Webmaster tools from Shanghai recently updated to love small adjustment

display factors keywords ranking show is tools to determine flow and data.

is Shanghai dragon tools, then the weights, data flow and so on is how to determine the webmaster tools to see their own tools? Or to collect data, and then organize large amounts of data to the website weight, traffic and so on a series of data display.

is not difficult to see that the revision before and after comparison, obviously more than "add keywords" and "key search" button, easy for users to add a site not to write in the Keywords tag keyword. The key and keyword ranking query button, convenient and fast, unlike the old version as a point, some keywords website show many, also to the end point.

1, the user experience will be more and more important.


analysis of revision reasons and possible future trends in

please note here, love Shanghai can directly query, why Google can not directly see the ranking, still have to directly query page ranking


2, Shanghai stationmaster still focused on love, or human love on Shanghai. Love Shanghai key ranking, and is expected to flow there. "Google ranked" disappear.

also has a small adjustment in Webmaster tools before and after revision seems to love Shanghai. The author believed that the chain should be adjusted in this piece. It seems early site

?This shows that


first, today we are still strong Webmaster Tools update, although it seems, update the place is very small, but it is not difficult to see, there are still few things, then the search will be shared by the forum Liu Tao and you own ideas.

so, there is a new button to add keywords. It can be concluded that if you want to own the website has a relatively good data display in Shanghai Longfeng tools, or according to the index of condemnation of Shanghai Longfeng webmaster tools on it, although the benefits are not very obvious, but at least there will be problems.

this is the second change, should also be "humanized" a bar, before ranking, in addition to love Shanghai ranking or noble baby ranking query, not now. What does this mean? Now means that the owners do not value the noble baby ranking, then why? The author Liu Tao believes that now the rankings, optimization and promotion are directed to the sea of love, now with the owners see, also take a look at the ranking of Shanghai love away, noble treasure ranking is generally do not look, see also can not find, because there is no specific ranking, oneself still have a check.

webmaster tools or search rankings and love Shanghai with this or that the "entanglement" (the word sense on the line), while Google is not at home, want to go is not able to.

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