sponsored by the Xining Municipal People’s government, Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County People’s government, the Xining Municipal Sports Bureau of Xining city hosted the seventh session of the Tenth National Games and mountain bike race began in June 22nd, respectively, in the picturesque town of Pu Ning Zhizhu and Datong opened the kite ditch two days of competition.

this event is divided into youth group, adult group, women’s group, group competition 4 competition groups, participants of nearly a hundred people, the maximum age of 55 years old, the minimum age of 18 years. The competition is divided into two stations: Xining Railway Station, Pu Ning Zhizhu climbing challenge, the entire 8.8 km; Datong kite ditch mountain race, the entire 30 km. Event bonus 4 yuan.

cycling is very popular in our province, since 2002, the Xining Municipal Sports Bureau held the first Xining mountain bike cross-country, has been successfully held ten sessions, has become one of the top three Xining sports brand events. The game is based on the rich and unique natural, cultural, tourism environment in Xining, for the Lake Race cheer for the race around the lake. Through this competition, to expand the public participation in the cycling team, improve science, green fitness level, will play a positive role. (author: Zhu Xiquan)
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Lanzhou Xinjiang high rail line officially opened operations, from Lanzhou to Xining, Urumqi train running time shorter than the original nearly half, high Tiemeng people’s provinces will achieve start at dawn and arrive at dusk. For the majority of passengers, Lanzhou high-speed railway, the most concern is: to train via what site? How to develop the full fare? Train station in Qinghai to stop a few? All these questions, after the evening news reporter carefully arranged for you to create a travel time memorandum, hoping to bring convenience. Not the same as the
12 hour living circle high iron stick "flying" speed, let reporters not feeling, with the completion of the high speed railway, some beautiful vision is becoming a reality. Let us look at the following 12 hours of life circle.
5 hour living circle Lanxin high speed rail, shorten the time of the scenic Gansu to Xining. Especially to Lanzhou, because it takes only about an hour and a half, so high-speed rail to Lanzhou shopping, eating will become a new way of experience. EMU also strung Zhangye, Jiuquan, Jiayuguan, water, and other places between the Yumen City dream. In accordance with the new timetable for the launch of the train, Xining to Zhangye running time is 2 hours and 07 minutes; Xining to Jiuquan for a total of 3 hours and 34 minutes; Xining to for 3 hours and 50 minutes; Xining to Yumen for 4 hours. Then, within 5 hours, Qinghai people in Gansu can enjoy the Zhangye landform in Danxia, listen to the story of the desert, but also with the track to take the ancient Silk road. It means that the high-speed railway and motor vehicle operation, strung Qinghai and Gansu two province 5 hour traffic circle, the flow of people and goods between the country will accelerate the flow of economic development, has become more closely linked.
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August 1, 2013 onwards, the business tax reform VAT will be fully open, the tax reform involving 1347 pilot households in Xining.

for the gradual elimination of double taxation, reduce the tax burden, the strategic adjustment to support economic development pattern and industrial structure, the reform of the tax system is mainly business tax on the original tax department management under the jurisdiction of the transportation industry and part of modern service industry, production of radio and television work, broadcast and distribution industry restructuring by value-added tax the tax department management. After the tax reform, the pilot small-scale taxpayers mostly by the tax rate applicable to the original business tax reduced to 5% VAT levy rate of 3%, and according to the price excluding tax levied, the tax burden than the original fell 40%; the general taxpayer tax pilot fell more than 70%, greatly reducing the burden on taxpayers.

it is understood that the Xining City, involving 1347 households by the business tax reform VAT pilot taxpayers, mainly in the modern service industry 1206, transport 114, production of radio and television work, radio broadcast and publishing industry 27. (author: Xiao Pu just Jifang) read more

Reporters from the city

District Science and Technology Tourism Bureau was informed that, in order to take the road of development, tourism and cultural integration of this year, the District Committee and the district government with its own advantages and characteristics of tourism resources, will launch a series of sports tourism activities from June to September, "Xia Douxi Ning · colorful central" this name card louder.

hundred players Wenfeng monument higher

June 29th, the fourth session of the Wenfeng monument eco-tourism mountain bike invitational tournament will start. Reporter 26 from the players to report to the scene, the game attracted the province and Gansu, Ningxia, Guangdong, Hunan, Beijing and other provinces and more than 280 cycling enthusiasts. Among them, the oldest more than and 60 years old, the youngest of the age of 16. In the game, the women’s group, the youth experience group, the local car group will be 6.4 km in the south of the race, the team team is from the central line of the game to the Wenfeng monument monument, the whole journey of 15 km. A King Arthur Bicycle Club participants said: "this line is very challenging, very worthy of participation." read more

Xining IRS vehicle purchase tax collection and Management Branch of the organization of tax revenue 289 million 980 thousand yuan, an increase of 56.89%, to complete the annual plan of 105.45%, more than 60 days in advance to complete the annual tax task.

this year mainly due to substantial growth of vehicle purchase tax is the rapid growth of Xining’s economy, living and consumption level; the state of vehicle purchase tax preferential policies and subsidies to stimulate the car to the countryside, to a certain extent, activation of the taxpayer Car Buying demand; tax departments to vigorously promote the vehicle purchase tax collection methods, pricing and other vehicles the related policy, consulting services, and actively implement the vehicle purchase tax collection system, strengthen information management, improve the vehicle purchase tax transparency; strive to improve the quality of service, the implementation of government affairs, the integration of the tax window, simplify the operation process, optimize the tax environment and strengthen the close cooperation with the vehicle management department, strengthen the information transfer and application, further establish the sound of the xieshuihushui working mechanism, plug loopholes in tax collection and management to ensure the vehicle purchase tax receivable do " Panoramic view". read more

Municipal Propaganda Department in depth study and practice of Scientific Outlook on Development activities, efforts to highlight the practical characteristics of the work, and actively carry out the work of helping poor students twinning.

in the study and practice activities, the municipal Party Committee Standing Committee, Minister of Propaganda Department of the municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department of the Communist Party of China requires all Party members and cadres not only to work hard in the study, but also to highlight the practical characteristics of the work on the Du Shupin. Therefore, the Propaganda Department of all cadres to helping work as one of the main content of the theme of practical activities, and is located in the Huangzhong County Tian Zhai Zhen brain mountain village set up Laga linking point helping relationship, in the early stage for the village, donated 3000 yuan for maintenance of water project construction, the Foundation donated 3200 yuan for 16 poor students and part of the book on the recently proposed poor students twinning plan. In May 19th the municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department of the school organization dedicated to poor students conducted a thorough, comprehensive grasp of the poor students in the village, and selected 20 students will be in urgent need of assistance, a cadre of the party in a subsidy for poor students, give up a love. read more

the morning of September 19th, the people of Xining City District Office Street South Gate Street Community in Xining City deaf school held a "civilized city, harmonious family circle and share" as the theme of the second community residents to participate in the games, in the game at the same time, to become civilized make higher strength.


movement will be set up in the 10 event, hundreds of residents in the games to "create a civilized city, striving to be the messenger of civilization" banner sign. Area residents in Zhang Qifen banner wrote "from scratch, civilization said her" words: "in the past few years I have witnessed community change rapidly change, know that these are the government, community workers and residents work together, now, we must work to improve the quality of care. The environment, so that our community and the city more beautiful."

game site, residents enthusiasm, community workers to the residents "to create a civilized city, striving to be the messenger of civilization" proposal, residents of Liu Qingmin read the written proposal said: "polite and civilized, we are trying to be polite, propagandist supervisor, to become civilized messenger." South Gate Street community director Zhao Deqin said: "the games and create a civilized city combine to strengthen the interaction between residents, residents in promoting fitness at the same time, more to improve the quality, build a civilized and harmonious community concept brought to every resident." read more

6 27, the provincial government held a provincial employment (migrant workers) work leading group of the second meeting, further arrangements for the deployment of this year’s college graduates employment. Vice governor Cheng Lihua attended and spoke.

the meeting pointed out that in recent years, the province continued to implement the strategy of giving priority to employment and a more active employment policy, the employment situation of college graduates remain generally stable, but the total employment and structural contradictions coexist. The problem of employment of college graduates is related to social stability and stability, all members of the leading group units, related regions and departments must take the "double" for traction, promote the employment of college graduates, for helping them to get a good first step towards society.

meeting the requirements to the greatest degree of aggregation release policy benefits, fully implement to encourage state-owned capital to participate in the venture investment policies and measures, establish and improve the measures for the management of flexible educational system, study the development of high-end innovative talents of thousands of people plan the implementation details, perfect financing mechanism and small loans policy, efforts to crack the "concept, talent, project, capital bottleneck obstacles; to broaden employment channels, continue to see growth as stable employment, promote entrepreneurship foundation, strive to enhance the development of stimulating effect on employment and entrepreneurship, outstanding catch industry driven, project driven and leveraging potential transformation; to actively support entrepreneurship for college graduates, graduates establish docking mechanism and key industry talent supply and demand, while deepening to improve the innovation and entrepreneurship education curriculum system, improve employability and entrepreneurial abilities. read more

Xining city in the province to implement the rural (community), schools, government agencies, enterprises and institutions to target distance education construction site three "full coverage", provides a convenient channel for large-scale training of cadres, the erection of the classroom in the air.

this year, Xining City, efforts to expand education coverage, rich educational methods, optimization of Party education training, distance education has established a PC site for the city’s 141 party and government organs, enterprises and institutions. Download the PC client computer through remote education, enter the user name and password, the site of the Party cadres in the platform can learn the latest professional policy theory knowledge, the most inspiring, the most typical experience of the current information and other content, vivid video so learning is no longer dull, greatly improve the party members and Cadres Learning interest. (author: Su Jianping)

From July 19, 2012 to July 29th, the 2012 Xining FIRST Youth Film Festival was held in Xining, the successful holding of the film show has been the active support and support of the majority of volunteers

  from July 19, 2012 to July 29th, the 2012 Xining FIRST Youth Film Festival was held in Xining. The success of this film show has been supported and supported by the volunteers.

since the beginning of the July, the municipal Party committee, Municipal Youth Volunteers Association will actively carry out mobilization of volunteers carefully, carefully arrange the deployment and coordination, through the test and interview English to apply for registration of students, selected from Qinghai University, Qinghai National University and other five universities in the hundreds of College Students as a festival volunteer. And grouping and professional training for volunteers in accordance with their principles, provides studio photography, ceremonial reception, ticket inspection, foreign language translation and a number of volunteer services for Youth Film Festival, the full protection of the youth film exhibition held successfully. The young volunteers through enthusiastic service attitude, excellent service skills, quality service level will be the film festival successfully held to a higher level, highlighting the FIRST Youth Film Festival "discovery, expression, show, creating" the founding philosophy of good spirit, fully demonstrated by the Organizing Committee of Xining youth volunteers. And the people from all walks of life. read more

"Although the weather is cold in Xining, Xining people are very warm heart." In February 6th, Xia Wei was visiting Xining during the festival moved Xining Master Liu’s brother little charity, he want to pass this to the license plate number for the green AT2615 taxi driver Liu master say thank you, bless the good brother happy new year!

Xia Wei came to Xining to visit her parents in law in February 5th and stayed in Xining for the new year. 16:40 on February 6th, to buy a lot of special purchases for the Spring Festival Xia Wei out of the supermarket, he stopped a taxi home. After the discovery of the phone did not go home, try to give me the phone number to call, the results of the taxi driver answered the phone, said that after the delivery of the customer to send the phone, but also with me about the meeting place." Xia Wei said that when he went downstairs to pick up the phone at 17:10, the taxi has been parked in the cell door. "The taxi driver to take the mobile phone to me after leaving, I asked his name, he did not say, finally told me that he surnamed Liu, drove away. I quickly remember his license plate number green AT2615." read more

In order to ensure the road of Xining City National Day holiday passenger market stable, orderly, safe and standardized, the day before, Xining yunguanchu urban 22 road passenger transport enterprises, the 4 bus station, the city’s 22 enterprises and 4 maintenance inspection station carried out safety inspection work, and increase the train station, bus station and the city of illegal commercial vehicles mainly gathered sections of inspections.
check, Xining yunguanchu found part of the road passenger transport enterprises issued in advance security single security risks, requires companies immediate rectification, and the entire industry criticized, canceled 2015 annual qualification assessment level 3A.

in the maintenance and monitoring stations check, most of the enterprises to timely rectification, eliminate safety hazards, but there are still some problems, to further improve the. A total of 4 investigation of security risks, requiring immediate rectification of the relevant enterprises. read more