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The Internet real name system for Shanghai Dragon Industry


before that, we write an article, or to love Shanghai copy, or website copy, really write no more than 20%, no more. Because no matter how to copy and paste others would not say what. After this? Have their own personal information, perhaps is the copyright. Sometimes the copyright is really important, you see people Han Han can put our love in the Shanghai library to court, plus those who have sacked a novel industry website.

After the

if you and a 09 years ago to optimize the veteran said, the hair of the chain is, people Zhibuding will take you! Yes, who are outside the chain of free recall those days, love Shanghai know and love Shanghai, outside the chain of high quality casual get. Do you think now good love Shanghai know how much of it is 2010 and antiques, such as James in which team? Take a look at today, a chain of love Shanghai not included, not to mention the high quality of the chain.

1, outside the chain more difficult to

? writing The

2, there are restrictions on

network real name system implementation? There is no one thing called a vest, IP, account for what is not possible. Freedom of speech is not free and I don’t know, everyone Post Bar hair thing has its own name, a matter of how serious. Think of now many news sites disable comments below. Only look at the situation of one upmanship.

, each of our staff in Shanghai dragon, as the most accessible network information platform, we need to use the resources. Don’t go all day looking for the master, ask why one hundred thousand? Don’t have to go to the moment dream, want to learn what to do? Well, a look at the latest time, think maybe you are from ancient to modern times, master. The men’s fashion to join www.targuo>

website is the real name system, aiming at the problems of the psychology and behavior of Internet users, the important means and system for network system to protect and guide Internet users, and the protection of young people from the network adverse factors. For our webmaster, the most important thing is the right of speech. What are the effects of

: the State Council before the end of June next year the implementation of the network real name system! Someone is still active in the forum, told Shanghai today when love big update; some people looking for cases of experience, learning website is K recovery programs at the same time; there are people in the painful love Shanghai informal detest the world and its ways, Sue algorithm period, we the National People’s Congress did not delay the NRS process, finally the new century has clear cut proposal.

of course, the fundamental source of network real name system implementation is not because our webmaster, but for the ride in the world of our network, injury is inevitable. Thankfully, it maybe for some white Shanghai dragon is a gospel, gold is always shining. For some love to see the video or the people detest the world and its ways can only try to stay away from the Internet.

Through the analysis of actual combat forum Shanghai dragon Taobao passenger by high flow

The author of the recent research on the Taobao

guest website, found a Taobao expert guest website, is to use the Discuz architecture to the forum. After the analysis and study, think this method is worth Amoy owners to share learning. Today we have practical anatomy Tao guest forum Shanghai dragon.

we’ll analyze the forum page and inside pages title. The home page title tags for "Taobao crown shop _ Taobao crown shop Daquan, a very simple title, and page title tag plate form is name plate (XX list) + page title form. And don’t talk about this forum itself Shanghai dragon construction more perfect, see section title page writing can also be seen, Adsense tend to do the search volume is not large, the conversion rate is high words. A >

first talk about what are the benefits of using forums as the carrier. The main three station system is CMS, blogs and forums. The forum with the biggest advantage is: collecting convenient and relatively high quality content. Some large forum due to too much information to the search engine can’t timely capture, but gave an acquisition station. Some forums or part of the plate, is forbidden to the visitors, the collected posts will be considered the original. In addition, forum and blog, CMS, is also accounted for a large proportion of the page, so if the acquisition of the subject placard, still can effectively reduce the similarity. In a word, the forum in a sense is more suitable for garbage collecting station.

as above, only a part of the site. This forum is composed of a plurality of plates, basically name plates for XX rankings. In the top of the page is called Amoy shop Taobao advertising, below are for the contents of the search engines look. I found the forum every day there is a new post, but the number of topics and reply than basically is 1:1, that is, basically no one reply. Through further observation, the author found that these posts are collected.

from here you can see that, this website has a good ranking. In fact, this website is not only a good home page ranking, each plate also has a good ranking. So, this station is how to do it? Let us know about the structure of the website.


let’s take a look at the weight of the site, as shown in figure.

so, this does not lead to a lot of advertisements? The author tried to register a new account, the results suggest that "sorry, at present the forum prohibited new user registration, please return". It seems to prevent water paste and Adsense ads, to make snap approach. Next we analyze some Shanghai dragon of the technique and the webmaster of the benefits of doing so.


Foreign trade English website 9 days to optimize the noble baby second


conducted by the author in January 29th still ranked 180, the time is to use the web site administration tool nobility baby query, find the keyword has great maneuverability, ranking compared to other keyword website, is the front. Then, according to the worm reducers keyword to the corresponding English blog, BBS, released some technical articles, good anti chain. Finally in the efforts of the home page second


content is king, this saying is not without reason. But many people still have not to regard it as right. This is obviously wrong, whether it is from the website design or Shanghai dragon’s point of view, the content of the website is always the most important elements of the web site. Only high quality content can bring loyal users.

finally, I hope that we can exchange with a lot of foreign trade station of Shanghai Longfeng experience and methods of the QQ:493176623! Please reproduced in: 贵族宝贝wly-transmission贵族宝贝/

keyword optimization layout and reasonable inside chainThe Here I will talk about the

3: targeted release chain

of these days:

1: do the content on the website

Keywords worm reducers !

my third, internship in a foreign trade unit, do is to noble baby Shanghai Longfeng optimization and website construction. Now, a key site has finally come home second noble baby (below):

website, in addition to the quality and content to attract users, and the most important is to do keyword layout, and optimize the internal chain. From the navigation, bread crumbs navigation, tracking text links and related articles, a site map and so on, do the site within the chain. The site itself is very important for


A Shanghai dragon of the inner monologue of health first

my first job is to do the Shanghai dragon, because I feel I really love, really, is not love, but love! Although I work just outside the chain, "

heard later through the website to make advertising is very good, can make a lot of money, then thought to buy a website, slowly exposed to A5 in A5, see which sites can take over, see every kind of website, he is very confused. I know a friend just to make money from the Internet, and I hope to be able to join, so I spent 1800 yuan to buy online a literary website. At that time did not know what is the evaluation of the value of a website? Just think this site is complex, nice page bought. After buying up advertising, only to find a day to earn money. Space each year more than 300 yuan, is very depressed. Later learned that the website is a free DZ program to build up, the total value of not more than 300 yuan. On this site has been lost, and students together to engage, engage in a long time, or not, I feel is the theme of the site is not good enough, a literary website all day show, in the impetuous society, some people will be interested in this website. Later, I completely give up, bought a novel program, audience’s great, I think a great opportunity, in fact, my approach is correct, do promotion seriously, do not know Shanghai dragon, is a sound promotion, flow quickly do 5000ip (after feeling to have a great relationship with the domain name weight is relatively high, 3 spell domain name, is relatively easy to remember), bad luck is such a good site was linked to horse, when I leave home, no network home site was taking off, I do not know, so back to school only to find the site. Then I will start to do, through unremitting efforts, hard work pays off, traffic to 3000IP, sold 5000 yuan, with 5000 yuan out looking for a job.

Contact Wangzhuan

real starting from 2 years ago, that time is not very understand, just want to make money, feeling from the network can make money, just let me in this love hate industry.

just started from the contact pig site, every day to give others registered, one day to earn a few dollars, but the inflation in the 1990s, what a few yuan money easy? People have greater desire, I am no exception. At that time wondering why so many people hire us money, through exploration, exposure to advertising, so they hire in the pig registration, happy is the first money earned 1158.2 yuan, let me happy (and later the alliance collapsed, according to insiders said the alliance is a Chinese branch. France may Chinese so clever that they didn’t think it)! The first money earn more firmly so easy, I am engaged in the road network.

wrote this article is not only to give you a warning, but also give yourself a warning, I hope everyone can have a healthy body, have a wonderful life!

How to do a good job for a novel station


said, first of all to say the problem of copyright, which I do not do that, we all know. It is important to read a statement on the website, the best server is rented abroad, domain name and other information are best hidden, if not particularly large impact station, basically safe, want to rent a home, I want to say to you even don’t know how to die

! website optimization

is the second peer malicious competition, such as your novels stand this novel "magic day" love the first row of Shanghai, that the keyword search every day hundreds of thousands of times, such a huge traffic, who does not envy? When you go up after.


so that the server must pay attention to, the novel station has just started, the original is not possible, most of them are used to collect the acquisition software he stood novel, so you need to rent or VPS server, virtual space is certainly not impossible, you will not be able to timely acquisition of more new novel, naturally there will be the traffic! So the first point, a good server is

is now almost all novel webmasters are used as Jackie novel stand, also the relatively reliable point, although some function is still relatively rigid! When I had just made the toss back and forth for more than two months! Template change static rules, there are no small impact on the website, I have some stop the change because of too many times lead to weight drop dramatically, so we don’t go my way!


novel station tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of traffic, have to say let the webmasters jealous, but now so many novels stand, it is not so easy to do a good job, especially on the novel love Shanghai station is more and more strict audit related content. I am not just a few years, it did a few novel station, didn’t what big achievements, stop stop closed, two new stations recently, with some improvement, here to share some of my personal experience to join the new buddies reference

, three security issues

first tested after all was on the line in the local, make sure you have the perfect website frame, update 1-10 days before submitting this love Shanghai and other search engines! Love Shanghai special novels stand mechanism, he will record all your frame into love Shanghai small said search applications, so it is not of particular importance, it is best not to the two revision of the framework, or certainly will have an impact on the rankings, this is my practice over

, server stability


taking into account the many station in case of no income, it is difficult to support the relatively expensive server costs, most small webmaster is rent cheap VPS, this is not what the early, also can live with! You don’t need a high configuration, the hard disk is not much, because what station did not flow at all! But the network must be stable, don’t open every two or three days or extremely slowly, so detrimental to Shanghai dragon, the novel station is more serious.

Love Shanghai original recognition part of news media websites into effective support object

from here you can see the original article, marking Sina Technology channel. I also try to search for the next several other well-known website articles, such as NetEase, Sohu and Tencent, respectively as follows:


love Shanghai official also said that in the future will develop more webmaster tools, let more Adsense website development space. And also launched a protocol label, that the site has a good ecosystem and search engine.

recently in the home station article cutting plan to see Shanghai love search results marked the original article on some articles in Sina, they are not very sure, so try to search, and search results in many articles all of sina’s original word mark. Figure

This is the

Mars love Shanghai is originality can solve the problem of website content, and to a certain extent for the site of the rankings. Love in Shanghai in 2013 May has released the launch of this program, the focus is to support the original website, let it have more space for development.

Tencent website map original cut mark



marker of


The original plan


can be seen from the above illustration, the large portal are some original articles that mark. I did not go through the other sites, estimated that there are a lot of this should have been marked, it describes the implementation of the original plan of Mars has come into force. Although there are many websites has not yet appeared, but I believe that in the near future will appear.

said before Google had also implemented the original plan, but ultimately did not achieve the desired results. Finally lead to failure, for the love of Shanghai, the implementation of the original mission will succeed? Let us wait and see. This paper consists of: wall switch socket brand 贵族宝贝chinaguoyuan贵族宝贝, please indicate the

Analysis of website is love after the sea station optimization K Road

According to the analysis of

although not engaged in Shanghai Longfeng work, but previous work experience or some, always want to share and share. Share only for your reference, feel useless, have a look, here I mainly share when the site was K after the optimization of the road.

2, the site was K, in addition to the contents of the block of data analysis, the chain of the site I also made a detailed analysis, just because the lottery website construction, website quality is relatively low, and others for the link, no one is willing to change, then I will buy some links. The chain is Xiaofeng lottery website suddenly soared, bought for a period of time the chain resources also find almost no buy in. So the chain is caused by a sudden surge in a major cause of K.

see here I can not help but think of the lottery website of Shanghai Longfeng do now, don’t know what is love Shanghai piece of the lottery industry against the larger, or the lottery ticket into the plight of Shanghai dragon. In Shanghai dragon group has heard some news station, Shanghai love of the lottery industry hit increase, focus on improving the ecological environment of the lottery industry, to adjust the informal gaming industry. No matter what the reason, we have to do the optimization work in their own way, so there are policies, under the measures of the preparation for the future.

site is mainly from the two aspects of the content and the chain, right down on my Xiaofeng lottery website, I am on the top of the website content and the construction of the chain to do the analysis, post on the website of the restoration work made the following adjustments, but also from the construction of the content and the chain to analyze the.

Optimization of

1, the site was K after the primary task is to put out good data analysis, not in the complain, complain is weak. Before I will work, and data analysis, found that in the process of optimization problems, then do Xiaofeng lottery site 贵族宝贝 time is pressing, the content construction did not spend time, all collected Family Articles, when see a spider crawling is quite hard, that is not what problem. At that time, a month after the site is down right.

website optimization in the lottery industry has more than a year of experience, now leave the lottery website of Shanghai Longfeng work has been six months, really big changes. Although didn’t do optimization in this area, but still occasionally lottery keyword search done before, see the site’s ranking is still not, such as search "lottery website source", "lottery software," such keywords, before the website is ranked No.

1, Xiaofeng lottery website content data, I do on the content of the site is adjusted and updated regularly every day 2 to 3 article, article content as the original, even false original in the title, the content will be bigger and the change. Because the lottery website is the enterprise itself station, website content is less, so the update is in 2 or so, but must insist that every update. < >

Google PR big update inspiration link high risk

the Google PR update to the website are low weight. I think this again will greatly stimulate the cultivation of new webmaster attention. After all, the importance of PR is a component in many webmaster heart. Whether or not this is a non normal update, we can get some inspiration from the Google PR big update.

PR update is largely different from the past. According to a forum survey, 68% of the vote, said the website PR rose. I have reservations about this data. This update prompted a lot of new PR rise is more surprising, and not long before promote diligent updates to the site, and these new PR rise not just number one or two. One of my sites is increased from PR0 to pr4. coincidentally today love Shanghai also included double surge, but did not find the back page included. Evil, love Shanghai with convulsions.

1. the quality of the chain more widely, plays an important role in the promotion of Google pr. The chain can be obtained through the soft Wen, signature, exchange links, information interaction method. With the high quality PR links (high PR, outbound links less JS calls, especially the government and educational.GOV.EDU domain), improve the PR value is also fast, in the construction of the chain is a long way to go. The Internet, no links or the Internet? The chain is always important.

3. website architecture, directory hierarchy. This was in the station when you need to think of the good. There are many small and medium-sized enterprise website architecture has serious problems, resulting in poor website. This site on the chain to win the favor of Google, is not too little.

The Google >

a little in-depth understanding of Web sites that Google PR upgrade, probably can be concluded the following points:

on the Google PR big update, looking at those sites PR fell badly, and some of the new PR was rising, many webmaster again excited, the webmaster forums like the explosion of the pot. One of the highest PR website xinhuanet贵族宝贝 unexpectedly dropped to Pr9 from pr6. However there are also from the PR0 jumped up to PR6’s website is not in the minority, for example, 28 push broodstock network. Sina micro-blog from February this year, PR2 rose to p8.

from the Google PR big update, how can we improve website PR value? The following is my summary.

2. web site updates hard, try to be original or high quality pseudo original. Although some websites are not mentioned in the update, PR also improved. My experience is, long-term site regular content updates, to meet the tastes of the spider. I have a new station rise directly from PR0 to PR4 and the breadth of the chain is not good, I think I can update it mainly. So the owners must pay attention to training the new sites, Google will not see your pay.

The object

How do the three noes website optimization


website "three noes" means that there is no love, no Google PR Shanghai weight value, no stable flow entrance. How do the optimization should be in the three website, Shanghai dragon Mini blog talk about their own views.

third, "non steady flow entrance, why not say brand (enterprise) famous

Mini blogger’s view is: even if your brand is very familiar, but you know with your website also keywords websites on the Internet a lot of people, no matter which are far more than you, why search relevant keywords what the user search engine to your standing in the front row? Only an empty shell site, light has a brand reputation but there is no corresponding flow entrance that is no good. Now we known from the search engine rankings according to the website of view, inside and outside the chain, site content, comprehensive user access to data, historical data and other aspects of the old station have obvious advantages than the new. So in my opinion, the brand awareness of the importance of three site optimization is far better than that of stable flow entrance.

Ps: found that every time I write very long winded, about three sites described here omit five hundred words,

since three sites have obvious disadvantages, that how to do

the above disadvantages are analyzed, then the owners will specifically address the specific circumstances.

first, the website no love Shanghai weight or weight is generally low, the railway station, the site is down right over, resulting in insufficient quality and low content site search engine does not pay attention to these circumstances. Low weight on behalf of junior, the search engine on the web of trust is low, want more than other high weight station to participate in the natural ranking naturally difficult.

there is no doubt that the site no weight, no PR, no stable flow entrance, it is ranked the unsatisfactory results, the webmaster may because of the superior and the customer’s pressure is very urgent, but anxious useless, that want to suddenly have a lot of traffic in addition to do pay promotion, there are a few other ways to make up quickly (I can’t take it as a little nothing, some expert can be done). In fact, the experienced Shanghai dragon face this kind of situation will not expect to have much ranking and traffic. Because both love Shanghai weight or PR, or traffic sources, not can also improve up, these are:


second, no PR value there are many factors. Shanghai dragon Er PR is known to determine the quality of the chain to Google website, although many people say that there is not affect the level of the website ranking, PR does not participate in the site’s ranking, and the recent rumors everywhere now in Google in the PR value of the site effect of desalination. But from the webmaster exchange links, website value are valued PR, and is the embodiment of the chain PR value high quality quantity good. So the fact is, the PR value level indeed has a direct impact on the website and anchor text keywords ranking.

[] to share the experience of Shanghai Longfeng Road, go15!

before sharing, I want to say one thing, for the Shanghai dragon, I am a true white, although the University began to contact the Internet, but the Shanghai dragon understanding, just let me know, the real in-depth study in effect of some of the things I graduated after the. I was a medical student, now switch to do network marketing, on the Shanghai dragon road, there is a saying, doing work you love, will not starve to death. What about you

after listening to his words, I began to write myself, then collect some relevant information on the Internet, I began to sum up their own understanding and ideas, sort out some articles, but I am not the pseudo original, then I insist on a day an article the frequency, except Sunday did not write the other time basically write. After the update the article, I started to Links exchange station, registered an account in the go9go chain, to find some related industry site exchange friend chain, but found to exchange each other friends of the chain is not a simple matter, at this time, I found love Shanghai snapshot update that I, a month before the efforts were not in vain.

so, I began to QQ group chain exchange attack, have a lot of friends also released in the above chain exchange information, see someone posted to the site, the first time to go to tool webmaster tools network query his website information, see fit for. Remember that there is a special hit, I put the company’s Web site to a webmaster, and asked if he could exchange friend chain, he looked after.

generally, after get the site will do Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis, but what they don’t understand, with undying determination, with the help of Internet tools, finally have a preliminary understanding, including the title, keywords, description of the settings are a lot of problems, then I also found the site in the article are stolen some problems in the anchor text to add some gambling site links I put them an article to modify.

may be due to the sea after being in love with K, then the key words in a period of time, what has Shanghai Longfeng comprehensive query, so I ask some of the Shanghai dragon master, he let me the contents of the site well, after Shanghai will show the collection of love.

introduction: often heard many people say that Shanghai dragon is dead, in fact? Not necessarily, I work in August 22nd, after more than two months of struggle, the company’s website has changed a lot, I share some of my experience.

said some nonsense, we entered the business.

just entered the company, with the boss to talk about some things, then the boss said to me, let me go to the maintenance of two sites, one is flying a cup, is Nifeiya insulation cup. I found that the two sites have more than a year not to update, the snapshot is love Shanghai in 2012, the content of the website is less and less, I think at that time, the time has come to challenge.