Love Shanghai Post Bar updated several show points

1, the title of

, a site outside the chain construction easier

3, the authors show

as shown below, the article begins with a brief Post Bar in images and extracted, and the display picture is displayed as a small picture, and in the picture list shows, when we put up the mouse will display picture, allowing users to more easily browse pictures.

love Shanghai Post Bar March new on-line version of the page, the page replacement of Post Bar love Shanghai, is more important is to break the single mode Post Bar show the original style, to provide more diversified page selection for more friends, of course, this adjustment, but also greatly enhance the user’s visual, through this the revision, can be seen in the first step Post Bar love Shanghai has taken personalized clear, of course, this is just the beginning, after the service may Post Bar revision we do not know, the total of this revision can be customized for the future lay the foundation, as a Shanghai Dragon er through this revision. We can clearly see:


, 2 display pictures

three, advertising increased


Post Bar, in fact, to a great extent, greatly improves the user experience, whether it is from the visual appearance of the page or have a certain improvement, first shown below, is a post international wine investment network published, through this example we can clearly see the three point:

as shown in the picture above is a screenshot of love Shanghai Post Bar chain of the source file, you can clearly see that love Shanghai and without any link shielding technique, is a completely regular Shanghai dragon outside the chain, so that this revision of the construction of our chain still has certain benefits.

We all know that

This paste >

this revision after the title of this article has the very big change is that the color of the title is highlighted, so that users can read the overall meaning clear.

Through the revision of

two, greatly enhance the user experience of

now we posted in the upper right will appear in this post staff ID, and will use the highlighted blue font, this approach is actually very good, can show more activity is relatively good writer.

do not know if you have not found, after this Post Bar revision, when we do not add the chain like before especially easy to be removed, before the Post Bar added links in less than one minute is removed, almost with the hair cut chance, let us Shanghai Dragon Phoenix Er too much to handle? Because Post Bar itself is love Shanghai’s own products, included is very good, not to mention the weight.

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