd, you can also receive information from the community, and even the essence of the community to push out. Moreover, the community has certain boundaries.

well, why community will lead the mobile Internet



first, the community is essentially a crowd

into the mobile Internet era, the Internet era from PC expreses, enter "Like attracts like.", "Birds of a feather flock together." era.

man is a social animal, man is a group animal. Designing reasonable community applications will make the mobile Internet a big hit. Onlookers personal mood, album notes, the power of onlookers, showing personality is limited. The interaction and communication among people, the display of group personality and behavior, have become richer, more sustainable, more influential and more communicative because of the participation of many members.

two, the community’s market size unprecedented

as we all know, in computers, the Internet, the community is a niche product. The most successful Baidu post bar, Tianya forum, watercress, did not get as huge a success as facebook. Not as much as domestic QQ space, QQ products such as users. With the development of mobile Internet, there will be a fundamental change in the situation.

mobile Internet Era: the personal centered product design will be faced with the fundamental problem of user growth, dividend exhaustion and changes in user habits. For example: QQ group in the mobile terminal imitators "WeChat group" has become a source of harassment. Play single, performance ability >

How to do a good job to promote the jewelry shop

open jewelry shop how to do propaganda work? This is a lot of franchisees need to pay attention to the problem. Now no matter what shop, franchisees are very concerned about the issue of publicity, as long as the propaganda work well, it will give consumers a deep impression, so the store business will be very hot, business will be very worry.

1, product promotion: shelf side put some relevant information on jewelry, especially the more popular jewelry. For example, the Tibetan jewelry can be placed next to the introduction of Tibetan culture, the convenience of customers to understand these new accessories.

2, the store can be attached to the Shanghai Tribune, posters posters in the store, this paper introduces the use of jewelry and cultural connotation.

3, network publicity: can open their own website. Or use at present more popular women website and some BBS community, chat room post, with exquisite jewelry pictures, site and location. Exchange links with other well-known websites, etc..

4, gifts: for a one-time purchase of large quantities of jewelry customers or cumulative purchase of larger members, to give different grades of gifts, to strengthen the publicity of the jewelry store. Gifts can be bookmarks, mobile phone bags, etc..

related recommendations

Recommended 50 thousand yuan to start a business to become rich in the project of the three

5 million to do business? 50 thousand yuan business can easily make money? 50 thousand yuan to do what business has the most market prospects? The whole network editorial recommendation three 50 thousand yuan can easily join the project for you, hope to help entrepreneurs.

1, "Bobo" boutique

"Bobo" is the second hippie, yuppie family, a group of the most fashionable modern city. They have a high degree of education, high income, is the elite of the modern new economic society, but in the leisure and spiritual life yearning for freedom from the "consumer enjoyment". The consumption characteristics of their performance in two aspects: attach great importance to material texture; in the range of economic capacity burden, believe "daughter over Fulai also".

the classification of goods should be fine, to taste. "Bobo" is actually a way of life. A single shop can not involve too many types, you can choose a kind of market segments. The product itself should be fine, first. For example, the cup, 100 cups in general only about 10 is fine, you will have to find these 10. Many shop owners are to Hongkong, Taiwan and other places to choose sources to ensure quality.

source maintenance to keep. Ensure that the shopping atmosphere is free and comfortable, eager to sell and loud bargaining should be avoided.

2, simulation doll doll shop

simulation dolls and Bobbi doll is different, it is more personalized, because it is the copy of "little master" like production, has the following characteristics: one is the unique idea, can let the child and simulation doll together into the children’s paradise; two is vivid image, because in accordance with the specific production of children of my appearance; three is to closely follow the trend, launched an annual international fashion trend clothing, toys, accessories and supplies children sharing.

The main object of consumption

it is 1 to 14 year old children, the main products are divided into two dimensions: one is half a year old.

Learn the skills to return home entrepreneurship both sides

current economic development into a decline, many people are trying to find a new way to quit entrepreneurship and other ways. Shangluo, a man with a plan to go abroad to learn the technology to return home to start businesses, to facilitate the care of the home.

with the year of monkey of a step-by-step approach, taking some of the house on the streets of Shangzhou district before Spring Festival full of every kind of hanging decorative items. The streets and place People are hurrying to and fro. city people, the villagers have started to purchase new decorative items and people with special purchases for the Spring Festival, market street smiling, showing a deep sense of taste.

20 years working in every new year’s Eve came home