How to optimize the key competitor analysis


1, observe whether the entire page contains H1 tags, this is a H font tag, followed by a smaller font is greater, the more important keywords, generally with the keywords H1 tag is the core of the web site keywords, note that if he used the H1 label to describe a keyword.

5, to see the lowest home some obscure places, such as the site for case, a website statistics there, some people will generally do a few words in the chain, see text link annotation tag is not containing keywords or long tail keywords, look carefully you will find what is likely to be in a humble corner.

how to analyze competitor friends may know Shanghai Longfeng to analyze competitor’s website (that is, by searching the row in front of those), today I would like to share with you, Shanghai dragon is how to analyze competitor’s website. Before the search engine optimization, research on competitors is a necessary work, if you can study the competitors, the whole site optimization process for after all is a good start. According to his observation by the home observation method:

2, TITLE keywords, and then the page title, contains the description tag keyword, generally more by the word before the more important, the more likely it is that he wants to highlight the keywords, there may be a phrase, but contains the keywords, you can go through the website content analysis, try to guess the words the general site, obviously can see it, not too much modification or hide.

‘s careful observation of the above 5 points, will be able to find the shortcomings of competitors, he not optimized to where we do, he do the place we want to do better than him. Think of a word: I have no enemy, the enemy I have excellent choice! When competitors, do not blindly choose, choose much higher than those of the site that does not fit than their ranking, want to suddenly become a "fat man" is not realistic. Step by step, but better, more real.

3, then down to see whether there is web content under the font tag, such as Gaka (B), italic (I) tags, these tags in general between the word is not a keyword is the long tail keywords, how to distinguish themselves according to the site title proper analysis, understanding. The general probability of these tags appear on the home page and will be too high, not even.

4, pay attention to whether the content of the page contains a picture, the general picture will use the annotation of ALT tags, and observe whether contains the site title, or theme similar keywords or long tail keywords, which is appropriate to analyze, and everyone would know to do so. The image with a valid ALT comment tag, the Shanghai dragon is also a good practice, not to stack keywords or long tail keywords, the consequences will not say, do not believe you can try.

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