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The girl opened stores specialize in

    the modern woman is the real meaning of holding up half the sky, many women have embarked on the road of entrepreneurship. Women shop, it is necessary to identify their own advantages, choose the right entrepreneurial projects, and now Xiaobian to the vast number of female friends to provide a number of projects suitable for women entrepreneurs.

now the most fashionable, everyone has heard a way of making small towns and small towns! Way to make money really can teach you how to make money? Small towns recommend a way to make money for what? For us ordinary people, for his own way to make money must be associated with the development of entrepreneurial market. Girls can shop project: Paul after you earn


Milk tea shop to do what preparation work

open milk tea shop is a lot of small and medium-sized entrepreneurs of the common choice. After all, the low starting point, small investment, if you want to do a security investment business, related matters can advance to look at the small shop, share some of the points, I hope you can help the franchisee to proceed investment business.

A, do the business license

to the area of industrial and commercial applications, fill in the form to verify the name, then the card, need 1 copies of ID card and 2 photos, 1 copies of the rental contract etc.. Need to take hundreds of dollars. And then take the application form to do health permits, and a few hundred dollars. After every month to pay dozens of dollars of industrial and commercial office, pay once a year health costs.


three, the cost of each cup of

in front of the shop to go look at the local wholesalers around in the food market, a family asked. You have to figure out what to do, what raw materials, these materials amount of money! How many grams per cup, how much cost, how much the price……

four, learn how to make tea

Although the

cooking pearls: every day at least one morning boiled, boiled one afternoon. After the use of electric cooker large boiling water 100 degrees, Pearl (taste brand pearl tastes good and cheap) for 15 minutes, then cover and simmer for 20-30 minutes, then remove and put in cold water / cold water clean the strainer, packed in a large pot, put a bubble in hot sugar water, every hour with a spoon, spare.

A cup of

What are the drinks shop location notes

shop location is very important, we should pay attention to the location of the store. Before the site, we have to look at the market, choose a good store. Investment drinks shop, we have to quickly location, so that the store fast business, access to good development. In order to allow businesses to quickly select the location, small series for the next drink shop location should be noted that we want to help you quickly location. So, what are the drinks shop location notes?

we are looking for a good store address, simple skills are no use. No matter how many books you read, there are no plans to design in your mind or paper. Only personally went to see more, high streets and back lanes, ask more, will find you set up shop good shop.

for market research is relatively hard, but doing business is a hard thing, especially when just entering the industry. The location of such a top priority, if you do not want to go to the field to find the store is not willing to do, then you will certainly not do a good job in the future. Market research can clarify the specific location of sites, but also survey such as the surrounding environment, traffic, shop whether potential problems. Blindly choose the shop caused by failure of both regret, is also difficult to be forgive.

story: a laid-off workers in Beijing Wang Haifeng, want to open a shop, he saw a lot of fun in the downtown area. The rent was very expensive, and he was worried about the failure of the shop. His economic situation does not allow him to fail, but can not determine the value of this side, how to do? Under our advice, he spent a full week near the side of the plane, mastering the number of people who had been through the past few days. Then they went to the nearby shops to investigate several other types of shops, and the prices of their goods. On the basis of these materials and other information he rented the auxiliary plane, successfully opened a shop, has Business Flourishes, net profit of 50 thousand yuan monthly.


survey is the best way to choose the shop, but still not out of the light, but also remember to bring your mouth, by the way near the store or other business and independent, sometimes get unexpected harvest.

businesses in order to successfully location, it is necessary to examine the market, of course, the market is not blind, we must have. Beverage shop, we have a reasonable site, to avoid site errors, pay attention to the location of the matter, so that their rapid location, access to good development. We hope that the location of the site, a quick foothold!

How much do you know about the cosmetics store

open cosmetics shop, there is a good product is not enough light, but also a good clerk, a good store image, all aspects are in place, in order to win the hearts of consumers. The display of cosmetics is related to the customer’s first impression of the product, and it plays an important role in the sale of cosmetics.


A display of


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Importance of de to business representatives

business representatives are doing a very specific work, so the general is also very pragmatic, look at this topic, it may be said, "Germany" what is the use? Can you bring me some money? I am more interested in the wealthy to be a representative subject in hurry, so your skin I see Maizui, much to our company, this type of training.

first, you don’t understand why as a sales representative? In your future life long river, this section of business representative experience, can you experience what is valuable?

the reality is true, many business representatives not to do business representatives to join the ranks, many of which are in the talent market, by collecting, an inattentive as business representatives.

so, this word I type to two, first as a business representative: can you experience in this life, what valuable things; second: "what is virtue"? What benefits can be brought to you?

"de" is on the left of the left foot (chì), meaning refers to the behavior, action, popular to say that the meaning of doing things.

"de" right "straight", "straight" in Oracle is "eyes" topped with a vertical, what does that mean? It represents the inner objective law of the outside world, which is also called "Tao" in ancient times.

so why below and add a "heart"?

to discover the intrinsic laws exist in nature in the world, with the naked eye can not see, need to use the "heart" to insight, so our fathers in the "de" in the "heart" of

from the above analysis of "morality", we can clearly know the Chinese sages made "de" purpose.

"de" collectively refers to a certain type of human behavior, that is what kind of behavior?

is to find the inherent law of things, and to follow the inherent law of things behavior, collectively referred to as "Virtue".

Sixth aunt introduced charges Chuanchuan Xiang

Sixth aunt

Chuanchuan Xiang why so popular, presumably consumers must not just because the story is moving on the sixth aunt Chuanchuan Xiang for the brand to pay, taste good without words, do not believe you look down.

Sixth aunt

string hemp, spicy, fragrant under fresh and fragrant taste of traditional Chinese medicine health at the same time, combined with the principle, to solve the problem of the traditional Hot pot is easy to get angry, upset stomach, throat dry, create a delicious and healthy bottom material and characteristics of dry dish. In addition, with the Chengdu diners taste, the two delicacy essence of a body, waist piece, artfully launched crisp belly, dragon, gentleman, tender beef and other special dishes, and the waiter for the customer personally hot system, ensure the authentic taste of dishes.

Sixth aunt

string of fragrant dip dish with another is not the same, in addition to conventional essential oil dish, also prepared a chili dishes for diners inside, salt and monosodium glutamate have been prepared, the hot food first put with coriander, sesame oil, mashed garlic dish a dip, then doing pepper dish tumble, the taste of beauty was not said.


charges both six Chuanchuan Xiang:

flagship store

store form: operating area of 300 square meters or more

charging standards: Join fee 16800 yuan / year, margin of $10000, equity of $300 / month

business district: franchisee operating radius of 3 kilometers within the scope of the franchisee to join the business district, no longer open stores in the second.

standard store

store form: operating area of 150-180 square meters between

charging standards: Join fee 13800 yuan / year, margin of $10000, equity of $300 / month

business district: franchisee operating radius of 2 kilometers within the scope of the franchisee to join the business district, no longer open stores in the second.


store form: operating area of 120-140 square meters between

charging standards: Join fee 9800 yuan / year, margin of $10000, equity of $300 / month

shopping district: each of the following 60 thousand towns in principle, only to open a franchise, more than 100 thousand villages and towns and shopping district in the distance of more than 3 km, the first party can choose to open stores in second.

if >

Shop operators need to work hard not lazy

did not do business people may be thinking about the benefits of doing business all day, and really do business are aware that this is actually more difficult than to give people a job, long insisted that it is not an easy thing. So, if you want to do a good job in store operations, but also need people to work hard, can not lazy not diligent.

the good old saying: Efficiency comes from diligence. shortage in the play. Success must pay more, no hard work, success will not come to your head. Some people after the opening every day sitting in the shop, waiting for the guests at the opening of the door, perhaps some nervous at the beginning of a period of time, but a long time, no life, no business.

do you open the door earlier than others every day? Have you been standing at the door looking forward to the arrival of every customer? Do you often go to other people around the commodity to understand the operation? Do you communicate with others to learn from others? Success is not easy to come, we have to be more diligent than others, but also to adhere to the dedication punctuality, will be booming business. Do not think that the opening will be able to have a business, there is a business can make money, money can be a long time to do business to be vigilant at all times, to have a sense of urgency.

operation does not run is not active, rapidly changing commodity markets, commodity efficient, difficult to see take off the door. Only run, in order to grasp the market information, identify business opportunities. To create an atmosphere of sales, popularity will attract customers to visit. In the absence of patronage, but also from time to time to organize the goods, adjust furnishings, to prevent static. Don’t sit in front of Langtui, make potential customers or the reverse psychology class goods store.

different store owners, business attitude will be different, and the effect will naturally be different. In contact with the owner of the shop owner, there are those who are lazy lazy. Diligence diligent everywhere, although not all of a sudden booming, but operating performance has always been steadily rising. The lazy open late and close early, cloudy rain often do not open the door, so, chop and change three days fishing nets two days of drying can do business? A few months down what almost no business, eventually drop a put up the shutters.

What are the projects that are suitable for 20 year old women

women are often regarded as social vulnerable groups, compared with men have many disadvantages, 20 year old woman can do? What can be done? Today Xiaobian for you to bring a few suitable for 20 year old woman can do a good project!


What are the

programs for women 20 years of age? Coarse grain nutrition breakfast

What are the

Suitable for large and medium-sized hospitals in the vicinity of

What are the

to start manual association form, through the service processing, part of the laid-off and unemployed sisters together, to each of the two lines plus 5 yuan processing fees, in addition to embroidery 50-100 yuan processing fees. Through 8-12 months of operation can be profitable, about 2000-3000 yuan per month profit. The initial investment in this project is very small, can operate directly at home, without additional rent.

What are the

characteristics of tea sales and the sale of flower tea, fruit tea, which has been popular in some domestic large and medium-sized city. Often drink fresh tea can be beauty skin care, regulate nerve function, promote metabolism, improve body immunity. Suitable for the ten kinds of fresh flowers, such as red roses, white chrysanthemums, peony flowers, honeysuckle, etc., the price of 100-300 yuan per kilogram. At present, people drink fresh tea is also one of the few, but it will lead the new fashion of tea in the near future, has a broad market prospect. Initial investment is not large, the need for rent, decoration, tea equipment and other costs about 25 thousand yuan.


as long as the identification of business opportunities, identify the target, diligent efforts, will be able to find a good way to break out of their own piece of the sky, open their own side a better new life!


How to start an outdoor shop

is now very popular outdoor sports, outdoor supplies market is also very hot, open an outdoor store is a dream of many friends. So, how to open an outdoor store? What is the need to open an outdoor store? Today Xiaobian take you to look at how to open an outdoor store.


interested in outdoor activities

outdoor goods store decoration design

how to open an outdoor goods store? Decoration, there is no need to pursue luxury, as long as they can meet the characteristics of the outdoor store business can be. Of course, there must be a new decoration, so that customers will feel comfortable, but the store’s best reserved space can be larger, so it is more convenient for the guests to introduce how to tie tents and other common sense.

Join tea to see three kinds of tea to join you

the last two years, tea business began to become popular, coupled with the state to encourage entrepreneurship, the number of tea shops in the street began to increase the number of stores. Even if there are different ways to join tea, how to choose the right?

A, teahouse teahouse teahouse, the teahouse franchise properties are similar, with service experience, the difference is probably more high-end restaurant audience positioning, which is more popular teahouse location groups. On the business content, the restaurant can be divided into cultural, commercial, cultural and commercial mixed type, such as the concept of experience.

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