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The development potential of Shanghai experience on love and the chain method

also said the title is generally XXX how to do, how to do the problem, explain the love experience of Shanghai is taking the long route, with huge long tail word to get traffic and weight, this is the more difficult to be reflected, by accumulated slowly, to a certain extent to accumulate steadily, which is one reason why I am optimistic about the love experience of Shanghai.

1, the title, the title is certainly not advertising, URL, title is very important, because this is the most important factor to bring you flow and reproduced, the ratio of weight experience know that Wikipedia, much lower, so only the keyword matching degree is high enough, you can search to find the article before a few key words in the user, so you have to stand in the user’s point of view, think about when they search the relevant problems, how to ask, how to search, so the title was targeted and efficient.

love love Shanghai Shanghai experience is launched last year, a relatively short time, many people do not know, every day on the Internet search and know Wikipedia is about 4000, about 30000 of the library search, search and love the experience of Shanghai is only about 400, so in the website promotion, it is not love, the Shanghai Encyclopedia of library high weight, also did not know that love Shanghai convenient, no ground for blame was only 1 years old, after all, not too many people know, like Wikipedia, know, library are running 3, 4 years, the Internet has been completely mature, and love the experience of Shanghai has just begun, people feel the love experience of Shanghai is very potential

, the information will be useful to the user, and Title Related words, probably more than 500, or not easy to pass, will be prompted to empty the contents. The basic content is not allowed to have links, I >

loved the experience of Shanghai to do? Due to the love experience of Shanghai is not mature now, although the audit condition is more, but the overall audit conditions unlike love Shanghai encyclopedia and library demanding, usually including article title, summary, tools / materials, steps / methods, notes, references and other parts, the following simple talk about practice:

again, it has its own characteristics, it may love Shanghai know some similar, but also have different places, that are generally short answer, sometimes can not solve the problem, but the love experience of Shanghai is not the same, the title is generally interrogative, XXX how to do so, but if you want to pass the basic are illustrated, write in detail, the steps clear, use the tools written separately, basically to write things perfectly to pass, and strive to make each question people see, immediately openning, which shows the love experience of Shanghai is focusing on the user experience, and search engine more and more attention to the user experience, so it has become a dominant love experience of Shanghai.

, why?

2, the content of

first, it is the love of Shanghai products, itself is a very big potential, love Shanghai more and more attention to their own product development, like Wikipedia, know, library is so over.

Blog sprocket optimization can only avoid the crisis alert right down the risk

three: the inside pages of the sprocket should be used with caution

blog is very low, but if it is a blog group to a website optimization, the transfer effect can produce very high weight, it is easy to make a website to get higher rankings, it is also the case, love Shanghai for optimization of this blog is very striking! For individual webmaster, suddenly engage in so many blogs, tend to spend a lot of time, so think of some shortcuts, such as through the software registration way, but I tell you, this method of opportunistic, is prohibited to use, because the software registration is easy to let the love of Shanghai detected! As you fill in the data are often similar! High similarity to let you out fox’s tail!

Now the

blog optimization through the friends of the chain blog under the target of regional station chain do not to simple, if you are a number of blogs are optimized to the same site, it is also very easy to let the love of Shanghai detected, the best way is through the blog related keywords to content the chain optimization between each other, so that it can avoid the risk of love Shanghai detection, just to do so, increase the intensity of the work of the webmaster and virtually!

Since the weight of a single

four: blog content >

: do not use a registered blog software

is now engaged in the blog, is one of the key factors that can effect through the sprocket blog, lifting the weight of the website, this way, perhaps in a short time can also play a role, but also should pay attention to the risk, because the love of Shanghai technology also every day promotion, your new skills each optimization, love Shanghai are in the pipeline to solve, so for the optimization of the blog sprocket, also be careful, the best way is in the relevant contents of each blog page, with keywords on the target station on the line, not to every blog link! After all, once launched and love Shanghai, for small and medium-sized webmasters, can only be a small boat in the ocean, they can’t afford!

two: blog friends chain carefully, from the content page to

blog has become a webmaster not open secret, and now love to Shanghai blog fight is very serious, a few years ago, when the popular blog, the blog of the weight is very high, but now micro-blog has come to feel the couple wins the old one, the weight of the blog has but even so, plummeted, many web site optimization master, can also dig out the blog last point potential, but also love Shanghai really, even if it is a potential, if the webmaster do not pay attention to avoid the detection of love in Shanghai, is also very easy to cause the site to drop right, visible now webmaster want to optimize the website, how difficult it is, but no way, in order to make their life a little better, also can only grasp the nettle, here I come to introduce a few Way, we hope to help solve the crisis optimization!

A letter to CEO Robin Li’s love of Shanghai


3: the other search engines is not rich enough, some of the contents of the search out of the love of Shanghai’s know, and the content of Post Bar.

way to the grass root webmaster good point! Love Shanghai union account audit too strict, the title is very easy! Grassroots webmaster can count on advertising alliance income to pay the costs of server

love Shanghai

2: love Shanghai spam everywhere, before.


view 1:

as the largest Chinese webmaster, the grass root webmaster, you hard! You and Ma is the two station I admire most


2: since Google out of China, had to use love Shanghai, other search engines use habits, after all the love in Shanghai a few years

4: love Shanghai search has 10 years of experience, accumulated 10 of the content is not comparable to other search engines.


Shanghai is the first love Chinese search engine, search out the rich content, even if users get the satisfaction of the content, can also go to love Shanghai’s know inquiry platform and love Shanghai Post Bar inquiry;

against love Shanghai;

introduction: love Shanghai is the Internet’s loyal, a universal love Shanghai is the Internet Dictionary! Is the five hundred million most Internet users love the search engine, do not know Lee for your own use without love Shanghai? Do you know these phenomenon? Today, Chinese province wrote a letter to you

360 search has slowly engulfed the search engine market, Lee is the total a little attention, maybe that day more than 360 Lei Yue Longmen love Shanghai


view 1:360 search, open fast, faster than the love of Shanghai. This is the most wonderful support I see 360 views in a. Love is the first Shanghai Chinese search, have stored websites using the server all over the country, also called the world’s first search technology. The friends love Shanghai open slowly, I want to be your home computer network problems,

love Shanghai browser than the 360 browser is a lot of difference, to improve the

Dear Mr. Robin Li Hello!

your taking time out to read this letter, hope that through this letter can improve some bad content show love Shanghai, shielding some illegal information

I published an article "love Shanghai and 360 search which future development better?", which was published on the same day by hundreds of media websites reproduced and tens of thousands of comments, I use two days to summarize the comments, comments about the contents of the three parties: support the love of Shanghai, support 360, there are neutral; I analyzed the three to send their views:

! ! !

love Shanghai market reaction:

Setting method of optimization of the main navigation, navigation and bottom navigation


navigation generally located in the website page, such as category pages, content pages, are at the top of the content. Of course, this is not limited to this place, according to the user’s browsing habits in general classification content above and the content of the content page above is appropriate. For navigation we should how to do optimization settings? Let’s first to A5 as an example, as shown in figure

two, secondary navigation (breadcrumbs)

, a main navigation (menu bar)


first is we often say that the main navigation menu bar, the navigation bar occupies in the website of the location is the most important station in addition to the site after the title, it will provide the search engine website which content, but also to let the user know what are the contents of the website. The main navigation we need from two aspects of the analysis to see how to do the optimization settings: from a search engine, the main navigation must be pure the form, and can not take any pictures to modify the code, especially, FLASH, JS code, code framework for navigation is undesirable, and the relevant section of the main in the navigation should never have correlation before and after, the front is to lose weight, is behind the breast, not related to the navigation column does not improve the keyword ranking. From the analysis of two aspects of user browsing. First we need to figure out what the user needs like navigation, how to navigate the form, color collocation is reasonable, whether the eyes. Let’s take the example of A5 navigation, as shown in figure

After the

navigation is the site of the compass is to quickly find the required information users quick entrance. A website can retain users, first look at the navigation settings are in line with the user’s browsing habits and whether it is sufficiently clear, let users learn clearly related content website. Of course, in website optimization, the same navigation plays a role can not be ignored. If a spider crawling affects the navigation website pages are included, so the site navigation settings in the optimization of importance as can be imagined. And there were three navigation of a website, how to set the navigation to Shanghai dragon optimization? Today I talk about my own experience.

from the figure we can see two small details of user browsing is very important, it is a mouse click after the color change, this can let the user know what is now access the columns, the small triangular tips for the color navigation more shallow distinction, more influential. I think a navigation must be able to tell the user what their columns is, at the same time not clear navigation conditions of their location also have an understanding. Anyway, the main navigation is the site of the main key, but also can allow users to stay in the web site. So to set the main navigation is the first step to do website optimization in.

How to let the spider love website subsequent updates

two, update on time, quantitative update.


has not contacted the Shanghai dragon friends will think the content of the website is to visitors to the site to see, in fact, the answer is not wrong, but we first need to understand that a little, the visitor is through what channels come to your website? I think many people know is the search engine, since it is the search engine, then we site article and then update the first look to the search engines, because only the search engine to see our web page, visitors can see our web site. Most people are searching for information on the search engine, search engine only to see (included) your web content, and think of the people they recommended to useful.

clearly above two points, in the subsequent update of website content, should also do the following three points:

, according to the web site of the keywords to organize the content of

believe that we all know, timely updates, quantitative update, can well preserve the degree of search, your favorite search engine website more, think you this station is positive, it must first be your site will be recommended to the needs of your website information people. Quantitative update, do not be too much, first of all, certainly will be very tired; secondly if suddenly increase a lot in the chain, the search engine will generate suspicion, even punish.

identify the picture of the search engine is not very good and so we give in the animation based on the website content for subsequent updates, you should focus on top of the text, so in subsequent updates to the site, should give the website update text, it can get the favour of search engine. However, if the site is standing or pictures of pictures for much of the station can be less words, but don’t abandon the method using text content description.

every day to do the same thing, but there is a small field of knowledge information is very small, then a long time will slowly no update theme, don’t know what to say. We need to understand innovation, innovation is the content of the website.

to do a website is the key, but a good website is very important and its subsequent updates. Shanghai Longfeng the friends all know, we worked hard to raise a stand, the most important point is the "hello" spider, as long as we constantly updated daily site, will only make your site more popular spider. Of course, here said the contents of the course is to have the high quality, the spider is not love to eat junk food. How can we do the site of follow-up update on your station for spiders in favor of

Three, to understand the innovation of

, the content of the website is something to see who


two, website content of subsequent updates is what

in the subsequent updates of web content, we must first make clear the following two points:

American CEO Wang Xing on Internet Innovation to better solve the problemHandle net Wu wave 15 years

renamed Chinese June 23rd hearing, has founded the focus of network, handle network, living in the United States and Australia Wu Bo, has roots in the Internet industry for 15 years, regardless of success or failure, as Wu Bo said, "your heart is simple, everything is simple, for the Internet domain name protection strategy, Wu Bo and what measures

in 2009, Wu Bo founded a handle net, handle net is the world’s first Groupon buy and Foursquare attendance combination of buy site. In 2010 March, handle network enabled Larry domain lashou officially launched, less than 2 years, handle network financing 3 times, but in the expansion of business scale and at the same time, the loss rate is also rising, vulgar, we want to do group purchase site of sea fishing, but we have not done. "In August 2012, Wu Bo left the handle network.

: for example, when users use Groupon, they need to pay by credit card, and then print the PDF or JPG file in the mail to the merchant to complete the transaction. But this process is not in line with the Chinese habits, taking into account the Chinese user habits, the U.S. group will the transaction form of improvement for the third party payment way, users only need to pay for the beauty voucher on the mobile phone business to return to the password."

Wu Bo

Wang Xing admitted that the group’s trading model is not particularly big innovation, but when you pay enough attention to a problem, do not worry too much about the solution is not new, but depends on whether it is the best".

is the focus network of this entrepreneurial experience, making Wu Bo deeply aware of the "can not do the top five", we must consider the transition or sale". In 2002, Wu Bo created richcore video decoder chip company, incorporated into Sunplus technology in 2004. In 2005, Wu Bo founded the "" video sharing site, want to YouTube localization, after can not cross the "cost and profit model", Wu Bo once again let go, sold by the end of 2007, Shanghai movie Chi chi.

last March, Wu Bo start again, set up retail brand "Canada Music" Macy & Larry, the MacyLarry domain name is registered, Beijing Canada Music Business Limited registered.CN domain name In August of the same year, Wu Bo also launched an enterprise class WeChat products "beauty letter", but "the United States letter" is not intended to contest with WeChat, after inquiry, the "United States Trust" domain name meixin note

in the Chinese Internet field, what can be called innovation, what is the purpose of innovation? In the United States Mission Network CEO Wang Xing view, innovation is in order to better solve the problem when the user needs.

Wang Xing said, in the face of Internet users demand, China’s entrepreneurs, engineers, product managers will generally choose to refer to foreign cases have been resolved to solve the problem. "Under equal conditions, Americans have more imagination and creativity than Chinese, which is related to Chinese culture, institutions and education."."



Wang Xing argues that when the environment is the same and the needs are the same, there is no need to invent innovations. But when the user has different needs, the enterprise needs to solve the user’s problem through different methods. "The development of the Internet is not complicated. When the number of Internet users is large enough and the demand is rich enough, there will be a variety of applications," Wang Xingru said.

Wu Bo founded the American EnReach Technology Co. Ltd. in 1997, and served as chief executive officer. In 1998, Wu Bo founded Web DVD, which was sold to ESST in 2000.


in 1999, Wu Bo returned home, founded the integrated portal "Focus Network", the platform enabled "focus, focus" of the English word domain on-line. Wu Bo was committed to "focus" to create a flow of the first three portals, but because Sina, Sohu, NetEase and other competitors’ strength is too strong, Wu Bo will eventually focus for resale to the Sohu, after 4 years, the focus of the real estate network advertising sales of more than 200 million yuan.

Wang Xing said that the United States leads to the popularity of the Internet earlier many netizens demand of the Internet first appeared in the United States, when the United States entrepreneurs, engineers, product managers found that the demand for Internet users, will be as soon as possible to design a good solution.

handle net, Wu Bo,

although innovative American entrepreneur entrepreneurs in China a stroke above, but in the process of learning to imitate, also need to be our model and the user’s habits combined with improved. Wang Xing, for example, initially, the United States Group in the direction of the big model, but also by learning Groupon, but in the subsequent implementation of the specific process, found a lot of different places.

In the book of changes of Qian to think about the development process of the website


not only, most recently in the "book of changes", although I do not understand, but in the process of thinking about some problems, especially for the "book of changes", the first "Qian Gua", read several articles (because there is a little long, not too easy to understand). Because of my recent blog on the new line, I also made some reflections about the future of blogging. What kind of development process suits my blog and seems to have found the answer in the book of changes.

"I Ching" first "Qian" Gua there is considerable progress of thought, namely "innate and acquired the day against Inverness, Fengtian", is to make a difference, if the natural or social phenomenon found in good signs to advocate, not good will not overdo sth., in line with the objective law, that is to according to the law. Similarly, the development of the website according to the objective laws of the development of Internet users, found no hot love, attention, and things we have to offer, and users do not love, inconvenience, and function of anger caused by things we will not do not provide. Develop step by step and seize opportunities.

"I Ching" sixty-four hexagrams, "Qian" in the first row, the whole book of ideas and content. "Development" to change things on behalf of Liu Qian, like six of the dragon, a symbol of heaven and change constantly contains infinite potential. "Xiang" said "heaven", meaning the movement does not cease also.

"Qian" Ninth: hidden dragon. Dragon lurking underwater, being temporarily unable to make a difference. It also can refer to the early development of the website, add content to the construction site, a solid foundation for the development of the site lay, not instant success, although not yet known, but this can provide a solid security for the long-term development of.

92: see dragon in the field, see you, lord. It means that the Dragon appeared on the earth to meet the nobles and princes. The Dragon appeared on the earth as if the sun were shining. This is like a Yao website has just started, has enriched the content, everything ready early, officially launched, everything is full of challenges and opportunities, if you continue to develop well, it will slowly familiar to the internet.

93: a dry all day long, if Xi Ti, Li, no blame. It means that a gentleman works hard all day long and is always on the alert at night. Even if he is in danger, he will be free from disaster. That is to say, do hard work, insist for a long time, and always concerned about changes in the industry to develop with forward-looking vision to look at the site, ready to respond to the new situation and competition, take precautions, will survive the change.

94: fire in the hole, no blame. Dragon or jumping up, or retreated to the abyss, no disaster. For the Internet industry, the future is full of changes, the increasingly fierce competition, the website may at any time at the bottom or inferior, and this website has been developed to a certain scale, but also can be in the advantage or disadvantage are able to calm, not proud of complacency, fear.

Webmaster must see link 5

Effect of

on the link and how to link the topic is webmaster circle heated continuously, but a two-way link value is beneficial so far there is no doubt. But let your links do more smart, more conducive to SEO, PR is conducive to Baidu, Google yield rankings, there are many knowledge in them.

listed below 7, for your reference only. I hope to help individual webmaster.

1. link anchor text

this is a very important aspect, you should use the key words you want to make the anchor text, so you can keyword information to visitors and search engines, so as to improve search rankings.

2. search for peer PR, or above your link

has a very close relationship for Google and PR for your ranking, and you PR much that your PR, find your PR high links, although a bit difficult, but you find on your PR will be of great help. For Baidu, more popular sites included. This needs attention.

3. looking for related links

, if your website is to do the main things about SEO optimization, then you go looking for wedding website, making friendship links, meaning much less than looking for the same industry value of friendship links.

4. outbound links is best not more than 100, the import link The more, the better.

when you go beyond the 100 link, you can set up a small link directory, expand other related categories, you can properly handle.

5. periodically checks your link partners for links on the Internet. Does

still exist?

real friendship for a long time can be forgotten, not to mention each other has not met the Links, no matter how polite said to each other, how long how to credit cooperation, is not conducive to their own time, Links friendship cannot withstand a single blow. How partners link is not here, we do not care too much about this, if there is time to ask why, may be inadvertently, if there is no time to delete it directly.

, please mark the link dating network

Internet business success (two) website content planning and user positioning

wants to do something good, he must first sharpen his tools. It is necessary to make systematic planning before the website starts. If you want a website to stand out from a large number of sites, you have to go through it in depth and depth.

1. What kind of website

is set up?

was created at the beginning of the site, whether it wanted to start it or was it just for personal interest. All need to be fully planned and prepared in advance. Before the establishment of the site, the most important thing is to determine the type of site, you want to do a entertainment type website, or to set up a professional nature of the forum? If you do not have a clue, you must first establish the site’s positioning.

establish the positioning of the site is simply to let website which contents or services, usually, the site is divided into news information, e-commerce, online services and other types of. Even if you choose the general direction of the site, you should also consider the specific content orientation. For example, if you like music, you want to build music related websites, but there are many kinds of music, music downloading, listening, online cover entertainment, or music introduction and comment?

in positioning, according to their own in all aspects of the actual situation to consider, determine the most suitable site positioning. For example, music download, listen to the site will take up a lot of capacity, often at the beginning of the station, you need to use the server, the upfront investment is relatively large, and there are copyright issues. And online cover website needs good technology to support, and the introduction of music, web site is relatively simple to implement.

also needs to be careful not to look too broad when planning a web site. For example, you may be interested in both writing and food as well as art. But there is no such thing as a hodgepodge site with both literary content, home cooking recipes, and drawing skills. So clearly makes the website for individuals and become neither fish nor fowl, and to maintain the so much content is not an easy thing. Web site to provide the core content, but also to highlight their advantages, and this is the site is different from other similar website features.


After the

website’s localization and the plan completes, needs to establish the website according to this localization, can not deviate from the general localization in the later operation process. But it can not be too rigid, the overall details also need to modify the site in the actual process at any time.

two, avoid the risk of web content, how to choose

At the beginning of the establishment of the web site

positioning of the content of the site, we must begin to pay attention to the content of the web site there is risk. The content risk of the website includes two aspects, one is the risk of policy and law, and the two is whether the webmaster can grasp the risk of content.

policy, legal risk should not be difficult to understand, for example, to do a music listening site, and the copyright issues of these music can be solved, >

Quanzhou the first township party entrepreneurial talent training classes

China’s social nature of the leadership of the Communist Party in all the work, but also need to play a leading role in the field of innovation and Entrepreneurship of Party members, called on the masses to participate in the construction of entrepreneurial innovation, by Party members to lead the masses to join the building of entrepreneurial career.

22, Quanzhou’s first town Party entrepreneurial talent training in Jinjiang Nei Keng Zhen Xia Mei Yu Cun classes, 30 party members and the masses to participate in the training of entrepreneurial intention. Quanzhou’s first town level party members entrepreneurship training base is also inaugurated.

The main function of the

for the masses, entrepreneurship training benefits is the real deal. Through the relevant training courses, can effectively improve the basic ability of the masses of entrepreneurship, for the realization of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship has laid a broad mass base.

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