Love Shanghai two little-known search engine named super practical

love Shanghai advanced search syntax in the site, domain, intite, inurl, etc. in the search for specific analysis of the essential common query engine optimization, in addition to these common outside, today I compiled 2 little-known grammar specified to you one by one analysis, in search of resources, analysis of competitors the effect of tracking, such as network link, will play a very important role.

love Shanghai search results URL specified: lm

practical value: two 1, find the latest love Shanghai included in the target page, you can see the basic seconds before the results of the past we pay attention to the latest news Shanghai news may only see love, but too limited, confined to the news pages included. 2, can be arranged in chronological order, the relevant information within 24 hours at a glance, I often use the specified, collect the latest quality content of liver disease in the industry, and released to the www.gb0731贵族宝贝/meitibaodao/ station, the site content fresh, original degree provides much help, of course more use value, so you can to dig.

example: A5 domain name query when love Shanghai domain included: the result is the day to query: 574 records

A5 yesterday held in Shanxi hot webmaster meeting, the media coverage, we specified by RTT search the latest what website reported, and in a few minutes to a few hours ago, in order to return the results of a total of 19 records, it seems that everyone in Shanxi station the general assembly also paid more attention to.

Practical value: the

interpretation: the domain name specified in Shanghai love also perform search results URL, access to the latest search results, according to the latest published sequence, common values corresponding to 1. said love Shanghai within 24 hours of collection of information retrieval. You can specify the search box and the common combination of practical


is the author of practical experience, to provide you with a >



For example

interpretation: the domain name specifies the execution in Shanghai love search results in URL, in a limited period of time to return search results, LM 4 and 1, 7, 30365 respectively; 1 days to 1 years, with the common search box combination utility specified.

specified with the domain, site, combined with the use of search key, do some evaluation of the effectiveness of the work cycle of content such as the day, with new reputation effect, the day included the construction of the chain effect of the day.

2. love Shanghai search results URL designation: rtt

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