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Shanghai dragon announced four deep Wu Yi optimization

Shanghai dragon had to optimize the current industry stagnation, remember war network optimization, the creation of a solid is not very much, but then have fried reeky, 90% of the owners are aware of the urgency of the optimization of Shanghai dragon. The following will give each declared Shanghai Longfeng optimization of the four technical means profound.

report two, Shanghai Longfeng most deep level is to insist on. Many webmaster do Shanghai dragon before, feeling strangely excited, think very easily, also can also earn many money like a stranger, but it’s not a few stationmaster, profit is less, I was one of. Shanghai dragon is maintained, three days fishing nets two days of drying. A few stationmaster, do one or two months, found that the site ranking no progress, then get a new project, once the site is so arbitrary no matter. So do not victory, Shanghai dragon is not easy money, but is a self-cultivation of the office.

three, Shanghai dragon just learning the basic knowledge, flexible use will be. Now the network on the end of the Shanghai dragon do too much, the people congress about the nearly more than 2000 articles, from which also attracted a lot of invalid items. There are also daily flood related city the article came out, I was almost no spare time to read. Because the end too much, whether it is invalid, useless, really a lot. Haven’t you ever seen a unsolicited goods are fried so hot. Of course, read two thousand articles, found myself really ineffective to less than 20 of one hundred percent, about 80 in one hundred percent is thrifty time, because these all around the basic knowledge of Shanghai Longfeng for assessment, to speak for all about, trust in flood stationmaster deep ruminate. Private thought, the foundation of knowledge learning, sensitive application can down.

, a Shanghai dragon foremost high wind-induced original and high quality of the chain. The original is the content of the site, contact Shanghai Longfeng people know that the form is king, the chain for the emperor. This sentence is the evaluation of the most important items in Shanghai dragon. Everyone wants to assume Shanghai Dragon Well, you have to do it. Adhere to a daily writing 2-3 original articles, reasonable construction site keywords, do the chain set up. The chain do daily about 30, find a little weight contrast high site outside the chain, at the same time preferred content relationship. Daily 2 at the mercy of the friendship link, pay attention to high quality. According to the daily management of the implementation, the content and chain break or continue to do. To put the mentality, not anxious.

four, the most taboo is Shanghai dragon suit trick. The new strategy of Shanghai Longfeng network will show a little chance than good, will motivate the concern of many people, on the front row is love rain accident Shanghai dragon, the webmaster wurenbuxiao. Only the Lai more than 400 one-way link will surpass Shanghai dragon WHY, beyond the love of Shanghai is still admire the encyclopedia, private, the people have basic knowledge of the use of Shanghai dragon can recite fluently from memory, for the love of Shanghai is equal to grasp the ranking factors. You >

Hidden in the natural ranking of love in Shanghai

third is the most direct, hidden in the natural rankings.

Although the


this time only the customer’s site is quite lucky, has not been abruptly squeezed out. In Shanghai dragon at the same time, also hope can always.



second, love Shanghai earlier has launched a picture advertising promotion, although reduced, but the picture promotion role has gradually obvious, through an indirect way to hide it in the natural rankings, the implementation of commercial promotion effectiveness. The same odd customers billion web site as an example, search keywords, you can find love in Shanghai. The total product in the front position, point inside you will find, in fact, these are not the enterprise image promotion of commercial advertising? Do not say, above, we feel a.

first, if your website optimization keywords is not too hot, then appears in the search results will not have much commercial promotion information, but the list of natural ranking must have more than half of the love of Shanghai products, the purpose is to increase the difficulty for you Shanghai Longfeng, can not let you get an easy job to do website ranking. For example, a customer of the odd billion web site is a keyword, is the love of Shanghai products, the universe is used, finally ranking on the home page, but Shanghai will always love playing a little trick, let your ranking in the rankings and partly hidden and partly visible, into the love of Shanghai products, and removed at all heart tired.

love Shanghai promotion in after rectification reduced advertising, but it is only limited to the system of standardization, on the surface of the advertising competition is more intense, the natural ranking function also becomes more and more important, at the same time PPC are clearly marked on the commercial promotion of words, to user warning reminder, so more sites will favor natural ranking. So, love the business opportunities in Shanghai and aimed at the natural ranking, ranking seemingly does not exist in the commercial properties are the result of Shanghai dragon, actually hidden love Shanghai.

recently, whether the webmaster do found such a problem in the process of Shanghai dragon, especially the old station, the original keyword ranking steadily in the home but inexplicably dropped to second pages or more behind, then no matter how hard the ranking is not restored, to seriously study, but it is replaced by some new sites or the weight of the lower site, in the point that its contents are hardly do any updates, however, the ranking is how come? In fact, in the natural rankings also hidden love Shanghai promotion is not Weakness lends wings to rumours.

some weight high old station ranking drop down right is not really caused, but love caused by the promotion of Shanghai. The odd billion network also summed up the promotion form, some hidden in the natural ranking in reading, perhaps you will see light suddenly, again niubable Shanghai dragon will be black when.

The new station to escape the sandbox Enron love Shanghai

second: in the early new number and no rule of the chain, some owners even by way of sending the chain, a large number of growth of the chain, or suddenly more and less, it is easy to detect by love Shanghai.

first: the first to open mind, love Shanghai sandbox is a normal phenomenon, the webmaster eat hot tofu, not because there is no dynamic web site for several months, give up to another station, this idea is wrong, in fact, into the sand box, there is no way to effectively solve and it will take some time, some owners may have a unique method, can solve in the shortest period of time, but also need some time, the industry is generally considered a month, most in need of more than two months. If you understand this, believe that most of the webmaster should insist on.

enter the sandbox The two reason is more than

novice easily mistakes, often at this time your ranking did not affect or change, or your snapshot has not updated, but when your site has entered a period of sandbox love Shanghai, you need more safely, after all this time the love of Shanghai did not give up on you. It still gives you the chance to love Shanghai, the spider is still on your site for updates, just your website is temporarily cold set does not participate in the ranking results only.

second: do not change the structure of the web site, once every change, love Shanghai trust to the railway station on the lower part, so it is best to start the design, if you need to change it for the new station, should also be completed.

sandbox effect, many owners have experienced, at present, Google sandbox effect is everybody experience obviously, the industry is also known, this is also Google admitted. Love Shanghai sandbox although there is no unified conclusion, but most of the webmaster or have experience, mainly reflected in the love of Shanghai to the new attitude, common saying is love Shanghai to railway station has a build "trust period" of the process, and this time will be popular with the nature and the keyword index different, generally 1-3 months, the more popular keywords for longer periods of time, if the owners at this time if too much to modify the website structure, modify the title of the article, could easily lead to prolonged test time, to fall in love with sea on the website of the trust degree reduced. Many novice in the establishment of new sites, often because the concentration of the following reasons:

at this time, as a webmaster we can spend more time to update the content of the website, and to increase the high quality original content, and regularly to the high quality of the chain, if more anxious, such as medical industry or industry for the season, you can use other ways to get traffic bidding and profit. The webmaster more is needed to do the following:

third: adhere to the website content update, special attention should be given to the original.

: a lot of new owners too early in the site to change the site structure, modify the title of the article.

Analysis of website is love after the sea station optimization K Road

According to the analysis of

although not engaged in Shanghai Longfeng work, but previous work experience or some, always want to share and share. Share only for your reference, feel useless, have a look, here I mainly share when the site was K after the optimization of the road.

2, the site was K, in addition to the contents of the block of data analysis, the chain of the site I also made a detailed analysis, just because the lottery website construction, website quality is relatively low, and others for the link, no one is willing to change, then I will buy some links. The chain is Xiaofeng lottery website suddenly soared, bought for a period of time the chain resources also find almost no buy in. So the chain is caused by a sudden surge in a major cause of K.

see here I can not help but think of the lottery website of Shanghai Longfeng do now, don’t know what is love Shanghai piece of the lottery industry against the larger, or the lottery ticket into the plight of Shanghai dragon. In Shanghai dragon group has heard some news station, Shanghai love of the lottery industry hit increase, focus on improving the ecological environment of the lottery industry, to adjust the informal gaming industry. No matter what the reason, we have to do the optimization work in their own way, so there are policies, under the measures of the preparation for the future.

site is mainly from the two aspects of the content and the chain, right down on my Xiaofeng lottery website, I am on the top of the website content and the construction of the chain to do the analysis, post on the website of the restoration work made the following adjustments, but also from the construction of the content and the chain to analyze the.

Optimization of

1, the site was K after the primary task is to put out good data analysis, not in the complain, complain is weak. Before I will work, and data analysis, found that in the process of optimization problems, then do Xiaofeng lottery site 贵族宝贝 time is pressing, the content construction did not spend time, all collected Family Articles, when see a spider crawling is quite hard, that is not what problem. At that time, a month after the site is down right.

website optimization in the lottery industry has more than a year of experience, now leave the lottery website of Shanghai Longfeng work has been six months, really big changes. Although didn’t do optimization in this area, but still occasionally lottery keyword search done before, see the site’s ranking is still not, such as search "lottery website source", "lottery software," such keywords, before the website is ranked No.

1, Xiaofeng lottery website content data, I do on the content of the site is adjusted and updated regularly every day 2 to 3 article, article content as the original, even false original in the title, the content will be bigger and the change. Because the lottery website is the enterprise itself station, website content is less, so the update is in 2 or so, but must insist that every update. < >

How do the three noes website optimization


website "three noes" means that there is no love, no Google PR Shanghai weight value, no stable flow entrance. How do the optimization should be in the three website, Shanghai dragon Mini blog talk about their own views.

third, "non steady flow entrance, why not say brand (enterprise) famous

Mini blogger’s view is: even if your brand is very familiar, but you know with your website also keywords websites on the Internet a lot of people, no matter which are far more than you, why search relevant keywords what the user search engine to your standing in the front row? Only an empty shell site, light has a brand reputation but there is no corresponding flow entrance that is no good. Now we known from the search engine rankings according to the website of view, inside and outside the chain, site content, comprehensive user access to data, historical data and other aspects of the old station have obvious advantages than the new. So in my opinion, the brand awareness of the importance of three site optimization is far better than that of stable flow entrance.

Ps: found that every time I write very long winded, about three sites described here omit five hundred words,

since three sites have obvious disadvantages, that how to do

the above disadvantages are analyzed, then the owners will specifically address the specific circumstances.

first, the website no love Shanghai weight or weight is generally low, the railway station, the site is down right over, resulting in insufficient quality and low content site search engine does not pay attention to these circumstances. Low weight on behalf of junior, the search engine on the web of trust is low, want more than other high weight station to participate in the natural ranking naturally difficult.

there is no doubt that the site no weight, no PR, no stable flow entrance, it is ranked the unsatisfactory results, the webmaster may because of the superior and the customer’s pressure is very urgent, but anxious useless, that want to suddenly have a lot of traffic in addition to do pay promotion, there are a few other ways to make up quickly (I can’t take it as a little nothing, some expert can be done). In fact, the experienced Shanghai dragon face this kind of situation will not expect to have much ranking and traffic. Because both love Shanghai weight or PR, or traffic sources, not can also improve up, these are:


second, no PR value there are many factors. Shanghai dragon Er PR is known to determine the quality of the chain to Google website, although many people say that there is not affect the level of the website ranking, PR does not participate in the site’s ranking, and the recent rumors everywhere now in Google in the PR value of the site effect of desalination. But from the webmaster exchange links, website value are valued PR, and is the embodiment of the chain PR value high quality quantity good. So the fact is, the PR value level indeed has a direct impact on the website and anchor text keywords ranking.

Do search engine optimization Nofollow a misunderstanding and ingenious use

The concept of

summed up.

you like a web page (page1), the PR value is 10, at the same time, this page has 100 links, the average weight of each link can be obtained is 10/100=0.1. If the 50 links with nofollow tags, which broken the weights of the 50 link transmission weight will be 50 links to the rest of the theory is: 10/50=0.2, but in fact, the weight is assigned to each link is only 0.1, and did not pass because of the use of the nofollw tag and the PR value change the.

this concept I made from the search engine optimization in Wenzhou network company, has been deeply buried in my mind, to see Matt Cutts (Google anti cheating group old night) a blog (of course is translated into Chinese after ~_~), and some cases are summed up, only this idea is wrong.

what is the specific use? Before writing this paper, I understand and like many people, is in the nofollow tag in order to control weight, not to the weight of the page where passed to the target page, so it is relatively increased the weight transfer to other pages.

(added that, because the vast majority of the mass of the chain is presented in a blog or forum which, when someone posting messages and, through their own platform for users to program can post a link with nofollw tags, such mass on these platforms outside the chain, the search engine itself will not increase the grab the workload, because the search engine found with nofollow tags, not crawling.

so we mistake in the end show where


in the formal entry into the theme, first introduced how to use this nofollow, I believe there are some search engine optimization friends on this label less experience:

nofollow was originally developed by the Google Corporation in 2005 was put forward, then the label interpretation is mainly in order to cope with the increasingly rampant chain group broke out disadvantages, that is to say, as long as in the nofollow tag links, crawler will not crawl.


, that is to say, a single link of the PR value will not listen to this property nofollw. With links to nofollow, and the weight of text is not passed, but the mean is not passed on to other links are separated by pr.

a target=" blank" href=" ABC" rel=" nofollow" > XXX

give an example of the image:

A brief analysis of the so-called love Shanghai weight webmaster tools

now I give you. I’m a new hand on the results of

station is only 15 days, but there is love Shanghai weight 1., then we see its weight from where, as shown below:

According to the Shanghai



love Shanghai weight is 0, it reminds me a staff for the Shanghai Shanghai dragon love weight issue, as follows:

This is

pictured above is Chongqing crane, this station is the first, the key words although there is no love Shanghai index, but many stations are doing optimization and love Shanghai, illustrate the keyword or very competitive, after all, these words are very targeted.

I want to exchange Links enterprise website ranking, why didn’t I love Shanghai weight, but still ranked so well? Many people say because these 4 words don’t love Shanghai index, then we look at a few pictures:

If I really like the


" in Chongqing as well as the rest of the crane rental, Chongqing hoisting, Chongqing hoisting company of the 2 words I will no longer shots, are all the same.

Dragon said the truth, we can see below:

The weight of this station is The word "



webmaster tools above the "love Shanghai weight" is shown, the station does not have any weight, so why would I rank in the home.





is shown in the picture, "love Shanghai, webmaster tools, and is not the weight of" love Shanghai weight, just for an analysis of the site keywords love Shanghai index, according to the so-called friendship link exchange way now, "

from keywords love Shanghai index, but the ranking to the second page, of course there are many stations are like this, I will not, for example.

Through the above

now in Shanghai Longfeng exchange Links, hear the most is the love that sea weight, exchange link information, will also bring love Shanghai how much weight, a lot of new sites, but also with the love of Shanghai weight, seeking a better Links, today I for a company’s own hand the station on the exchange Links, then my grip on the stand out, actually no one and I change, is a reason is, "you stand no love Shanghai weight", and then I go to the webmaster tools to check the, as follows:

Website operation planning, count a ball!

give you a project. Do you know how to get started quickly and ensure the return on investment? Many beginners are responsible for a company’s project and often don’t know how to start. Even ask some experienced web operators, who pretend they won’t tell you. In fact, site operations planning what ah, as long as you get everything is not so difficult.

knows the user to control the direction,

understands users before they can find problems and give them what they want. You can find your company’s consultants and ask them to list the concerns of the first 20 users. We take these questions to analyze the psychology of users. For example, one of my previous projects was a disease of dermatomyositis, and the most important reason for the patient’s treatment was her husband’s dislike of a erythema that had been caused by the disease on her face. Can we make a picture on the website to enlarge the user’s pain?. This provides a direction for the planning of our website.

understanding user requirements

data analysis lock key words

we know the common problems of users, and we will begin to imagine what keywords Baidu users will search for on these issues. Keywords statistics report and the business website but our two weapon. By combining reports with data analysis, we are able to lock the keyword with the highest conversion rate. For these keywords, for web pages, we need to focus on packaging and optimization.

the money is going to hit the edge,

through the above two step analysis, we know the user most frequently search keywords and the transformation of the highest keywords. What we need is to introduce these words to our website by extending these words in a limited amount of money. Baidu bidding need to monitor these keywords and for the page. The focus of the optimization effort is also shifted to these keywords. Extrapolation is also inseparable from these key words. In short, no matter how you promote it, you need to spend 80% of your energy, money and manpower on these keywords. Only in this way can you achieve maximum results in short and limited resources.

precise control of access to the site keywords


transformation is based on the dialogue process you gave the advice settings

effective keywords enter the corresponding layout of the page, but also produced a dialogue, but no deal. Do you have a dialogue process for the advice? Don’t think the consultation is optional. I admit that good advice is to calm in the face of any user’s questions, but your company really has so many good consultants? You need to set up the dialogue process, let the company to enhance the level of overall consultation is your responsibility, don’t make mistakes in the last step, otherwise you will heartache.

negative news, can you ignore that,


any company is more or less negative

Print advertising page turned entrepreneurs have tasted the sweetness of a green hand

in fact, business opportunities everywhere, but you are good at discovering. If you want to, a blank A4 is also hidden opportunities? Recently, Hunan Agricultural University college students Chen from the blank to a thin sheet of paper in front of a figure out a way of earning money:

he persuaded him to design their own advertisers investment, advertising and advertising side printed on paper, and then the "backing paper advertising" free campus print shop. As a result, the customer is free to use the printing paper, and businesses in the dissemination of the paper in the clever advertising, and he earned an advertising fee, a stone three birds, why not?

campus out of print club students and most of people in order to facilitate the too many to count, is the single print. Carefully found that the paper was printed between people, the circulation rate is quite high, a lot of people will be thrown away after printing materials, a pile of paper into paper, it is a pity. Kuang Chen admitted that his original intention is a waste of pity, I did not expect a sudden idea has become a business opportunity.

"three of us each division, a contact the manufacturer, an advertising design, I was responsible for contact print." Kuang Chen to such a special single side advertising paper to the printing press, the customer if you choose to use this paper print manuscript, will enjoy the cost of free. During the production of paper and printing costs borne by the advertiser. This print paper back advertising how profitable?

Investing in Sun Zhengyi’s speech

as a popular investor, Sun Zhengyi very fire, his public speech has become a lot of investors attracted the object of reading. In his speech, investors always savors a different taste, which is rich in Entrepreneurship nutrition, it is worth a good absorption.

Compared with the

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