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How to quickly break through the bottleneck of the website ranking

A lot of

in the main domain name, build two directories, themes related to the main website, according to the industry, the establishment of BBS, SNS or blog, released the anchor text. This can increase your website, one hand can be improved by the two level directory weight to improve the master weight, on the other hand, can be very good to increase the site within the chain, enhance the master weight, also can dig out the more long term, increase site traffic, promote ranking. This truth, in fact is also similar to the site of the two domain names, now many large websites are using this principle, enhance the master weight by the two level domain optimization, keyword ranking.

website Meta three labels (page title, keywords, description set) exist stack keywords phenomenon serious or stereotyped, all channel pages are the same, even many have no title, keywords, description. When the ranking bottleneck in the site we have to perfect the information, on the one hand to the other hand spiders to crawl the page to the user experience.

said here is set robots file on the site has a collection of pages, now do not want to let the weights do not need to participate in the web page ranking, so these pages >

two, Meta three channel website page label

here to see a few simple steps to break the bottleneck website ranking, Nirvana rebirth.

four, the website set robots file

Whether it is in the late

almost all the owners will encounter a problem in the website optimization, website optimization is to a certain stage, the ranking is hard to rise, traffic is no longer rising, many webmaster think what website at a loss, in fact, this is the bottleneck ranking website, ranking is a big bottleneck challenge to the webmaster, it is the only way which must be passed the website optimization, website ranking arrive after the bottleneck is mainly as follows: the content of the website updated normally, outside the normal chain release, but keyword ranking does not change; optimize the internal stability of website, but ranking unstable; web traffic is stable, but the number fluctuation. Don’t be afraid to encounter the bottleneck of website ranking, this is an opportunity, once the breakthrough bottleneck, whether it is the website ranking and flow are from quantitative to qualitative change, can be said to be reborn.

three, the long tail word closure

website ranking or website ranking bottlenecks, long tail word can be a good partner, the so-called long tail word closure is the use of love, love of Shanghai library, Shanghai Post Bar know products, using blogs Post Bar, use classification information platform to do a lot of long tail key words, no matter where the user search is what keywords are found in your information, which reached the purpose of flow interception. In the ranking of the bottleneck stage, a large number of closure subsidies will help the company break through this bottleneck, specifically to see the website "how to use the long tail words flow interception".

one or two directory


In 2013, some suggestions of Shanghai Longfeng occupation Consultant

first, Shanghai Dragon Consulting standard.

Spring Festival is coming, once a year the family time has come, I believe most of the Shanghai dragon friends are eager to go home. In the 10000 reunion day, Wang Shifan hope you can "think", thinking the next year in Shanghai dragon industry survival and hard work. Have heard a lot of friends that want to optimize the service transformation from Shanghai Longfeng sit Shanghai Longfeng consultant, but in fact Shanghai dragon industry consultant to our Shanghai dragon ER requires more, bear with me.

did not do basic work of Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon ER, don’t try to directly as Shanghai Longfeng consultant, otherwise, will not be responsible for themselves and customers. Why is Shanghai Longfeng work experience must be more than 5 years? Here, Wang Shifan wanted to say, if you have 5 years of working experience in Shanghai Longfeng, presumably to make a transition to Shanghai dragon consultants will be handy. 1, 2 years of Shanghai Longfeng, will only know Shanghai Longfeng fur, if you want to in-depth study of Shanghai dragon industry, must stand alone, starting from the details carefully pondering.

many people think Shanghai Longfeng thinking and data support is an empty concept, makes it difficult to understand. To explain for example! For example, there is a new customer to find you, you need to help solve the website keywords recently met the decline in ranking, included, snapshots stop back problems. When you get this "test", "thinking to solve the questions from what? This is your Shanghai dragon thinking; and you are thinking to solve this problem by Shanghai dragon, customers need to explain why you website rankings? Before the keywords ranking why down? At this time, you need to through the data customers accurate and intuitive solutions, which is also called data support. So, when the site is experiencing the problem, we should not feel depressed, even Aguirre, actively solve the problem, finally summarizes the problems, let it become part of your thinking library.

4. have a good temper character attitude.

1. have a real Shanghai Longfeng working experience, 5 years above.

2. will have their own thinking and data to support the Shanghai dragon.

I believe we all know everything requires patience and careful, similarly, in the two character of Shanghai dragon industry is more obvious. Shanghai love is often adjusted, website ranking natural 1080, >

3. must have the ability to communicate with team members and customers.

communication ability is poor, is a common problem for most technicians. To rise above the common herd must be better than others, and how to do better than others, it is not the others. Need the ability to communicate the support of Shanghai Longfeng consultant largely, or that we Shanghai dragon ER how to explain to the client site of the problems encountered and solutions.


How to combine the good news of Shanghai Longfeng marketing

(4) content as far as possible with Web links, such as the news website for coordination of activities to promote you please take active links (such as: 贵族宝贝estay贵族宝贝/huodong/guoqing2015/)

(3) news delivery platform, released a large media is inevitable, but the choice must be related to

promotion techniques


1, title to contain the user search (that is, we need to promote the word)

(1) to the product information in the content disclosed to the target group of

3, standard brand marketing word of a network or and ensure that the stay stay title contains the brand

marketing is another goal of news related productsPurpose:

news marketing wants to combine with the Shanghai dragon, to achieve brand name, keywords, product elements and other brand elements to cooperate with Shanghai Longfeng perfect, which means that users search for specific words, words that stay brand users see the uniform information, which not only enhances the brand, also can avoid misleading and unnecessary to achieve the above goals do news marketing needs to meet the following requirements:

1, indirectly enhance website sales orders

2, the news marketing needs to have promotion of clear objectives, and then around the goal to write marketing content

2, improve the brand awareness of

(2) with some pictures in the content, the picture contains product information


such as: the promotion of words: The Resort Apartments then marketing content around the The Resort Apartments


search engine optimization goal is to improve the website target keywords in the search engine ranking, so as to obtain more search traffic order, and indirectly promote the direct marketing news website is to improve the target keywords ranking in the search engine is the most direct and effective means to improve the brand awareness of.

Love Shanghai two little-known search engine named super practical

love Shanghai advanced search syntax in the site, domain, intite, inurl, etc. in the search for specific analysis of the essential common query engine optimization, in addition to these common outside, today I compiled 2 little-known grammar specified to you one by one analysis, in search of resources, analysis of competitors the effect of tracking, such as network link, will play a very important role.

love Shanghai search results URL specified: lm

practical value: two 1, find the latest love Shanghai included in the target page, you can see the basic seconds before the results of the past we pay attention to the latest news Shanghai news may only see love, but too limited, confined to the news pages included. 2, can be arranged in chronological order, the relevant information within 24 hours at a glance, I often use the specified, collect the latest quality content of liver disease in the industry, and released to the www.gb0731贵族宝贝/meitibaodao/ station, the site content fresh, original degree provides much help, of course more use value, so you can to dig.

example: A5 domain name query when love Shanghai domain included: the result is the day to query: 574 records

A5 yesterday held in Shanxi hot webmaster meeting, the media coverage, we specified by RTT search the latest what website reported, and in a few minutes to a few hours ago, in order to return the results of a total of 19 records, it seems that everyone in Shanxi station the general assembly also paid more attention to.

Practical value: the

interpretation: the domain name specified in Shanghai love also perform search results URL, access to the latest search results, according to the latest published sequence, common values corresponding to 1. said love Shanghai within 24 hours of collection of information retrieval. You can specify the search box and the common combination of practical


is the author of practical experience, to provide you with a >



For example

interpretation: the domain name specifies the execution in Shanghai love search results in URL, in a limited period of time to return search results, LM 4 and 1, 7, 30365 respectively; 1 days to 1 years, with the common search box combination utility specified.

specified with the domain, site, combined with the use of search key, do some evaluation of the effectiveness of the work cycle of content such as the day, with new reputation effect, the day included the construction of the chain effect of the day.

2. love Shanghai search results URL designation: rtt

Webmaster tools from Shanghai recently updated to love small adjustment

display factors keywords ranking show is tools to determine flow and data.

is Shanghai dragon tools, then the weights, data flow and so on is how to determine the webmaster tools to see their own tools? Or to collect data, and then organize large amounts of data to the website weight, traffic and so on a series of data display.

is not difficult to see that the revision before and after comparison, obviously more than "add keywords" and "key search" button, easy for users to add a site not to write in the Keywords tag keyword. The key and keyword ranking query button, convenient and fast, unlike the old version as a point, some keywords website show many, also to the end point.

1, the user experience will be more and more important.


analysis of revision reasons and possible future trends in

please note here, love Shanghai can directly query, why Google can not directly see the ranking, still have to directly query page ranking


2, Shanghai stationmaster still focused on love, or human love on Shanghai. Love Shanghai key ranking, and is expected to flow there. "Google ranked" disappear.

also has a small adjustment in Webmaster tools before and after revision seems to love Shanghai. The author believed that the chain should be adjusted in this piece. It seems early site

?This shows that


first, today we are still strong Webmaster Tools update, although it seems, update the place is very small, but it is not difficult to see, there are still few things, then the search will be shared by the forum Liu Tao and you own ideas.

so, there is a new button to add keywords. It can be concluded that if you want to own the website has a relatively good data display in Shanghai Longfeng tools, or according to the index of condemnation of Shanghai Longfeng webmaster tools on it, although the benefits are not very obvious, but at least there will be problems.

this is the second change, should also be "humanized" a bar, before ranking, in addition to love Shanghai ranking or noble baby ranking query, not now. What does this mean? Now means that the owners do not value the noble baby ranking, then why? The author Liu Tao believes that now the rankings, optimization and promotion are directed to the sea of love, now with the owners see, also take a look at the ranking of Shanghai love away, noble treasure ranking is generally do not look, see also can not find, because there is no specific ranking, oneself still have a check.

webmaster tools or search rankings and love Shanghai with this or that the "entanglement" (the word sense on the line), while Google is not at home, want to go is not able to.

In order to establish a corporate brand as the goal of the Shanghai dragon is the kingly way

website title and description of the brand, the real core is the website design itself. A good website must have beautiful and outstanding brand personality logo. Through the image of logo can make consumers remember the company’s mainstay and brand culture. The brand concept into the inside.

method more reliable and stable. Don’t just go to the chain and the chain, so the effect is not very good, can not drive the user experience. Now love Shanghai attaches great importance to the user experience, so Shanghai, the way of the chain although many, but the best way is to write text better. Write soft not only increase the chain rankings, but also to promote the brand, to promote the effectiveness of. Let the reader to benefit from the soft at the same time, also become a potential user of the brand. Write soft article is one of a kind of soft power, not only in the chain increases to the rankings, can also put the brand publicity out, not only can let the reader to benefit from the soft, also can let the reader become potential users of your brand.

, simply say: refers to the degree of consumer awareness of products and product series. It is a symbol of soft power of an enterprise. Have an excellent brand, will make your site attractive, endless traffic. This is the brand effect, showing the power of brand.

is actually a lot of people do not understand what we do in Shanghai Longfeng for what? Through the layers of analysis, finally realize the purpose. Some people say that in order to rank, actually this is only the surface, can be seen from the appearance of the. Excuse me, do the ranking was based on what the purpose is not to enhance the enterprise visibility, so that the brand more deeply heart! So, can be drawn, Shanghai dragon is to establish a brand, to achieve brand promotion effect.

how to do? Ace excellent for four cases of experience:

The first step is to create the The brand of chainThis is the

select the appropriate network, can improve.

: first create the user experience of the title and description in order to achieve the brand exposure rate of

second: the brand concept and website design to me, I have you

fourth; select the appropriate network, increase the appearance effect of

is perhaps because of the inertia of thinking Shanghai dragon, we often go to Shanghai dragon and set the title page description, in fact it does not play a brand effect, perhaps after Shanghai Dragon technology, will have good rankings. Users can easily remember the brand name? If which day is K, or off, also talk about the traffic? No! So, we must do the job title and description. The title and description can show your company name, but also allows users to type and content is very clear understanding to the website. It is to show the brand, increase brand exposure rate of the first condition.

third; with soft Wen promotion brand, driven by the natural development of the

Love Shanghai Post Bar updated several show points

1, the title of

, a site outside the chain construction easier

3, the authors show

as shown below, the article begins with a brief Post Bar in images and extracted, and the display picture is displayed as a small picture, and in the picture list shows, when we put up the mouse will display picture, allowing users to more easily browse pictures.

love Shanghai Post Bar March new on-line version of the page, the page replacement of Post Bar love Shanghai, is more important is to break the single mode Post Bar show the original style, to provide more diversified page selection for more friends, of course, this adjustment, but also greatly enhance the user’s visual, through this the revision, can be seen in the first step Post Bar love Shanghai has taken personalized clear, of course, this is just the beginning, after the service may Post Bar revision we do not know, the total of this revision can be customized for the future lay the foundation, as a Shanghai Dragon er through this revision. We can clearly see:


, 2 display pictures

three, advertising increased


Post Bar, in fact, to a great extent, greatly improves the user experience, whether it is from the visual appearance of the page or have a certain improvement, first shown below, is a post international wine investment network published, through this example we can clearly see the three point:

as shown in the picture above is a screenshot of love Shanghai Post Bar chain of the source file, you can clearly see that love Shanghai and without any link shielding technique, is a completely regular Shanghai dragon outside the chain, so that this revision of the construction of our chain still has certain benefits.

We all know that

This paste >

this revision after the title of this article has the very big change is that the color of the title is highlighted, so that users can read the overall meaning clear.

Through the revision of

two, greatly enhance the user experience of

now we posted in the upper right will appear in this post staff ID, and will use the highlighted blue font, this approach is actually very good, can show more activity is relatively good writer.

do not know if you have not found, after this Post Bar revision, when we do not add the chain like before especially easy to be removed, before the Post Bar added links in less than one minute is removed, almost with the hair cut chance, let us Shanghai Dragon Phoenix Er too much to handle? Because Post Bar itself is love Shanghai’s own products, included is very good, not to mention the weight.

Leaves Shanghai dragon website ranking optimization factors detailed picture

3, mark. Only a clear picture is not enough, if we in order to highlight the picture of a content or features should be marked in the picture with, such as red arrow, red box etc.. This can make the picture more easily express what we want to express the content of.

1. We were in the insert picture website content, should pay attention to the size of the picture, if during the insertion process, the picture is too large, will affect the loading speed of the website, very expensive. So in the picture, should pay attention to the size of the image.

6, the original picture. In the insert picture for web content, it is best to use the original photograph or make pictures, do not think that the search engine can not read the picture, you can use a picture without being found in the search engine.

, what is the image processing

5, add ALT tags to the picture. The ALT tag a comment is equivalent to the picture, then in the search engines crawl the content of the article is unable to read the picture content, so if you add detailed ALT tags to this picture, is equivalent to tell search engines this picture is what kind of content. Help search engines crawl on the picture and picture classification ranking.

4, the name of the picture. The name of the picture, many people think it does not matter, the picture name should match the pictures with the theme, the best English said. Such as: we want to insert a decoration effect diagram in the article, so that we can give this picture named Domestic outfit rendering.jpg, this is just a detail optimization.

image processing is modified, landscaping, etc. on the thumbnail pictures. We have long said the picture processing refers to the processing of the images using the software. But we at the time for web content, image processing not only to modify and beautify the picture, we have the pictures to the search engine grab or crawling operation optimization.



website optimization.The size of

in the website optimization process, not only to focus on the site title, description, navigation and other internal optimization, in the processing of web content, if the picture appears in the content. We should also be on the picture for refinement, and only deal with these details, and we can be beneficial and ranking optimization. Optimization of processing below we together to discuss the website pictures.

2, the picture quality. In the insert picture is content to the user experience, make it easier for users to understand, pictures and text easier to clear explanation. So we in the insert picture process, should pay attention to the quality of the picture, first of all to ensure clear picture, as far as possible the use of HD picture.



concluded: we are in the process of optimized website, should pay attention to every detail.

How to restore the site to search engine drop right after

will regularly update the content of

Links is very important for the website, if your website link is right down the site, it is very likely that you will be implicated. When the site is down right after the discovery.


be careful review of Links

A snapshot of to understand the reason of the site is down right

site is down right after the website will be updated very slowly, the website ranking and included the number decreased significantly, while the post is also difficult to be included in the search engine. When confronted with this situation, some webmaster do not update the chain, also do not, just wait for the weight of the search engine to restore the site, but the result is such a long time snapshot is still no change, or even the entire site is K off. This is because in the down right after the search engine is still the same as before on your website, but your site has been included in the study period, the content of the website search engine you update will also be included, but not like before, immediately put out. If you think the search engines do not pay attention to your site and cherish chances or give up, so that a search engine will think this site is not suitable for search experience and direct K off. So the site is down right after, we must update the original content every day, at the same time on the site to do some high quality of the chain, so continue to persist, the weight of the next update when the search engine will gradually restore the site.

first we should understand why, our website is down right, search engines are not without any cause or reason put to K off site, although the love in Shanghai after the announcement said a few websites victimizes the guarantee will be restored in the next update, but if you now the website or it doesn’t work at all, then it is certainly not the. So we should calm down and analyze the problem, find out why the site was down the right, such as a web site before the amount of pseudo original or collection of articles, whether the frequent replacement of the site title and description to the right down, only a clear cause site is down right, it can be an antidote against the disease to solve the problem.

since June 22-28, a large number of sites affected by the love of Shanghai big update is down right after, so far has been a month of time, love in the greater Shanghai after the update announcement also made a statement, said the weight of part of the site will also re slowly recovery in the next big update. But these two days of browsing in the A5 forum, saw a large number of owners of the site did not restore the weight as expected, it also caused a lot of webmaster complaining. In fact, we all want to get the weight recovery site, but if your site has yet to return to the weight, then we will study the reason.


How to optimize the key competitor analysis


1, observe whether the entire page contains H1 tags, this is a H font tag, followed by a smaller font is greater, the more important keywords, generally with the keywords H1 tag is the core of the web site keywords, note that if he used the H1 label to describe a keyword.

5, to see the lowest home some obscure places, such as the site for case, a website statistics there, some people will generally do a few words in the chain, see text link annotation tag is not containing keywords or long tail keywords, look carefully you will find what is likely to be in a humble corner.

how to analyze competitor friends may know Shanghai Longfeng to analyze competitor’s website (that is, by searching the row in front of those), today I would like to share with you, Shanghai dragon is how to analyze competitor’s website. Before the search engine optimization, research on competitors is a necessary work, if you can study the competitors, the whole site optimization process for after all is a good start. According to his observation by the home observation method:

2, TITLE keywords, and then the page title, contains the description tag keyword, generally more by the word before the more important, the more likely it is that he wants to highlight the keywords, there may be a phrase, but contains the keywords, you can go through the website content analysis, try to guess the words the general site, obviously can see it, not too much modification or hide.

‘s careful observation of the above 5 points, will be able to find the shortcomings of competitors, he not optimized to where we do, he do the place we want to do better than him. Think of a word: I have no enemy, the enemy I have excellent choice! When competitors, do not blindly choose, choose much higher than those of the site that does not fit than their ranking, want to suddenly become a "fat man" is not realistic. Step by step, but better, more real.

3, then down to see whether there is web content under the font tag, such as Gaka (B), italic (I) tags, these tags in general between the word is not a keyword is the long tail keywords, how to distinguish themselves according to the site title proper analysis, understanding. The general probability of these tags appear on the home page and will be too high, not even.

4, pay attention to whether the content of the page contains a picture, the general picture will use the annotation of ALT tags, and observe whether contains the site title, or theme similar keywords or long tail keywords, which is appropriate to analyze, and everyone would know to do so. The image with a valid ALT comment tag, the Shanghai dragon is also a good practice, not to stack keywords or long tail keywords, the consequences will not say, do not believe you can try.