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Personal website to must value the five points

now with the network business people are more and more, and the homogeneity of the site is also more and more, so how to make your own website talent shows itself in the same industry? First of all it is creative, in this twenty-first Century in what the most valuable? Believe investment will be a lot of creative is said by common consent, a the products are creative, it is a great step forward will be success. For example, we are all familiar with the campus network and it is the first launch of the campus network platform of real name system, is now known as the country, after this, the campus network has been a lot of other students in the social platform to imitate, but never been exceeded. The campus network’s success is because of what? A certain point is the unique innovative mode of operation.

has spread throughout the world in the Internet era, from children to the elderly are described as network Master, play games, check the information, reading novels, listening to music, watching movies and most of them are carried out by computer, so these sites can be described as answer form users are well known, so whether you have a website how gorgeous appearance, also can only attract users of soy sauce, can not make their true love on your website. Of course I do not deny that a gorgeous appearance is not important, but we must always remember that there is a core value of the site, that is, the eye is like my www.taohyd贵族宝贝 template using a simple green, mainly to grasp the main content to attract users interested in every day now.

(a) a unique operation mode innovation.

(two) put the user first, interests second.

our business purpose are above suspicion doubt in order to make money, but a completely just for the sake of the rise of the site, believe in a certain period of time they can earn a lot of money, but not for a long time to develop, because this site is just for interest, and a lot to hang some advertising, pop etc. and this is no doubt the most affect the user experience, and in the past two years, the search engine for this type of website have also made a serious treatment, fall right and be K are very common, so a really good site if you want to survive, always put the user experience first secondly, you can consider the interests of the individual, otherwise you will lose the people, then your site is a garbage station, for a dumpster to survive under To face the outcome is always right down by K.

(three) to grasp the content rather than the form.

with clean up the search engine on Internet spam sites, a website is more and more difficult, especially some personal website in the Internet platform to share the difficulty greatly increased, so for personal websites to survive this topic is many webmaster think so, today Xiaobian sorted out I think the five most important point, I hope to help you.

Talk about the different understanding of the people of Shanghai Dragon

two, Shanghai dragon contact with some people a long time, these people usually have a station or a personal blog. Have the time you fiddled, find some things, but also from the simple literal understanding into the website analysis, is that a simple example! Keywords, title, Description, static and dynamic pages, but the team ranking is still very pursuit.

the points above is idsem small Hu Peibin summed up the understanding of Shanghai dragon, this article is for reference only.

, just learning Shanghai dragon and just contact these people, just know what is the meaning of Shanghai dragon, Shanghai Longfeng not in-depth understanding, often the worship of Shanghai dragon is limited to a keyword in the search engine rankings.

three, a Shanghai Longfeng experience, this kind of man is often we say Shanghai dragon er. The crowd generally results in a list of Web site optimization, Shanghai dragon are not understand site procedures and rankings, of course the customer stipulated. The people of Shanghai have a certain depth understanding of the dragon, and they also started a new thing, it is U Shanghai dragon is what we call the user experience, this kind of person of Shanghai dragon is said to have been more thorough.

This kind of crowd of

Shanghai Longfeng knowledge now is more and more popular, do Shanghai dragon people and companies just as the spring rain is over, the rapid rise of. At present, the Shanghai dragon market is large, but because of the fierce competition, many companies and individuals of Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon optimization, I contact Shanghai dragon half the time, the sour, sweet, bitter, hot only themselves to experience, after repeated experiments and test study, slowly to Shanghai dragon has a certain degree of understanding of course! People in Shanghai have different understandings of the dragon.

four, Shanghai dragon of this kind of long, usually have a understanding and view out of the ordinary. Such people often received list the first analysis website, after analysis, and analysis of the site began to stand in the user’s point of view, and according to user experience to develop a detailed optimization scheme, the people have not pursue ranking, but high conversion words. I once asked elder people such a problem, I said you have to do Shanghai Longfeng for such a long time, why do you search the key to love you this but can not find? He said to me, why I want so much traffic, I seek not flow, but can I buy things people every day, tens of thousands of IP few people buy my product, but every day there are several tens of IP so to buy my product, you say that is not good and not waste resources, but also to promote the province. This is what we call the Shanghai dragon expert, have a certain understanding of Shanghai dragon.

Four people of Shanghai Dragon

followed by idsem small Hu Peibin said several people understand

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