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how to become a good Internet operator, this topic is very broad, because for this operation covering all aspects of knowledge, any one plate can be singled out as a professional to carry out in-depth research and study. Therefore, this article will be from four sections: content operation, activity operation, user operation and other operations. These four aspects for everyone on the train of thought, play a role in attracting jade. read more

web stack between you and users (simplified edition)

on the last day of the TXJS conference, a developer asked me: "


object – oriented CSS doesn’t leave you a lot of performance – based class names,

Each layer in the

network stack has its own structure. You won’t expect the database architecture to be used to build PHP middleware, and people expect HTML and CSS to be the same. HTML needs to be written in a meaningful way that represents data or content, which is what I call code semantics. The code semantics in HTML are important for portability and ease of use. On the other hand, CSS is really a separate layer in the stack, and it needs its own architecture that reflects the visual semantics of the page.

visual semantic description of all repeated patterns in page design. They describe the basic components of your site. In fact, they can easily implement cross site applications with just a little modification. Visual semantics does not have to be tied to the HTML semantics, because you need an architecture that meets the specific requirements of each layer stack. read more

give you a project. Do you know how to get started quickly and ensure the return on investment? Many beginners are responsible for a company’s project and often don’t know how to start. Even ask some experienced web operators, who pretend they won’t tell you. In fact, site operations planning what ah, as long as you get everything is not so difficult.

knows the user to control the direction,

understands users before they can find problems and give them what they want. You can find your company’s consultants and ask them to list the concerns of the first 20 users. We take these questions to analyze the psychology of users. For example, one of my previous projects was a disease of dermatomyositis, and the most important reason for the patient’s treatment was her husband’s dislike of a erythema that had been caused by the disease on her face. Can we make a picture on the website to enlarge the user’s pain?. This provides a direction for the planning of our website. read more

As the

operator, in addition to the above general understanding of business data, but also needs the time of each strategy in the use of data thinking in each project, with the data of experience, experience in guiding the project data. Train data thinking, start with daily data reports!

each operator should have such a feeling, the first thing to go to the company every day is to look at the data. With the product demand will be challenged to provide estimated earnings data, and provided by Bug technology will be asked to provide specific data on record, resources need to provide reference resources an exposure data with partners, is the most difficult and the boss of weekly and monthly, not only to produce a full range of services covering the data or weekly monthly, also need to be able to spot the perfect answer every question from the boss of the data.

yes, the operation is a consciousness of data demanding jobs, to tens of millions of dollars in subsidies to the budget, small to a few cents coupons, and daily business data of 1/1000 changes, you need the data sensitive enough to familiar enough business. read more

the title joke is too big, but you have to write it down. Don’t want to just a title, it should consider how to modify arbitrary, coherent, even become a powerful and unconstrained style, garbage article, come to infamy, is also quite a bit cynical view of personality, taste.

ancient Europe, China small feudal chastity lock feet are constrained and isolated women at home, obeying the feudal – take it lying down.

is now the webmaster friends, some busy making spam sites (such as pornography, reactionary), part of a busy deceive customers (allegedly in coastal areas of Fujian super guide company mister useless registered XX domain name or the like), a part of the use of other unconventional means of peer pressure (local has a website at the most today the exchange of Links, etc. Baidu included immediately modify other links to other sub channels of their own).

if the ancient, by using tools to suppress women’s love, then this today, with what the correct attitude to guide the webmaster. read more

often see the webmaster friends posted on the website or make money, big money like McCain mountain god like a missile hit him in his pocket, or a blood bitterly regret the original line now pot not a grain of rice. Do a

often listened to the older generation when he was a child. He loved to teach again: "a man has a skill, and he has a meal.". The same is true of the Internet age. It’s all about the world. You get soup with a spoon.

so a technology is the hard truth, all CTR+C and CTR+V, not what meaning, Baidu K you, you do the white horse who fall time. Besides, you copy a day, when you can not master 10 points acquisition.

is now popular in the service sector, division of labor. Have engaged in technology source, server in space, there is rice fried rice, garbage do have the means, a lot of prestige do intermediary, rich VC project, nothing to sell the toil post top stick, or make a hawker have resources. Somehow make money first fill the belly.

science and technology service industry is strong, you think you hard to make a stand, a person tired out from A to Z also feel alarmed, afraid afraid afraid of being cheated, K, black. Some people laugh, do their own standing, is the boss, do well on the rich, and then bless you. More online, see how to drill, how to locate themselves. Let’s fight together. read more

business boss, two and money related problems: one is that you understand the money; two is to make money in your current situation, how to find more money, let people use money to buy in advance for your future! This is the boss of the most basic problems.

everything is difficult at the beginning, not to mention entrepreneurship, not to mention, in the business of success, in his behind, must have experienced many setbacks and difficulties, then, Hu Cheng, how does he do poineering work?


he summed up the characteristics of all businessmen in one sentence: "entrepreneurship is not an easy job.".

he always believes that: the person’s life, the biggest competitor is himself. " the most difficult thing is to be self denial and self transcendence, whether " or

, give him a brief introduction. He was born in 1978 in Jiangsu, Suqian. For family reasons, when he was a child, he was also hungry and full of food, and occasionally improved his life, so he reluctantly gave up his chance to study. "I want to go out of my own way and find a place where I can earn money to change my life and my family."." He said. In the eyes of others, 14 year olds should also sit in the classroom study, the fullness of life, but he had embarked on a job. Since then, there has been a shortage of students in the campus, but there has been an underage migrant worker in the society. read more

technology NetEase in May 17th Japan joint telecommunications laggards owners community released "2009 Chinese personal webmaster Survival Report", if not mistaken this should be the first on the personal webmaster related data statistics report, website focus on personal webmaster shows that this group has a pivotal position in the Internet industry. The sample size is only more than 1000 copies, through the form of online voting to obtain data, IT teahouse as a regional Adsense industry platform, according to personal experience, the report has doubts about the content of a simple interpretation.

1. personal webmaster academic composition in primary and middle schools and even while Dr. occupies 2% and 3%, which fully reflects the individual stationmaster forum behind ridicule atmosphere, but also to the webmaster technology instead of NetEase profit "pupil" after the "doctor" as the investigation report of the special place, visible editor know enough about the personal portal webmaster domain. read more

network industry has become the most popular industry in recent years. There are countless hot blooded young people constantly pouring into the ranks of the webmaster. However, will soon become webmaster and just become webmaster friends, are you ready?

today, tens of thousands of local sites, enterprises, individuals, will easily be "× × × × the largest area; site, keep the truth – mentioned countless prawns, persevering, support. However, dear brothers and sisters, how do you go on the road ahead? Do you want to do that,


Network Entrepreneurship, the final answer is to find a good profit model. No matter what your website, no cash back, in the end, will also become the Yangtze River waves, die on the beach. So, what can we do to ensure the flow of capital? What’s the best way to make the best use of the minimum input?

often China station diving, prawns wrote about seen countless local website articles, also commented, I place the website made a little success, with their own experience, to summarize the enlightenment, hope can give those who are business friends in the network point, also welcome the webmaster Paizhuan! read more

just read "do stand is an interest and will not do stand as a kind of occupation" and "do stand is an interest and will not do stand as an occupation 2" feeling, quiet, accustomed to his occupation is not rest, I would like to talk about their own views.

this is the first time in the webmaster network writing, writing is not good, I hope you all bear in mind.

first to locate for oneself, I belong to a rookie webmaster, do this line number halfway monk, did a lot of industry, starting from 50 January to 2004 salary working career, now this occupation – network contact. Why is his rookie class, because I was a junior high school graduates, have not learned the computer, until now there haven’t seen a book about computer network books or textbooks, that is an interest and ignorance let me choose this let I sometimes regret regret to regret, occupation, the twinkling of an eye have gone through three or four years of time.

well, around another webmaster topic, some views for: read more

everyone has different opinions about how to do a good job on websites. So how can you do your own web site,


such questions, I once organized the discussion in the forum, everybody has expressed own viewpoint. I think it is the most important thing to do a website.

I was in a village doctor forum moderators, mainly as propaganda work. At that time, I feel a person to feel tired on the mobilization of publicity, the other owner also to publicity, but they did not follow my request to promote, but I find that they can still flow. So how did their traffic come from,


I did a lot of observation, and they did it seriously. Their forum moderators, mostly clinicians, their experience and lessons are sent to their forum, so when visitors enter the forum, see the knowledge they need, then you will remember this forum, will go to the next. I recently saw they also organized by training, which is equivalent to the forum activities, more popular.


website is the need to master some knowledge of the code, but I like to see mumbo-jumbo code. But want to use the code, how to do? I will go to search the Internet, once accidentally saw an old man compilation of textbook, written in very popular, how to learn the old man is about himself, he is doing a special folder, some commonly used code and sentences on the inside. When in use, is want to use the text editor. I thought it would work for my new code too, so I collected his pages and looked at them every time I used them. The old man’s web page did not carry out any promotion, but I believe there will be good traffic, because there will be a lot of users like me to learn the code of his web page. read more


claimed that the China Telecom, with the city network project started, Chinese bandwidth quality have or will have a qualitative leap. However, the reality does not seem to have changed significantly, but recently released statistics show that China’s average bandwidth downlink rate of 245KB/S, behind the neighboring countries, South Korea, Japan and other nearly 9 times. I do not know whether this network speeds up China’s Internet, or rely on the Internet and other software industry development, but the impact of the website construction industry is beyond doubt. At the very least, we can’t use animation, video or special effects as much as we want in our website design. Even some of the larger volume pictures, loading problems will occur, and may not have the picture size under 300KB control. So, although the prospects for the better, but now the quality of bandwidth is definitely not optimistic. As the tempo continues to increase and the mood becomes more and more impetuous, a site may be loaded more than a few seconds, and perhaps no one will be willing to wait. How can we speed up the website under the existing objective conditions? The author gives the following three suggestions: read more