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For entrepreneurs

business is not easy, entrepreneurial determination does not represent the entrepreneurial success, summed up the experience of previous education, who is not a little inspiration, in this thesis.

A, first learn business knowledge. That learning does not cause economic losses, will only make your business more stable, more secure. In order to make the study more solid theory to find a teacher, find a friend, to participate in entrepreneurial group discussion. At the same time, personal evaluation, market research, project research, business design, etc..

two, start-up test. After theoretical study, try to use it. To help enterprises to look for the friend, the project of enterprise work, or a little less try doing the theoretical analysis and practice, one control.

five, borrow shop business. Their own ability is poor, learning ability, thinking is too weak people as much as possible in the master’s shop to borrow the other shop. No shop can be borrowed, it is recommended to extend the time in the master shop practice.

six, stall. Money is not enough, not enough courage, ability is not enough, you can try to stall business. Stall can also give yourself to install an insurance: first try, amateur pendulum. Holidays, Sunday, after work to try, in the vicinity of their own residence, first look at what other people sell, what is good to sell, go to small commodity wholesale market to buy a small test. Can earn 100 yuan a day, to do full-time, as the trend, each big city flow.

carefully prepared, with the teacher’s guidance, students with master’s help, help, long-term learning and practice with the shop after the business, can smoothly on the road, and the road of entrepreneurship is not alone.

however, entrepreneurship is a process, this process takes longer than we thought, to be harder than we thought; need a lot of time, needs a lot of energy to work than ten times to hundreds of times we need wisdom; the mind, sink down, concentrate, go all out.

Also need to consider the – time tally

my convenience supermarket open shop in the countryside need to do a good job of tallying work, which is a lot of people know the facts, however, the tally work is not just carried out, but also need to combine many factors. Town, shop for more than ten years, not only to think tally hands, eye ground, FIFO, but also pay attention to some methods. I will display their products into the best selling areas, new areas, promotional areas, integrated area of the four categories, and then according to the different seasons and timely adjustment.

time to adjust the existing items. For example, after the summer season, I will drink beer, the summer to the door where customer consumables selling area, some health care products will adjust to the back of the counter in the comprehensive district; during major festivals, such as the Mid Autumn Festival, the moon cake, milk, package is adjusted to the prominent selling area location, convenient customer purchase;

due to seasonal increase in emerging commodities. For example, in spring, the local people love to go hiking, fishing, I will add some fishing rods, fishing out, poncho and other equipment in the new area; winter, pre add some antifreeze cream, lip balm, winter skin care products; in the opening quarter, I will increase some stationery goods…… These things are not many varieties, in essence, according to the characteristics of consumption, the emphasis on a number of local best-selling brand, to ensure that customers can buy what they want.

do a good job in the promotion campaign. In some business season, I will adjust the placement of goods, some of the short shelf life of goods shelves on the promotion of sales area, at the same time when the season changes alternately, engage in some seasonal promotional activities, increase promotional efforts, give consumers real concessions, to attract consumers to buy.

choose a more appropriate time, which will be of great help for the operation of the store. So, if you are the owner of a retail store, you want to do a good job in the tally, then, Xiao Bian introduced the above time on the content, whether it will be helpful to your tally work? Whether it will allow you to shop business to get more help?

College students how to open jewelry store

with the increase in employment pressure, college students choose to start their own businesses more and more, and jewelry shop as a low investment cost, shop a simple priority to get the favor of College students. Jewelry shop investment is simple but want to open is not easy, so how to open a good jewelry shop? Please see the following details.

ornaments placed:


jewelry store jewelry to pay attention to. To attract the attention of consumers in the first time, to pay attention to the following points: jewelry display is not too crowded, should make full use of space, chic clever collocation; the latest accessories best placed in the obvious position, and is equipped with instructions.


membership card, spending a certain amount, can get a membership card, after shopping can enjoy preferential discount.; declined to bargain, jewelry prices generally low, consumers are not sensitive to price, no need to bargain; special offer, can set up a "student special offer" or "ten yuan special offer, five yuan special offer" is the promotion of some of the backlog of accessories; characteristic area, can set up a "Korean jewelry", "Tibetan jewelry blue cloth accessories" and so on, to highlight the characteristics of business; theme sales, further the behavior of consumers to buy jewelry, according to different subjects, launched the "Valentine ornaments", "birthday jewelry", "charming headdress", "a decorated promise" combination, each portfolio includes a small adorn article; holiday sales, use the "Valentine’s Day", "women’s Day", "April Fool’s day", "Mother’s Day", "Halloween" Festival holiday sales.

The above is the

Chengdu city women’s Federation of women entrepreneurship Shu embroidery workshops

Open the

management activities led to a large number of people to participate in innovation and entrepreneurship, but there are a lot of female compatriots suffer no difficult business proficiency in a particular line. For the Chengdu Municipal Women’s Federation organized Shu special training, to teach women entrepreneurial skills.

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How about the surface of the brand – noodle

in fact, for the Chinese people, if you want to open a small shop business, you can invest in a noodle shop, as their own brand. Of course, changes in people’s consumption habits make people on the quality of food requirements are not the same. Pasta alone is more inclined to high-grade quality characteristics of pasta, which also want to do something special snack business people have brought great business opportunities. Now venture investors to open a noodle shop features are often able to get a good income, what are the characteristics of the noodle shop, here is the surface characteristics of a pasta brand precedent.


the surface noodle of the brand? Look at the following Xiaobian for you to do a brief introduction:

noodle features of course, need to meet the needs of consumers, rather than blindly to develop their own characteristics! Consumers need a good taste of pasta, but the taste is not the same pasta, can do this, that is, with its own characteristics. What are the characteristics of the face, how to taste! The king, the three classic pasta, spicy dishes from Soup Noodles with Beef Brisket, to the fragrance kangjiaai sauce noodles, from the classic Shanghai dumplings to exclusive development of meat steamed buns, from thin crystal dumplings to tender and smooth Steamed Jiaozi. Each one is in the market, valiant warrior swept gold and silver! The surface of products in three series of weapon Nuggets series, red king face soup series, noodles soup series, tap the ancient heritage of ancient art, innovative dishes, ancient secret recipe, let you taste the taste of authentic one thousand years ago! The soup is rich in Chinese herbal medicine to Cao Cao’s hometown of Bozhou fine herbs, adding spices to taste more fragrant secret.

each age has its own characteristics, which also tells us that the characteristics are not static, but innovative. The surface using the popular health practices in the pasta, soup dumplings and noodles on collocation, become the king of three core products, give people more choice in taste. Whether it is tender and crisp meat off the bone, Soup Noodles with Spare Ribs after eating more, or sweet waxy and not greasy, that is the entrance of fresh fragrant shoe flower, and the only skill sirloin produce the Supreme Soup Noodles with Beef Brisket none of the surface headquarters painstaking research results, the purpose is to make the noodles the staple food taste more rich and colorful, giving consumers a big feast of taste. The latter is also constantly new headquarters and you listed, continuous improvement process taste, let him keep up with the pace of the characteristics of people’s diet. Have the face tastes so delicious as a guarantee, special snack business to open a noodle shop is also the face can not lose business.

Brief introduction to

these are small to the king face noodle shop to join, of course, after the introduction of the brand if you think you are interested to join, then please give us a message on our website below, we will arrange for staff to contact you after seeing the message.

One to twenty thousand venture capital also allows you to do the boss

many entrepreneurs due to lack of funds in the choice of investment projects are subject to a lot of restrictions. For small and medium-sized entrepreneurs, the selection of the key projects. There are a lot of small investment projects in the market, the following Xiaobian to introduce you to a few good projects for your venture capital.

gift box

then you have to consider how to design the gift box which can meet the needs of customers, and get a reasonable profit. Here, the gift box is the most critical rationality. For the same kind of gift box to have different pricing scheme, need to plan carefully.

investment two: do the magic balloon business

is estimated to do magic balloon investment of about 3000 yuan, including: learning, production costs 400 yuan; 1000 Thailand production of magic balloon treaty 160 yuan (if made in USA in 600 to 1000 yuan), each balloon costs about 0.2 yuan, after making a distorted. An enticing toy, can be sold for 1 yuan to 1.5 yuan.

In addition to this


The easiest way to succeed in this small business recommended

now people through small business ultimately get to the case in life which have occurred, at the same time, for some small cost entrepreneurs, small business, and the stress is very important.

1, in the store rented a venue venture

B to a business trip, found that local pine nuts are of good quality and the price is very cheap after investigation, he found his city pine only a few sales, and the price is expensive, therefore, she rushed to the city before the Spring Festival to order a batch of pine nuts, and then the local people in the largest food wholesale and retail market rent a piece of ground. During the Spring Festival, his pine nuts were sold out to make an unexpected 300 thousand.

2, Taobao

in the commodity market

A itself is a fashion designer, from the clothing company after the resignation of their own business, in a clothing market with other people under the belt with shops, wholesale and retail business operations. With their own design capabilities and industry experience, miss A own design, and then look for clothing processing, and then get back in the clothing store sales. Her style is novel and unique, and sales are steadily rising.

3, studio venture

D and miss E is a couple of design background, a few years after working in advertising companies want to start their own business.

and together they opened a design studio, design with some small brand products, gradually accumulated a certain industry recommended

Beverage chain store location sharing

for the novice, the opening of the beverage shop in fact, we do not want to be so simple, there are a lot of beverage chain store management skills, we need to pay attention to. Today for the beverage chain store location questions, small series to share some simple and practical tips, the following is for reference only.

In fact,


Agents and the concept of joining those

agents and join the concept of entrepreneurs believe that we have to understand, but dealers, agents, wholesalers, retailers, distributors and other roles of these people can be clearly identified? The following is to share with the agents and those things! Let’s have a look!

1, the dealer: have the actual ownership, through its operating profit distribution refers to take the money, they buy goods from the enterprise purchase, not their own use, but sold out, for they are only by hand, then sales only, spreads their concern, rather than the actual price. The business is not on sale, but received the money. The merchant is a businessman, or a business unit. So " dealer " is generally an enterprise.

2, an agent: no ownership of the goods, but the transaction, earn a commission agent refers to a product in the sales process by the manufacturer authorized in a region are eligible to sell the products businesses. Agents and dealers are different concepts. Acting on behalf of enterprises to take care of the business, not to buy out the company’s products, but the amount given to the manufacturer of a business behavior, the ownership of the goods belong to the manufacturers, rather than businesses. They are not their own products, but on behalf of the enterprise to sell.

The establishment of

3. wholesalers: the concept of wholesalers is a former businessman called. Just as its name implies, wholesale is a batch of goods, and then a recommendation

Paris Bei sweet cake brand

dessert snacks is the favorite of children and women consumers, of course, the world will be used with different gender, age division has its own truth. To meet the appetite of consumers, it is necessary to look at the main constraints of the party in what place, Xiao Bian think dessert is a good food brand can capture people. The cake on the market many brands, what brand of cake is more popular? How about the Paris Bei sweet cake? Advanced technology, innovative production, other phenomena, delicious infinite, let countless chowhound crazy, become a popular brand eagerly sought after cake. Paris Pui sweet cake to join, in 2017, the hot investment, fast login Paris sweet sweet official website message consulting grasp business opportunities.

Paris Bei sweet cake, for the sake of the masses of consumers, dedicated to the research and development of production, the product is rich and varied, so that everyone is fascinated. The company relies on advanced technology, Paris Pui sweet cake always adhere to the continuous innovation, creating a perfect combination of taste and texture. After more than and 10 years of unremitting efforts of all staff, the franchise has made rapid development, has now become one of the food industry in Longwan bakery industry.

how much do you charge for Paris?

Paris Bei sweet cake, the strength of the brand, production research and development strength can not be underestimated, easy to seize market share, get the attention of the public. The company has a modern production plant, to 2007, there are more than and 150 outstanding employees and more than a dozen franchised stores. Paris Bei sweet brand after the market test of the direct shop, now for the country to start the work of the investment, the number of Paris Bay sweet join fee? Paris Bay sweet according to the different areas of the cost of the corresponding difference.

Paris Bay sweet cake join advantage

management advantage: cake shop, with delicious dessert food, capture the hearts of consumers. Investors want to operate a good store, but also a lot of management knowledge. Select Paris Pui sweet cake, the use of group management mode of operation, the whole computer tracking, the company uses the international advanced EPR new management software, fast track scanning, automatic cup collection system.

strategic alliance advantage: Paris Bei sweet cake brand, the strength of the brand, vision, committed to build into a high quality brand, and establish a good cooperative relationship with the strength of the enterprise, a broad prospect. In the industry, and the joint development of different enterprises.

characteristics of packaging: according to the different consumer demand, Paris Bei sweet cake brand, to create a different packaging services, so that consumers are very satisfied. It according to different seasons, different holiday custom packaging.

nanny – hosting cooperation: you want to get good results in the field of West Point, you need to choose an excellent