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How to quickly break through the bottleneck of the website ranking

A lot of

in the main domain name, build two directories, themes related to the main website, according to the industry, the establishment of BBS, SNS or blog, released the anchor text. This can increase your website, one hand can be improved by the two level directory weight to improve the master weight, on the other hand, can be very good to increase the site within the chain, enhance the master weight, also can dig out the more long term, increase site traffic, promote ranking. This truth, in fact is also similar to the site of the two domain names, now many large websites are using this principle, enhance the master weight by the two level domain optimization, keyword ranking.

website Meta three labels (page title, keywords, description set) exist stack keywords phenomenon serious or stereotyped, all channel pages are the same, even many have no title, keywords, description. When the ranking bottleneck in the site we have to perfect the information, on the one hand to the other hand spiders to crawl the page to the user experience.

said here is set robots file on the site has a collection of pages, now do not want to let the weights do not need to participate in the web page ranking, so these pages >

two, Meta three channel website page label

here to see a few simple steps to break the bottleneck website ranking, Nirvana rebirth.

four, the website set robots file

Whether it is in the late

almost all the owners will encounter a problem in the website optimization, website optimization is to a certain stage, the ranking is hard to rise, traffic is no longer rising, many webmaster think what website at a loss, in fact, this is the bottleneck ranking website, ranking is a big bottleneck challenge to the webmaster, it is the only way which must be passed the website optimization, website ranking arrive after the bottleneck is mainly as follows: the content of the website updated normally, outside the normal chain release, but keyword ranking does not change; optimize the internal stability of website, but ranking unstable; web traffic is stable, but the number fluctuation. Don’t be afraid to encounter the bottleneck of website ranking, this is an opportunity, once the breakthrough bottleneck, whether it is the website ranking and flow are from quantitative to qualitative change, can be said to be reborn.

three, the long tail word closure

website ranking or website ranking bottlenecks, long tail word can be a good partner, the so-called long tail word closure is the use of love, love of Shanghai library, Shanghai Post Bar know products, using blogs Post Bar, use classification information platform to do a lot of long tail key words, no matter where the user search is what keywords are found in your information, which reached the purpose of flow interception. In the ranking of the bottleneck stage, a large number of closure subsidies will help the company break through this bottleneck, specifically to see the website "how to use the long tail words flow interception".

one or two directory


Optimization of website structure details three

details of the three: select the


began to remember most website optimization Website titile’ve been thinking, writing, writing has been very important, before they just understand, write the name of the company, and then began to optimize the site name, site name on the line until after that do is unrealistic optimization, the company name is very important. But in dealing with the optimization of the key word is more important, only the key products that sit on the flow of meaningful and general optimization to the name of the company, are generally looking for job seekers, when it is selected, and the product will be more meaningful, traffic sources will be more strong. Now we are the most popular keyword writing is the keyword keyword
keywords — the name of the company, if you want a better title, then write more meaningful titles, such as XXX, XXX or professional services such as products such as excellent, with strong descriptive title.

company optimized website, always have to face a lot of website structure, no structure, no other factors, the structure is a foundation of the website, only will lay the foundation to further optimize, the content and the chain is very important, but about the website structure details will be more important, some small the details of their Phil on the website structure, someone said that the details of the decision is based on the details of Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon, is the basis to further make the website development.

URL website, should first understand the difference between absolute address and relative address, as well as their respective roles, one of the difference between the absolute address and relative address is the absolute address can improve the site’s domain name is sovereign, without dispersion >

is the bread crumbs, and a piece of bread, and then follow the path forward, can find the road, you will find many meaningful things, it is self-evident importance of bread crumbs, one is to improve the user experience, and improve the structure of the site more fusion; and a tag tag, is less than the smaller category the directory, the directory to give us a better experience, tag tags will belong to article directories between again together, integration will be more excellent, remember that in doing this, when searching the tag is the site code label row on the home page, the importance of self-evident label, another collection of less than directory; and the chain, the article is interspersed between articles, for example, on the other articles in the following article links, or in the content of intermediaries That effect is the best, but in the article page in the next section, improve the collection of internal links. All know the importance of internal links, how to improve the fusion of internal links, and internal links is to let the other islands even in one, to create their own group.

website and the content of URLThe

website details two: bread crumbs and chain

: one of the details about the website website title

and tag

How to do a good job for a novel station


said, first of all to say the problem of copyright, which I do not do that, we all know. It is important to read a statement on the website, the best server is rented abroad, domain name and other information are best hidden, if not particularly large impact station, basically safe, want to rent a home, I want to say to you even don’t know how to die

! website optimization

is the second peer malicious competition, such as your novels stand this novel "magic day" love the first row of Shanghai, that the keyword search every day hundreds of thousands of times, such a huge traffic, who does not envy? When you go up after.


so that the server must pay attention to, the novel station has just started, the original is not possible, most of them are used to collect the acquisition software he stood novel, so you need to rent or VPS server, virtual space is certainly not impossible, you will not be able to timely acquisition of more new novel, naturally there will be the traffic! So the first point, a good server is

is now almost all novel webmasters are used as Jackie novel stand, also the relatively reliable point, although some function is still relatively rigid! When I had just made the toss back and forth for more than two months! Template change static rules, there are no small impact on the website, I have some stop the change because of too many times lead to weight drop dramatically, so we don’t go my way!


novel station tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of traffic, have to say let the webmasters jealous, but now so many novels stand, it is not so easy to do a good job, especially on the novel love Shanghai station is more and more strict audit related content. I am not just a few years, it did a few novel station, didn’t what big achievements, stop stop closed, two new stations recently, with some improvement, here to share some of my personal experience to join the new buddies reference

, three security issues

first tested after all was on the line in the local, make sure you have the perfect website frame, update 1-10 days before submitting this love Shanghai and other search engines! Love Shanghai special novels stand mechanism, he will record all your frame into love Shanghai small said search applications, so it is not of particular importance, it is best not to the two revision of the framework, or certainly will have an impact on the rankings, this is my practice over

, server stability


taking into account the many station in case of no income, it is difficult to support the relatively expensive server costs, most small webmaster is rent cheap VPS, this is not what the early, also can live with! You don’t need a high configuration, the hard disk is not much, because what station did not flow at all! But the network must be stable, don’t open every two or three days or extremely slowly, so detrimental to Shanghai dragon, the novel station is more serious.

Start with daily data and train operational data thinking

As the

operator, in addition to the above general understanding of business data, but also needs the time of each strategy in the use of data thinking in each project, with the data of experience, experience in guiding the project data. Train data thinking, start with daily data reports!

each operator should have such a feeling, the first thing to go to the company every day is to look at the data. With the product demand will be challenged to provide estimated earnings data, and provided by Bug technology will be asked to provide specific data on record, resources need to provide reference resources an exposure data with partners, is the most difficult and the boss of weekly and monthly, not only to produce a full range of services covering the data or weekly monthly, also need to be able to spot the perfect answer every question from the boss of the data.

yes, the operation is a consciousness of data demanding jobs, to tens of millions of dollars in subsidies to the budget, small to a few cents coupons, and daily business data of 1/1000 changes, you need the data sensitive enough to familiar enough business.

so, as an operator, how can you cultivate your data thinking and how to master the core data quickly in the face of different business to guide the formulation of business strategy?

of course, the different dimensions of the business and the data is certainly different, the mobile Internet products according to the commercial realization of basic business model can be classified orders and advertising for the sale of goods or services, free cash flow exposure service value-added and value-added services including membership privileges, good service is packaged into the privilege the sale, similar to the first mode. Below, we have from the order class and flow realization class analysis, what are the core data indicators?

1, order class

first, we simulate the core steps of a user opening a product to the completion of a business process. There are four steps:

1, user

users’ natural characteristics, that is, we often refer to user portraits such as gender, age, geography, occupation, education, constellation, hobbies, etc.;

user life cycle characteristics are related to the total number of users, such as the proportion of primary users, growth users and mature users, respectively.

user activity characteristics, and the user’s last consumption time related, such as high, medium, live, low active and other active users, the latest loss, historical loss and other loss of users;

user consumption characteristics, that is, the user’s consumption frequency, consumer preferences, consumption periods, consumer cities, consumer sites, consumer spending rates and other consumer habits;

2, flow

number of visits, that is, the PV and UV at all levels, the number of visits to the home page DAU, the main view of the operation of the page conversion rate to explore user behavior trajectory and product performance is >

Grassroots webmaster how to temper, become a compound type of talent


Hello everybody, I am childe Liang, long time no see you, this time we come to talk about, as a grassroots webmaster, how to increase their knowledge and ability?. Home page as webmaster to understand, there are many, common as follows:

one, the basic erection of the website and the basic knowledge of various CMS usage and server.

why do you want to know this? When you have a record of all the CMS systems on the market in your mind, if you are asked to do a certain kind of website, you can answer it immediately with a system. How do I get to know these CMS systems?.

often read: often go to the source code, download the website, take a walk, take some good CMS note.

often ask: in the webmaster this circle does not know, humble ask other people, big brother, your web site with what procedures, people will tell you.

commonly used: a good and bad, all through practice in order to draw their own conclusions, in order to master the advantages and disadvantages.

CMS are all their own imitation and production templates, as the webmaster does not say design and production, at least one template, or to learn how to copy. To tell you the truth, I don’t know much about html, CSS and so on, but it’s OK to imitate a station. Time will not copy you, know where to find people, imitation about how much is the price?.

currently many sites and companies are using cloud servers, including myself, a website backup, the basic operating environment to build, this is as a webmaster basic common sense. If not, go to Baidu to study. People say that I QQ information is how graduate students, I reply to others: Baidu search network since the research class.

two, SEO soft Wen promotion and art

as webmaster, SEO and web site are inseparable, usually more see more learning, more discussion, really not, you see some of the other web site keyword, title is how to optimize, and also can learn some doorways.

as a webmaster who are not born writers, including myself is the same, you have to remember that it is "look" to see others according to master their own practice things absolutely can write a good article.

in the operation of the website process is also very important to promote, you should know that the best use of the most effective method of promotion, do not know more to webmaster class website to see, Adsense QQ group inside to chat. In practice, when you communicate with others, you can say one or two, and that’s what happened.

PS and Dreamweaver this to learn, whether it is basic picture processing or activities, thematic production, are to use, online tutorials are also many. You can learn CorelDRAW with a good learning ability. Not to say that graphics are more professional, as long as they do not suffer.

three, courage to go out,


Hot pot to join the project selection kiumi hot pot

New Year approaching, you want to enter the catering industry, is now a good time to grasp, choose a good Hot pot at the end of the project, hard to make him a pen, small as you recommend the most suitable new business Hot pot to join the brand kiumi

Hot pot rice cake

shop facade designed to cater to the Korean elements of the moment has swept the world, in the fashion cute pink background "kiumi" and Kawai font store design, not only the impact of the customer’s visual experience, is a preliminary knowledge of our products for sale.

from South Korea and combined with China recipe, consumer tastes is improved, use pepper, cinnamon and clove dozens of flavors, elaborate collocation, modulation of various flavors of sauce, marinade and soup, delicious and healthy!

fresh vegetables, rich in elastic fish cake, delicious egg and different taste rice cake and Xin Chi heart Hand-Pulled Noodle, joined with the traditional Korean chili sauce marinated Korean Hot pot bottom material and soup, the formation of a strong exotic Korean traditional snacks, let customers taste delicious!

kiumi rice cake hot pot join policy:

includes store location, facilities installation, shop assistants, etc., the headquarters provides a step by step support. Fine "kiumi technical training manual" Hot pot rice cake products, professional teachers teach, 7 days to become "amazing god! Senior designers according to the situation, to provide decoration design, home construction can be directly. Professional teachers to explain all the preparatory work before the start, do not detour, early start early to make money.

headquarters continues to carry out technology, new product development, free of charge, business continued fiery. Throughout the refrigerated logistics distribution system to ensure the car shops taste consistent from beginning to end. Throughout the country’s after-sales service system, ad hoc national after-sales service calls to ensure that investors have improved operating capacity. Headquarters to provide national advertising support, media coverage of television, Internet, newspapers, magazines, radio, etc..

want to catch up before the new year crazy suction gold quickly joined the kiumi rice cake hot pot. If you want to join us, please leave a message below our website.

Eighteen spicy fish why so fast money

you do not have the idea of playing in the food and beverage market, then you have to choose a particular brand in the food and beverage market to start their own business projects? If so, you must be prepared to work hard. We all know that the catering market environment is very complicated, we should choose good store location, to bring their own higher popularity! Businesses are on the market are not able to y grasp, we encounter some problems in the actual operating time always, in order to make the business a better brand, after the first during the operator’s actual operating conditions, the headquarters has a strong confidence in the project, eighteen spicy fish based commitments, such as blank market first failed to support the headquarters, headquarters will provide gold project any price headquarters under a free of charge, to ensure that every operator until success.

eighteen spicy fish why so fast money

The NC grilled furnace the company custom-made

eighteen spicy fish, the fish will be slaughtered in furnace are fried, then topped with various flavors of sauce, a very fresh grilled fish is officially released, affordable, favored by consumers. In order to create more delicious to consumers, but also to give the operator has been trying to win more wealth. Eighteen stores in the spicy fish do not need a lot of spending, consumers will be able to enjoy the delicacy, value for money, for everyone, so the owner can make profits doubled. This method is more prominent than traditional fish fish fish flavor, ensure the meat tender and nutrition ingredients.

eighteen is a spicy fish hot investment brand, the market is very hot, now open a shop to make money is very simple. To obtain new development opportunities in the market, the advantage is obvious, Unlimited Business Opportunities, joining the natural wealth unlimited. Fish can not only let people taste the delicacy delicious fish, but also bring new opportunities for businesses to get rich.

Brand handbag stores location to consider the three points

woman love to buy clothes and bags, handbags market there are now great opportunities, received the attention of entrepreneurs. Open brand handbag stores do? Good open chain stores must do the site work, here, the three elements of location selection for you about the open brand handbag stores.

location should pay attention to a lot of things, when selecting a place must pay attention to the surrounding environment. How to open a franchise brand handbag? To understand the study environment, to see how many nearby shopping malls, office buildings, residential areas and so on, to see whether the position of favorable selection.

the surrounding environment favorable to open chain stores, but also to study the traffic conditions. For consumers, convenient to better management, therefore, open when the brand handbag stores also want to pay attention to the traffic conditions, to provide a convenient for the public.

study address when to pay attention to the surrounding population distribution, to see how the crowd surrounding the distribution of the specific circumstances, according to the people to determine the good location. Brand handbag stores to the site? In the investigation of population distribution in time to understand the target customer’s income and consumption etc..

female high profit, market demand, open a brand handbag store is also very good. How to open the brand handbag stores? Find the right address to help you get more good business. At the mention of three elements of location selection is the key to brand handbag store people need to remember.


The easiest way to succeed in this small business recommended

now people through small business ultimately get to the case in life which have occurred, at the same time, for some small cost entrepreneurs, small business, and the stress is very important.

1, in the store rented a venue venture

B to a business trip, found that local pine nuts are of good quality and the price is very cheap after investigation, he found his city pine only a few sales, and the price is expensive, therefore, she rushed to the city before the Spring Festival to order a batch of pine nuts, and then the local people in the largest food wholesale and retail market rent a piece of ground. During the Spring Festival, his pine nuts were sold out to make an unexpected 300 thousand.

2, Taobao

in the commodity market

A itself is a fashion designer, from the clothing company after the resignation of their own business, in a clothing market with other people under the belt with shops, wholesale and retail business operations. With their own design capabilities and industry experience, miss A own design, and then look for clothing processing, and then get back in the clothing store sales. Her style is novel and unique, and sales are steadily rising.

3, studio venture

D and miss E is a couple of design background, a few years after working in advertising companies want to start their own business.

and together they opened a design studio, design with some small brand products, gradually accumulated a certain industry recommended

The two phase of the project economic north trunk canal of Huangshui Huangshui River officially star

12 26, Qinghai "a water conservancy project" yindajihuang project – Huangshui north trunk canal of poverty alleviation irrigation two projects in Huzhu Tu Autonomous County town of pine garden village officially started construction. Vice governor Yan Jinhai announced the start.

it is understood that the Huangshui north trunk canal of poverty alleviation irrigation a period, the two phase of the project and the west main canal project is the second largest livelihood water conservancy of Heiquan reservoir built to run, the stone gorge reservoir impoundment, water diversion canal is completed through the water after the construction of our province, our province is drawing big economic important part of the engineering group Huang. The project area is the people known as the "benevolent project".


parts via Datong, mutual aid, Ledu three counties north canal irrigation Huangshui poverty alleviation project, trunk length of 116.42 kilometers, can solve the problem of 20 thousand hectares of arable land and irrigation project areas of industrial and agricultural production, life and ecological water demand. Since the construction of the project in April 2006, in December 12, 2014 the whole line has been formally.

and Huangshui north trunk canal of poverty alleviation irrigation two projects in Huangshui River Basin on the north shore of the shallow mountain zone, the project covers parts of Datong, mutual aid, the three counties of Ledu, is the Huangshui north trunk canal irrigation project of poverty alleviation and corollary engineering, (II) is a large water conservancy project. By a trunk, three trunk, 18 branch, 7 dry bucket, Songduo reservoir and field engineering, arterial length of 314 kilometers, an area of 26 thousand and 700 hectares of irrigation control. After the completion of the project, the local economic and social development, improve people’s livelihood and ecological environment, improve the comprehensive production capacity of agriculture and industry has a positive role in promoting.