Taobao customer goods search service next month to stop

IT Times reporter Wang Shu each policy rule changes all affects the merchant’s heart, and the rule changes may again change the consumer shopping habits, also let out like bamboo shoots after a spring rain in recent years the rebate site test. It is reported that Taobao from June 1st onwards banned Taobao customer product search service, then consumers will not be able to see the specific product pages in the rebate amount, only after the payment order information. and rebate website said that the move is to improve user experience.

rebate amount cannot be viewed directly

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rebate network, 51 rebate ratio restriction sites to see, at present the mainstream e-commerce sites receive rebates. The website will list Taobao, Jingdong store each site of the rebate proportion, to B2C, to back over 100 yuan 2 yuan, over 5000 yuan to return 27 yuan and other forms, but only according to the specific amount of the transaction and goods. read more

[Abstract] when part of its products in the United States, Germany, Spain, France, Britain and Italy station will China direct mail.

Tencent technology month on October 29th reported

this afternoon, Amazon China ( announced in Beijing this year’s electricity supplier 11.11 strategy, the main international brands.


Chinese will begin in November 3rd of this year’s "11.11 big promotion, from the beginning of November 3rd, Amazon’s" 11.11 fold "big promotion will launch seven" 24 hour kuaiqiang, as low as 90 percent off "activities.

in the upcoming 11.11, Amazon China will work together to promote the sale of more than and 300 international famous brands. From now on, the United States, Germany, Spain, Amazon France, Britain and Italy, the 6 largest overseas site China opened direct mail service, can choose commodities amounted to about 80000000.

which includes 25 million kinds of products from the United States Amazon, Amazon Germany 12 million kinds of products, 12 million kinds of products, the Spanish Amazon France Amazon Amazon UK 10 million kinds of products, 10 million kinds of products, as well as about 8000000 kinds of products to choose from Italy. The opening of direct mail category includes footwear, clothing, maternal and child nutrition and health and personal care etc.. read more

Da Vinci home in front of a lot of deserted Chengdu shop

– Da Vinci apologized last night by Sina micro-blog issued an apology, said it would take the initiative to find problems, and accept the supervision of the government and the media

questioned the Provincial Council Secretary General Liu Yabing said that Da Vinci was not a letter of apology on the core issues to admit mistakes, no sense of

– the Chengdu municipal government website disclosure of data, Da Vinci in Chengdu for two years and 3 months, the sales income and the difference between the purchase price of nearly 30 million yuan

Zhang Quanling: reporter Da Vinci’s last fig leaf to

, a registered with "Da Vinci Home Furnishing Limited" in the name of micro-blog said the news department of CCTV reporter fraud. 18, the famous CCTV anchor Zhang Quanling published on the comment on the incident, she said in micro-blog, the reporter is slander counterfeiters last fig leaf, but also on the social conscience guardian, abuse of investigative journalists. Ren Min read more

in accordance with the administration of industry and Commerce issued a network transaction management approach, online shopping consumers have the right to return within 7 days without any reason. But in the face of "the provisions of 7 days no reason to return, there has been controversy. For example, have raised questions about the seller, "no reason to return the goods to the seller, if opened the damage you do?" "buyers and sellers in the transaction in the process of their return to the rights and obligations of what is


, earlier this month, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce issued "network buy goods seven days no reason to return guidelines" (Draft), the detailed provisions of the rules in the return process, the public can feedback through the administration of industry and commerce website and mail before March 5th.

which does not apply?

four categories of goods can be confirmed by

according to the guidelines, the following goods Na seven days no reason to return provisions: consumer custom goods; perishable goods; consumer online download or unpacking of audio and video products, computer software and other digital products; delivery of newspapers and periodicals. read more

shop, business, hard hard!! there are customers, to make a deal difficult!! so we often retain the hearts of customers, a variety of accommodation, with patience, finally reluctantly made a list and it was bad, why?.


customers can be divided into several categories:

1: this modest and carefully customers may be entering the shop, for, want to learn something, so talk may be more awkward, even even the most basic terms do not understand, such as customers, you must go to treat her, because of her shop after the growth path with you great Association, you help her, she may have crossed the stage, on track, and you slightly criticized her, she may choose to give up. I met so many people, even the first assistant pat Taobao assistant did not know what is now firmly on the track. To tell you the truth, some buyers stupid to me but also to repeatedly confused in mind, every single word or phrase that can take a novice, and is indeed not easy. For such customers, be sure to adjust the mentality. read more


scolded Taobao, but the heart has been optimistic and like Taobao. Alibaba website probably earn much more than Taobao, but I’ve always felt that Alibaba B2B is a very puzzling thing, for a long time is not optimistic. Taobao and Alipay are promising.

Taobao these days a strong fight brush credit is a good thing, and even a must. When we no longer believe in the news on the newspaper, the trust of the government and the people on the chain collapse, when we no longer believe that Taobao business reputation, Taobao is not far from the crash.

but by "honest self-examination" is certainly not reliable, is not the future of the review by the title.

see Taobao’s integrity self-examination news, I first thought is SEO, occupational disease reaction. But in fact, the credibility of the brush is not equivalent to the search engine spam sites and cheating to black hat SEO check their own is not reliable, and manually delete the spam is not feasible.

search engine is how to deal with garbage and cheating?. To find out the characteristics of typical garbage, the formation of the model, using the algorithm to delete or drop right. In fact, the credibility of the search and identification of the search algorithm is very similar to the read more

a few years ago, the network can be described as group purchase in the Internet community set off a bloody, all kinds of group purchase sites such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain emerged in general. However, after 2-3 years of fighting, this kind of website have fallen, leaving only a few such as the U.S. group, group purchase site such as the earliest. However, in these local services group purchase network down, a new group purchase website gradually into the public eye, this is the group purchase goods.

personally think, buy site into the electricity supplier channels, which is an inevitable trend. Perhaps we say that the local service network is essential to buy, but the purchase of goods more touted by the network. From the success of, we may be able to understand electricity supplier website group purchase way, how to walk. For everybody below I analyze’s operation of the road.

first, the market segments in order to occupy the market

segment market is a very important, but also the most basic link. There is no denying that the comprehensive site, can attract more people to stop, but in the case of limited human resources and resources, a bite into a big fat is the most unwise choice. Because the larger the more difficult to digest bread.’s market position is very good, authentic cosmetics, revealed to the visitor’s information is is designed to do cosmetic professional website, a comprehensive website too often do not give people a deep impression, when a visitor to the Jingdong, while Tmall and, after Dangdang, if you ask him to buy Women’s clothing which website, perhaps it is difficult for him to answer it immediately, but you asked him to buy cosmetics which website, I think he will answer immediately. This is the advantage of market segments. The more subdivided, the more professional, the more detailed, the impression of the deeper. read more

at the end of September 2011, China users reached 510 million, an increase of 15 million compared to the second quarter of 2011, an increase of 3 percentage points. The third quarter of 2011, China’s network economy exceeded $74 billion, regardless of the growth rate or the growth rate, compared with the past has been greatly improved, the market outlook is optimistic about the market economy. The structure of the market, the mobile Internet market share on the rise, the future with the popularity of smart mobile phone, including the traditional Internet companies to expand mobile services, mobile Internet in the overall network economy proportion will continue to improve.

, along with the popularization of the Internet, the face of the huge market space, have more and more enterprises choose net". For enterprises, e-commerce and network marketing has become an important way of enterprise business, the use of the Internet application of China’s small and medium enterprises in electronic commerce and network marketing related rate has reached 42.1%. Ministry of Commerce expects the next 5 years, China’s e-commerce transaction volume will maintain an average annual growth rate of more than 20%, in 2015 will reach the scale of 12 trillion yuan. read more

old saying "the enemy, to win", this sentence is seldom used in electronic commerce in the war. Everything in this suit in a number of similar sites staggering, how to maintain the advantage in the fierce competition has become a topic of great concern to every webmaster. The necessary condition to realize the competition is to stand head and shoulders above others to find out your competitors, including peer operating platform, function design, existing advantages disadvantages etc.. So what should we start with?

first of all, keep up with the market situation, analysis of the industry’s big head and major competitors. I believe you have in front of the station in the industry has been analyzed on the market, but to understand the situation of peer competitors only stay in front of the building is not enough awareness. The e-commerce market is changing rapidly, the speed of the replacement of the opponent is also very fast, real-time understanding of the main competitors and potential competitors, so as to change the initiative, to make better adjustments to the competitive strategy. Changes in market momentum, but also to adjust the direction in a timely manner, not eliminated by the market. At the same time, each peer may have slightly different, timely update their information in order to lay a solid foundation for further in-depth exploration. It is worth noting that the need to define the opponent and the strength of the industry, their strength and popularity, from the angle of scale in classification, in order to understand the practice stage. read more

first into the crisis group purchase website 1288 refund yesterday have changed dramatically, it claims in "sell yourself. "Sell 1288 buy network, the price of 100 thousand", this site on the page and write, and marked "sell"".

this is full of self deprecating mood move is new in order to be different marked on the price be startled at "," eighty percent off "and that" for sale, has stable flow, suitable for small investment game website, selling more "good website et al". Yesterday, the founder of Mr. Huang’s mobile phone is always "no service", the person in charge of that has been sold to 100 thousand yuan only on the web site, but the closing date is 25 days yet to come, so this information is difficult to distinguish between true and false.

1288 group purchase network recently in a number of consumer refund crisis, said that he was attracted by the huge discount website, buy the canvas shoes and other goods, but has not received the goods, since consumers have demanded a refund, but the amount to be returned to the site registered account after but not by now. Sources said the site has been investigated by the police. At present, the website announced that only on the web, all cash application will end in July 1st. read more

foreign news, luxury goods group LVMH and Chanel for e-commerce giant eBay vendors to sell their products through the network unlimited, damage to them to set up in the rich area stores investment interests, put forward to modify the network sales bill to the EU requirements, manufacturers of luxury goods have the right to decide between the number of products sold through the network and the ratio of the number of store sales.

No matter

cosmetics and perfume manufacturers bill proposal would be EU regulatory support, but their reason is sufficient: luxury brands need to in store in the actual products touch, taste and feel for consumers and online retailers of luxury goods reduces the value of the product, will harm the development of the luxury industry.

well-known luxury brand building, is built on the basis of the cost and meet the needs of minority groups, manufacturers of luxury goods is well versed in the "rarity" that, while maintaining the situation means is the most expensive thing to sell the few high-end crowd, to remain a luxury mystery with a sense of dignity. read more

recently held in Shenzhen "in 2008 the city’s information summary meeting, Shenzhen Municipal Committee, vice mayor Xu Qin said at the meeting, the 2009 Shenzhen informatization construction is a pressing matter of the moment to strengthen the building of e-commerce, especially to promote the informatization construction of key areas of modern logistics industry. Shenzhen to in-depth investigation and study, as soon as possible to introduce a number of policies and plans to increase support for e-commerce and related supporting industries to support the development of smes.

e-commerce to combat the financial tsunami

online shopping is a bright spot in the development of the Internet in 2008. In sharp contrast to the downturn in the macroeconomic situation and low market confidence, e-commerce transactions in 2008 increased by about 20%. According to the IDC report predicts that by 2010 China’s total e-commerce transactions will reach 32200 yuan. Unfortunately, the electronic commerce "martial arts cheats at present only a small number of enterprises to master, not set up their own websites for small and medium enterprises in Shenzhen and more than half of the site has been built in the enterprise, the use of most of the site is still stuck in the propaganda enterprise image and other simple functions. Only online, No marketing, Shenzhen SME Center released data show that the use of Internet transactions and the development of enterprises accounted for only about 11% of the total number of enterprises". Therefore, the Shenzhen municipal government to use fiscal policy to promote the construction and development of Shenzhen local e-commerce platform, e-commerce platform construction and open to the small and medium-sized enterprises, accelerate industrial upgrading of enterprises and in the international financial crisis in the comprehensive competitiveness. read more