How to combine the good news of Shanghai Longfeng marketing

(4) content as far as possible with Web links, such as the news website for coordination of activities to promote you please take active links (such as: 贵族宝贝estay贵族宝贝/huodong/guoqing2015/)

(3) news delivery platform, released a large media is inevitable, but the choice must be related to

promotion techniques


1, title to contain the user search (that is, we need to promote the word)

(1) to the product information in the content disclosed to the target group of

3, standard brand marketing word of a network or and ensure that the stay stay title contains the brand

marketing is another goal of news related productsPurpose:

news marketing wants to combine with the Shanghai dragon, to achieve brand name, keywords, product elements and other brand elements to cooperate with Shanghai Longfeng perfect, which means that users search for specific words, words that stay brand users see the uniform information, which not only enhances the brand, also can avoid misleading and unnecessary to achieve the above goals do news marketing needs to meet the following requirements:

1, indirectly enhance website sales orders

2, the news marketing needs to have promotion of clear objectives, and then around the goal to write marketing content

2, improve the brand awareness of

(2) with some pictures in the content, the picture contains product information


such as: the promotion of words: The Resort Apartments then marketing content around the The Resort Apartments


search engine optimization goal is to improve the website target keywords in the search engine ranking, so as to obtain more search traffic order, and indirectly promote the direct marketing news website is to improve the target keywords ranking in the search engine is the most direct and effective means to improve the brand awareness of.

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