In 2013, some suggestions of Shanghai Longfeng occupation Consultant

first, Shanghai Dragon Consulting standard.

Spring Festival is coming, once a year the family time has come, I believe most of the Shanghai dragon friends are eager to go home. In the 10000 reunion day, Wang Shifan hope you can "think", thinking the next year in Shanghai dragon industry survival and hard work. Have heard a lot of friends that want to optimize the service transformation from Shanghai Longfeng sit Shanghai Longfeng consultant, but in fact Shanghai dragon industry consultant to our Shanghai dragon ER requires more, bear with me.

did not do basic work of Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon ER, don’t try to directly as Shanghai Longfeng consultant, otherwise, will not be responsible for themselves and customers. Why is Shanghai Longfeng work experience must be more than 5 years? Here, Wang Shifan wanted to say, if you have 5 years of working experience in Shanghai Longfeng, presumably to make a transition to Shanghai dragon consultants will be handy. 1, 2 years of Shanghai Longfeng, will only know Shanghai Longfeng fur, if you want to in-depth study of Shanghai dragon industry, must stand alone, starting from the details carefully pondering.

many people think Shanghai Longfeng thinking and data support is an empty concept, makes it difficult to understand. To explain for example! For example, there is a new customer to find you, you need to help solve the website keywords recently met the decline in ranking, included, snapshots stop back problems. When you get this "test", "thinking to solve the questions from what? This is your Shanghai dragon thinking; and you are thinking to solve this problem by Shanghai dragon, customers need to explain why you website rankings? Before the keywords ranking why down? At this time, you need to through the data customers accurate and intuitive solutions, which is also called data support. So, when the site is experiencing the problem, we should not feel depressed, even Aguirre, actively solve the problem, finally summarizes the problems, let it become part of your thinking library.

4. have a good temper character attitude.

1. have a real Shanghai Longfeng working experience, 5 years above.

2. will have their own thinking and data to support the Shanghai dragon.

I believe we all know everything requires patience and careful, similarly, in the two character of Shanghai dragon industry is more obvious. Shanghai love is often adjusted, website ranking natural 1080, >

3. must have the ability to communicate with team members and customers.

communication ability is poor, is a common problem for most technicians. To rise above the common herd must be better than others, and how to do better than others, it is not the others. Need the ability to communicate the support of Shanghai Longfeng consultant largely, or that we Shanghai dragon ER how to explain to the client site of the problems encountered and solutions.


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