How to restore the site to search engine drop right after

will regularly update the content of

Links is very important for the website, if your website link is right down the site, it is very likely that you will be implicated. When the site is down right after the discovery.


be careful review of Links

A snapshot of to understand the reason of the site is down right

site is down right after the website will be updated very slowly, the website ranking and included the number decreased significantly, while the post is also difficult to be included in the search engine. When confronted with this situation, some webmaster do not update the chain, also do not, just wait for the weight of the search engine to restore the site, but the result is such a long time snapshot is still no change, or even the entire site is K off. This is because in the down right after the search engine is still the same as before on your website, but your site has been included in the study period, the content of the website search engine you update will also be included, but not like before, immediately put out. If you think the search engines do not pay attention to your site and cherish chances or give up, so that a search engine will think this site is not suitable for search experience and direct K off. So the site is down right after, we must update the original content every day, at the same time on the site to do some high quality of the chain, so continue to persist, the weight of the next update when the search engine will gradually restore the site.

first we should understand why, our website is down right, search engines are not without any cause or reason put to K off site, although the love in Shanghai after the announcement said a few websites victimizes the guarantee will be restored in the next update, but if you now the website or it doesn’t work at all, then it is certainly not the. So we should calm down and analyze the problem, find out why the site was down the right, such as a web site before the amount of pseudo original or collection of articles, whether the frequent replacement of the site title and description to the right down, only a clear cause site is down right, it can be an antidote against the disease to solve the problem.

since June 22-28, a large number of sites affected by the love of Shanghai big update is down right after, so far has been a month of time, love in the greater Shanghai after the update announcement also made a statement, said the weight of part of the site will also re slowly recovery in the next big update. But these two days of browsing in the A5 forum, saw a large number of owners of the site did not restore the weight as expected, it also caused a lot of webmaster complaining. In fact, we all want to get the weight recovery site, but if your site has yet to return to the weight, then we will study the reason.


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