How to quickly break through the bottleneck of the website ranking

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in the main domain name, build two directories, themes related to the main website, according to the industry, the establishment of BBS, SNS or blog, released the anchor text. This can increase your website, one hand can be improved by the two level directory weight to improve the master weight, on the other hand, can be very good to increase the site within the chain, enhance the master weight, also can dig out the more long term, increase site traffic, promote ranking. This truth, in fact is also similar to the site of the two domain names, now many large websites are using this principle, enhance the master weight by the two level domain optimization, keyword ranking.

website Meta three labels (page title, keywords, description set) exist stack keywords phenomenon serious or stereotyped, all channel pages are the same, even many have no title, keywords, description. When the ranking bottleneck in the site we have to perfect the information, on the one hand to the other hand spiders to crawl the page to the user experience.

said here is set robots file on the site has a collection of pages, now do not want to let the weights do not need to participate in the web page ranking, so these pages >

two, Meta three channel website page label

here to see a few simple steps to break the bottleneck website ranking, Nirvana rebirth.

four, the website set robots file

Whether it is in the late

almost all the owners will encounter a problem in the website optimization, website optimization is to a certain stage, the ranking is hard to rise, traffic is no longer rising, many webmaster think what website at a loss, in fact, this is the bottleneck ranking website, ranking is a big bottleneck challenge to the webmaster, it is the only way which must be passed the website optimization, website ranking arrive after the bottleneck is mainly as follows: the content of the website updated normally, outside the normal chain release, but keyword ranking does not change; optimize the internal stability of website, but ranking unstable; web traffic is stable, but the number fluctuation. Don’t be afraid to encounter the bottleneck of website ranking, this is an opportunity, once the breakthrough bottleneck, whether it is the website ranking and flow are from quantitative to qualitative change, can be said to be reborn.

three, the long tail word closure

website ranking or website ranking bottlenecks, long tail word can be a good partner, the so-called long tail word closure is the use of love, love of Shanghai library, Shanghai Post Bar know products, using blogs Post Bar, use classification information platform to do a lot of long tail key words, no matter where the user search is what keywords are found in your information, which reached the purpose of flow interception. In the ranking of the bottleneck stage, a large number of closure subsidies will help the company break through this bottleneck, specifically to see the website "how to use the long tail words flow interception".

one or two directory


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