Leaves Shanghai dragon website ranking optimization factors detailed picture

3, mark. Only a clear picture is not enough, if we in order to highlight the picture of a content or features should be marked in the picture with, such as red arrow, red box etc.. This can make the picture more easily express what we want to express the content of.

1. We were in the insert picture website content, should pay attention to the size of the picture, if during the insertion process, the picture is too large, will affect the loading speed of the website, very expensive. So in the picture, should pay attention to the size of the image.

6, the original picture. In the insert picture for web content, it is best to use the original photograph or make pictures, do not think that the search engine can not read the picture, you can use a picture without being found in the search engine.

, what is the image processing

5, add ALT tags to the picture. The ALT tag a comment is equivalent to the picture, then in the search engines crawl the content of the article is unable to read the picture content, so if you add detailed ALT tags to this picture, is equivalent to tell search engines this picture is what kind of content. Help search engines crawl on the picture and picture classification ranking.

4, the name of the picture. The name of the picture, many people think it does not matter, the picture name should match the pictures with the theme, the best English said. Such as: we want to insert a decoration effect diagram in the article, so that we can give this picture named Domestic outfit rendering.jpg, this is just a detail optimization.

image processing is modified, landscaping, etc. on the thumbnail pictures. We have long said the picture processing refers to the processing of the images using the software. But we at the time for web content, image processing not only to modify and beautify the picture, we have the pictures to the search engine grab or crawling operation optimization.



website optimization.The size of

in the website optimization process, not only to focus on the site title, description, navigation and other internal optimization, in the processing of web content, if the picture appears in the content. We should also be on the picture for refinement, and only deal with these details, and we can be beneficial and ranking optimization. Optimization of processing below we together to discuss the website pictures.

2, the picture quality. In the insert picture is content to the user experience, make it easier for users to understand, pictures and text easier to clear explanation. So we in the insert picture process, should pay attention to the quality of the picture, first of all to ensure clear picture, as far as possible the use of HD picture.



concluded: we are in the process of optimized website, should pay attention to every detail.

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