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Webmaster tools from Shanghai recently updated to love small adjustment

display factors keywords ranking show is tools to determine flow and data.

is Shanghai dragon tools, then the weights, data flow and so on is how to determine the webmaster tools to see their own tools? Or to collect data, and then organize large amounts of data to the website weight, traffic and so on a series of data display.

is not difficult to see that the revision before and after comparison, obviously more than "add keywords" and "key search" button, easy for users to add a site not to write in the Keywords tag keyword. The key and keyword ranking query button, convenient and fast, unlike the old version as a point, some keywords website show many, also to the end point.

1, the user experience will be more and more important.


analysis of revision reasons and possible future trends in

please note here, love Shanghai can directly query, why Google can not directly see the ranking, still have to directly query page ranking


2, Shanghai stationmaster still focused on love, or human love on Shanghai. Love Shanghai key ranking, and is expected to flow there. "Google ranked" disappear.

also has a small adjustment in Webmaster tools before and after revision seems to love Shanghai. The author believed that the chain should be adjusted in this piece. It seems early site

?This shows that


first, today we are still strong Webmaster Tools update, although it seems, update the place is very small, but it is not difficult to see, there are still few things, then the search will be shared by the forum Liu Tao and you own ideas.

so, there is a new button to add keywords. It can be concluded that if you want to own the website has a relatively good data display in Shanghai Longfeng tools, or according to the index of condemnation of Shanghai Longfeng webmaster tools on it, although the benefits are not very obvious, but at least there will be problems.

this is the second change, should also be "humanized" a bar, before ranking, in addition to love Shanghai ranking or noble baby ranking query, not now. What does this mean? Now means that the owners do not value the noble baby ranking, then why? The author Liu Tao believes that now the rankings, optimization and promotion are directed to the sea of love, now with the owners see, also take a look at the ranking of Shanghai love away, noble treasure ranking is generally do not look, see also can not find, because there is no specific ranking, oneself still have a check.

webmaster tools or search rankings and love Shanghai with this or that the "entanglement" (the word sense on the line), while Google is not at home, want to go is not able to.

Zhu Weikun said Shanghai dragon love Shanghai using the drop-down box drainage

love Shanghai drop-down box what is the use of

love Shanghai love Shanghai principle drop-down box and relevant search, are based on a large number of users, to search the word will appear, is in love with statistics on the word index inside the library and put out the sea, love Shanghai is making these rules according to the user’s search habits, some software developers use keywords brush data, to sell their common role! The most important thing is to improve visibility and brand visibility. Let more people know, search a word, you can think of the company or brand, so as to improve the site traffic and sales.

search "Shantou Longhu hospital" in the drop-down box appears on the "love Shanghai Shantou Longhu Shantou maternity hospital best", then obviously the medical units of Shanghai love exposure and brand promotion is very important, but there is lack of guidance for the maintenance of late. How to guide the flow of the keywords? Please see the following picture:

love Shanghai drop-down box this software, has been the subject of many business owners or novices sought after, because when searching for a keyword in the search box, will appear on the brush out of the phenomenon of words, for these words we call Lenovo, the principle of love Shanghai search box, before I have written articles, but now that the principle may not be found, because of being professional selling software to brush the drop-down box is gone, will affect their business, so nothing is normal, and today I want to share the love of Shanghai, is about the drop-down box skills talk, is also very happy to have this concern the drop-down box to discuss with friends.

all know love Shanghai drop-down box friends can search for "drop-down box", then the page will appear a lot of selling this software, there are distributors have agents, such a lot of software in the network, go to Taobao search, but also a lot of, this is a virtual product, the author so to brush the effect of neutral, not optimistic, do not oppose, the overall feeling is very general. If they can make good use of the money or profit words attracted users, leading to their own website, and transformation, so it is very OK, or buy the software is a waste of money. If you are still interested in the drop-down box, then then look down, I share with the skills to guide the dry cargo, love Shanghai keywords drop-down box.

Write the

keywords to flow into the


The Use the drop-down box

, looking for themes are directly on the network to find, is to see what words, what search words, and that share is not specific to any one enterprise or individual, first, then to take a look at the map, because the picture relates to business interests, not the actual picture, and no convincing, so please tell me what you can learn skills, not everywhere, the propaganda, don’t want to offend people, nonsense not say, look at the picture:

Years of experience in the Internet

I didn’t graduate from high school. I wrote it only at that level. If you want to see any beautiful essays, please borrow it too!


high school didn’t read, play, then just think about playing


came to see so many people things, they also find the information, the frame of a legendary release station advertising campaign in the second of the SF average income, but also deficit into a lot of money,

because things must have at least a domain name to work day, do not know where to see a CN domain name for sale, only 6 dollars a year (for a few days before I know is expensive) try to register a.. Domain names make no sense. The domain name with my Sifu also followed me to survive today, in the beginning, is in their own machine hanging above, did not buy space, your computer, while driving a legendary side web server, you don’t ask my machine configuration garbage very ah, ha ha.. While still in school is to see what the teacher said the source of what ah, then they find a legendary station source, is more than 200 K, hang machine,

was then legendary also quite laborious, in a room over a month, eat noodles every day, to those who set up what ah understand, then there is a good play to ask me, I didn’t think I spoke to him only less than ten minutes, he put the Legend PW to open up, I do not want to understand how I spend so much time on the · · ·.. Then hang the website and start site on your computer to browse is no problem, then I called my friend what on the website browsing, open the page, open the page appears several times, sometimes DNS didn’t come forward ah, sometimes IP did not get on. The port is not ah, what, anyway, I remember it three mouse!! Oh, a young man, a little too much fire.. To finally give up the PW website, when the US was! Then is advertising, publicity of the PW, here not elaborate. I don’t make any money anyway.

is actually in the site now also do not understand, outdated, ah, ah, these stations often go, but generally is a diver, and occasionally respond to it!


what? SEO, not to mention, at the end of 07, I don’t know how to find 5D6D.. Just at that time and don’t know how to put a non mainstream website for the record!! Kaka, again to the non mainstream, I also love doing these 90 love things!!!

in fact, my BBS has no popularity, the post is all my hair, all members of my own registration, but on the BBS above hung N advertising.. Ha ha, also just want to make a little money, intersection electricity >

Lin Jun from the history of the Internet, talk about the success of the webmaster

Thousands of lecture hosted by

Anhui Internet Alliance ( has been to the thirty-fourth period, the period until finally the guest veterans group founder Lin Jun, is currently the executive director of the Rand ep-sof, CITIC publishing house, blue lion signed financial writer, served as the first Chinese IT website Yesky founder and chief editor, belonging the first generation of Chinese Internet business, career has served as director of the press center and the computer reported "knowledge economy" deputy editor in chief of staff, is one of the China senior Internet observers.

over the past few years with his wife and daughter dwelling in Salt Lake City, now settled in Shenzhen, Beijing, Shanghai, travel writing in Hangzhou, Guangzhou, Chengdu, dedicated to the history of the Internet and high-tech industry China historical visits and combing, 2009’s "boiling for fifteen years — Internet 1995-2009 Chinese".

, the main group, broadcast group, broadcast group (1500 people) is full, the webmaster can add 500 new people, new four group: 27915544 free to attend but please respect the learning environment we will never speak to T webmaster webmaster want to learn more in at any time.

below is the transcript of this lecture:

Lin Jun said, "let me start with persuading my wife to return to China.". When the second half of 2006, my wife a doctorate in the United States basically no problem, a few of my short visit almost, feel or return to the development of good, but think to find a job in the United States can accept, so in the swing. People swing is largely uncertain about my future, I was not sure, I don’t know how to describe myself, no matter go left or go right are very confused, I think I have to go back to the last one after ten years that I don’t regret the choice. The first step in the selection of this book is that it is also fast, went on for almost 3 years, but not too drag period, the original plan is out of the first quarter, now a little late three or four months, hope to be able to step back. Now, I’d like to talk about my personal experience in writing this book.

this book is my biggest harvest experience all mentioned in my preface and postscript, it is the awakening of self-consciousness, that is what I always say you label? Gandhi said that: if you want to change the world, change yourself, about the meaning of this. Look at those people now successful, in fact and then you and I are the same, if they have what different, the biggest difference they have strong inner expectation, have a strong vision of life, know yourself 10 years later, 20 years later, after 30 years with the rise of the Chinese how to be a big man.

, when it came to the end of the book, was close to one million words. Even so, it’s just a history of industry. There should be this fiasco, write failure from logic, should also have the roots of.Com book, write the grassroots, should also have the technology, products, capital of the perspective of the history of the industry. The material of this book is collected

College students need to deal with the material and business processes

for college students entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship is the first thing to do is to let your company to register, make it legal. What materials do college students need? What are the processes? Let’s study together.

The entrepreneurship of college students

A, individual industrial and commercial households

1, material to be prepared:

(three) operator identity;

2, management process:

the applicant or the agent entrusted directly to the premises where the registration authority.


the applicants or their agents may by mail, fax, electronic data exchange and e-mail to the premises where the registration authority to submit the application. If the application is submitted by fax, electronic data interchange, e-mail, etc., the contact information and address of the applicant or his agent shall be provided. The applicant shall, within 5 days from the date of receiving the acceptance notice, submit the original application materials that are consistent with the fax, electronic data exchange and electronic mail.

What are the drinks shop location notes

shop location is very important, we should pay attention to the location of the store. Before the site, we have to look at the market, choose a good store. Investment drinks shop, we have to quickly location, so that the store fast business, access to good development. In order to allow businesses to quickly select the location, small series for the next drink shop location should be noted that we want to help you quickly location. So, what are the drinks shop location notes?

we are looking for a good store address, simple skills are no use. No matter how many books you read, there are no plans to design in your mind or paper. Only personally went to see more, high streets and back lanes, ask more, will find you set up shop good shop.

for market research is relatively hard, but doing business is a hard thing, especially when just entering the industry. The location of such a top priority, if you do not want to go to the field to find the store is not willing to do, then you will certainly not do a good job in the future. Market research can clarify the specific location of sites, but also survey such as the surrounding environment, traffic, shop whether potential problems. Blindly choose the shop caused by failure of both regret, is also difficult to be forgive.

story: a laid-off workers in Beijing Wang Haifeng, want to open a shop, he saw a lot of fun in the downtown area. The rent was very expensive, and he was worried about the failure of the shop. His economic situation does not allow him to fail, but can not determine the value of this side, how to do? Under our advice, he spent a full week near the side of the plane, mastering the number of people who had been through the past few days. Then they went to the nearby shops to investigate several other types of shops, and the prices of their goods. On the basis of these materials and other information he rented the auxiliary plane, successfully opened a shop, has Business Flourishes, net profit of 50 thousand yuan monthly.


survey is the best way to choose the shop, but still not out of the light, but also remember to bring your mouth, by the way near the store or other business and independent, sometimes get unexpected harvest.

businesses in order to successfully location, it is necessary to examine the market, of course, the market is not blind, we must have. Beverage shop, we have a reasonable site, to avoid site errors, pay attention to the location of the matter, so that their rapid location, access to good development. We hope that the location of the site, a quick foothold!

How to start an outdoor shop

is now very popular outdoor sports, outdoor supplies market is also very hot, open an outdoor store is a dream of many friends. So, how to open an outdoor store? What is the need to open an outdoor store? Today Xiaobian take you to look at how to open an outdoor store.


interested in outdoor activities

outdoor goods store decoration design

how to open an outdoor goods store? Decoration, there is no need to pursue luxury, as long as they can meet the characteristics of the outdoor store business can be. Of course, there must be a new decoration, so that customers will feel comfortable, but the store’s best reserved space can be larger, so it is more convenient for the guests to introduce how to tie tents and other common sense.

Good to do business with honesty

for breakfast, people are not strange, after all, many of us are a consumer of these stalls. In a variety of early, fried dough sticks as a traditional Chinese food, but also has a very high popularity. But different stalls, the use of oil is different, can attract consumers naturally have a big difference.

in the small town where I live on a busy street, many early in the early business competition. Deep fried dough sticks in the past, a pot of oil for many days. The pot of oil was dark and let people eat Deep-Fried Dough Sticks to haunt. And a deep fried dough sticks shop in addition to play a "abide by the conscience, every day with new oil" signs.

at the same time, where the shop to eat fried dough sticks customers, free of charge to provide a bag of milk and a pouch of mustard. The boss gave me a simple account: in the early varieties, fritters profits are relatively large, while the milk is meager profit. Instead of making that little profit, it’s better to let customers.

results, to the shop to eat more and more customers, fried dough sticks sales growth. Shop owner homeopathy, but also in the early varieties of tea eggs, millet porridge, so that customers have a greater choice of space. Over the past three years, the shop owner has been keeping his promise to allow customers to drink milk free of charge, the concept of good faith to let this shop has a large number of fried dough sticks customers.

revelation: how to operate, every boss will have their own views, will have their own actions. But in fact, commodity management, integrity first, especially in people’s health and life safety directly related to the food industry, adhere to the moral conscience itself is a huge commercial value. As the main market operators, in addition to take social responsibility and moral responsibility, to do more good, sincere hospitality, honesty. Only in this way, the business can be bigger and bigger, more and more customers.

Blue is responsible for the customer is responsible for their own career

The success of the

business, money is not a big problem, choose the project, dare to do is the first step to success. 12 years ago, Jilin Changchun bare-handed to borrow money to make the world, after 12 years have tens of millions of yuan assets, her name sounds reminiscent of the beautiful sky – blue. Initial opening.

1992, blue graduated from Qigihar normal college, when she came to Changchun internship, Changchun beauty salon business attracted her interest.

1994, the first batch of blue to recover the investment, and opened a large store; in 1997, she again expansion; by 2002, she founded the Jilin blue industrial limited company, since the chairman and general manager, Changchun company is located in the city of gold district, covers an area of more than 2 thousand square meters. Business scope. After market research and careful consideration, blue decided to do a new project. However, luck is not very good, the new project opened soon catch up with SARS, just a few months, lost about 2000000 yuan.

For entrepreneurs

business is not easy, entrepreneurial determination does not represent the entrepreneurial success, summed up the experience of previous education, who is not a little inspiration, in this thesis.

A, first learn business knowledge. That learning does not cause economic losses, will only make your business more stable, more secure. In order to make the study more solid theory to find a teacher, find a friend, to participate in entrepreneurial group discussion. At the same time, personal evaluation, market research, project research, business design, etc..

two, start-up test. After theoretical study, try to use it. To help enterprises to look for the friend, the project of enterprise work, or a little less try doing the theoretical analysis and practice, one control.

five, borrow shop business. Their own ability is poor, learning ability, thinking is too weak people as much as possible in the master’s shop to borrow the other shop. No shop can be borrowed, it is recommended to extend the time in the master shop practice.

six, stall. Money is not enough, not enough courage, ability is not enough, you can try to stall business. Stall can also give yourself to install an insurance: first try, amateur pendulum. Holidays, Sunday, after work to try, in the vicinity of their own residence, first look at what other people sell, what is good to sell, go to small commodity wholesale market to buy a small test. Can earn 100 yuan a day, to do full-time, as the trend, each big city flow.

carefully prepared, with the teacher’s guidance, students with master’s help, help, long-term learning and practice with the shop after the business, can smoothly on the road, and the road of entrepreneurship is not alone.

however, entrepreneurship is a process, this process takes longer than we thought, to be harder than we thought; need a lot of time, needs a lot of energy to work than ten times to hundreds of times we need wisdom; the mind, sink down, concentrate, go all out.