In order to establish a corporate brand as the goal of the Shanghai dragon is the kingly way

website title and description of the brand, the real core is the website design itself. A good website must have beautiful and outstanding brand personality logo. Through the image of logo can make consumers remember the company’s mainstay and brand culture. The brand concept into the inside.

method more reliable and stable. Don’t just go to the chain and the chain, so the effect is not very good, can not drive the user experience. Now love Shanghai attaches great importance to the user experience, so Shanghai, the way of the chain although many, but the best way is to write text better. Write soft not only increase the chain rankings, but also to promote the brand, to promote the effectiveness of. Let the reader to benefit from the soft at the same time, also become a potential user of the brand. Write soft article is one of a kind of soft power, not only in the chain increases to the rankings, can also put the brand publicity out, not only can let the reader to benefit from the soft, also can let the reader become potential users of your brand.

, simply say: refers to the degree of consumer awareness of products and product series. It is a symbol of soft power of an enterprise. Have an excellent brand, will make your site attractive, endless traffic. This is the brand effect, showing the power of brand.

is actually a lot of people do not understand what we do in Shanghai Longfeng for what? Through the layers of analysis, finally realize the purpose. Some people say that in order to rank, actually this is only the surface, can be seen from the appearance of the. Excuse me, do the ranking was based on what the purpose is not to enhance the enterprise visibility, so that the brand more deeply heart! So, can be drawn, Shanghai dragon is to establish a brand, to achieve brand promotion effect.

how to do? Ace excellent for four cases of experience:

The first step is to create the The brand of chainThis is the

select the appropriate network, can improve.

: first create the user experience of the title and description in order to achieve the brand exposure rate of

second: the brand concept and website design to me, I have you

fourth; select the appropriate network, increase the appearance effect of

is perhaps because of the inertia of thinking Shanghai dragon, we often go to Shanghai dragon and set the title page description, in fact it does not play a brand effect, perhaps after Shanghai Dragon technology, will have good rankings. Users can easily remember the brand name? If which day is K, or off, also talk about the traffic? No! So, we must do the job title and description. The title and description can show your company name, but also allows users to type and content is very clear understanding to the website. It is to show the brand, increase brand exposure rate of the first condition.

third; with soft Wen promotion brand, driven by the natural development of the

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