the modern woman is the real meaning of holding up half the sky, many women have embarked on the road of entrepreneurship. Women shop, it is necessary to identify their own advantages, choose the right entrepreneurial projects, and now Xiaobian to the vast number of female friends to provide a number of projects suitable for women entrepreneurs.

now the most fashionable, everyone has heard a way of making small towns and small towns! Way to make money really can teach you how to make money? Small towns recommend a way to make money for what? For us ordinary people, for his own way to make money must be associated with the development of entrepreneurial market. Girls can shop project: Paul after you earn

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open milk tea shop is a lot of small and medium-sized entrepreneurs of the common choice. After all, the low starting point, small investment, if you want to do a security investment business, related matters can advance to look at the small shop, share some of the points, I hope you can help the franchisee to proceed investment business.

A, do the business license

to the area of industrial and commercial applications, fill in the form to verify the name, then the card, need 1 copies of ID card and 2 photos, 1 copies of the rental contract etc.. Need to take hundreds of dollars. And then take the application form to do health permits, and a few hundred dollars. After every month to pay dozens of dollars of industrial and commercial office, pay once a year health costs.


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shop location is very important, we should pay attention to the location of the store. Before the site, we have to look at the market, choose a good store. Investment drinks shop, we have to quickly location, so that the store fast business, access to good development. In order to allow businesses to quickly select the location, small series for the next drink shop location should be noted that we want to help you quickly location. So, what are the drinks shop location notes?

we are looking for a good store address, simple skills are no use. No matter how many books you read, there are no plans to design in your mind or paper. Only personally went to see more, high streets and back lanes, ask more, will find you set up shop good shop.

for market research is relatively hard, but doing business is a hard thing, especially when just entering the industry. The location of such a top priority, if you do not want to go to the field to find the store is not willing to do, then you will certainly not do a good job in the future. Market research can clarify the specific location of sites, but also survey such as the surrounding environment, traffic, shop whether potential problems. Blindly choose the shop caused by failure of both regret, is also difficult to be forgive. read more

open cosmetics shop, there is a good product is not enough light, but also a good clerk, a good store image, all aspects are in place, in order to win the hearts of consumers. The display of cosmetics is related to the customer’s first impression of the product, and it plays an important role in the sale of cosmetics.


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business representatives are doing a very specific work, so the general is also very pragmatic, look at this topic, it may be said, "Germany" what is the use? Can you bring me some money? I am more interested in the wealthy to be a representative subject in hurry, so your skin I see Maizui, much to our company, this type of training.

first, you don’t understand why as a sales representative? In your future life long river, this section of business representative experience, can you experience what is valuable?

the reality is true, many business representatives not to do business representatives to join the ranks, many of which are in the talent market, by collecting, an inattentive as business representatives.

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Sixth aunt

Chuanchuan Xiang why so popular, presumably consumers must not just because the story is moving on the sixth aunt Chuanchuan Xiang for the brand to pay, taste good without words, do not believe you look down.

Sixth aunt

string hemp, spicy, fragrant under fresh and fragrant taste of traditional Chinese medicine health at the same time, combined with the principle, to solve the problem of the traditional Hot pot is easy to get angry, upset stomach, throat dry, create a delicious and healthy bottom material and characteristics of dry dish. In addition, with the Chengdu diners taste, the two delicacy essence of a body, waist piece, artfully launched crisp belly, dragon, gentleman, tender beef and other special dishes, and the waiter for the customer personally hot system, ensure the authentic taste of dishes.

Sixth aunt

string of fragrant dip dish with another is not the same, in addition to conventional essential oil dish, also prepared a chili dishes for diners inside, salt and monosodium glutamate have been prepared, the hot food first put with coriander, sesame oil, mashed garlic dish a dip, then doing pepper dish tumble, the taste of beauty was not said. read more

did not do business people may be thinking about the benefits of doing business all day, and really do business are aware that this is actually more difficult than to give people a job, long insisted that it is not an easy thing. So, if you want to do a good job in store operations, but also need people to work hard, can not lazy not diligent.

the good old saying: Efficiency comes from diligence. shortage in the play. Success must pay more, no hard work, success will not come to your head. Some people after the opening every day sitting in the shop, waiting for the guests at the opening of the door, perhaps some nervous at the beginning of a period of time, but a long time, no life, no business.

do you open the door earlier than others every day? Have you been standing at the door looking forward to the arrival of every customer? Do you often go to other people around the commodity to understand the operation? Do you communicate with others to learn from others? Success is not easy to come, we have to be more diligent than others, but also to adhere to the dedication punctuality, will be booming business. Do not think that the opening will be able to have a business, there is a business can make money, money can be a long time to do business to be vigilant at all times, to have a sense of urgency. read more

women are often regarded as social vulnerable groups, compared with men have many disadvantages, 20 year old woman can do? What can be done? Today Xiaobian for you to bring a few suitable for 20 year old woman can do a good project!

What are the

programs for women 20 years of age? Coarse grain nutrition breakfast

What are the
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is now very popular outdoor sports, outdoor supplies market is also very hot, open an outdoor store is a dream of many friends. So, how to open an outdoor store? What is the need to open an outdoor store? Today Xiaobian take you to look at how to open an outdoor store.


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different cities, different locations, the required funds will have a big difference, therefore, this is not able to give a unified answer, but small series here is about the introduction. Open cloth store address in the downtown section of the road, assuming the store about 20 square meters.

50 thousand annual rent, recruit staff salary 2000, 2, 60 thousand a year (after all, attendance bonus, commission, about some 10 thousand a year), 20 thousand utilities, interior decoration, props cupboard door shelf sofa stool is 30 thousand, in some places there is no initial fee, deposit 5000. These pure cost of about 170 thousand, which is a shop for a year.


according to the above assumptions, by virtue of statistics, cloth shoes store a year to achieve gross profit of 30 – 600 thousand. Generally speaking, 400 thousand of the gross margin. (very real data, if you do not believe you can pretend to join the other store to ask the boss)

if you do 360 thousand a year, then you do a day sales of one thousand. In fact, you have to ask all the sales staff, one thousand of the cloth store sales in the busy section is very low. read more

would like to join the steam package this brand project, he has what kind of join the support, the specific process is what? The following specific introduction.

steam package support:

opening guarantee: we want to make their own successful opening, then we have to choose the professional strength of the brand. Such a brand, from all aspects to provide support.

site security: in the site, we always have to consider a lot of things. With a wide range of preparation, we can be more specific site. It will be the headquarters of the project will be assigned to the professional and experienced regional responsible team to help you choose an ideal store.

decoration protection: store room decoration for everyone, but also can not be ignored. Professional decoration, can make the facade look more professional, more high-end.

equipment support: operating snack products, it is necessary to enter the professional equipment. With the equipment, we can produce products in order to better.

training security: when joining the brand, we have to strive to get the brand to provide all kinds of training. With these training, everyone in the operation of the brand will be a lot of success. It will provide operational training, including product technology, management, financial management and other training, so that we are familiar with the operation and operation of the store as soon as possible. read more